July 21 Fullcast Stadium Miyagi ( 20,958 audience)
Starting for the Pacific League, rookie Masahiro Tanaka of the Golden Eagles. He gave up 6 runs in 3 innings. For the Central League, it's the Giants Hisanori Takahashi. The Golden Eagles Takeshi Yamasaki slammed a 2 run home run. The Giants Shinnosuke Abe had a 3 run. The Swallows Alex Ramirez blasted a 2 run homer. The game was discontinued after the top of the 8th inning due to heavy rain. The Central league won again 11 to 5. The MVP went to Abe.

July 20 Tokyo Dome(39,710 audience)
Starting for the Central League the Giants Koji Uehara who has been a relief pitcher during this season. For the Pacific League Yu Darvish of the Fighters. All eyes were glued on Darvish's pitch against the Giants Michihiro Ogasawara who used to be his teammate until last season, but he struck out the veteran hitter. The first to hit in a run was the Swallows Alex Ramirez. The 3 time all star blasted a 2 run. And the Carp's Tomonori Maeda singled. The Central League won 4 to 0. Ramirez was named MVP.

Fans' top picks Hiroki Kokubo (Hawks)
Central League Pacific League
PitcherHiroki Kuroda (Carp) Masahiro Tanaka (Golden Eagles)
Catcher Shinnosuke Abe (Giants) Motohiro Shima (Golden Eagles)
First baseman Kenta Kurihara (Carp)Nobuhiko Matsunaka (Hawks)
2nd baseman Toshihisa Nishi (BayStars) Yosuke Takasu(Golden Eagles)
3rd baseman Michihiro Ogasawara (Giants)
Shortstop Hirokazu Ibata (Dragons) Munenori Kawasaki (Hawks)
DH none Takeshi Yamasaki (Golden Eagles)
Outfielder Tomonori Maeda (Carp)
Norichika Aoki(Swallows)
Kosuke Fukudome (Dragons)
Koichi Isobe (Golden Eagles)
Teppei(Golden Eagles)
Tuffy Rhodes (Buffaloes)