September 17
The good news was Yoshii could pitch. But the bad news was that Yoshii lasted only 2 2/3 innings. It's the shortest game for him this year. And he was yielded 5 runs. He had to take the blame for the 6 to 12 loss against the Los Angeles Dodgers, making it his 15th this season.

September 12
Yoshii at last won his 6th game. He hurled against the San Diego Padres and gave up only 2 runs. Only one run was counted against him. But he could only finish 5 innings. He had to leave the mound because his right arm was in pain. It's a worrisome event. The Rockies won 6 to 3.

September 3
It appeared Yoshii would win this game against the Milwaukee Brewers after hurling 6 1/2 innings losing 3 runs since the team was leading. But the closure failed to keep the opponent from scoring. So in the end the game was 4 to 6.

August 28
Yoshii struck out the most this season or 7. And he was yielded just 2 runs in 6 innings. Still he succumbed to his 14th loss with the Rockies losing 2 to 3 to the Philadelphia Phillies. A rumor is going around since that he may be traded to the Seattle Mariners.

August 22
It was a game of wonder. For Yoshii, his 5 innings 4 runs loss was not significant. The game did not count against nor for him. What happened was, the Rockies used up all its pitchers. Catcher Brent Mayne was ordered to pitch. The Rockies managed to clinch the 12 inning game 7 to 6, and the win went to Mayne

August 17
Yoshii did not have luck against his former team, the New York Mets. The Mets took from him 9 runs in 5 innings. He marked his 13th loss in the 2 to 13 game.

August 12
Yoshii lasted 8 innnings this time playing against the Montreal Expos and gave up only 2 runs. He earned his 5th win in a 14 to 2 game..

August 7
The first inning was a diaster. Yoshii was yielded 5 runs. But he stayed on and was able to recover. In the 5th, the Rockies took the lead, however in the 7th, the Pittsburgh Pirates caught up. Then, Yoshii was out. The Rockies in the end lost 7 to 8 but the game was not counted against Yoshii.

July 30
Yoshii did not pitch too bad. He gave up only 5 base hits and 3 runs in 6 innings. But he was unlucky having had to compete against the Milwaukee Brewers Jeff D'Amico who's been in great shape during the whole month. So Yoshii was tainted with his 12th loss--tying with Nomo's worst record. The game was 3 to 2 for the Brewers.

July 25
Yoshii recorded an RBIin the first inning. But he didn't pitch good enough. When the LA Dodgers caught up with the Rockies, he was taken off the mound. He was yielded 4 runs in 7 innings. In the end, the Rockies lost 4 to 6.

July 8
A disaster again for Yoshii. He succumbed to 7 runs in only 3 1/3 innings. His team obviously lost his 9th game--4 to 10 against the Anaheim Angels.

July 4
Yoshii lasted 7 innings. He gave up a run in the 1st and did will until his final inning where he lost 3 runs. Meanwhile his opponent Livan Hernandez of the S.F. Giants pitched well. So the Rockies lost 1 to 4. Yoshii had to take his 8th loss.

June 29
Yoshii had a tough start. In the 1st inning he lost a homer to San Francisco Giants' Barry Bonds. But he managed to finish 7 innings although he gave up 4 runs. The Rockies hit well and helped Yoshii clinch his 3rd win in the 11 to 4 game..

June 24
It's another good day. Not only did Yoshii prevented the Arizona Diamondbacks from scoring during 5 2/3 innings he pitched, he stole base from Randy Johnson. He's the first Japanese to do so in the US Major Leagues. In the 4 to 0 game Yoshii clinched his 3rd win.

June 18
Yoshii was back as a starter since recovery from a painful bicep muscle. He showed that he was quite recovered. In 7 innings he was yielded 2 runs. The Rockies supported him by blasting in runs and defeating the Arizona Diamondbacks 19 to 2. Yoshii at last clinched his 2nd win.

May 31
Yoshii pitched a no-decision that resulted in a Rockies win, 8-6 over the Houston Astros. Yoshii struggled in the first 3 innings. He yielded hits to the 2 lead batters in the first inning, but managed to escape the jam without a run. In both the second and third innings, Yoshii lozded the bases with no outs. He minimized damage in the 2nd, giving up only 1 run, but was not so lucky in the 3rd giving up 3. Down 4-0 in the bottom of the 3rd, the Rockies rallied through the 6th inning while Yoshii righted the defensive ship with 3 shutout innings. With the Rockies leading 6-4 in the top of the 7th, Yoshii gave up a single with one out and was replaced by relief pitcher Stan Bellinda. Bellinda promptly gave up a 2-ru homer to tie the game, preventing Yoshii from picking up his 2nd win of the season. Jeffrey Hammond then hia a two-run, two-ou homer for the Rockies in the bottom of the 8th to win the game. Yoshii hurled 6 1/3 innings, gave up 5 runs. He has compiled 1 win 6 losses with ERA of 5.23. His ERA is the best of the team's starting staff.
(Contribution from Duane Wise in Colorado)

May 26
Yoshii slammed his first homerun in the Major Leagues. But it turned out, that's the only run for the Rockies that day. Although Yoshii only lost 2 runs to the Pittsburgh Pirates in 8 innings, he had to take his 5th loss. The game ended 1 to 2.

May 21
It was a nightmare for Yoshii. In the 4th inning, he succumbed to a grand slam. His team lost to the Philadelphia Phillies 3 to 4, and Yoshii had to take his 4th loss.

May 16
The Rockies were taking the lead until the Mets' Todd Zeil in the 7th inning batted in a run for a tie. Yoshii stepped down. In the end, the Rockies defeated his former team 4 to 3.

May 10
By the 3rd inning, Yoshii had given up 4 runs. He stayed on for 5 2/3 innings. But his team did not support him. Yoshii ended up taking his 4th loss of the season in a 1 to 5 game against the Houston Astros.

May 5
It was the best performance so far for Yoshii. He was homered in the 2nd inning, but that was the only time he was scored. However, his team did not support him. The Rockies lost to the San Francisco Giants 0 to 5. Yoshii had to take the loss--his 3rd this season.

Apr. 29
Yoshii pitched against his old team, the Mets. The result was not what he would have wanted though. as the Mets won 13 to 6. Yoshii surrendered a 6 runs, on 9 hits in 3 2/3 innings after an impressive 3 innings. Yoshii began the second inning by giving up 2 consecutive doubles, surrendering a run. The runner on second, Robin Ventura, was sacrificed to 3rd base and then scored on a dropping line drive by Rockies' second baseman Mike Lansing. The 4th inning proved to be the downfall for the Rockies. With the score still tied at 2 to 2, Yoshii and relief pitcher Rick Croushore yielded 4 runs to the Mets in the fourth, giaving the New Yorkers a lead they would not give up. With that performance, Yoshii's record is 1 win 2 losses. His earned run average is 5.93, the 2nd best among the Rockies' starters.
(Contribution from Duane Wise in Colorado)
Michiyo's Note: Yoshii's wife and 5-year old son was visiting Yoshii from Japan and was attending the game. It must've disappointed all of them.

Apr. 22
The St. Louis Cardinals attacked Yoshii. One of the players was Mark McGwire who belted a homerun. He lasted only 5 innings succumbing to 6 runs. However, he did not have to take a loss because the Rockies won 7 to 6.

Apr. 17
It was not an easy game for Yoshii. He had runners on base most innings. But it turned out, during 7 innings that he pitched, he lost only a run. And with his team's support too, he picked up his first win. The Rockies defeated the Diamondbacks 9 to 1.

Apr. 12
The first inning was a nightmare. Yoshii gave up 3 runs to the Cincinnati Reds. But thereafter, he recovered. In fact, his team was ahead by a run when he finished 6 innings with himself contributing to scoring 2 runs. However, the Rockies in the end lost 5 to 7.

Apr. 7
Yoshii's first starting game with the Rockies was against the Florida Marlins. He hurled midway into the 6th inning giving up 3 runs. But those 3 runs cost him a loss. That's because the Rockies faced a 3 to 4 defeat.

Yoshii traded to the Rockies
Yoshii will play for the Colorado Rockies in the year 2000 season. His trade was confirmed by both the Mets and Rockies on Jan. 14 He will be traded for 2 players. This move also means that Yoshii will not be able to take part in the season opener of the Mets against the Chicago Cubs in Tokyo, to the disappointment of Japanese fans.