BlueWave agrees to acquire Yoshii
On Dec 3, Yoshii was placed on waiver by the Expos. And it was learned on Jan 7 that the Orix BlueWave through discussion on the telephone have come to an agreement with Yoshii and will acquire him for the 2003 season. Yoshii made an announcement himself on Jan 10. It's been 6 years since he's played in Japan.

September 11
Yoshii pitched 5 innings, and succumbed to 6 runs. It includes a homer by the Chicago Cubs' Sammy Sosa. He had to take his 9th loss in a 3 to 6 game against the Cubs.

September 6
It was a devastating game for Yoshii. He gave up 5 runs in only 1 2/3 innings. His team faced a 0 to 5 defeat before the Atlanta Braves. Yoshii succumbed to his 8th loss.

September 1
Yoshii did not do bad, but as his team could not support him. The game ended 6 to 4 for the Atlanta Braves, so he succumbed to his 7th loss. He lost 3 runs during 6 innings.

August 21
Yoshii pitched 5 innings giving up just one run. He earned his 4th win in the game which the Expos beat the Colorado Rockies 13 to 5.

August 16
Yoshii appeared to be pitching in good shape, but it all changed in the 5th inning. He was off the mound without getting an out, giving up 6 runs. His team, however, defeated the San Diego Padres 11 to 6.

August 11
Yoshii was doing well, until the 5th inning when he lost a 2 run homer. He pitched 6 0/3 innings succumbing to 3 runs in all. Since the Expos lost to the Milwaukee Brewers 2 to 6, Yoshii had to take his 5th loss.

August 6
Yoshii was able to reflect his good performance on record. And he for the first time in 3 years hurled over the distance, giving up only a run. The Expos won 10 to 1 over the St Louis Cardinals. It's Yoshii's 3rd win.

July 31
Yoshii pitched pretty well again. He lost 3 runs in 7 innings. But his teammates could not batter Randy Johnson. The Expos lost 1 to 5 to the Arizona Diamondbacks. Yoshii succumbed to his 4th loss.

July 25
Yoshii was not bad at all. He hurled 7 2/3 innings, and losing 2 runs. But he did not earn a win as the Expos lost in the end 2 to 3 to the Florida Marlins.

June 20
Yoshii was back as a starter. And he did all right, striking out 6 in 5 0/3 innings. He did not give up any runs. However, pitchers who took over got under fire, and the Expos in the end lost 5 to 4 to the Kansas City Royals.

June 11
Yoshii started at last. But disaster was awaiting him. In the 3rd inning, a batted ball smashed into his chin. He went for a check up after that, but it's reported not to be serious. The Expos lost 1 to 2 to the Detroit Tigers.

April 21
Yoshii lasted only 3 2/3 innings and gave up 3 runs. But his team batted well, and in the end the Expos defeated the NY Mets 6 to 3.

April 16
Yoshii faced the Chicago Cubs. He pitched 5 innings and gave up only 1 run. The Expos won 8 to 4, and Yoshii earned his 2nd win.

April 11
Unfortuately, Yoshii succumbed to 5 runs in 3 2/3 innings and had to take the loss. His team lost 5 to 7 to the Florida Marlins.

April 5
Yoshii started a game for the first time this season. He hurled 6 full inning, gave up a homer or just one run. As his team defeated the Cincinnati Reds 8 to 7, Yoshii clinched his first win.