(September 7 to 21 at Ryogoku Kokugikan)

Outstanding Performance Award:
Outstanding Technique Award: Iwakiyama
Fighting Spirit Award: Takamisakari

Final day
Despite the approaching typhoon, the arena attracted a sell out crowd. Dejima lost to Jumonji and succumbed to his 9th loss. Iwakiyama celebrated with his 11th win beating Kinkaiyama. Kyokushuzan swung Takanonami round and round, and then wrestled for the belt. The Mongolian picked the 196 meter tall rikishi up and drove him out the ring. Kyokushuzan secured a majority win on the last day. Takamisakari got Aminishiki's belt with his left, but not firmly, and Aminishiki got him down. Aminishiki won his 10th bout while Takamisakari faced his 6th loss. Wakanosato drove out Miyabiyama fast for his 11th win. Chiyotaikai gave thrusts and powerfully drove out Tochiazuma for his 11th win. Tochiazuma finished with 10 wins. Asashoryu quickly got hold of Kaio's belt with his right and walked him out the ring. Kaio took his majority loss and if he performs poorly again next tourney, he could be demoted from ozeki ranking.

14th day
Dejima tipped forward and lost to Kotoryu, and that cost him a majority loss. Takamisakari stopped Asasekiryu from thrusting him. But the Mongolian continued to threated him. But Takamisakari picked him up and then took him out for his 9th win. Asasekiryu faced his 8th loss. Takanonami got hold of Tooki's belt with his right and forced him out. The former ozeki is 7-7. Wakanosato earned his 10th win by forcing out Kotomitsuki. Tochinonada pushed down Miyabiyama. Miyabiyama faced his 10th loss. Two ozeki fought eachother. Tochiazuma pushed Kaio, and Kaio tried to force him out with his foot on the rim of the ring. But before Tochizauma fell, Kaio's foot shifted out the ring. Kaio faced his 7th loss. Asashoryu gave Chiyotaikai a mean look as they prepared to fight. And when the bout took off, Asashoryu shifted to the side. That got Chiyo off balance and yokozuna in the end with an underarm throw won. With this victory, Asashoryu secured the Emperor's Cup for the first time. After his victory Asashoryu said he was looking forward to holding the trophy with his newborn baby for a picture taking.

13th day
Dejima seems to be back in good shape pushing out Kyokushuzan. Takanonami fought a bout which took more than a minute. Tokitsuumi kept his head beneathe the former ozeki's chest, and stayed there for a while. Takanonami didn't move. And when they did, Tokitsuumi was at an advantage and Takanonami had to bear the shoves, but in the end, Takanonami got the back of his opponent's belt and rolled him down on the ring. Kotomitsuki gave a smash bang move to defeat Takamisakari. It's his 10th win. Miyabiyam threw Hokutoriki to win his 4th bout. Wakanosato took out Tochinonada for his 9th win. Chiyotaikai hesitated to face off twice. His thrusts did not overwhelm Kaio. Kaio pushed Chiyo out. Tochiazuma kept his head low as he fought Asashoryu. He managed to push out the yokozuna. Red cushions were hurled toward the ring in response to the upset. Still Asashoryu leads.

12th day
Dejima forced Ushiwakamaru out for his 5th win. Takanonami thrust down Kaiho also for his 5th win. Takamisakari did not give up despite so many moments he seemed to be at a disadvantage in the fight. In the end, he thrust down Tamanoshima. The popular rikishi secured a majority win. Kaio was pushed around and taken out by Kotomitsuki. He is 6-6. Chiyotaikai's thrust did not do enough to threaten Miyabiyama. But in the end, Chiyo pushed the former ozeki down. Wakanosato got a good grip of Asashoryu's belt with his right. He shoved the yokozuna forward and threw him. It's Asashoryu's first loss, but he still is the sole leader. Wakanosato with that secured a majority win.

11th day
Dejima managed to win by grabbing Kaiho's arm and driving him out. Takanonami picked Kotoryu up and put him out to win his 4th bout. Kotomitsuki walked out Tochinonada. Takamisakari did not have his feet firmly on the dirt and was taken out by Tosanoumi. Tochiazuma was fast to take out Tokitsuumi and clinch a majority win. He has secured his post as ozeki. Chiyotaikai gave thrusts but Asasakiryu stopped him, and seemed ready to throw the ozeki. But Chiyo managed to take the Mongolian out while throwing himself out the ring too. Kaio backed off, and was pushed out by Wakanosato. Kaio's with 5 losses. Miyabiyama gave thrusts which forced Asashoryu to the edge of the ring. But Asashoryu fought back and took out Miyabiyama. It's the yokozuna's 11th victory.

10th day
Dejima was pushed down by Kasuganishiki. Takamisakari was being shoved to the edge of the ring, but he forced Kyokutenho to shift place, and take out. Dubbed "RoboCop", it's his 7th win. Miyabiyama pulled back while Tosanoumi's push proved effective to win his 4th bout. Takanonami was powerless before Chiyotaikai. The ozeki clinched a majority win. Kaio tried with his right toforce Asasekiryu out, but he went out first to take his 4th loss. Wakanosato got a good hold of Tochiazuma's belt and pushed the ozeki out. Kotomitsuki aggressively fought against Asashoryu, but in the end, the yokozuna got him off the dirt and took him out.

9th day
Dejima had a hopeless fight against Ootsukasa. He was thrusted down succumbing to his 6th loss. Kotomitsuki, as he pushed Tomanoshima fell. But the win went to Kotomitsuki. It's his 7th. Hokutoriki attacked Takanonami's throat. Takanonami could not resisted it and turned his back toward his opponent. That made him even more vulnerable, and lost his 6th bout. Miyabiyama gave thrusts. Takamisakari nevertheless grabbed the former ozeki's belt and drove him out. It's his 6th win. Kaio did not use his bandaged right arm to fight and lost to Kyokutenho. Kaio faces his 3rd loss. Tochiazuma did not start the bout fast, but he managed to take out Kotoryu to earn his 7th win. Chiyotaikai forced Wakanosato out the ring, also for his 7th win. Asashoryu pushed down Iwakiyama for his 9th win.

8th day
Dejima again was weak, taken out by Wakatoba. Takamisakari had a tough fight against Wakanosato. He lost. Tochiazuma banged into Miyabiyama and stepped aside to win. Chiyotaikai gave thrusts and drove out Kotoryu. Kaio tried to grab Tochinonada's belt with his right, but he instead lost balance and pushed out. It's Kaio's 2nd loss. Asashoryu easily forced out Takanonami. Asashoryu already clinched a majority win.

7th day
Dejima could not stand firmly on his terribly bruised right leg and fell forward in the bout against Tochisakae. Asasekiryu went low and banged into Takanonami. Takanonami got the Mongolian with his right and managed to force him out. Both are 3 to 4. Tooki attacked with thrusts. But Takamisakari withstood and got hold ot Tooki, taking him out for his 5th win. Chiyotaikai this time gave thrusts and took out Tokitsuumi. Kaio slightly shifted to the side after he stood up to fight. And with his right put Miyabiyama down for his 6th win. Tochiazuma carefully fought his bout and beat Tochinonada with a push out. Asashoryu was not match for Kotoryu, powerfully driving him out the ring. The yokozuna continues to lead.

6th day
Dejima charged leaning forward and drove out Asanowaka to make his record even. Tamanoshima lost his first bout against new makuuchi rikishi, Kakizoe. Takanonami was pushed out by Wakanosato. Kyokutenho threw the heavy Miyabiyama. Both are 3-3. This time Kaio fought with care. Although Tokitsuumi tried to throw him, he didn't let him, and instead, overpowered with a push out. Takamisakari got Tochiazuma off balance. He took advantage of it, and drove the ozeki out. Tooki automatically was given a win as Musoyama pulled out of the tourney. As Tosanoumi stood up, he shifted to the side, and Chiyotaikai was thrust down. It's the ozeki's 2nd loss already. Asashoryu got Hokutoriki slightly off his feet and threw him down. It was a powerful 6th win. The yokozuna is the sole leader.

5th day
Dejima was called the winner by the referee, but the judges decided that he redo the bout. In the 2nd try though, Dejima did not get to a good start and was thrown by Tamanoshima. The former ozeki faced his 3rd loss, while Tamanoshima his 5th win. Takanonami powerfully thrust down Tochisakae for his 2nd win. Miyabiyama drove out Asasekiryu out for his 3rd win. Tochiazuma continued to fight well, taking out Tooki. Musoyama's in trouble. Even though he tried to fight back, he's powerless, succumbing to his 4th loss before Kyokutenho. Hokutoriki gave Chiyotaikai thrusts towards his throat and powerfully took the ozeki out. It's Chiyo's first loss. Kaio was unable to get a hold of Takamisakari's belt, and so instead he pulled Takamisakari toward him. But with that move Kaio stepped out. It was an upsetting win for Kaio who seemed to have been aiming for a perfect record this tourney to try for highest ranking. Asashoryu got Tochinonada's back belt and threw him down. The Mongolian yokozuna was able to extend his win to 5.

4th day
Dejima pushed out Yotsukasa to make his record even. The referee gave Takanonami credit for a win. But the judges dismissed it, saying his knee touched the dirt first, thus Jumonji was given the win. It's Takanonami's 3rd loss. Takamisakai pulled Tochisakae towards him and put him down to win his 2nd bout. Tooki gave thruts and drove Miyabiyama out. Musoyama went forward and fought smoothly, pushing out Hokutoriki for his first win at last. Chiyotaikai surprisingly went forward to get hold of Kyokutenho and then thrust him down to earn another win. Tosanoumi banged into Kaio, but Kaio skillfully took his opponent out. Tochiazuma moved aggressively, and in the end pushed out Asasekiryu. Asashoryu's thrust seemed not to affect Tokitsuuumi as the yokozuna was pushed instead. But at the edge of the ring, Asashoryu threw Tokitsuumi. It's the Mongolian's 4th win.

3rd day
Dejima was driven out by Tamarikido to lose his 2nd bout. Takanonami was pushed out by Miyabiyama. Chiyotaikai gave a number of thrusts to finally take out Tochinonada. It's his 3rd win. Kaio too kept his record clean by thrusting down Hokutoriki. Tochiazuma gave thrusts and put down Tosanoumi. Musoyama charged forward, but as Kotoryu shifted his move, the ozeki lost balance and went out the ring. It's Musoyama's 3rd loss already. The popular Takamisakari faced Asashoryu. The icon was easily taken out. Asashoryu earnd his 3rd win.

2nd day
Dejima this time lost to Shimotori. Kotomitsuki shoved Kinkaiyama to one side of the ring, then to another side to finally win. Iwakiyama gave thrusts at Takamisakari's throat and drove him to the edge of the ring. But Takamisakari swung him out. Fans were delighted. Tochinonada with his left put down Takanonami. Miyabiyama with thrusts pushed out Tokitsuumi. Kaio's right arm was bandaged, but he performed a easy bout,pushing out Kotoryu. Tochiazuma lost to pushes by Hokutoriki. Chiyotaikai charged forward and easily drove out Tooki. Asashoryu got Kyokutenho's belt. Kyokutenho tried to resist the grip, but with that move was put down on the dirt.

1st day
Dejima was back. He seemed to have lost his balance, but tried to get on top of his own two feet while shoving down Aminishiki. Kotomitsuki was quick to push down Kasuganishiki. Takanonami was getting pushed by Iwakiyama. But as he reached the verge of the ring, turned his body around to insteady throw down Iwakiyama. Miyabiyama gave uneffective shoves and when Kotoryu shifted a bit to the side, lost balance and was pushed out. Hokutoriki gave Wakanosatao thrusts. Wakanosato, however withstood them and fought back by throwing him with his left. Musoyama charged forward but lost to Tochinonada's throw. Takamisakari was clearly trying to get himself into the fighting mood by hitting himself and shouting a few words. But Chiyotaikai's thrusts were powerful. Takamisakari was pushed out. Toki started with thrusts, but it did not impress Kaio. Kaio fought back and with one big thrust won. Asashoryu did not stop pushing Tosanoumi around. In the end the yokozuna hooked his left leg around Tosa's and let him fall.

Pre Tourney highlights
Musashimaru pulls out
On Sept 4, Musashimaru officially withdrew from this tourney. He said his left hand was still not in shape, but would fight the Kyushu tourney.

Musashimaru practices against lower rankers
During the yokozuna council committee's practice session on Sept 1, Musashimaru, who missed most of last tourney was seen to practice only against the lower rankers and hardly used his injured left hand. This raised speculation that he's likely to pull out from this tourney. Meanwhile, Asashoryu was rated to be in good shape.

Takamisakari a cry baby
It was reported on Japanese papers that Takamisakari cried after practice with Asashoryu. They claim Asashoryu attacked him like a sand bag. But there was a quote from his coach and former yokozuna Akebono saying that it's Takamisakai's fault for not being more aggressive during practice.

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