(Sept 12 to 26 at Ryogoku Kokugikan Sumo Arena)

Outstanding Performance Award:
Outstanding Technique Award: none
Fighting Spirit Award: Roho, Kotonowaka

Final day
Kyokushuzan thrust down Hayateumi's head to win his 11th bout. Koto-oshu and Kaiho fell together. Kaiho's head touched the dirt first. The bout was given to the Bulgarian. It's his 9th win. Roho was powerless. He was easily pushed out by Kakizoe. Both finished the tourney with 10 wins. Tochinonada's aspiration crumbled. He fought in hope of going to a playoff with Kaio. But he was thrown by Kotonowaka. At this point, Kaio's Emperor Cup victory was secured. Takamisakari in a tough bout, was able to drive Tamanoshima out the ring. Both finished 7 to 8. Shimotori tried to trip Kokkai, but instead fell first. Kotomitsuki drove Dejima out to clinch a majority win. Mongolians fought eachother. Hakuho threw Kyokutenho to secure his majority win. Miyabiyama powerfully pushed out Iwakiyama. Chiyotaikai gave Wakanosato thrusts, then pulled back, moved around, and put Wakanosato down. The ozeki managed to finally win his 8th bout. The final bout was fought between Kaio and Asashoryu. Kaio immediately got hold of the yokozuna's belt with his right. He tried to throw, but the yokozuna did not move. Then he lost the grasp. But he was able to shove Asashoryu out. It's the 5th time Kaio clinched the Emperor's Cup.

14th day
Kyokushuzan grabbed Kakizoe and seemed to be in a good position to win, but he was driven out. It's the Mongolian's 4th loss. Dejima dashed towards Kotonowaka with his head down and took the veteran out. Its Dejima's 10th win. Hakuho forced Kokkai out the ring. Kokkai succumbed to a majority loss. Kotomitsuki and Tochinonada tried to meticulously fight eachother in a more than one minute bout. Tochinonada in the end threw Kotomitsuki for his 11th win. Miyabiyama pushed and pushed to drive out Takamisakari. Miyabiyama clinched a majority win while it was the exact opposite for Takamisakari. Kaio grabbed Wakanosato's belt with his right and forced himself to throw the sekiwake. It was a powerful win. Chiyotaikai gave and series of thrusts to Asashoryu. Asashoryu slowly was shoved backwards and lost. It's the yokozuna's 5th loss. Kaio is on top, followed by Tochinonada.

13th day
Kyokushuzan kept on pulling back, but he managed to stay in the ring to beat Tochisakae for his 10th win. Ootsukasa easily pushed out Takamisakari. Roho pulled back and Dejima fell flat on the ring. It's the Russian's 10th win, while the former ozeki's 4th loss. Kotomitsuki was in danger as Kokka drove him to the verge of the ring. Kotomitsuki, however, turned his body and drove Kokkai out.It's his 7th win. Miyabiyama gave a powerful push to defeat Toyozakura. It's the former ozeki's 7th win. 2 ozeki faced eachother. Chiyotaika pushed and pushed Kaio. Kaio managed to flee from the shoves. And in the end drove Chiyo out. Asashoryu charged forward against Wakanosato. But the yokozuna fell down as Wakanosato pulled away. It's Asashoryu's 4th loss. Kaio remains the sole leader.

12th day
Kyokushuzan was observing his opponent closely while fighting the bout. He managed to drive Takanowaka out the ring. It's the Mongolian's 9th win. Kotonowaka drove Hayateumi out the ring to clinch a majority win. Takamisakari got hold of Tochisakae's belt and swung him out the ring. Kokkai shifted his position to put Asasekiryu off balance and then pushed the Mongolian out. Wakanosato and Hakuho had to redo the bout. In the 2nd try, Wakanosato pushed down the Mongolian to win his 9th bout. Chiyotaikai couldn't thrust properly again, and insteady he just held on to Kakizoe and lost. Chiyo's record is 6 to 6. Kaio had a good start. He immediately grabbed Dejima and took him out. It was a good fast sumo. Miyabiyama clashed into Asashoryu and gave powerful thrusts to take the yokozuna out. Kaio is now the sole leader.

11th day
Kyokushuzan was powerless, as if he lost gas. He was pushed out by Tochinonada. Both are 8 to 3. Hakuho and Takamisakari seemed to have thrown eachother from the ring and fell together. But slow motion video showed that Hakuho's foot was out first. It's Takamisakari's 5th win. Wakanosato topped Kokkai attacking his shoulder. Kokkai practically leapt, and fell. It's Wakanosato's 8th win. Kaio clashed into Miyabiyama but then pulled away. The ozeki kept on moving back and then managed to drive Miyabiyama out when mistakenly turned his side toward Kaio. Asashoryu was at one point giving in Kakizoe's shoves, but he fought back shoving Kakizoe's head and putthing him down. Leading the pack are now Asashoryu, Dejima and Kaio.

10th day
Bulgarian Koto-oshu charged forward with his head too low that Russian Roho forced him down. Kyokushuzan lost his 2nd straight bout.It's to Takanotsuru. Hayateumi pushed out his hometown rival Takamisakari. Kokkai drove out Kyokutenho. Miyabiyama and Wakanosato fought ferociously against eachother. The moment Wakanosato lost control, turning the side of his body toward Miyabiyama, he was in danger, and was driven down. Chiyotaikai attacked Tochinonada's throat. But not powerful enough. Chiyo could only pull back and was pushed out. Kaio shoved Tosanoumi. Then managed to push him out to secure a majority win. Asashoryu was at one point about to succumb to Dejima's thrust, but managed to get back in balance and put the former ozeki down. Kyokushuzan, Dejima, Asashoryu and Kaio tie for he Emperor's Cup.

9th day
Dejima charged forward and drove out Kyokushuzan. It's the Mongolian's first loss, while the former ozeki secured a majority win. Takamisakari shoved and Tosanoumi turned his back towards him. Takamisakari drove him out for his 4th win. Kokkai went low and Tamanoshima took it to his advantage by shoving the Georgian's head to win. Wakanosato, surprisingly, gave thrusts. It's unusual. And then the sekiwake forced Iwakiyama out. It's his 7th win. Kaio with his right hand, powerfully threw Shimotori on the ring. Tochinonada was automatically given a win as his match, Musoyama pulled out. Chiyotaikai gave strong thrusts, to force out Miyabiyama. Asashoryu was challenged by 19-year old Mongolian Hakuho. Hakuho managed to get hold of the yokozuna's belt. But Asashoryu proved he had an upper hand,by instead, throwing the young guy. Dejima and Kyokushuzan tie for the lead.

8th day
Kyokushuzan managed to drive Roho out the ring to secure a majority win. Takamisakari had to redo the start 3 times, since twice he took off too fast. It was Toyozakura, however how won by forcing Takamisakari down. Dejima clashed into Tochinonada and charged forward to quickly take his opponent out. Iwakiyama gave Kokkai powerful thrusts and overwhelmed the Georgian to win his 5th bout. Miyabiyama drummed Kotomitsuki's head to win. Wakanosato pushed Musoyama's neck. The ozeki tumbled on the ring to take his 6th loss. Chiyotaikai as usual gave thrusts. Not being effective enough, he pulled back and managed to put Tosanoumi down. Asasekiryu got hold of Kaio's belt and tried to drive him out. Kaio withstood, and gained the Mongolian's belt with his left and put him down. Kaio earned his 6th win. Asashoryu tried to shove Shimotori out fast, but couldn't. It took some more effort for the yokozuna to finally win.

7th day
Kyokushuzan shoved and shoved to take Tokitsuumi out the ring. The Mongolian improved his record further. Takamisakari drove out Kotonowaka after much effort and won his 3rd bout. Dejima shoved Kotoryu out the ring for his 6th win. Miyabiyama pushed out Tochinonada. Chiyotaika charged forward to pressure Kokkai. But Kokkai withstood it, and instead fought back, while Chiyo pulled back. The ozeki lost again. Both are 4 to 3. Kaio banged into Iwakiyama, then suddenly pulled back and put Iwakiyama down. Kaio despite the win seemed unsatisfied. Musoyama lost to Shimotori's overarm throw. Asashoryu managed to defeat Tamanoshima with an overarm throw. Kyokushuzan still remains the sole leader.

6th day
Roho pushed out Ohtsukasa for his 5th win. Jumonji slapped Takamisakari's face. Takamisakari after that was powerless. He was taken out. Kyokushuzan put Takekaze down on his knees to kee his record perfect. Hakuho pulled back and Dejima went down to lose his first bout. Miyabiyama seemed very focused during the bout. In the end, with his right hand shoved Asasekiryu down. Kokkai put Kaio down. It's the ozeki's 2nd loss. Musoyama gave a powerful push to defeat Iwakiyama. It's only the ozeki's 2nd win. Chiyotaikai gave quick thrusts but without moving forward. Tamanoshima got hold of Chiyo and took him out the ring. Asashoryu and Kyokutenho fought for eachother's belt. Asashoryu managed to take the elder Mongolian out. As of the day, the even elder Mongolian, Kyokushuzan is the only one with a clean record.

5th day
Takanotsuru earned his 5ht win by shoving new makuuchi rikishi, Toyonoshima out of the ring. Roho succumbed to his first lost pulling back, and being pushed by Buyuzan. Kyokushuzan earned his 5th win by throwing Kotoohshu for his 5th victory. Takamisakari fell on his back in a bout against Futenoh. Dejima pushed down Takekaze, his junior at Chuo University. It's the former ozeki's 5th win. Kokkai pushed out Miyabiyama to win his 2nd bout. Hakuho, for the first time beat an ozeki. It's Musoyama whom he defeated with an overarm throw. Chiyotaikai thrust down Kyokutenho. Kaio drove Tamanoshima out the ring. Asashoryu gave thrusts, but he was pressured to step back by Iwakiyama's shoves. The yokozuna lost the 2nd bout in a row.

4th day
Tochitsuumi fell on his knee and then hands, and almost immediately, Takamisakari slipped too, but seconds later, to take the win. Dejima quickly forced Shimotori out for his 4th win. Kokkai lost balance and succumbed to Tosanoumi's blow. Miyabiyama lost to Kyokutenho's overarm throw. Musoyama slowly and carefully fought against Tamanoshima and at last won his first bout with a push out. Chiyotaikai's thrusts were not powerful enough. Iwakiyama's shoves outshone. The ozeki lost his first bout. Hakuho was automatically given a win, since Tochiazuma pulled out. Kaio did not have a bad start, but Kotomitsuki got hold of the ozeki's belt with his right and swung him. It's Kaio's first loss. Asashoryu shoved Tochinonada to the edge of the ring. But the yokozuna slipped and fell to Tochinonada's last minute thrust. There are no longer any champion class wrestlers with a perfect record.

3rd day
Takamisakari lost to Kaiho. Both are 1 to 2. Hokutoriki focused on Kotoryu's throat and drove his opponent out. Dejima pulled back and thrust Kokkai down for his 3rd win. Miyabiyama managed to push out Tamanoshima for his first win. Chiyotaika pulled back to prompt Hakuho to fall. Kaio did not fall to Tochinonada's attack. He rather took Tochinonada out and pushed him hard off the ring. Tochiazuma as he tried to put Kyokutenho off balance fell on his own knee first. Musoyama was thrust down by Asasekiryu. It's already the ozeki's 3rd loss. Asashoryu threw Tosanoumi with his right and won with a grin.

2nd day
Kyokushuzan constantly attacked near Takamisakari's face and managed to pushed the popular guy down. The Mongolian said he will use his prize money to celebrate Kyokutenho's birthday. Dejima drove out Asasekiryu. Miyabiyama was forced out by Shimotori. Hakuto for the first time faced an ozeki. Kaio, however, easily took out the 19-year old. Tochiazuma got Tamanoshima off balance to win. Kyokutenho drove out Musoyama to celebrate his 30th birthday. Chiyotaikai gave fast thrusts and then pulled back to push down Kotomitsuki. Kokkai struggled in his fight against Asashoryu. But the Georgian didn't struggle enough and lost to the yokozuna's throw.

1st day
Two new makuuchi rikishi took off to a good start. Russian Roho drove out veteran Tamakasuga. Bulgarian Koto-ohshu put his weight on Ootsukasa to win. The oldest rikishi 36-year old Kotonowaka threw Tokitsuumi to win. The popular Takamisakari slapped himself to rev himself up before his bout. He managed to force down Kakizoe. Dejima walked out Hokutoriki. 19 year-old Mongolia Hakuho thrust down Miyabiyama. Tochiazuma took to a quick start and pushed out Iwakiyama. Musoyama was powerless. He lost to Georgian Kokkai. Chiyotaikai gave thrusts and pushed out Shimotori. Kaio took off to a fast start and drove Kyokutenho out. Asashoryu charged forward and defeated Kotomitsuki.

Pre Tourney highlights
Asashoryu holds wedding
On Aug 31, Asashoryu held his wedding ceremony before 800 guests in Tokyo. He and Mongolian Tamil were officially married in Dec 2002, but Asashoryu decided to put off the celebration until he secured his foothold a yokozuna.

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