(September 11 to 25 Ryogoku Kokugikan Sumo Arena)

Outstanding Performance Award:
Outstanding Technique Award: None
Fighting Spirit Award: Koto-o-shu, Kisenosato

Final day
Kisenosato shoved Wakatoba down to win his 12th bout. Ama this time was quick. he immediately put Kotoshogiku down for his 9th win. Dejima charged forward and drove out Takamisakari. It's the former ozeki's 7th win. Kokkai struggled but managed to defeat Iwakiyama to end the tourney with 5 wins. Hakuho forced Miyabiyama out with his right to eanr his 9th win. Miyabiyama lost his 9th bout. Koto-o-shu dashed towards Chiyotaikai and drove the ozeki out. Asashoryu too won with a powerful strike on Tochiazuma. The 2 winners tied with 13 wins, so faced eachother for the Emperor's Cup. Asashoryu quickly struck Koto-o-shu, shifted position and drove the Bulgarian out. It's the yokozuna's 14th Emperor's Cup victory. He ties with Taiho's record of 6 tourney victories in a row.

14th day
Ama and Kyokutenku fought a long bout which had to be stopped for a short break at the 4th minute. The bout was resumed and Kyokutenku tried to attack Ama's leg. Ama withstood the attacks and in the end, drove Kyokutenku out. The bout lasted a total 6 minutes 41 seconds. Dejima immediately put down Tosanoumi for his 6th win. Kokkai pushed out Kyokushuzan for his 4th win. It's reported that the Mongolian had asked for a wheelchair. Miyabiyama shifted to the side as the bout faced off, and thrust Hokutoriki down. The former ozeki clinched a majority win. Futen-o drove Takamisakari out. Kisenosato pushed out Koto-o-shu to earn his 11th win. The Bulgarian lost his 2nd bout. Tochiazuma shoved Kotoshogiku to win his 10th bout. Asashoryu drove Chiyotaikai out to tie for the lead.

13th day
Kyokutenho with his right arm threw Kisenosato. Dejima thrutsed Takekaze down. It's his 5th win. Miyabiyama attacked Kyokutenku's throat but fell forward to lose his 8th bout. Takamisakari got hold of Kotomitsuki's arm, and then lost balance and fell. He's also succumbed to a majority loss. Chiyotaikai pushed out Kotoshogiku for his 10th win. Tochiazuma put his weight on Aminishiki to win his 9th bout. Asashoryu was attached by Koto-o-shu, but as the Bulgarian went to low, put him down. It's Koto-o-shu's first loss.

12th day
Ama twirled in the air and fell in a bout against Shimotori. Both are 7-5. Kisenosato lost balance near the edge of the ring but then quickly firmed himself up and pushed out Shimotori. It's the 19-year old's 10th win. Miyabiyama pushed out Takamisakari. Both are 5-7. Koto-o-shu continued his winning streak by defeating Hokutoriki with an overarm throw. Chiyotaikai gave Tochiazuma thrusts to drive the fellow ozeki out. The yokozuna forced Kotoshogiku down.

11th day
Tamanoshima drove Kisenasoto down and the 19 year old succumbed to his 2nd loss. Tosanoumi turned his back towards Takamisakari, and was driven out. It's Takamisakari's 5th win. Kyokutenho forced Dejima out. Dejima marked a majority loss as a result. Kotomitsuki thrust down Hakuho. Both are 7-4. Chiyotaikai attacked Kyokushuzan with thrusts and drove the Mongolian out. Chiyotaikai clinched a majority win and was able to secure his place as ozeki. Koto-o-shu drove Tochiazuma out for his 11th win. Aminishiki grabbed the back of Asashoryu's belt, but he was forced to let go. Aminishiki then hooked his leg around the yokozuna and tripped him down. Asashoryu lost his 2nd bout.

10th day
Kisenosato shoved Ama out the ring for his 9th win. Kokkai finally was able to clinch a bout with his own might by pushing Miyabiyama out. His only other win was because his opponent pulled out. Koto-o-shu threw Tamanoshima down with his left hand to improve his record. Tochiazuma thrust Kyokutenho down to secure a majority win. Chiyotaikai went forward towards Dejima with thrusts, then pulled back and put Dejima down. Kotomitsuki tried to fool Asashoryu by shifting to the side, but he wasn't able to. The yokozuna gave thrusts to drive him out. Koto-o-shu leads for the Emperor's Cup followed by Asashoryu and Kisenosato.

9th day
Kisenosato forced Kotonowaka out to clinch a majority win. Hakuho hurled Dejima who rolled down the ring. Kotomitsuki thrust Miyabiyama down for his 6th win. Koto-o-shu slightly lost balanced, or so it seemed. But he powerfully shoved Iwakiyama down with his left hand. Chiyotaikai gave Takamisakaru thrusts and won with a push out. Tochiazuma pushed Futen-o out the ring. Veteran Mongolian Kyokushuzan was no match for Asashoryu. The yokozuna easily grabbed Kyokushuzan's belt and drove him out.

8th day
Kisenosato overwhelmed Hakurozan, shoving him out for his 7th win. Dejima drove Aminishiki out for his 3rd win. Miyabiyam put Futen-o down to win his 3rd bout too. Koto-o-shu had no problem driving Kyokushuzan out the ring, and securing a majority win. Tochiazuma drove Takamisakari to the edge of the ring, but Takamisakari shifted to the side and instead forced the ozeki down. Tochiazuma succumbed to his 2nd loss. Chiyotaikai gave thrusts and pushed out Kotomitsuki. It's his 5th win. Asashoryu and Iwakiyama banged into eachother, then the yokozuna slightly pulled away, then with his right arm hugged Iwakiyama's neck and threw him. It's the yokozuna's 7th win.

7th day
Kisenosato pushed down Ishide for his 6th win. Kakizoe went straight towards Takamisakari and pushed the star out. Miyabiyama forced Kyokushuzan down. Kotomitsuki looked determined not to lose as he kept on forcing a throw on Futen-o and drove him out. Kokkai automatically won as Wakanosato pulled out. It's the Georgian's first win. Koto-o-shu was focused, and as Dejima stood up to charge into him, the Bulgarian got the back of his belt and put him down to extend his perfect record. Hakuho threw Chiyotaikai for his 4th win. Tochiazuma charged into Iwakiyama with his head low, and forced him out. Asashoryu drove Kyokutenho out to earn his 6th win.

6th day
Takamisakari and Tokutenku only faced off appropriate at their 5th try. Takamisakari got the back of the Mongolian's belt and forced him down. Kyokutenho grabbed Kokkai's belt and drove him out. Iwakiyama fought Kotomitsuki with his head low and forced his opponent out in a close bout. Both are 4-2. Koto-o-shu shoved forward and threw Futen-o to improve his perfect record. Hakuho and Wakanosato forced eachother on the ring. They had to redo the bout. In the 2nd bout, Hakuho easily put Wakanosato down. Wakanosato had to leave on a wheelchair. Tochiazuma thrust Kakizoe out. Chiyotaikai put Miyabiyama off balance and put the former ozeki down. Asashoryu skillfully forced Dejima down on his back.

5th day
Hakuho beat Takamisakari for his 2nd win. Kotomitsuki cinched Kokkai with his right and drove him out. Wakanosato gave a thrust and with his left put Futen-o down. Koto-o-shu thrust Miyabiyama down. Chiyotaikai managed to drive Iwakiyama out. Dejima pushed and shoved but at the verge of the ring, shifted his body and kept his foot in the ring. Asashoryu drove Kakizoe out the ring.

4th day
At the verge of the ring, Roho picked Hokutoriki up and drove him out the ring. Iwakiyama forced Takamisakari out the ring. Aminishiki attacked Kyokushuzan with his head low and managed to push out the Mongolian. It's Aminishiki's 4th win. Dejima charged forward and pushed out Futen-o. Kakizoe had a powerful start, but Koto-o-shu meticulously stepped aside and put his opponent down. It's the Bulgarian's 4th win. Kokkai thrusted Chiyotaikai. But the ozeki was cautious and at the right moment struck the Georgian's head to win. Kotomitsuki had an automatic win as his match for the day, Kaio pulled out. Tochiazuma forced down Miyabiyama. Asashoryu clashd against Hakuho and while both tried to throw eachother, Hakuho weakened and fell.

3rd day
Hokutoriki lost balance and Takamisakari grabbed the back of his belt and forced him out for his fisrt win. Dejima fought too low that he was driven out by Kotomitsuki. Wakanosato forced Kakizoe out of the ring quickly. Koto-o-shu lost balance but Kyokutenho could not take advantage of it and instead at the verge of the ring, touched the dirt with his hand first. Tochiazuma put Kokkai down. In a rather long bout, Chiyotaikai threw Futen-o with his right arm. Asashoryu got Miyabiyama's belt and put the former ozeki down on his back.

2nd day
Takamisakari was clearly hyper before the bout, but he lost to Kyokushuzan's strategic fight. Takamisakari was thrown on the ring. Futen-o, the yokozuna defeater, this time forced Kakizoe out the ring. Hakuho lost balance and was put down by Koto-o-shu. Miyabiyama attacked Wakanosato's throat but it didn't work. Wakanosato pulled the former ozeki's heard toward him and put him down. Dejima drove Kaio out the ring. Kyokutenho with his right hand got hold of Chiyotaikai's belt and walked the ozeki out. Tochiazuma attacked Kotomitsuki who at one point had his back turned toward the ozeki. But Kotomitsuki was able to drive the ozeki out. Asashoryu gave Kokkai blows on the face, and finally thrust the Georgian down.

1st day
Russian, Hakurosan put Toyozakura down. Mongolian, Ama got the back of Roho's belt and drove the Russian out. Aminishiki pushed out the popular Takamisakari. Iwakiyama shove veteran Mongolian Kyokutenzan out the ring. Kotomitsuki fell forward in his bout against Kyokutenho. Dejima pushed forward, but Wakanosato, who returned to sekiwake ranking, defeated the former ozeki. Chiyotaikai who was back on the ring after missing part of the last tourney, pulled back and fell. Kakozoe won. Tochiazuma drove Hakuho out the ring. Both tumbled down. Kaio had his right thigh heavily wrapped and he showed in the bout against Miyabiyama that he was unable to fight. Kaio fell down. Asashoryu had a tough match. New Komusubi, Futen-o did not back off. He kept on fighting the yokozuna, pushed and shoved and won. The upset excited the fans. Red cushions were all over the arena.

Pre Tourney highlights
First blond in high ranking division
20-year old Baruto from Estonia is a new juryo rikishi. It took him only 8 tourneys to earn the ranking. He was a junior judo champion in his country.

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