(September 10 to 24 Ryogoku Kokugikan Sumo Arena)

Outstanding Performance Award:
Outstanding Technique Award: Aminishiki
Fighting Spirit Award: Ama

Final day
Takekaze charged into Takamisakari and the Robocup was driven out. Takamisakari finished with a majority loss. Ama drove big Hokutoriki out for his 11th win. Dejima and Tochinonada fought a competitive bout. In the end Dejima drove his long-time rival out. Both finished 7-8. Aminishiki shoved Kokkai with his right hand and won. The bout gave him his 11th win. Kokkai finished with 8 wins. Kisenosato was automatically given a win as his opponent, Futen-o pulled out. Miyabiyama gave powerfully thrusts and forced Kotomitsuki down on the ring for his 9th win. Roho got hold of Tochiazuma's belt with his left and force the ozeki out to win his 10th bout. Chiyotaikai gave Koto-o-shu thrusts, but the Bulgarian stood firm, managed to grab his opponents belt, and force him out. Both ozeki finished with 10 wins. Asashoryu got hold of Hakuho's belt, but Hakuho strongly resisted the shoves and kept his feet inside the ring. The yokozuna did not give up by pressuring the ozeki with his whole body. While Asashoryu pushed Hakuho down and also flew outside the ring. The yokozuna was presented the Prime Minister's trophy by Shinzo Abe, Chief Cabinet Secretary and Prime Minister to be.

14th day
Dejima quickly pushed out Kyokushuzan to earn his 6th win. Kisenosato pulled back and Aminishiki hooked his leg around his opponent's and won his 10th bout. Roho tried to put Miyabiyama off balance, but he couldn't. Miyabiyama instead pushed the Russian out to secure a majority win. Kokkai shove Kotomitsuki and used force to pull him towards him to win a majority win. Ama appeared to be fighting Tochiazuma with all his might, but in the end was forced down. With this loss, Asashoryu secured the Emperor's Cup and his 18th tourney victory. Koto-o-shu grabbed Hakuho's leg and threw him on the ring to win. Chiyotaikai's thrusts got Asashoryu boiling with anger. They bashed eachother like in a boxing match. In the end, Asashoryu went down while Chiyo's leg remained inside the ring. Despite this upset, the yokozuna clinched his tourney victory.

13th day
Takamisakari's foot left in his bout against Hochiyama. Dejima pushed down Tokitenho. Kotomitsuki put Roho off balance and drove the Russian out. Miyabiyama attacked Tamanoshima and forced his opponent down. Koto-o-shu forced a throw on Tochinonada to clinch a majority win. Chiyotaikai started with thrusts toward Hakuho, and then pulled back, putting down the Mongolian ozeki. It's Chiyo's 9th win. Tochiazuma banged into the side of Aminishiki and then forced a throw to win his 8th bout. Asashoryu quickly got hold of Ama's belt and forced the fellow Mongolian down. Ama succumbed to his 3rd loss.

12th day
Aminishiki got hold of Futeno's back and drove him out for his 9th win. Dejima stood still for a while and then put Tamanoshima down. Kisenosato grabbed Kokkai's belt and drove him out. Miyabiyama pushed down Tokitenku. Chiyotaikai slapped Roho but that didn't do much. Roho powerfully drove the ozeki out. Hakuho got hold of Ama and took the small Mongolian out. It's Ama's 2nd loss. Koto-o-shu drove Iwakiyama out. Asashoryu smashed Tochiazuma on the ring for his 11th win, and remain the sole leader.

11th day
Dejima pushed out Tamakasuga for his 3rd win. Kokkai pushed Roho and forced the Russian down for his 6th win. It's Roho's 3rd loss. Ama shifted to the side, put Kisenosato off balance and pushed the youngster out. Hakuho lost balance from Tochiazuma's attack and in the end was pushed out. The Mongolian's chance to earn yokozuna ranking was gone with this 4th loss. Koto-o-shu had an automatic win as his opponent for the day, Baruto pulled out from the tourney. Chiyotaikai gave thrusts, and pulled back which prompted Aminishiki to dash forward out the ring. The ozeki secured a majority win. Asashoryu immediately got Miyabiyama's belt and forced the former ozeki down. The 2 Mongolians remain the leaders.

10th day
Ama managed to drive Ho-masho out for his 9th win. Takamisakari's foot left the ring before he can fight Kyokutenho back. Aminishiki forced Kakizoe down and secured a majority win. Kokkai pushed but then pulled back and gave Dejima an opportunity to defeat him. It's Dejima's 2nd win. Miyabiyama gave a powerful push to drive Baruto out the ring. Baruto was in pain after the bout unable to walk properly. Koto-o-shu was powerless before Roho and was easily forced down. Roho earned a majority win. Chiyotaikai struggled against Tochiazuma and lost. For Tochiazuma it's his 6th win. Roho pushed out Tochinonada for his 7th win. Asashoryu skillfully used his right to drive Kotomitsuki out.

9th day
Takamisakari put Tochinonada down for his 5th win. Baruto appeared to have a good hold of Ama's belt. But as the Estonian pushed, his left foot left the ring before he could do anything. Ama secured a majority win. Kokkai pushed and pushed to defeat Tamanoshima. It's the Georgian's 5th win. Kisenosato thrust the back of Dejima's head and Dejima went down. Aminishiki shifted to the side and put Kotomitsuki down. It's Aminishiki's 7th win. Chiyotaikai pushed Tamakasuga out for his 7th win. Hakuho and Miyabiyama slapped eachother, shoved eachother, fought competitively. In the end, Hakuho put Miyabiyama down for his 6th win. Tochiazuma put Koto-o-shu off balance. The Bulgarian touched the ring then fell forward. Asashoryu did not try to finish the bout quickly, but fought strategically and managed to force Roho on the ring.

8th day
Ama fought with a bandaged foot, but managed to drive Kyokutenho out. Roho was quick to grab Kotoshogiku's belt and throw him. Tamanoshima had Kotomitsuki's arms between his and threw him. It's Kotomitsuki's 2nd loss. After allowing Miyabiyama to push forward, Chiyotaikai pulled back to put Miyabiyama down. Hakuho pushed Baruto down as he himself went down. Tochiazuma forced Dejima down on the ring. Kokkai pushed, and it appeared Koto-o-shu was able to withstand the force, but in the end was thrown. But a video footage showed, Kokkai's hand touched the dirt almost as soon as Koto-o-shu's body touched the dirt. Asashoryu put Tamakasuga off balance and then won with a push.

7th day
Iwakiyama forced Ama down on his knee. The Mongolian lost his first bout. He could not walk properly after the bout as when he fell, he seemed to have injured his toes. Roho pushed Tamakasuga out the ring. Miyabiyama attacked Kisensato's throat with so much power, he was unable to fight back and fell forward. Kotomitsuki banged into Hakuho, got the back of his belt and drove him out. It's Hakuho's 3rd loss. Tochiazuma put Kokkai off balance and drove the Georgian out. Koto-o-shu got hold of Tokitenku's belt with both his hands and threw him to win his 5th bout. Chiyotaikai attacked Dejima while shifting to the side and pushed Dejima out. Asashoryu quickly attacked Baruto with such power, there was nothing the Estonian can do but to fall out the ring. Asashoryu, Roho, Ama lead with a loss each.

6th day
Ama started out fast the took Tamakasuga out. Roho shoved Tamanoshima's head, and Tamanoshima fell forward. Kokkai went forward with thrusts, then Tokiteku shifted and shoved the Georgian down. Baruto pulled Tochiazuma towards him and put the ozeki down. Dejima gave a twisted shove and put down Koto-o-shu for his first win. Miyabiyama pushed and pushed to drive out Kaio. Kotomitsuki defeated Chiyotaikai. Hakuho gave thrusts, shoved, fighting non-stop. But he seemed too impatient that without a good hold of Aminishiki tried to throw him, but instead was tripped by his opponent to succumb to his 2nd loss. Kisenosato pushed forward and forced Asashoryu out the ring. It's the yokozuna's first loss. It's the first time in 44 years all ozeki and yokozuna lost. Ama became the only one with a clean record.

5th day
Ama earned his 5th win by driving Asasekiryu out. Dejima went forward too low and was put down by Futeno. Tochinonada shoved Roho with his left which proved effective, forcing the Russian out. It's Roho's first loss. Baruto and Iwakiyama fought a powerful bout which in the end, Baruto won. Kotomitsuki drove Tamakasuga out for his 4th win. Koto-o-shu forced Miyabiyama out. Aminishiki grabbed Kaio's arm and forced the ozeki on the ring. Chiyotaikai started with thrusts and then pushed Tamanoshima out. Hakuho drove Kokkai out the ring. Tochiazuma kept on fighting forward and managed to push Kisenosato out. Asashoryu forced Tokitenku down.

4th day
Kakizoe charged straight towards Takamisakari and defeated the "Robocop". Both Baruto and Roho got hold of eachother's belt. Roho managed to use his left hand to put the Estonian off balance and won. It's the Russia's 4th win. Kokkai attacked Miyabiyama, pulled back and the former ozeki sank on the ring. Kotomitsuki slightly shifted his move, put Kaio off balance and drove him out. It's Kaio's 3rd loss. Chiyotaikai gave Kisenosato thrusts and won. Hakuho threw Tokitenho to win his 3rd bout. Tochiazuma managed to drive Tamanoshima out for his first win. Koto-o-shu this time was driven out by Aminishiki for his first loss. Asashoryu pulled back and forced Dejima on the ring.

3rd day
Takamisakari fought well but in the end lost to Kotoshougiku. Roho drove Iwakiyama out for his 3rd win. Baruto threw Kyokutenho with his left. Kisenosato had a good start moving forward and driving Kotomitsuki out. Kokkai gave Chiyotaikai a series of thrusts which force the ozek out. It's Chiyo's first loss. Hakuho seemed to lose balance but managed to push down Tamanoshima. Miyabiyama kept on thrusting Tochiazuma. The ozeki tried not to be affected, but he was put down. Tochiazuma succumbed to his 3rd loss. Tamakazuga lost balance, and had his back toward Koto-o-shu, prompting him to be pushed out. Kaio threw Dejima on the ring with his right for his first win. Asashoryu pushed Aminishiki out.

2nd day
Takamisakari struggled against Kyokushuzan but drove the Mongolian out. Baruto shoved and shoved Tochinonada at the verge of the ring to win. Miyabiyama pushed Tamakasuga's head and put him down. Hakuho threw Dejima with his left and won. Kotomitsuki drove Tochiazuma out. Koto-o-shu powerfully took Kisenosato out of the ring. Kaio pulled back and lost to Kokkai. Chiyotaikai attacked Tokitenku. That one blow stopped the Mongolian and Chiyo easily pushed him out. Asashoryu forced Tamanoshima down.

1st day
Takamisakari was able to drive Asasekiryu out. Kakizoe charged into Kyokushuzan so hard, it seemed the Mongolian had no choice but to loose. But the Mongolian lifted one leg, and shifted himself to the side, while Kakizoe fell out of the ring. Kotomitsuki shoved Dejima's head and put the former ozeki down. Miyabiyama's thrust was not effective as his opponent Aminishiki drove the other former ozeki down. Tokitenku thrust Tochiazuma down. Koto-o-shu drove Tamanoshima out. Kaio fell down to Roho's throw. Chiyotaikai's first thrust seemed a big blow to Baruto, who lost balance and on more thrusts fell on his rear. Kisanosato shoved Hakuho's neck which forced the ozeki to fall on the ring banging his shoulder and face into the dirt. Asashoryu got hold of Kokkai belt and drove the Georgian out. After the bout, the yokozuna told reporters he was glad he could perform well in front of Princess Aiko. The 4-year old princess was attending the tourney with her parent, Crown Prince Naruhito and Crown Princess Masako.

Pre Tourney highlights
Baruto overwhelms Asashoryu
During the overall practice on Sept 4, Baruto clashed into Asashoryu. And he overpowered the yokozuna in 4 bouts. This has risen speculation that the Estonian might impact the autumn tourney.

Tour to Taiwan
The sumo tour went to Taiwan for the first time to perform on Aug 19 and 20. 42 took part in the tournament. Asashoryu was the overall champion. But there were reports of disgraceful acts by non-Japanese sumo wrestlers in the evening and this was widely reported in Taiwan.

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