(Sept 9 to 23 Ryogoku Kokugikan Sumo Arena )

Outstanding Performance Award:
Ama, Toyonoshima
Outstanding Technique Award: None
Fighting Spirit Award: Kyokutenho, Goeido

Final day
Kyokutenho defeated Tamakasuga for his 12th win. Takamisakari was forced to the verge of the ring but managed to throw Kakizoe, keeping his toes inside the ring. Takamisakari secured a majority win. Dejima charged into Homasho and put him down for his majority win too. Kotomitsuki banged into Kisenosato and then forced him down. The new ozeki finished the tourney with 10 wins. Aminishiki easily forced Koto-o-shu out of the ring. It's his 10th win, while the Bulgarian ozeki faced his 7th defeat. Hakuho drove Chiyotaikai out, winning the Emperor's Cup for the 4th time, but the first time to win as yokozuna.

14th day
Kisenosato drove out Miyabiyama for his 6th win. Kyokutenho shoved down Ama for his 11th win. Aminishiki at last won after 5 losses in a row. It's by forcing down Toyonoshima. Asasekiryu made Dejima lost balance and fall. It's the Mongolian's 8th win. Koto-o-shu moved quickly, but Kasugao got the Bulgarian and threw him down. It's the Korean's 10th win. Kotomitsuki kept on changing positions, putting Chiyotaikai off balance and falling. Princess Aiko who was at the Kokugikan with her parents Crown Prince Naruhito and Crown Princess Masako looked elated, as she's reported to be a big Kotomitsuki fan. It's the first time in 33 years that a newcomer to the makuuchi division fights in the final bout of the day. Indeed Goeido looked tense. Hakuho got hold of the 21 year-olds arm and threw him on the ring. Hakuho continues to be the leader, followed by Kyokutenho.

13th day
Kyokutenho beat Takekaze for his 10th win. Miyabiyama with a thrust defeated Kasugao and secured a majority win. Ama slightly pulled back then forced Toyonoshima to fall forward for his 10th win. Dejima charged into Kisenosato and drove him out. Aminishiki tried to force a throw on Homasho but after refrees consulted eachother on the ring, gave the bout to Homasho. Koto-o-shu forced an arm throw, but he made hiself fall before Wakanosato did. Chiyotaikai gave thrusts and drove out Goeido. Hakuho looked like he was having a difficult bout against Kotomitsuki, but managed to put the ozeki down with a twisted throw. Hakuho is now the sole contender for the Emperor's Cup.

12th day
Kasuganishiki attacked Takamisakari's throat, but the Robocop kept on going, and eventually won. Dejima pushed out Tamanoshima. Ama moved quickly in the bout against Goeido. The Mongolian got behind the newcomer to the division. He lifted the bigger rikishi up, and with full power, dropped him on the ring. Ama said after the bout that he wanted to show that the top 3 rankers were different. Chiyotaikai was not into the bout at all. He turned his back toward Asasekiryu and was driven out. Miyabiyama shoved Kototsuki, but in the end pulled back and lost. With this win, Kotomitsuki clinched a majority win. Koto-o-shu pushed forward, and drove Takekaze out. He also secured a majority win. Aminishiki banged into Hakuho and tried to shove the yokozuna. But he fell on the ring. As Goeido lost, he's back tying with Hakuho.

11th day
Takekaze and Goeido were about to fight. But before that, a surprise. A stranger suddenly tried to climb up to the ring. This woman was immediately stopped by a man in the audience, then by Takamisakari and a referee sitting by the ring. The bout, without delay took off. Goeido pushed out Takekaze for his 10th win. Takamisakari drove out Tamanoshima. Miyabiyama with thrusts defeated Tamakasuga for his 7th win. Wakanosato managed to force Dejima out after several shoves. Ama secured a majority win by defeating Homasho. Kotomitsuki immediately thrust down Aminishiki. Asasekiryu grabbed Koto-o-shu and drove the Bulgarian out. Kotoshogiku shifted immediately his position prompting Chiyotaikai to drop. Toyonoshima put Hakuho off balance the drove the yokozuna out. Goeido is now the sole leader.

10th day
Goeido fought well against Kasugao, picking up the Korean twice and managing to drive him out. Takamisakari drove Tokitsuumi out for his 4th win. Koto-o-shu got a good hold of Miyabiyama's belt and drove the former ozeki out. It's the Bulgarian's 7th win. Chiyotaikai charged into Aminishiki then shifted direction and that made Aminishiki lose balance and fall. Chiyo's secured a majority win. Dejima immediately changed his position. Kotomitsuki struggled. In the end Dejima pushed out the new ozeki. It's Kotomitsuki's 4th defeat. Hakuho drove Asasekiryu out. As Aminishiki lost, it's now only Hakuho and Goeido who are the top runners.

9th day
New makuuchi rikishi Goeido defeated Kyokutenho to clinch a majority win. Miyabiyama threw Tochinonada for his 6th win. Wakanosato got a good hold of Aminishiki and drew him out. It's Aminishiki's first loss. Chiyotaikai could not thrust forward and so pulled back and lost to Homasho. Kotomitsuki and Toyonoshima fought for over 3 minutes with their arms around eachother. In the end Toyonoshima pushed out the new ozeki. Kisenosato tried to put Koto-o-shu off balance, but the Bulgarian ozeki kept himself in tact and pushed out the 21 year old. Hakuho drove Dejima out of the ring. Now the yokozuna, Aminishiki and Goeido tie for the Emperor's Cup.

8th day
Dejima banged into Toyohibiki, then pulled away to let him fall. Aminishiki kept his head low fighting, then tried to twis Tochinonada, and finally drove him out. Aminishiki already secured a majority win. Kotomitsuki drove Kakuryu to the verge of the ring, then pulled back and threw him. It's Kotomitsuki's 6th win. Koto-o-shu could not get hold of Toyonoshima's belt, and lost to his opponent's underarm throw. Chiyotaika and Wakanosato had an awkward start, but they kept on fighting and Chiyo won with a push out. Hakuho banged into Homasho and forced him down for his 7th win.

7th day
Takamisakari was driven out by Tochi-o-zan. Homasho thrust down the heavy Miyabiyama. Both are 4-3. Aminishiki clashed into Tokitenku, shifted position, which drove his Mongolian opponent down. Aminishiki continues to lead for the Emperor's Cup. Koto-o-shu tried to throw Dejima. But instead, he lost balance and touched the dirt with his hand before forcing the former ozeki down. The Bulgarian ozeki succumbed to his 2nd loss. Chiyotaikai quickly shoved forward with thrusts to drive out Kakuryu. Kotomitsuki managed to force Hokutoriki out. Hakuho was fast and forcing Kotoshogiku out.

6th day
Kasugao lost his first bout to Takekaze. Both are 5-1. Miyabiyama kept on using thrusts, but Kotoshogiku managed to push him down. Aminishiki forced down Dejima to remain the only one with a clean record. Chiyotaikai gave thrusts and Tokitenku fell forward. Kotomitsuki succumbed to Asasekiryu. Kaio pulled out from this day as his leg pain returned after the bout with Dejima the previous day. So Tochinonada was given an automatic win. Koto-o-shu got hold of Hokutoriki fast and drove him out fast. Hakuho and Kisenosato had to redo the face off so many times. Hakuho in the end managed to take the 21 year old out.

5th day
Takamisakari pushed out Kaiho for his 2nd win. Miyabiyama was able to push Tokitsuumi out by attacking his throat for his 4th win. Aminishiki drove Asasekiryu down on his belly in a more than a minute bout. Kotomitsuki had a weak start against Wakanosato but won the bout when Wakanosato slipped following his shove. Kaio tried to drive Dejima down but failed and was instead taken out. Koto-o-shu grabbed Kakuryu and forced him out. Ama shifted his position and pulled back from Chiyotaikai and won by pushing the ozeki's head down. It's Chiyo's first loss. Hakuho gave Hokuroriki a powerful throw for his 4th win.

4th day
Kyokutenho drove Takamisakari out. Miyabiyama banged into Tamanoshima then pulled back, prompting Tamanoshima to fall. Dejima charged into Kakuryu while Kakuryu tried to change course of the bout and then threw the former ozeki. Aminishiki quickly drove Kotoshobiku out for his 4th win. Ama moved quickly against Kaio, but when he stopped, Kaio's movement drove him down. Kaio won his first bout, and his career 706th win to tie for 6th place with Musashimaru. Koto-o-shu got hold of Homasho's belt with his right and drove his opponent out. Chiyotaikai went forward and forced Hokutoriki out. Kotomitsuki struggled against Tokitenku but managed to drive him down for his 3rd win. Hakuho got hold of Tochinonada's body and threw him down.

3rd day
Futeno pushed down Takamisakari. Miyabiyama with a final thrust towards Tokitsuumi's throat resulted in a push out win. Koto-o-shu and Tochinonada had to fight twice as the first bout was called a draw. In the 2nd one, Tochinonada got hold of the Bulgarian ozeki's belt and threw him. It's Koto-o-shu's first loss. Chiyotaikai kept his eyes on Dejima who tried to resist the ozeki's thrusts. In the end, Chiyo put down the former ozeki. Ama banged into Kotomitsuki, then shifted a bit, got the back of the new ozeki's belt and finally drove him out. It's Kotomitsuki's first loss. Kaio was powerless. He was easily forced out by Hokutoriki. Hakuho charged quickly towards Kakuryu and won.

2nd day
Takamisakari was thrown by Kasugao. Kaiho moved to the side which prompted Miyabiyama to fall. Dejima managed to keep himself inside the ring while driving out Toyonoshima. Chiyotaikai with cautious thrusts beat Tochinonada. Kotomitsuki immediately got hold of Homasho and won. Kisenosato got a firm hold of Kaio's belt and managed to drive the ozeki out. It's Kaio's 2nd loss. Koto-o-shu drove Ama out fast. Hakuho faced off fast and drove Tokitenku out.

1st day
It was a strange start. The winner of the last tourney returns to Emperor's Cup to kick off the grand tourney. But since Asashoryu was absent, his stablemaster, Takasago returned the cup. But there was no explanation why Takasago was doing it. And neigher did Japan Sumo Association President Kitanoumi explain why Asashoryu was out during his first day greeting. In the bouts, Kokkai drove out Futen-o. Takamisakari forced Iwakiyama out. Roho thrust Tosanoumi down on the ring. Miyabiyama kept his eye on Toyohibiki and managed to push the newcomer to the makuuchi division out. Kotoshogiku forced Dejima out. New ozeki Kotomitsuki got hold of Tochinonada's belt with his right and shoved him out. Kaio slapped Homasho and tried to get hold of his belt, but Kaio couldn't stand firm. He was instead pushed out. Koto-o-shu and Tokitenku slapped eachother while fighting. Then the Bulgarian ozeki attacked Tokitenku behind his knee and drove the Mongolian down. Kisenosato charged forward against Chiyotaikai. Chiyo shifted to the side and kept himself inside the ring while forcing Kisenosato out. Hakuho fought against another Mongolian Ama. Ama threw the yokozuna by his neck and won. It's already a major upset on the first day.

Pre Tourney highlights
Asashoryu leaves for Mongolia
On Aug 28, Japan Sumo Association approved Asashoryu's treatment in Mongolia, so the next day he left.

Asashoryu in trouble for playing soccer in Mongolia
It was learned that right after the Nagoya tourney, Asashoryu went home, and played soccer. He was seen on video playing briskly. And this caused a commotion. That's because he's applied an absence from participating in local tours due to a rear injury and it was clearly unjustifiable. The Japan Sumo Association decided to penalize him, but suspending him from appearing in 2 grand sumo tournaments and also reduced his salary. After this verdict, Asashoryu basocally went into hiding, but accepting visits by psychiatrics and close friends.

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