(September 11 to 25 Ryogoku Kokugikan Sumo Arena )

Outstanding Performance Award:
Kotoshogiku, Kisenosato
Outstanding Technique Award: Kotoshogiku
Fighting Spirit Award: Gagamaru

On Sept 28, messengers of the Japan Sumo Association visited Kotoshogiku at his stable and conveyed that he has been promoted to ozeki. Kotoshogiku accepted the promotion.

Final day
Miyabiyama lost to Kakuryu succumbing to a majority loss. Kisenosato powerfully forced Goeido down to win his 12th bout. Kotoshogiku tried to shove Baruto. But the Estonian didn't move. Instead, the ozeki won with a throw. Still this defeat has not shattered Kotoshogiku's hope to become ozeki. Hakuho needed now only to win to clinch a tourney victory. He twirled Harumafuji and won. With this he counted his 20th tourney victory. New Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda handed him the Prime Minister's Cup.

14th day
Kitataiki lost to Goeido. Gagamaru was defeated by Homasho. The two of them were out of the Emperor's Cup race. Kakuryu pushed Tochinoshin down the ring and both fell, hurting Kotoshogiku who was waiting for his turn by the ring.Kotoshogiku then stood, appeared to be in pain. Meanwhile Kisenosato was in control of his bout against Tochiozan and won with a push out for his 11th win. Kotoshogiku in his bout against Harumafuji appeared concentrating well to shove out the ozeki. This win has brought Kotoshogiku closer to winning ozeki ranking. Hakuho and Baruto fought a competitive and powerful bout lasting more than a minute. At one point Baruto lifted Hakuho up. But Hakuho fought back and swung the big ozeki, forcing him to fall. Hakuho and Kotoshogiku remain the leaders.

13th day
Takanoyama hooked his leg around Kaseis and toppled the Brazilian. It's the Czech's 5th win. Miyabiyama kept on attacking Aminishiki non-stop and won his 7th bout. Homasho in a competitive bout, forced Kitataiki down to win his 8th bout. For Kitataiki it was his 3rd loss. Gagamaru shoved Kisenosato, then Kisenosato shoved back and drove the big Georgian out. Both are 10-3. Baruto forced Harumafuji out for his 10th win. Kotoshogiku immediately got a good hold of Hakuho, shoved and shoved and won. Both tie for the lead with 11-2.

12th day
Miyabiyama continuously gave Sakatsukasa thrusts and won his 6th bout. Goeido drove out Homasho to earn a majority win. Kotoshogiku forced the big Gagamaru out. Both are 10-2. Harumafuji managed to push out Tochiozan. Kakuryu shifted to the side, forcing Baruto to lose balance and fall. Hakuho reached for the front part of Kisenosato's belt. Kisenosato unleashed the yokozuna's hand and with full force toppled him. There were flying cushions everywhere in response to the upset. It's Hakuho's first loss but he still remains the sole leader.

11th day
37 year-old Kyokutenho clinched a majority win by defeating Goeido. Miyabiyama shoved Kaisei's throat then pulled back, prompting the Brazilian to fall. Kaisei succumbed to a majority loss. Tochiozan went into Kotoshogiku immediately and pushed out the ozeki candidate. It's Kotoshogiku's 2nd loss. Baruto gave an even heavier Gagamaru thrusts, but they were not effective. Gagamaru pushed the ozeki out fo his 10th win. Harumafuji forced Kisenosato to fall forward on the ring. Kakuryu pressured Hakuho by shoving him to the verge of the ring. Then the yokozuna turned his position and threw the younger Mongolian. Hakuho kept his record clean.

10th day
Takanoyama shifted his position around Tamawashi and drove the big rikishi down. Gagamaru was having a tough bout, but in the end, he threw Goeido to earn his 9th win. Kotoshogiku rammed into Kisenosato and shoved him out. It's Kotoshogiku's 9th win, and Kisenosato's 2nd loss. Harumafuji practically bounced on Tochinoshin and forced the Georgian to fall from the ring. Baruto slapped Tochiozan and powerfully drove him out for his 8th win. Hakuho defeated Tokiteku to keep his lead.

9th day
Georgian Gagamaru pushed out Takanoyama for his 7th straight win and secured a majority win. Kotoshogiku got hold of Tokiteku and drove him out to clinch a majority win. Kisenosato faced Baruto. It was a competitive bout but in the end the ozeki threw Kisenosato. It's Kisenosato's first loss. Harumafuji hooked his leg around Kakuryu and tripped him to win his 5th bout. Hakuho kept his head low against the talle Tochinoshin and drove the Georgian out. Hakuho is now the sole leader.

8th day
Kotoshogiku started out slow. Kakuryu got hold of Kotoshogiku and drove him out. It's Kotoshogiku's first loss. Kisenosato attacked Miyabiyama then shoved him down. Kisenosato already secured a majority win. Harumafuji swung Tokiteku while holding his knee and drove the fellow Mongolian out. Both are 4-4. Baruto threw Tochinoshin. Both fell off the ring. But Baruto was given the bout. Hakuho immediately got hold of Tochiozan's belt and drove him out. Hakuho and Kisenosato lead for the Emperor's Cup.

7th day
For the first time this tourney, it was a sell out crowd. Czech Takanoyama used his leg to trip Yoshiazuma down for his 2nd win. Miyabiyama pulled back while Goeido pushed forward and the former ozeki lost with a push out. Kisenosato's shove forced Kakuryu out the ring. Kotoshogiku drove out Okinoumi. Tochinoshin was given a win automatically as Koto-o-shu withdrew from the bout. Takekaze appeared to be in control when he attacked Baruto from the side. But he fell irst and lost. Harumafuji lost control of himself and easily fell in the bout against Yoshikaze. Both are 3-4. Hakuho pulled back and Toyonoshima fell on his hands. Hakuho, Kisenosato and Kotoshogiku are tied with perfect records.

6th day
Shotenro shoved Takanoyama on the verge of the ring. Then both tumbled down the ring. But it was ruled Shotenro's foot left the ring before Takanoyama fell. It's the slim Czech's first win. Miyabiyama gave Takayasu thrusts than drove him down for his 4th win. Kisenosato charged into Homasho and quickly won. Kotoshogiku held onto Toyonoshima's arms and drove him out. Okinoumi forced down Kakuryu. It's Kakuryu's 3rd loss. Baruto forced Wakanosato out. It's the Estonian's 4th win. Harumafuji defeated Aran. Koto-o-shu got his arm around Tochiouzan and his hand was on the belt. But the ozeki was easily driven out. Hakuho quickly pused out Takekaze.

5th day
Kotoshogiku forced Homasho down for his 5th win. Kakuryu forced Aran out for his 3rd win. Kisenosato shoved Okinoumi out to keep his record clean. Harumafuji lost balance and was forced down by Takekaze. With a 3rd loss he has lost his chance to try for yokozuna ranking. Koto-o-shu fought forward but was thrown by Wakanosato in the end. Baruto and Toyonoshima both fell out of the ring. But Toyonoshima's foot left the ring first, giving Baruto the bout. Hakuho shoved Yoshikaze's head, driving him down. It's another win for the yokozuna.

4th day
Miyabiyama gave Toyohibiki thrusts and won with a push out. It's his 2nd win. Kakuryu and Toyonoshima fought an exciting bout. In the end, the Mongolian pushed out Toyonoshima into the crowd. Kisenosato with watchful eyes drove Aran out for his 4th win. Kotoshogiku threw Takekaze to win his 4th bout too. Koto-o-shu powerfully attacked Yoshikaze and won his first bout. Baruto forced Okinoumi out. Homasho forced Harumafuji down. Hakuho shoved forward and defeated Wakanosato.

3rd day
Czech born Takanoyama has not been able to win a bout yet since being promoted to makuuchi. He lost his 3rd bout to Hochiyama. Kisenosato with thrusts defeated Toyonoshima. Kotoshogiku shoved Aran out the ring. Kakuryu was driven out the ring by Tochiozan and recorded his 2nd loss. Yoshikaze drove Baruto out the ring. Harumafuji quickly forced Wakanosato out. But Koto-o-shu lost again by pulling back in the bout against Homasho. Hakuho powerfully threw Okinoumi to win.

2nd day
Miyabiyama pushed then pulled back and prompted Tochiozan to lose balance and fall. Yoshikaze stood up to fight against Kotoshogiku. But Kotoshogiku did not face off properly. So Yoshikaze stopped fighting. But Kotoshogiku shoved him and was given a win. Kakuryu was thrown out the ring by Wakanosato and lost. Kisenosato shoved Takekaze and thrust him out quickly. Harumafuji pushed forward and appeared he was in control. But Okinoumi shifted himself along the ring and force the Mongolian ozeki out. Koto-o-shu attempted a throw while Toyonoumi played trickly with his leg and forced the Bulgarian to hit the dirt first. Baruto threw Aran to win. Hakuho was quick to drive out Homasho.

1st day
It may have to do with gambling scandals, or due to Kaio's retirement, but 30 percent of tickets of the day were left over. 20 year old made his debut in the makuuchi division. It's Masunoyama. He faced Toyohibiki and pushed and pushed to drive his opponnet down. Takayasu forced down the helpless looking Goeido. Former ozeki Miyabiyama was driven out by Georgian Tochinoshin. Kakuryu shoved Takekaze out the ring. Kisenosato quickly thrust down Yoshikaze. Kotoshogiku threw Wakanosato down to win. Koto-o-shu lost balance and could not stop himself from flying out the ring after Okinoshima pulled away. Baruto pulled away and fell from the ring while Homasho pushed. Harumafuji shoved Toyonoshima's throat. Then he tried to knock Toyonoshima's leg. He tried a leg technique agains and both flipped over on the ring. The match was given to the Mongolian ozeki as Toyonoshima's topnot touched the dirt first. Hakuho shoved Aran out the ring so powerfully, he fell together with the Russian. Hakuho took awhile to get up.

Pre Tourney highlight
Yokozuna and ozeki hopefuls
Harumafuji has a chance to gain promotion to the top post. Kotoshogiku and Kakuryu are in the race to gain the post of ozeki.

No more Japanese in ozeki ranking and above
Do to Kaio's retirement last tourney, there are no other Japanese ranked ozeki or higher. All hope are on Kotoshogiku who has a change to be promoted to ozeki. But generally even during practice on Sept 3, there was not

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