(September 9 to 23 Ryogoku Kokugikan Sumo Arena)

Outstanding Performance Award:
Outstanding Technique Award: Myogiryu
Fighting Spirit Award: None

Harumafuji is Yokozuna

Messengers of the Japan Sumo Association conveyed to Harumafuji and his stable master on Sept 26 of Harumafuji's promotion has gained the votes of approval. The 28-year old Mongolian thanked them and said he will take on the role of yokozuna and put in his utmost for the spirit of sumo.

Final day
Goeido drove out Kyokutenho to secure a majority win on the final day. Aminishiki and Myogiryu banged into eachother. Aminishiki pulled back and drove down Myogiryu. Both finished with 10-5. Kakuryu attacked and pushed out Kisenosato quite easily and won his 11th bout. Harumafuji faced Hakuho. The yokozuna immediately was in a good position and tried to throw but Harumafuji did not let him. Then the ozeki got a better grip of the yokozuna's belt. He aggressively shoved then tried to throw, eventually winning with an underarm throw. Harumafuji won the tourney with a perfect record. It's his 4th tourney victory, and his promotion to yokozuna has been assured.

14th day
Czech born Takanoyama tried a throw but instead was tripped by Kitataiki, and succumbed to a majority loss. Toyonoshima pushed out his pal Miyabiyama who took his 9th loss. Myogiryu attached Takekaze's throat then shoved him from behind to win his 10th bout. Harumafuji quickly shoved Kakuryu out for another win. Hakuho slapped and thrusted down Kisenosato to win his 13th bout.

13th day
Kyokutenho was driven out by Myogiryu. It's the Mongolian's 3rd loss. Myogiryu as new komusubi won his 9th bout. Kisenosato had a good start but didn't push hard enough, and instead the other ozeki, Harumafuji shoved him out. Hakuho did not try to get hold of Kakuryu's belt. He continued to give thrusts and in the end pushed out Kakuryu. Harumafuji keeps his record clean. Hakuho follows.

12th day
Kyokutenho lost and Takayasu forced his out. As a result both are 10-2. Kisenosato struggled against the heavy Toyohibiki but managed in the end to force the heavy guy down. It's Kisenosato's 10th win. Harumafuji powerfully thrust Goeido who fell on his rear. Tochiozan pulled back while Kakuryu went forward. Tochiozan won his 10th bout. Hakuho's force drove Myogiryu on the dirt. He could not stand up immediately. When he did, he seemed dizzy. Harumafuji still leads.

11th day
Kyokutenho won by thrusting down Homasho. It's his 10th win. Harumafuji and Okinoumi both toppled down the ring. The juries got together to check the video. They ruled that Okinoumi's hand touched the dirt first and gave the bout to Harumafuji. Kakuryu threw Kaisei for his 9th win. Kisenosato pulled back and was driven out by Aminishiki losing his 2nd bout. Hakuho this time forced Goeido out the ring fo his 10th win.

10th day
Miyabiyama attacked Asasekiryu with thrusts but was in the end forced out. It's the former ozeki's 6th loss. Kyokutenho shoved Kakuryu and it appeared that the older Mongolian was in control. But the ozeki lifted the elder and drove him out the ring. Kyokutenho succumbed to his first loss. Kakuryu secured a majority win. Goeido pulled Kisenosato's arm. Kisenosato withstood and shoved Goeido down for his 9th win. Harumafuji's thrust was so powerful, Takayasu collapsed. It's Takayasu's 2nd loss. Hakuho lost balance and touched the dirt in the bout against Tochiozan for his first loss. Only Harumafuji has a perfect record.

9th day
Kyokutenho won again by driving out Tochiozan. Kisenosato fell on his hands in the bout against Homasho, succumbing to his first loss. Harumafuji attacked Toyoshima's throat. Both grabbed eachother than they stood apart. Harumafuji then charged into Homasho and forced him down. Miyogiryu shoved and drove out Kakuryu. Both are 7-2. Hakuho with a grip of Aminishiki's belt drove him out. Takayasu and Kisenosato lost a bout each, falling behind from the top runner.

8th day
Kyokutenho got hold of Asasekiryu's belt and drove him out for a majority win. Takayasu forced Chiyotairyu out also for his 8th win. Toyohibiki attacked Miyabiyama's throat and pushed the former ozeki down the dirt packed mound. Goeido threw Gagamaru powerfully to win his 5th bout. Miyogiryu went into Harumafuji. Then the ozeki threw Miyogiryu by his neck and won. Kakuryu managed to push out Aminishiki. Kisenosato defeated Shohozan with an overarm throw to clinch a majority win. Hakuho won again too by driving Toyonoshima out. For the first time in 23 years, there are 5 at this point with a perfect record.

7th day
Shohozan attacked Kakuryu's throat but was thrust down. Kisenosato kept his eyes on Aoiyama as he shoved forward and pushed out the Bulgarian. Harumafuji struggled a bit but was able to force Gagamaru out. Hakuho tried to shove down Homasho by his head, but Homasho did not fall in 2 attempts. However in the third, Homasho succumbed to a fall.

6th day
The 2 with perfect records faced eachother. Okinoumi shoved Kyokutenho. Then just when Okinoumi was about to give the final shove, the 37 year old Mongolian swang him, changing position and drove out Okinoumi. Takayasu gave Asasekiryu thrusts and won his 6th bout. It was no surprise, Koto-o-shu did not make it this day after turning his shoulder in a painful direction the previous day. Kaisei was automatically given a win. Kisenosato pushed out Toyonoshima. Harumafuji thrust down Homasho. Kakuryu drove Aoiyama out. Hakuho went forward then threw Gagamaru.

5th day
Kyokutenho celebrated his 38th birthday by defeating the skinny Takanoyama for his 5th win. Brazilian Kaisei threw Goeido to win his 2nd bout. Kisenosato slowly shoved Gagamaru to win. Harumafuji quickly moved, shifted his position slightly and drove Tochinoshin out. Kakuryu drove out Aran for his 4th win. Koto-o-shu and Toyonoshima tried to throw eachother at the same time, but the Bulgarian ozeki fell first. It was on his right shoulder and his arm was twisted in an odd position. He could not get up for a while. Hakuho slapped Aoiyama then thrust the Bulgarian down.

4th day
Kotoshogiku pulled out, giving Gagamaru an automatic win. Baruto also withdrew from the tourney, providing Myogiryu with a win. The ozeki in good shape so far is Kisenosato. He forced out Tochinoshin to improve his record. Harumafuji fought aggressively, and threw Kaisei down on the ring. Kakuryu lost to Homasho's push out losing his first bout. Up and coming Shohozan got hold of Koto-o-shu and pushed the tall Bulgarian out for his first win. Hakuho shoved Aran out and recorded his 600th win in makuuchi.

3rd day
37 year old Kyokutenho won his 3rd bout defeating Kitataiki and that's his 807th makuuchi victory. Miyabiyama thrust down Tochiozan for his 2nd win. Kisenosato pushed out Aran for his 3rd win. Harumafuji drove out Shohozan. Kakuryu drove out Tochinoshin. Goeido pulled Koto-o-shu's arm then quickly pushed out the Bulgarian. It's the ozeki's 1st loss. It's not a good day for ozeki. Another,Baruto lost to Gagamaru powerlessly after redoing the bout. Kotoshogiku thrown by Homasho. Hakuho with his right threw Kaisei.

2nd day
Harumafuji slightly lifted Aran then drove him out. Kakuryu forced Goeidou down. Koto-o-shu with a grip with his left, gave Gagamaru an underarm throw. Baruto shoved Aoiyama's head then threw him on the ring for his first win. Kotoshogiku quickly shoved Tochinoshin out the ring. Kisenosato drove Kaisei out. Hakuho squeezed Shohozan's arm between his and threw the challenger.

1st day
New makuuchi comer Asahisho won his first bout in the top division by defeating Tenkaiho. He expressed his joy in an interview after the victory. Ozeki Kakuryu threw heavy Gagamaru to win. Koto-k-shu drove Aran out. Baruto was ruled he lost the bout against Kaisei. But slow motion video shows Baruto's relevant foot was inside the ring, It's suspected of an erred verdict. Kotoshogiku pushed out Shohozan. Kisenosato drove out Myobiryu. Harumafuji who is aiming to do well this tourney for a promotion to ozeki got a firm hold of Aoiyama's belt and forced the Bulgarian out. Hakuho defeated Tochinoshin.

Pre Tourney highlight
Gagamaru puts on more weight
Gagamaru weighs 212 kilos according to the latest weights released on Aug 28. He's put on 13 kilos more than in May. The average weight in the makuuchi division was 161.3 kilos.

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