(September 14 to 28 Ryogoku Kokugikan Sumo Arena)

Outstanding Performance Award:
Outstanding Technique Award: Aminishiki
Fighting Spirit Award: Ichinojo

Final day
Ichinojo faced veteran Aminishiki. He pushed Aminishiki out to win his 13th bout. Ohsuna-arashi quickly forced down Endo to dismay of fans who were expecting a more competitive bout. The Egytian finished the tourney with 7 wins while Endo with only 3. Goeido pushed out Takekaze to at last win his 8th bout. He saved his face as a new ozeki. Kisenosato forced out Kotoshogiku. Both ozeki finished with 9 wins. Hakuho drove Kakuryu down. He secured his 31st tourney victory, breaking Chiyonofuji's record. Only Taiho remains above him.

14th day
Ohsuna-arashi forced Jokoryu to make a turn, then thrust his throat to drive him down. It's the Egyptian's 6th win. Kotoshogiku kept on shoving against Aminishiki then the ozeki gave a throw with his right to win his 9th bout. Goeido tried to throw Takarafuji by his neck but the ozeki touched the dirt first and lost. Goeido lost his 7th bout. Takarafuji secured a majority win. Kisenosato's shoves were not powerful enough. He was driven down by Kakuryu. The bout fans were waiting for with great curiosity, between Hakuho and newcomer Ichinojo. Ichinojo, dubbed the monster, stopped Hakuho from moving forward for a while. But the yokozuna threw the monster with his left to win. Hakuho is again the sole leader. He's followed by Ichinojo with 2 losses.

13th day
Kyokutenho threw Tochinowaka with his left to win and secure a majority win. It's a feat for a 40 year old. Aminishiki forced Okinoumi down. Both are 10-3. Endo drove out Terunofuji for his 3rd win. Kisenosato forced Ohsuna-arashi out for a majority win. Ikioi drove Kotoshogiku down to win his 9th bout. Goeido got hold of Hakuho and drove the yokozuna out for his 7th win. It's Hakuho's first loss. Ichinojo faced a yokozuna for the first time. He forced Kakuryu down on his hands to become the first new makuuchi rikishi in 41 years to defeat a yokozuna. Hakuho and Ichinojo are now tied for the Emperor's Cup.

12th day
Toyonoshima easily drove out Endo. It's Endo's 10th loss. Ohsuna-arashi gave Takekaza thrusts then threw him down. Both are 5-7. Ichinojo faced Goeido. The new makuuchi rikishi forced down Goeido. Kotoshogiku got hold of Kakuryu's belt and shoved the yokozuna out. Kotoshogiku secured a majority win. Kisenosato banged into Hakuho but it did not have an impact. Hakuho got hold of Kisenosato and drove him down the ring. Hakuho is followed by Ichinojo for the Emperor's Cup.

11th day
In a retake, Aminishiki drove down Yoshikaze to secure a majority win. Toyonoshima won again by pushing out Chiyomaru. It's Toyonoshima's 3rd win. Endo did not fight as Chiyotairu whom was supposed to be his opponent pulled out from a knee injury. Kotoshogiku forced out Ohsuna-arashi. Kisenosato was cautious against a newcomer to makuuchi. He faced off on the 3rd try against Ichinojo but was immediately thrust down. It's the first time in 14 years that a new makuuchi rikishi won a bout against an ozeki. Hakuho drove down Takekaze. Kakuryu appeared as if he patted Goeido then forced the ozeki down. It's Goeido's 5th loss already. Hakuho lead, followed by Ichinojo and Kakuryu.

10th day
Ichinojo was not affected by Yoshikaze's shove, patiently ending the bout by shoving Yoshikaze down. Jokoryu drove Endo down. Toyonoshima kept one foot in the ring while forcing Chiyotairyu down. Takarafuji fought a competitive bout against Kisenosato, and in the end drove out the ozeki. It's the first time Takarafuji defeated an ozeki. Kotoshogiku drove out Goeido. Kakuryu with his right forced a throw on Takekaze to win. Hakuho a one point seemed to have lost balance on Ohsuna-arashi's powerful shove, but quickly regained control and forced down the Egyptian. Hakuho remains the leader.

9th day
Ichinojo got hold of Sadanoumi and drove him out to secure his majority win. Ohsuna-arashi gave Shohozan thrusts and then forced him down. Toyonoshima drove down Terunofuji for his first win. Endo charged forward and Takekaze utilized that movement to force Endo down. Endo succumbed to a majority loss. Kotoshogiku got hold of Chiyotairyu and forced him out. Chiyotairyu recorded a majority loss. Goeido threw Kisenosato by his neck and won. Hakuho quickly drove Takarafuji out. Kakuryu gave Yoshikaze thrust and then pulled away, which Yoshikaze took to his advantage and pushed the yokozuna out. Hakuho is now the only one with a perfect record.

8th day
Ichinojo threw Okinoumi with his right and won his 7th bout. Endo drove out Takayasu for his first win. Kotoshogiku shoved down Takarafuji with his right hand. Both are 4-4. Aoiyama attacked Goeido with thrust while Goeido pulled back, then tried to shove, but he fell touched the dirt before Aoiyama's foot left the ring. It's Goeido's 3rd loss. Kisenosato pushed out Takekaze. Kakuryu pulled back then shift his position and thrust down Toyonoshima. Hakuho quickly drove Jokoryu out. Both yokozunas secured a majority win.

7th day
Ichinojo faced Ikioi. During the fierce fight, Ikioi got a bloody noise. The bout was temporarily stopped to wipe it. Then Ikioi shoved the drove the heavy Mongolian down. It's Ichinojo's first loss. Aoiyama went straight towards Ohsuna-arashi to drive him out. Both are 3-4. Goeido forced Endo down. Yoshikaze gave Kisenosato a number of thrusts which the ozeki did not succumb too but went on moving forward and won. It's Kisenosato's 6th win. Kotoshogiku easily fell in the bout against Takayasu. Both are 3-4. Hakuho immediately pushed out Toyonoshima. Kakuryu got hold of Chiyotairyu and drove him out. Hakuho and Kakuryu are the only two with a perfect record.

6th day
21 year old Ichinojo from Mongolia beat Kyokushuho for his 6th win. Ikioi pushed out Ohsuna-arashi for his 4th win. Toyonoshima was back after missing 4 days. However he lost to Jokoryu. Kisenosato took it slowly in his bout against Endo. In the end he drove Endo down. Kotoshogiku was driven down by Takekaze It's the ozeki's 3rd loss. Goeido powerfully drove Terunofuji down. Kakuryu banged into Takarafuji, pulled back slightly and shifted to the side which drove Takarafuji down. Hakuho gave Yoshikaze thrusts and won. Hakuho, Kakuryu and Ichinojo tie for the Emperor's Cup

5th day
40 year old Kyokutenho lost his first bout this tourney. It's to Chiyomaru. Toyohibiki quickly pushed down Endo for his 3rd win. Yoshikaze forced Kotoshogiku on his hands. It's the ozeki's 2nd loss. Goeido pulled back fast and forced Chiyotairyu down. It's the new ozeki's 3rd win. Kisenosato tried to shove and shove and struggled but was able to force Jokoryu out. Ohsuna-arashi was automatically given a win as his match, Harumafuji pulled out from an eye damage. Aoiyama fell following Harumafuji's powerful face off. Kakuryu and Takayasu gave eachother thrusts and in the end, Kakuryu shifted his position to force Kakuryu on this hands.

4th day
Ohsuna-arashi gave Takarafuji thrusts then drove him down for his 2nd win. Goeido took off by slapping Jokouyu then with his right hand on the belt threw him to win. Kisenosato had a tough bout which laste mored than a minute against Terunofuji which he won in the end by driving him out. Kotoshogiku shoved. Endo tried to fight back. But Kotoshogiku was able to force him down to win his 3rd bout. Harumafuji gave thrusts, moved quickly and appeared to have won by driving Yoshikaze out from behind. But the juries ruled, Harumafuji pulled Yoshikaze's topknot during the bout. Yoshikaze was given a win. After the bout, Harumafuji had trouble opening his eyes which were all swollen. Kakuryu thrust down Aoiyama. Hakuho struggled slightly against Takayasu but managed to shove him out.

3rd day
Kyokutenho was under pressure from Sadanofuji but managed to thrust Sadanofuji down while pulling back for his 3rd win. Aminishiki skillfully beat Ohsuna-arashi by shoving the Egyptian out after getting a hold of his belt. Chiyotairyu gave thrusts after thrusts. Kisenosato stopped him. Then he drove Chiyotairyu out. Kotoshogiku shoved the great big Aoiyama out the ring. Goeido pushed forward but fell backward to lose to Yoshikaze. It's his 2nd loss. Endo charged forward, then Kakuryu skillfully shifted himself to force Endo down. Hakuho quickly drove Terunofuji out. Harumafuji slowly gave a throw and won the bout against Takayasu.

2nd day
40 year old Kyokutenho won his 2nd bout by defeating Kagamioo Tochiozan too won his 2nd bout by driving Tamawashi down Ohsuna-arashi pulled Yoshikaze's arm and forced him down. It's the Egyptian's first win. Kotoshogiku managed to force Jokoryu donw on the dirt for this first win. Goeido won his first bout without having to find as his opponent of the day Toyonoshima withdrew from the tourney. Aoiyama thrust down Kisenosato. Hakuho easily forced down Endo. Harumafuji appeared on the ring with his back fully taped. But he was able to defeat Chiyotairyu by thrusting him down. Kakuryu was in trouble as he could not bring down his arm which Terunofuji forced to be raised. But in the end, Terunofuji could not take advantage of that position and Kakuryu won by hurling Terunofuji by his neck.

1st day
Toyohibiki pushed out Ohsuna-arashi. Yoshikaze force Takarafuji out. Aoiyama droved Takekaze down. New ozeki Goeido struggled against Takayasu. He tried to push Takayasu down, but Takayasu shifted aside. Goeido fell and the bout was given to Takayasu. Kisenosato wore a new silk sash in egg plant color. He charged quickly, forcing Toyonoshima to the edge of the ring, pushed then pushed until Toyonoshima finally gave up and left the ring. Terunofuji immediately shifted to the side and drove Kotoshogiku down. Harumafuji thrust down Endo on his belly. Kakuryu at first pulled back in the bout against Jokoryu.Then thrust down Jokoryu to win. Hakuho drove Chiyotairyu on the dirt.

Pre Tourney highlight
Takekaze is the oldest first time sekiwake
It's at 35 years and 2 months according to the list of ranks released on Sept 1 when considering the post World War 2 era.

Goeido is Ozeki
There were worries, Goeido will not be able to have a good start as ozeki due to a knee injury. But he said it's recovering.

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