(September 13 to 27 Ryogoku Kokugikan Sumo Arena)

U Updated on September 27, 2015

Outstanding Performance Award:
Outstanding Technique Award: Yoshikaze
Fighting Spirit Award: Ikioi, Tochinoshin

Final day
Ikioi fought against Amuru cautiously driving him out for his 11th win. Endo got a good hold of Asasekiryu's belt and forced the Mongolian out to win his 8th bout. Yoshikaze went right into Kyokyushuho to drive him out. It's his 11th win. Tochinoshin picked Toyonoshima up then forced him out the ring. Kotoshogiku shoved Tochiozan out as he fell. It's the ozeki's 11th win. Goeido tried to bear Kisenosato's shove but could not in the end and succumbed to a majority loss. Terunofuji's leg was a bandaged but he fought ferociously against Kakuryu to tie for a playoff. But in the playoff, it was Kakyru who threw the young Mongolian to win the Emperor's Cup for the 2nd time, and the first time as yokozua.

14th day
Ohsuna-arashi defeated Aminishiki to secure a majority win. Yoshikaze drove Homarefuji down for his 10th win. Kotoshogiku pushed out Ikioi also for his 10th win. Goeido got hold of the injured Terunofuji and drove the Mongolian out. Terunofuji was after the previous bout diagnosed with a month to heal knee injury Kisenosato charged into Kakuryu who shifted to the right, but the referee stopped them as they have not touched the dirt to properly face off. In the 2nd take, Kakuryu shifted to the left to prompt Kisenosato to loose balance. Kisenosato tried to recover his balance and shoved, but Kakuryu got a better hold of the belt and drove Kisenosato out. Kakuryu is the sole leader for the Emperor's Cup.

13th day
Ichinojo beat Ohsuna-arashi and both are 7-6. Yoshikaze forced Toyonoshima down. Both are 9-4. Ikioi lost to Tochinoshin who secured a majority win. Tochiozan forced Aminishiki out the ring to clinch a majority win. Kotoshogiku got a hold of Sadanoumi and immediately forced him out. Kisenosato forced Terunofuji to fall on his knees. It's the Mongolian's ozeki's 2nd loss. After the bout, Terunofuji could not get up for a while and went for treatment. Kakuryu drove out Goeido and now ties with Terunofuji for the Emperor's Cup.

12th day
Yoshikaze shoved Ikioi out the ring to secure a majority win. Ikioi succumbed to his 2nd loss. Goeido drove out Takarafuji. Kisenosato forced down Myogiryu. Tochiozan drove out Terunofuji who with that took his first loss but still is the sole leader. Kakuryu shoved against Kotoshogiku then gave the ozeki an overarm throw.

11th day
Ikioi drove down Sokorai for his 10th win. Yoshikaze gave Okinoumi thrusts then threw him for his 7th win. Takarafuji appeared to gain a better position than Kisenosato but the ozeki was the keep grasp of the belt and won with an overhand throw to secure a majority win. Terunofuji forced Kotoshogiku down to keep his record perfect. Goeido slapped Tamawashi then hooked his right leg around his opponents and tripped him down. Kakuryu shifted his position slightly to make Tochiozan fall. Terunofuji leads, followed by Ikioi.

10th day
Ikioi forced Endo to fall on his hands. It's Ikioi's 9th win. Ohsuna-arashi forced Okinoumi down by shoving his throat. Both Terunofuji struggled against Tamawashi but managed to throw him down to win again. Kaisei easily pushed out Goeido. Both are 4-6. Kotoshogiku had a good start, shoved and shoved to drive out Kisenosato for his 8th win. Kakuryu pulled away, succumbing to his 2nd loss in the bout against Myogiryu.

9th day
Yoshikaze grabbed the back of Myogiryu's belt and drove him out for his 6th win. Ohsuna-arashi forced out Tochiozan. Kotoshogiku got hold of Goeido's belt and shoved him out for his 7th win. Okinoumi threw Kisenosato down. It's the ozeki's 2nd loss. Terunofuji powerfully drove out Ichinojo to keep the lead. Kakuryu gave thrusts and pushed out Takarafuji.

8th day
Goeido easily thrust down Tochiozan. Kisenosato quickly drove out Sadanoumi. Terunofuji and Myogiryu shoved eachother for a while. In the end the Mongolian ozeki forced Myogiryu out. With this win, Terunofuji became the only one to secure a majority on the day. Kotoshogiku tried to charge into Takarafuji but he was stopped. They took time to fight eachother. In the end the ozeki won with a push out. Kakuryu forced Ichinojo out for his 7th win.

7th day
Ohsuna-arashi shifted his position and drove Tamawashi out from his back. Both are 2-5. Yoshikaze took Tochiozan out the ring for his 5th win. Kisenosato pushed Ichinojo out. The Mongolian's foot left the ring while he continued to fight. Terunofuji had a tough time agains the heavy Sadanofuji but managed to take him out to keep his record clean. Kotoshogiku shoved then Tochinoshin resisted. That was repeated but the ozeki in the end managed to drive out the Georgian. Okinoumi pushed down Goeido.The ozeki succumbed to his 4th loss. Kakuryu forced Sadanoumi out the ring for his 6th win.

6th day
Endo atttacked Takekaze with thrusts and pushed him out for his 4th win. Ichinojo forced out Tochiozan who succumbed to his first loss. Terunofuji got hold of Tochinoshin's belt and drove the Georgian out. Kotoshogiku forced Aoiyama to fall on the ring. Goeido was pushed down by Yoshikaze. Kisenosato threw Ohsuna-arashi to win. Kakuryu was in danger of being pushed out by Okinoumi but managed to keep inside the ring and shift position to drive out his opponent. Terunofuji is the only high ranking rikishi with a perfect record.

5th day
Endo gave Takarafuji thrusts then Takarafuji thrust him down to win. Ichinojo drove out Tamawashi for his 3rd win. Ohsuna-arashi forced down Tochinoshin for his 1st win. Yoshikaze drove out Kotoshogiku. Both are 3-2. Goeido with speed forced Aoiyama out. Tochiozan gave thrusts then drove out Kisenosato. Terunofuji slapped Sadanoumi then drove him out. Kakuryu tried to go inside in the bout against Sadanofuji but opened to drive his opponent down.

4th day
Endo drove out Tamawashi for his 3rd win. Tochiozan improved his record to 4 wins without fighting Takayasu who pulled out. The refree gave Ichinojo the bout against Goeido. But the judges ruled, Ichinojo's elbow touched the dirt first. Both are 2-2. Kisenosato fell and Aoiyama too. The bout's win was given to the ozeki to earn his 4th win. Terunofuji quickly forced out Yoshikaze. Kotoshogiku forced out Okinoumi. Ohsuna-arashi and Kakuryu fought a long bout of more than 2 minutes. The Egyptian attacked the yokozuna to end the bout, but by leaving the ring first.

3rd day
Endo managed to take the big Kaisei out while fans cheered. Ichinojo forced Takayasu to fall from the ring. Takayasu was unable to get up and was taken away on the wheelchair. Kisenosato drove out Sadanofuji. Terunofuji struggled against Ohsuna-arashi. After a lengthy bout of 1 minute 29 seconds the Mongolian drove out the Egyptian. Hereafter, it's full of upsets. Myogiryu drove out Kotoshogiku. Aoiyama was automatically given a win as his opponent Hakuho pulled out. Goeido fell from the ring in the bout against Tochinoshin. Kakuryu was pushed out by fast moving Yoshikaze.

2nd day
Endo was driven down by Toyonoshima. Ichinojo was not aggressive. He pulled back and Myogiryu followed then pushed out the Mongolian. Terunofuji easily drove out Okinoumi who beat Hakuho the first day. Kotoshogiku struggled against Ohsuna-arashi but managed to shove the Egyptian out in the end. Goeido lost again to Takayasu he has a bad record against. Kisenosato got hold of Tochinoshin's belt with both hands and drove him out. The highlight of the day, the bout between Hakuho and Yoshikaze. Yoshikaze stopped, waved his hands a few times, changed positions to confuse Hakuho and it worked. He drove down the yokozuna. Fans went frenzy and cushions were thrown. Kakuryu gave Aoiyama thrusts then shifted position, shifted again to finally drive down the Bulgarian. The judges assembled to discuss on the ring, but the chief judge said it was just to confirm whether or not Kakuryu pulled Aoiyama's top knot. He did not.

1st day
The former Kyokutenho approached Wakanosato were captured on TV camera in all smiles when replacing eachother's position as security guard of the tourney. They just retired. As to the bouts, Endo drove out Amuro. Tamawashi pushed out Kaisei. Ichinojo forced out Takarafuji. Kotoshogiku shoved and shoved and took out Satanoumi. Goeido and Ohsunaarashi temporarily stared at eachother without touching eachother then got back to shoving and pulling and in the end Goeido put his weight on the Egyptian to drive him out. Terunofuji drove out his big opponent Aoiyama out. Kakuryu managed to shove out the struggling Tochinoshin. The final bout of the day attracted 50 banners indicating prize money offers. It's between Hakuho and Okinoumi. Hakuho was in an awkward position during the bout. Okinoumi managed to drive the yokozuna out and cushion flied throughout the arena in response to the upset.

Pre Tourney highlight
Violence in Hakuho's stable
Coach of Miyagino Stable which is where Hakuho trains was arrested on Sept 2. He is reported to have tortured one of his staff for not having responded to instructions. A former juryo ranker, 45 year old Kumagatani admitted to the charges. He at one time ran headed the stable as he married the daughter of the former stable master.

Wakanosato retires
Wakanosato said in tears that if he could he wanted to continue sumo, but physically that was impossible. The 39 year old whose highest ranking was sekiwake fought in the juryo division for sometime, but in the last tourney had a huge majority loss of 11.

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