2018 Autumn Grand Sumo Tournament
(Sept 9 to 23 Ryogoku Kokugikan Sumo Arena)

Outstanding Performance Award:
Outstanding Technique Award: None
Fighting Spirit Award: None

Takanohana leaves Japan Sumo Association
Stable master Takanohana tendered his resignation through his lawyer within days after the tourney closed. On Oct 1, the association accepted it. With this, Takanohana stable has closed. He asked Chiganoura to accept his apprentices. This resignation drama drew a media frenzy. And it doesn't end here. The root of the trouble between Takanohana and the association goes back to Harumafuji's attack on Takanoiwa last year, injuring Takanoiwa. Takanoiwa was Takanohana's first sekitori.Harumafuji was forced to retire. A lawsuit continues between Takanoiwa and the former Harumafuji.

Final day
Nishikide drove out Kotoshogiku for his 10th win. The former ozeki sucumbed to a majority loss. Tochinoshin forced out Takayasu for his 9th win. Kisenosato was powerless. Goeido forced down the yokozuna for his 12th win. Kakuryu and Hakuho fought a competitive bout, but in the end Kakuryu lost balance, turned his back toward Hakuho, and was forced out. Hakuho won the grand tourney with a clean record.

14th day
Tochinoshin threw Abi. With this win, Tochioshin secured his ozeki rank. Takayasu attacked Mitakeumi to the verge of the ring, but suddenly Mitakeumi thrusted the ozeki out, while he himself fell off the ring too. It's Takayasu's 3rd loss. Mitakeumi secured a majority win. Kisenosato fought carefully against Kakuryu and drove him out. It's his 10th win. Hakuho quickly and powerfully threw Goeido with his left to secure the Emperor's Cup. It's his 41th grand tourney victory.It's also his 1000th makuuchi victory.

13th day
Shodai threw Tochinoshin. Tochinoshin is still in the danger of losing his ozeki status. Takayasu powerfully forced Abi out for his 11th win. Hakuho drove out Kisenosato. Kisenosato was powerless. Goeido was quick. He immediately went into Kakuryu and pushed the yokozuna out. With one more win Hakuho will secure the Emperor's Cup.

12th day
Goeido drove down Abi. Kisenosato took awhile, but was able to drive out Mitakeumi for his 9th win. Hakuho forced Tochinoshin to roll on the dirt, keeping the lead. Takayasu threw Kakuryu with his left and won. Both are 10-2.

11th day
Mitakeumi lost to Kaisei succumbing to his 5th loss which means he has lost his chance to gain promotion to ozeki. Goeido drove out Shodai for his 9th win. Tochinoshin picked up Kakuryu in the middle of the ring, then picked him up again and drove out the yokozuna. It's Kakuryu's first loss. Ichinojo shoved Kisenosato. The yokozuna was unable to do anything and lost. Takayasu and Hakuho could not face off properly twice. But when they did, the yokozuna slapped the ozeki. Takayasu's knee suddenly bent and he was on his rear. Hakuho is the only one with a perfect record.

10th day
Tochinoshin drove out Kaisei for his 6th win. Takayasu twisted Goeido to win his 9th bout. Kisenosato and Endo failed to face off together until their 4th try. Kisenosato patiently drove Endo out to secure a majority win. Hakuho forced Ichinojo out. Mitakeumi pushed forward, but Kakuryu pushed back and drove him out. Mitakeumi succumbed to his 3rd loss. The frontrunner remain to be the 2 yokozunas.

9th day
Ryurai beat Shohozan for his 8th win. Hokutofuji lost again. This time to Kagayaki to take his 2nd loss. Kotoshogiku forced Asanoyama out the ring for his 6th win. Takayasu struggled against Chiyonokuni but Chiyonokuni's foot left the ring while he was fighting. The ozeki secured a majority win. Goeido pushed out Takakeisho for his 8th win. Hakuho gave up an advantageous position to Mitakeumi who stopped from moving for awhile. But Hakuho kicked him then shoved him out. The yokozuna won his 9th bout. Kakuryu forced Endo to leave the ring. Kisenosato fought carefully against Tochinoshin and managed to force the Georgian out for his 7th win.

8th day
Hokutofuji was driven out by Ryurai taking his first loss. Mitakeumi was immediately forced out the ring by Ikioi, taking his 2nd loss. Goeido pushed out Tochinoshin. Shodai forced Takayasu to roll on the ring. It's Takayasu's first loss. Kakuryu drove out Ichinojo. Tamawashi was able to immediately push out Kisenosato. Hakuho gave Yutakayama a throw to improve his record.

7th day
Hakutofuji defeated Sadanoumi to keep his record clean. Takakeisho slapped Mitakeumi several times. Mitakeumi kept his patience and at the verge of the ring drove him down. Tochinoshin drove Ichinojo out. Takayasu thrust down Tamawashi for his 7th win. Goeido pushed out Chiyotairyu. Chiyonokuni attacked Kisenosato but the yokozuna forced out his opponent. Hakuho forced Endo to collapse. Kakuryu pushed out Shodai. All ozekis and yokozunas won.

6th day
Hokutoumi thrust down Tochiozan for his 6th win. Takayasu drove out Kaisei also to keep his record clean. Goeido got a hold of Mitakeumi's belt and quickly drove him out. It's Mitakeumi's first loss. Tochinoshin threw Ikioi to win. The refree gave Shodai the bout against Hakuho. But the judges ruled it's Hakuho's win, not tainting the yokozuna's record. Kakuryu thrust out Tamawashi. Kisenosato slightly lost balance and Chiyotairyu immediately took advance, driving out the yokozuna from behind. The crowds were dismayed the recovering popular yokozuna had to face his first loss.

5th day
Hokutoriki pushed out Kotoshogiku for his 5th win. Yutakayama pulled out for ozeki Goeido was automatically given a win. Up and coming Mitakeumi drove out Tochinoshin. Takayasu drove out Ikioi. Kakuryu got hold of Chiyotairyu's belt and forced him out. Kisenosato was cautious again. In the end he threw Shodai to win. Takakeisho tried to step aside prompting Hakuho to lose balance. But the yokozuna easily drove down Takakeisho. All yokozunas have clean records.

4th day
Kotoshogiku lost his first bout to Shohozan. Both are 34 years old and from Fukuoka. Mitakeumi sent into Ichinojo and pushed out the big Mongolian. Tochinoshin cut his eye lid in the bout against Tamawashi which ended a draw. They had to redo the bout. Tochinoshin managed to drive down Tamawashi. Takayasu drove down Takakeisho. Goeido forced Ikioi down. Kisenosato had difficulty getting a good hold of Kaisei's belt, but he took his time to get a hold and forced out the Brazilian. Hakuho threw Chiyotairyu down on the ring. Kakuryu drove out Yutakayama. All ozekis and yokozunas won.

3rd day
Kotoshogiku drove out Daishomaru for another win. Mitakeumi had to redo the bout against Tamawashi and secured another win by thrusting Tamawashi down. Takayasu forced Chiyotairyu to fall. Goeido drives out Ichinojo from behind. Tochinoshin falls from Takakeisho's thrust to take his first loss. Hakuho gives Kaisei an underarm throw to win. Kakuryu manageds to drive down Ikioi. Kisenosato struggles against Yutakayama and in the end remains in the bout while Yutakayama's knee hits the dirt before the yokozuna himself falls out the ring. All yokozuna keep their records clean.

2nd day
Kotoshogiku had a smooth win against Tochiozan. Mitakeumi pulled away then pushed out Chiyotairyu. Goeido drove out Tamawashi. Tochinoshin had a good hold of Yutakayama and drove him out. Takayasu forces Ichinijo out. Kakuryu drove out Kaisei from behind. The crowded again cheered loudly for Kisenosato. Takakesho attacked the yokozuna but Kisenosato stayed in the ring and instead force Takakesho down. Hakuho forced Ikioi to roll on the ring.

1st day
All ozeki and yokozuna are back on the ring. Former ozeki Kotoshogiku thrust down Takarafuji. Last tourney champion, Mitakeumi pushed out Shodai. Tochinoshin picked up Chiyotairyu and drove him out. Takayasu drove out Yutakayama. Kaisei powerfully forced ozeki Goeido out. The crowd was excited and welcomed back Kisenosato. He immediately grabbed Ikioi's belt and drove him out. Hakuho quickly forced out Tamawashi. Kakuryu managed to force down Takakeisho.

Pre Tourney highlight
Kisenosato says he is in good shape
Kisenosato has been out. But during the practive on Aug 26, he said he felt he was in good shape. Sumo watchers say his sumo career could be forced to end if he does not perform in the autumn tourney.

Takanohana faints and ambulance called
During practice in Akita on Aug 21, Takanohana collapsed. The ambulance was called and he was treated. He regained conscious, left the hospital the next day and was witness going home to Tokyo.

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