(Sept. 12 to 26 at Tokyo's Ryogoku Kokugikan )

Fighting Spirit Award:
Outstanding Performance Award: TOCHIAZUMA
Outstanding Technique Award: AKINOSHIMA

Final day
One of the most popular wrestlers, Terao gave his trademark technique and then pulled back to bring Ohtsukasa down. Terao marked a majority win. Miyabiyama who was the frontrunner during the first half of the tourney finished with 10 wins 5 losses. Musoyama stood up and attacked Akinoshima who's tied for the Emperor's Cup. Akinoshima was taken out. He would only be given a chance for a playoff if Musashimaru lost. But Musashimaru won. He fought a tough bout against Wakanohana. Waka was different from the past few days where he easily lost. Despite having to fight with a sprained foot, he moved around in an attempt to take Maru off balance. Then the 2 brawled for eachother's belt. Maru tried to push Waka out, but Waka withheld. The spectators cheered. But when Maru pushed again, the 2 fell down together with Waka underneathe. It's the first time since Onokuni that a yokozuna finished the 15 days with a majority loss. For Musashimaru it's his first Emperor's Cup as a yokozuna, and his overall 6th victory.
Michiyo's Note: Even though Musashimaru clinched the tourney title, fans were touched by Waka's strong determination to fight well, despite the fact that he had to deal with an impossible foot pain. And he did show his diversified skills. But at the same time, fans were worried what kind of decision Waka would make about his sumo life. Late in the evening, he met the chairman of the Japan Sumo Association with his stablemaster (dad) and told him that he would like to continue sumo even though there are oppositions.

14th day
If Akinoshima lost and Musashimaru won today, Maru's victory would have been secured. But... Akinoshima banged into Tochiazuma and shifted to the left. Tochiazuma was put off balance and fell. Chiyotaikai ran into Musashimaru. Then Chiyo pulled back, and the yokozuna dropped outside the ring. So Musashimaru and Akinoshima tied for first place with 11 wins 3 losses. By the way, Wakanohana lost again. Dejima easily shoved him out.

13th day
Akinoshima was aggressive and in great shape. Tosanoumi accidentally turned his back toward him and lost. Akinoshima is 10 - 3. Dejima, this time, was quick. He pushed out Chiyotenzan for his 8th win. Chiyotaikai faced Wakanohana. Waka tried to start off quickly. Chiyo gave thrusts and pulled back. Waka fell. His record is down to 7 - 6 It is said that the yokozuna had a good 3 hour talk with his stable master and father Futagoyama the night before. There are rumors going that if he can't win one more bout, he may retire. And Musashimaru and Kaio showed powerful shoves, but in the end, Maru shoved Kaio out. Maru remains on top with 11 wins 2 losses followed by Akinoshima.

12th day
Miyabiyama and Wakanoyama both dropped out of the Emperor's Cup race. Dejima was not able to show any of his quick motions. As he stood up to fight Kotonowaka, he merely clashed and cling to him for awhile. Kotonowaka walked him out. The new ozeki is down to 7 wins 5 losses. Yokozuna Wakanohana was as bad. While Kaio shoved and gave thrust, Waka just moved back and lost for a 7-5 as well. He was slightly limping as he returned to the dressing room. Musashimaru was able to win this time by taking out Chiyotenzan. Maru kept his lead in the race. He is now followed by Akinoshima who beat Wakanoyama.

11th day
It was a day of upsets. Kaio got hold of the back of Dejima's neck and twisted him down. Both became a 7 - 4. Chiyotaikai pulled back and fell down the ring. He's also 7 - 4 while his opponent Akinoshima improved to 8 - 3. Kotonowaka thrusted forward toward Wakanohana. Waka could only move back, and lost his 4th bout. Critics suspect that the injury he sustained the previous day kept him from using his leg effectively. Minatofuji kept moving to the side of Musashimaru. Maru, meanwhile, tried to shift around. He did it wrong by leaving the ring. So all ozeki and yokozuna were defeated. Even Miyabiyama and Wakanoyama lost. So the top contender remains to be Musashimaru. Runner ups are Miyabiyama, Wakanoyama and Akinoshima.

10th day
Miyabiyama's opponent this time was ozeki Chiyotaikai. Chiyo showed his aggressive power. He pulled back and pushed Miyabiyama's head down which put him on the floor. The ozeki clinched his 7th win. Tohki dropped on Wakanohana's leg causing shockwave throughout the arena. Waka got up and limped. The bout however was a no decision and the 2 had to redo it. The 2 tackled eachother. But Waka managed to take Tohki out for his 7th win. After the bout, Waka went to the doctor and was diagnosed with a sprained leg, but he said he will not pull out of the tourney. The leader now is Musashimaru alone by beating the big Kotonowaka. He is followed by Miyabiyama and Wakanoyama who have 2 losses each.

9th day
The 2 ozeki were in good shape this time. Dejima pushed and pushed to take Akinoshima out. Chiyotaikai attacked Kaio, and then pulled back. Kaio fell flat on the ring. The 2 clinched their 6th win. The bout of the day was fought between Mr. perfect Miyabiyama and Wakanohana. But it finished within a second. As they stood up, Waka moved aside. Miyabiyama who was set to charge forward fell on his 2 hands. Miyabiyam at last lost. But along with Musashimaru who beat Shikishima, he still leads the high rankers.

8th day
Miyabiyama was matched up with whom he had his picture taken when he was in 3rd grade. It was Terao. Terao tried his thrusts, but they did not do much and was pushed out. Miyabiyama became the only one this day to secure a majority win. Chiyotaikai went against Tamakasuga. The ozeki pushed forward but slipped, turned his back and pushed out. Chiyo is down to 3 losses. He was the only major upset of the day. Miyabiyama leads, followed by Musashimaru who easily defeated Akinoshima.

7th day
Again Miyabiyama remained on top by defeating Chiyotenzan to a push out. Kotonowaka was able to pick up a win without fighting because Takanonami pulled out. Chiyotenzan who was in the runner-up pack dived into the ground as he was thrust down by Tochiazuma. Wakanohana for the first time this tourney got more wins than losses by driving out Shikishima. Miyabiyama is still the leader. Musashimaru and Akinoshima follow with a loss each.

6th day
Miyabiyama continues to win. He beat Wakanosato this time. Takanonami lost to Tamakasuga. In this bout, the ozeki hurt his right leg. And he decided to pull out from the tourney. Musoyama charged toward Chiyotaikai. Chiyo moved back and that cost him his first loss. The remaining top rankers, Dejima, Musashimaru and Wakanohana fortunately won. As of this day, Miyabiyama is the sole leader with a clean record.

5th day
Miyabiyama won again. He lost balance as he was fighting against Kaiho in the beginning, but quickly recovered and thrusted him out for his 5th win. Tosanoumi at last marked his first win by defeating Asanosho. Kaio lost his first bout this tourney to Akinoshima. Dejima bluffed the first start. He and Tochiazuma fought in the middle then, Dejima was taken out. Takanonami tried to force Kotonishiki down by grabbing his arm. His leg, however, went high up in the air and fell. Musoyama charged toward Wakanohana. Waka could not doing anything but powerlessly walk out of the ring for his 3rd loss.

4th day
It's a national holiday, Respect for the Aged Day. Miyabiyama moved aside and pulled Tochinonada down. Kaio easily pulled Musoyama down. And ozeki Chiyotaikai pushed Tohki's head down, resulting in an overarm throw. These three kept their record clean. Tamakasuga who was set to fight Akebono, did not have to because the yokozuna pulled out from last day's injury. For the 2nd day in a row, he was given a win without having to fight. The only 2 yokozuna fighting this time, Wakanohana faced Kyokushuzan. The Mongolian took off by slapping his face. But Waka was not distracted. He went on the push Kyokushuzan out. Waka is now 2 to 2.

3rd day
Oh my, this is an unpredictable tourney especially in the top ranks. Dejima lost his 2nd bout already to Kyokushuzan's push out after he lost control. Tamakasuga automatically clinched a win due to his match of the day, Takanohana's withdrawal. The giant yokozuna and Kaio face eachother. They banged into eachother and Akebono pushed forward. Kaio withheld and slipped aside. They together shoved themselves toward the other side of the ring. And Kaio was the one to throw Akebono out of the ring. Akebono tumbled down and could not get up for awhile. After the bout it was learned that Akebono had suffered a serious ligament injury in the left leg and will have to withdraw from the tourney. Worse even is that he may need 2 months of treatment. And finally, Wakanohana showed great technique at the edge of the ring to defeat Tochiazuma to an underarm throw. It's his first win. It's reported that the night before, Wakanohana had talks with his stable master. Chiyotaikai is the only the only one of the champion title holders who has a perfect record.

2nd day
Dejima, this time, moved quickly to push out Tamakasuga for his first win. Ozeki Takanonami lost to Kaio's not too powerful overarm throw. Akebono gave his usual enormous thrusts to defeat Kyokushuzan. The last 3 bouts, were incredible. Wakanohana who always has a hard time fighting Kotonishiki did again. He was driven out. And his brother also lost. He was thrown down by Musoyama. Musashimaru had a long bout against Tochiazuma. However, it was always Tochiazuma taking the lead. In the end, Tochiazuma drove out the Hawaiian born. So upsets continue with the Hanada brothers not having won one bout.

1st day
The tourney started without a fullhouse. But all the stars were there. 4 yokozuna and 3 ozeki were all registered for the first time in 12 years. New ozeki Dejima was driven out of the ring by Asanosho. Takanonami walked out Kyokushuzan. Chiyotaikai pulled slightly back and took Tosanoumi out. As for yokozuna title holders, all 4 were in. Wakanohana fought against Tamakasuga. Both thrusted eachother, but Waka stepped back as the bout continued. He, at the end was pushed out. Waka's younger brother Takanohana also lost. His left hand is not yet back in shape, and her powerlessly was taken out by Tochiazuma. Musashimaru, who was rumored to be out of shape finished the bout against Kotonishiki quickly banging him out. Akebono got Musoyama's belt and walked him out. So an ozeki and 2 yokozuna were defeated already.

Pre Tourney highlights
Waka and Taka shake hands
On Aug.30, sumo fans and most of all Futagoyama stable master, the father of the brother yokozuna was relieved. That's because Wakanohana and Takanohana shook heads at a party. The 2 brothers are believed to not have even talked to eachother since Takanohana criticized Wakanohana's sumo just a year ago. Takanohana's mean attitude toward a loving elder brother was looked at as due to brainwashing by his personal trainer. The brothers came together when chairman of their fan club asked that they do so. Takanohana who was blamed for the crack in family relationship smiled to the crowd while holding Waka's hand. Waka joked that he cannot wash his hand.

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