(November 5 to 19 at Fukuoka Kokusai Center)

Outstanding Performance Award:
Kotomitsuki, Wakanosato
Outstanding Technique Award: Kotomitsuki
Fighting Spirit Award: Kotomitsuki

Final day
Will Akebono finally clinch the Emperor's Cup or a lower ranker, Kotomitsuki? Kotomitsuki faced Musoyama. Although Musoyama fought against him hard, Kotomitsuki stood firm. In the end, Kotomitsuki got the ozeki's belt and drove him out. The youngster clinched his 13th win. He had to wait until the end of Akebono's bout to see if he'd have a chance for the Emperor's Cup. Meanwhile, Takanonami swinged Miyabiyama out of the ring. Chiyotaikai who aggressively attacked Dejima, did not do it well enough. Dejima reversed the bout for his 9th win. Kaio grabbed Takanohana's right arm, but the yokozuna was calm. He from there, went straight at Kaio, and shoved him out of the ring. Both finished the tourney with 11 wins 4 losses. Two Hawaiian-borns met in the final bout of the millenium. The bout was important for Akebono. After slapping Musashimaru, he went for the belt. Maru tried to resisit, but in the end, gave in. 31-year old Akebono clinched his 11th Emperor's Cup with an outstanding record.
Michiyo's Note: It's too bad Akebono was never matched up with Kotomitsuki. I'm sure the bout would've been exciting. And another sad point. None of the days attracted a full house.

14th day
Takanonami attempted to throw Chiyotenzan but practically fell on him to win his 5th bout. Dejima could not take control of the bout again. He was taken out by new komusubi Wakanosato. For Wakanosato, the bout assured him a majority win. Musoyama defeated Chiyotaikai and both ozekis'record became 9 wins 5 losses. Miyabiyama gave Kotomitsuki thrusts, but the young one would not lose courage. He not only was patient, when the two were head to head, Kotomitsuki got the ozeki off balance to collect his 12th win. Musashimaru seemed to be controlling the bout against Kaio. But as Kaio was driven near the edge of the ring, he suddenly took Maru by his wrist and attempted to throw the heavyweight. Maru's weight was on Kaio, so Kaio fell together, but Maru's hand touched the ring first. The "ippon zeoi" technique was recorded in the makuuchi division for the first time since 1974. Akebono grabbed Takanohana and did not have to struggle much to take his long-time rival out. Akebono needs one more win to clinch the Emperor's Cup.

13th day
Takanonami may be on the pace to recovery. He defeated Kyokushuzan for his 4th win. Musoyama crashed into Tochinohana and knocked him down. For the first time Musoyama clinched a majority win as ozeki. Miyabiyama thrust down Chiyotaikai. Both ozeki marked 9 wins 4 losses. Kotomitsuki stopped Dejima from giving thrusts and shoved him down. Kotomitsuki earned his 11th win. Kaio did not have a good start. Anyway, Akebono's thrust did not allow Kaio to show his stuff. He feet went out of the ring. In the final bout, 2 yokozuna met. Takanohana tried to get hold of Musashimaru's mawashi. He did get hold of the front part, but Maru immediately cut him off and threw Taka on the ring. So Akebono leads followed by Kotomitsuki and Musashimaru.

12th day
Takanonami was powerful today. He swung out Tochinohana for his 3rd win. Musoyama shoved Tochinonada out. He is still with only 7 wins. The crowd roared when the time came for Kaio to fight. Miyabiyama attacked Kaio. Kaio tried not to give in. And he was able to stop Miyabiyama from thrusting forward, and pushed him down the ring. Kaio clinched his 10th win. Akebono went forward with thrusts after thrust, and finally Dejima was blown away by the power. Kotomitsuki clinged on to a yokozuna. He challenged this time the man he admires, Takanohana. It was no easy bout for Taka. But he managed to give an almighty throw to win. Akebono is the only one with 11 wins.

11th day
Dejima thrust down Tochinonada to clinch his 8th win. Kaio came up on the ring while the people of Fukuoka cheered him on. His opponent Musoyama pushed forward but near the edge of the ring, Kaio changed position and with his right hand on the back of Musoyama's belt, shoved him on the ring. Kaio won his 9th bout. Kotomitsuki for the first time faced a yokozuna. But he clashed into Musashimaru as if he had no fear. Maru at one point pushed Kotomitsuki away, but the lower ranker immediately stuck to his style. As Maru leaned forward to get his belt, Kotomitsuki utilized that to shift away. The yokozuna fell on his belly. It was a 1.37 minute bout. Miyabiyama attacked Takanohana but not enough. Taka walked the ozeki out. Akebono immediately got hold of Chiyotaikai and drove him out. So the leaders are only Akebono and Kotomitsuki with a loss each.

10th day
Sumo is getting more and more exciting. Maegashira number 9 Kotomitsuki won again, taking Takanowaka out to keep his place among top contenders. Dejima shoved down Chiyotenzan for his 7th win. Kaio drove out Higonoumi to secure a majority win. Musoyama was on the verge of being taken out, but turned the event around suddenly to drove out Tosanoumi. Then 2 bouts by the co-leaders came about. Takanohana tried to get hold of Chiyotaikai as he was shifting back, but the yokozuna lost his balance and fell. He is down to 2 losses. Akebono was invincible. Miyabiyama literally was shot down on the ring. In the final bout, Musashimaru gave powerful blows to defeat Tochinohana. Remaining among the leaders are Musashimaru, Akebono, Chiyotaikai, and Kotomitsuki.

9th day
Hayateumi's withdrawal from the tourney was confirmed. Musashimaru who was slated to fight him was given a win. In the bout today, Kotomitsuki added his 8th win by driving out Tohki. Takanonami was at last able to win his first bout by getting hold of Higonoumi's belt and walking him out. Tosanoumi shoved and attacked Dejima and managed to walk the ozeki out. Dejima succumbed to his 3rd loss. Again, the big cheer was directed toward Kaio. Chiyotaikai just went ahead and pushed the star of Fukuoka out. Kaio is down to his 2nd loss. Wakanosato was determined to get a firm hold of Miyabiyama's belt. And he did just that. The pulled Miyabiyama toward him and drove the ozeki out. Miyabiyama took his first loss. Akebono gave thrusts and watched Chiyotenzan's move. The yokozuna won again. Musoyama stood up too early banging towards Takanohana, so the bout was taken again. Musoyama kept to that same spirit. He got hold of the yokozuna's front part of the belt and threw him out of the ring. The crowd was in an uproar. The 2 leaders both were tainted with their first loss. So the top contenders are all with a loss. There are 5.

8th day
Hayateumi hurt his right knee during the bout against Tochinohana even though he won. He was wheelchaired out the arena bringing concerns about the seriousness of the injury. Chiyotaikai went ahead slashing Wakanoyama with thrusts, but at one point, he was pinned close to the edge of the ring. The ozeki held back successfully won. Kaio was smooth and powerful defeating Akinoshima to an overarm throw. Tohki gave thrusts after thrusts. Meanwhile Miyabiyama moved forward. In the end it was Miyabiyama who won, and secured a majority win in the tourney. Tosanoumi clashed into Musashimaru. But as he pulled back, the yokozuna pushed forward to win. Takanohana grabbed Dejima and drove the ozeki out. Takanohana secured a majority win. Akebono with his thrusts easily beat Musoyama. Miyabiyama and Takanohana remain the two with an unbeaten record.

7th day
As Wakanosato headed forward, Kaio slightly shifted to the side and forced the new komusubi down. Hayateumi got hold of the front part of Musoyama's belt and forced his way to victory. Musoyama succumbed to his 3rd loss--the worst among the high rankers. Miyabiyama banged into Akinoshima and drove him out for his 7th win. Dejima went ahead straight to drive out Hamanoshima. Chiyotaikai attacked Takanonami. The former ozeki tried to stop his action but failed. Tosanoumi clashed into Takanohana several time, but in vain. Takanohana collected his 7th in. Akebono easily shoved out Tochinohana. Chiyotenzan was aggressive. He would not let Musashimaru take hold of his belt. And Chiyotenzan finally threw the big yokozuna on the ring. Cushions flew toward the ring, reflecting the big upset.

6th day
Takanonami has not won a bout yet. And he was taken out by Hayateumi. Musoyama charged forward to take out Chiyotenzan for his 4th win. Chiyotaikai attacked Akinoshima for his 5th win. 2 ozeki faced eachother already. It was Kaio and Dejima. Kaio was aggressive. He got Dejima with his right and gave an overarm throw. The crowd roared with delight. Akebono did not give Wakanoyama anytime to do anything. Higonoumi gave Takanohana a hard time by constantly shifting his move to the side. In the end though, Takanohana slowly walked him out to keep his record clean.

5th day
Miyabiyama got Hayateumi's neck and knocked him down. Tochinohana was no match for Dejima who with no stress drove him out. Chiyotaikai gave thrust which gave him a win over Hamanoshima. Kaio slapped and shoved Wakanohama but it did not prove effective until with his right he got hold of the belt to drive him out. Musoyama threw down Takanonami. Takanohana got hold of Kyokushuzan and drove the Mongolian out. Akebono pushed Higonoumi below the throat and won. So for the 2nd time this tourney, all ozeki and yokozuna were victorious.

4th day
Dejima pushed forward to defeat "bad boy" Takatoriki. Chiyotaikai pushed too and beat Tochinohana. Hayateumi appeared to be taking the initiative against Kaio but he slipped out of the ring. So Kaio picked up his 3rd win. Akinoshima and Musoyama clashed against eachother. Akinoshima moved aside and got the ozeki down on the ring. Musoyama is 2 to 2. Kyokutenzan and Miyabiyama fought an exciting bout where both were getting at eachother. In the end, Miyabiyama thrust his opponent out for his 4th win. Takanohana overwhelmed Wakanosato by pushing him down. Akebono, as in a slow motion drove Takanonami out. Musashimaru walked out Kyokushuzan.

3rd day
As he was fighting Hayateumi, Chiyotaikai fell on his knee. It's the ozeki's first loss. Kaio went forward and drove out Takanonami. Musoyama took out Kyokushuzan. Miyabiyama managed too to take out Hamanoshima. Dejima shoved out Higonoumi. The up-and-coming Wakanosato went into Akebono. The new komusubi moved around which got the yokozuna off balance and thrust the big guy down. Akebono succumbed to his first loss. Other 2 yokozuna collected another win. Musashimaru quickly defeated Akinoshima. Takanohana got hold of Tochinohana's belt and drove him out.

2nd day
Fukuoka star Kaio with his right hand got Hamanoshima's belt, swung him, and drove him out from behind. Wakanosato constantly took on an offensive act, but Musoyama managed to get him on the floor. Miyabiyama pushed out Tochinohana as he was about to fall. Dejima picked the big Takanonami out by the tail of his belt and took the former ozeki out. With his right, Chiyotaikai thrust Kyokushuzan out easily. Musashimaru went straight toward Higonoumi and pushed him out. Hayateumi tried to resist Takanohana's shove but in the end the yokozuna won. Akebono and Akinoshima both got the front part of eachother's belts, but the Hawaiian-born was the one to push forward and win. So as you see, all ozeki and yokozuna won.

1st day
Kotomitsuki won his first bout as makuuchi rikishi. In the upper ranks, ozeki Musoyama was taken out by Hamanoshima. Dejima charged forward, his usual style, and shoved out Akinoshima. Wakanosato pushed forward and Chiyotaikai backed, but a slight shift to the side saved him from falling first. The biggest applause went to Kaio since he is from Fukuoka. But to the dismay of fans, he was beaten by new komusubi Tochinohana. Takanohana had no problem driving out Wakanoyama. Akebono thrusted Hayateumi out ever so easily. The final bout between Takanonami and Musashimaru was a lengthy one. Takanonami was the first to take action most of the time. The former ozeki hooked his leg around the yokozuna. For sometime, the 2 held on to eachother's belt motionless. But in the end, Maru was the won to take his opponent out.

Pre Tourney highlights
3 promoted for the first time to sanyaku
Former amateur yokozuna Hayateumi was named sekiwake while Tochinohana and Wakanosato, komusubi.

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