(November 11 to 25 at Fukuoka Kokusai Center)

Outstanding Performance Award:
Outstanding Technique Award: Tochiazuma
Fighting Spirit Award: Asashoryu, Wakanosato, Buyuzan

Messengers visit Tochiazuma
25-year old Tochiazuma received messengers Irumagawa and Wakamatsu to his temporary stable in Fukuoka on Nov 28 with his stablemaster and his wife, who are actually his dad and mom. He was officially promoted to ozeki. His father, Tamanoi Stablemaster is reported to have been saying that never has he been so nervous watching his son fight a tourney. Tochiazuma is the 5th son of a rikishi to win ozeki status.

Final day
Takanonami was taken out by Kobo, finishing the tourney with 9 wins 6 losses. Dejima dashed head on, and this time, was able to push out Takanowaka. It's his 7th win. Kotomitsuki got his right on Asashoryu's belt and then shifted inside to put the Mongolian down. Last tourney winner wrapped up this tourney with 9 wins. Asashoryu earned 10 wins. Tochiazuma clashed against Musoyama. And as the ozeki attacked, Tochiazuma pulled back and put the ozeki down. Tochiazuma, by defeating an ozeki has secured his own promotion. Local star Kaio faced this tourney champion Musashimaru. THe yokozuna appeared much stronger, going forward pressuring the ozeki. But Kaio, slightly moved aside, and shoved down the big Hawaiian born. The upset prompted the crowd to hurl their cushions. Never have so many cushions seen flying towards the ring. Kaio finished with 10 wins. Musashimaru with 13.

14th day
Kyokutenho got hold of Takanonami and slightly twisted him to put him down. The Mongolian has an even record while the former ozeki faced his 5th loss. Another former ozeki lost. Dejima went head down against Tamakasuga, and he was probably fighting too low, Tamakasuga drove him down. Dejima recorded a majority loss. Asashoryu was again wild. He slapped Takanowaka out for his 10th win. Kotomitsuki got his arms wrapped around Daizen, then shoved him to secure his majority win. The 2 ozeki clashed into eachother. Kaio tried to cast a throw but as he was doing so his body was losing balance. But he managed to pull through to defeat Musoyama. Both are with 9 wins 5 losses. In the final bout, Musashimaru was challenged by Tochiazuma. The ozeki hope tried to resist Musashimaru's shoves, but in the end, the yokozuna pushed Tochiazuma down the ring. With this win, Musashimaru clinched the Emperor's Cup. It's his 9th and his first this year. Tochiazuma on the other hand, after falling down the ring could not get up for a while. And when he started to move away, he barely could use his right leg.

13th day
It's a national holiday, Labor Thanksgiving Day. Dejima was taken out by Tamanoshima succumbing to his 7th loss. Wakanosato who unveiled that he could not perform well during the earlier part of the tourney due to a fever seemed to be back in shape. He took out Takanonami from his side to clinch a majority win. Asashoryu attacked Tochinonada's throat and drove him out. Tochiazuma pushed out Kotonowaka to clinch his 11th win. Kaio received lots of support from fans as always. He got Kyokutenho's belt and drove the Mongolian out. Kaio, with a majority win secured his post of ozeki. Musoyama quickly shoved out Kaiho for his 9th win. Musashimaru looked like he was chasing Kotomitsuki. The yokozuna won and kept the lead.

12th day
Dejima got his record even by beating Tohki. An ozeki hope and former ozeki faced eachother. Takanonami tried to topple Tochiazuma with his foot but was instead thrown down. Tochiazuma inched closer to earning the ozeki title with his 10th win. Musoyama got up to fight and he did not seem to be in a balanced position. The ozeki was taken out by Kotomitsuki. Kaio was suddenly so strong. He got Tochinonada's belt and gave a dynamic throw. Musashimaru got hold of Asashoryu's arm and hurled the Mongolian. Maru still leads with the most wins.

11th day
Dejima dashed forward, but not in good balance. Wakanosato pulled back and he was thrust down for his 6th loss. Asashoryu shoved Takanonami's throat. The former ozeki could not deal with the pressure. He turned his back toward the Mongolian wrestler and was driven out. It's his 2nd loss. For Asashoryu, it's his 8th win. Kotomitsuki with his right threw down Tochinonada. Both are with 6 wins 5 losses. The bout took off between Kaio and Tochiazuma, but it soon stopped. Then Kaio drove his opponent out. It's his 6th win while Tochiazuma's 2nd loss. Musoyama drove out Daizen to secure his majority win. Musashimaru by driving out Tohki won his 10th bout and became the sole leader.

10th day
Takanonami won--his 9th bout by thrusting down Buyuzan. Kyokushuzan secured a majority win by driving out Aminishiki. Dejima charged ahead and pushed down Kaiho to bring his record to an even. Hayateumi was not there to fight. He pulled out from the tourney as he's hurt himself in the previous day's bout against Takanonami. So Tochiazuma who was set to fight him this time automatically earned a win. Musoyama easily pushed out Kyokutenho. Kaio was unable to threaten Kotomitsuki and was driven out. Kaio's 5-5. Musashimaru faced off by giving Daizen a smack in the face. But it was not only ineffective, Maru himself lost balance slightly. And he was taken out to succumb to his first loss. Cushions were thrown into the ring in response to the upset.

9th day
Hayateumi, one of two with a perfect record faced Takanonami. The former ozeki got his arm around Hayateumi's, and tripped him to win. Hayateumi could not get up after the bout and was taken out by a wheelchair. According to a check up, he appears to have injured his left knee. Asashoryu continuously hit Tamanoshima to earn his 6th win. Tochiazuma was ready to fight with his face shaved. He defeated Kotomitsuki by thrusting him down. Kaio did not get a good start. He appeared to fight absentmindedly. He was taken out by Dejima. Musoyama this time was in good shape to fight. He pushed out Toki for his 6th win. Musashimaru could not get hold of Kyokutenho's belt and had a tough time again. But he managed to win. Musashimaru is the sole leader.

8th day
Takanonami won again by defeating Tamarikido. Dejima on the other hand lost again. He succumbed to his 5th loss against Akinoshima. Tochiazuma and Tohki had one arm each stretched toward eachother for a while. Then as Tochiazuma moved forward, Tohki thrust behind his back to bring him down. It's Tochiazuma's first loss. Kotomitsuki threw Kyokutenho with his right to earn his 4th win. Musoyama was in a mess. He turned his back toward Kotonowaka and was pushed out. Kaio appeared to much in haste to finish the bout. He without a good grip of Tokitsumi tried to throw him. Kaio was instead thrust down. Musashimaru had a tough bout again. Tochinonada pinned the yokozuna close to the edge of the ring several times, but Maru resisted. In the end, the yokozuna won. Musashimaru and Hayateumi are the only two with a clear record.

7th day
Takanonami took out Aminishiki for his 6th win. Kyokutenho got hold of Dejima's belt with both hands and threw the former ozeki out. Dejima is down to 4 losses. Kotomitsuki clashed into Wakanosato and tried to control the bout, but Wakanosato slightly shifted aside and shoved his shoulder to thrust Kotomitsuki out. Last tourney champion is down with his 4th loss. Tochiazuma defeated Tosanoumi with an overarm throw. It's the ozeki hope's 7th win. Kaio shoved back and forth Asashoryu then Asashoryu tried to throw the ozeki but instead his face touched the dirt first. It's Kaio's 5th win. Musoyama surprisingly was easily driven out by Tochinonada. Musashimaru had a tough bout. He could not get hold of his opponent's belt while Kotonowaka had. But he found the right timing to get his hand on the belt. And Maru managed to take out Kotonowaka to keep his record perfect.

6th day
Kyokushuzan gave Takanonami thrusts and appeared to be taking the former ozeki out. But as Takanonami pulled away, the Mongolian's hand touched the ground first. Both are with 5-1. Tochiazuma charged forward, taking out Kaiho. The ozeki hope has a perfect record so far. Dejima appeared focus. He went straight toward Kotomitsuki and stuck to him as he pushed him around the ring, eventually taking the last tourney champion out. Both are 3-3. Musoyama powerfully took out Tokitsuumi for his 5th win. The popular Kaio struggled against Wakanosato. He appeared to have been saved from the fact that the opponent lost balance. Kaio has 4 wins. Musashimaru gave his belt to Tamanoshima. But at the same time, the yokozuna tightened his arms around the opponent's arms. In a nearly 2 minute bout, Maru managed in that position to take Tamanoshima out.

5th day
Tohki attacked Takanonami's throat to stain the former ozeki's record so far. Dejima gave thrusts to drive out Daizen. It's his 2nd win. Wakanosato thrust down Asashoryu on his hands for his first win. Kaiho's in good shape. He earned his 4th win beating Kotomitsuki who tumbled down the ring. Tochiazuma slowly but surely clinched his 5th win defeating Tamanoshima. Kaio stood up and slightly shifted his motion which put Kotonowaka off balance. Kaio pushed him out for his 3rd win. Musoyama and Takanowaka clashed into eachother. The ozeki then got his opponents throat and pushed him out. Musashimaru walked out Tokitsuumi to secure his 5th win.

4th day
Takanonami won again. He took Ootsukasa's right arm and then pushed his back to win. Dejima lost again. He was taken out by Tochinonada. Tochiazuma gave a tricky start by shifting his position. It did not seem effective. But when Asashoryu tried to grap his hand, he pushed him out. Tochiazuma won his 4th bout. The Mongolian lost his first. Kotomitsuki threw Takanowaka. So did Musoyama do similarly to Tamanoshima. Kaio managed to drive out Tosanoumi and fans were excited to see their local wrestler win. Musashimaru took out Wakanosato.

3rd day
Takanonami fought in his style--with his arm over his opponents shoulder. He forced an overarm throw to defeat Kitazakura. Asashoryu went ahead and kicked Dejima to topple him. The former ozeki appeared to have been smacked his bandaged right leg. He could not walk properly after the bout. Kotomitsuki charged toward Tamanoshima, and then pulled back. Tamanoshima dropped. Tochiazuma did not appear to be fighting in good shape. It seemed like Wakanosato had control of the bout, but in the end, Tochiazuma walked his opponent out. His record remains clean. The popular Kaio was put off balance as the bout took off. He then tried to throw, but was put down instead by Kaiho. Kaio is down with 2 losses. Musoyama pushed out Tosanoumi. Musashimaru, in a longish bout, defeated Takanowaka.

2nd day
As Takanonami shoved, Chiyotenzan fell on his bottom. The former ozeki has 2 wins. Tochiazuma pushed out Dejima also for his 2nd win. Kotomitsuki this time managed to thrust down Tokitsuumi. Asashoryu attacked Musoyama aggressively, by shoving him back and forth. In the end, he defeated the ozeki. The Mongolian is with 2 wins. Kaio chased Takanowaka around the ring to win. Musashimaru fought a slow bout against Tosanoumi. The yokozuna drove him out.

1st day
Earlier in the day, 37-year old Tomonohana held a press conference to official say that he is retiring. He said that he was preparing to fight the Kyushu Basho, but injuries have kept him from practicing. And he decided to quit. Tomonohana entered pro sumo at a belated age of 27. He was a high school teacher previously. In the bouts. Takanonami, maegashira no 10, stood up, he did not move much, but in the end, he took Wakanoyama out. Takanonami is reported to have been hospitalized in October from pneumonia, so taking that into account it was a good start. Dejima appeared to be having a tough bout, but managed to topple Kotonowaka. The bout between Asashoryu and Tokitsunada was a competitive one. Both sides were so aggressive, after Asahoryu pushed out his opponent, he was seen with a bloody face. Last tourney champion, Kotomitsuki faced Tosanoumi. Kotomitsuki, however, did not seem very agile this time and was pushed out. Tochiazuma shoved Takanowaka out of the ring. Tochiazumi has a chance to win ozeki status depending on the outcome of this tourney. Kaio, who is ranked "kadoban" ozeki had his first practice against a wrestler this morning. That's how bad his knees are still. But he had to fight so as not to be demoted. He, immediately grapped Tamanoshima's arm to throw him out, but failed. And after Kaio lost Tamanoshima's belt, was taken out. Musoyama had a smooth win over Wakanosato by shoving him down. Musashimaru thrusted Kaiho down on the ring for his win.

Pre Tourney highlights
Withdrawals before tourney start
It was confirmed on Nov 9 that besides yokozuna Takanohana who will need more time to heal his injuries, ozeki Chiyotaikai will be out and Miyabiyama also who slipped down from the same ranking. From the juryo division, the popular Terao decided to pull out too.

Kaio will fight
Kaio who had missed most of the last tourney will fight in the Kyushu Basho, according to his stable master on Oct 30. But thereafter, its been reported that Kaio has not fully recovered

Promotion for the tourney
Last tourney champion Kotomitsuki was promoted to sekiwake, according to the new listing announced on Oct 29. It's his 2nd time to fight at that rank. Kaio is "kadoban" ozeki, meaning he can be demoted if he finishes with a majority loss. Miyabiyama has been demoted. And it's the first time that there are 4 rikishi who have a history of falling from ozeki ranking.

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