(November 9 to 23 at Fukuoka Kokusai Center)

Outstanding Performance Award:
Tochinonada, Tosanoumi
Outstanding Technique Award: None
Fighting Spirit Award: Tamanoshima


Final day
Miyabiyama pushed out Tochisakae for his 6th win. Dejima was up in the air at the verge of the ring and dived. He lost to Tamanoshima's thrust down. Dejima finished the tourney with 11 wins. Takanonami was powerless. He lost to Iwakiyama's thrusts. He faced his 10th loss. Takamisakari got himself energized for the bout more than usually thrusting his fist up and down and hitting himself. But he was easily driven out by Aminishiki. Musoyama with his right arm knocked Wakanosato down on the ring for his 9th win. Wakanosato succumbed to a majority loss on the final day. Chiyotaikai gave thrusts then slightly pulled back. And then he lost balance and crushed down on the ring. Kaio won his 10th bout. Asashoryu attacked Tochizauma from different angles, but then pulled back and that seemed to have cost him the bout. Tochiazuma pushed the yokozuna out. At his win, Tochiazuma gave a victory pose and immediately his eyes began to water. The spectators reacted wildly by throwing their cushions toward the ring. It's Tochiazuma's 2nd Emperor Cup victory. It's believed with this victory, he has a chance to try for yokozuna ranking in the next tourney.

14th day
Dejima attacked Kotoryu's throat and pushed him out.It's his 11th win. Takanonami and Shimotori tried to throw eachother at the verge of the ring. Both fell and the referee gave the win to Takanonami. But the judges ruled that Takanonami's knee touched the dirt first. For the former ozeki had to take his 9th loss. Takamisakari rammed into Tochinonada and pulled back to put his opponent down. It's the popular rikishi's 5th win. Miyabiyama's falls out the ring in the bout against Iwakiyama. Both are 5 to 9. Musoyama gave thrust and defeated Kyokushuzan to secure a majority win and his ranking of ozeki. Kaio pulled back and Tochiazuma pushed him out. Disappointed fans threw cushions towards the ring. Asashoryu and Chiyotaikai fough ferociously thrusting eachother. But Chiyo slipped and was thrust down by the yokozuna. Asashoryu and Tochiazuma tie for the top.

13th day
Dejima pushed out Takekaze to stay as one of the top contenders with 10 wins. Takanonami slapped Wakatoba but that didn't seem to have an effect. The former ozeki lost his 8th bout. Kotomitsuki got hold of Takamisakari and pushed him down the ring. Both are 4 to 9. Kyokutenho as soon as he faced off shoved down Miyabiyama towards him. Musoyama with his left hand got hold of Tamanoshima's front part of the belt. He didn't let go, and in the end pushed his opponent out. Musoyama needs one more win to keep his ozeki ranking. Chiyotaikai pushed forward and then pulled slightly back putting off Tochiazuma. It's Tochiazuma's 2nd loss. Asashoryu as soon as the bout took off got hold of Kaio's belt with his left. But he was not close enough to the ozeki. Kaio pulled backed and Asashoryu tipped forward. Kaio won by thrusting the yokozuna down. The spectators celebrated by tossing purple cushions all over, as Kaio is the local star.

12th day
Dejima charged forward and quickly drove out Shimotori. Tochisakae tried to throw Takanonami but instead was crushed on the dirt. Both marked 5-7. As Miyabiyama fought Wakanosato, he gave one loud slap. That seems to have worked. Wakanosato was taken down. Kyokushuzan was clearly trying to play a game by putting Kaio off to start the bout. They finally were able to face off in the 3rd time round. Kyokushuzan tried to keep a distance between himself and Kaio with his arm. But Kaio got him and shoved the Mongolian out. Kaio's secured his post of ozeki by earning his 8th win. Tochiazuma fought carelessly. His big toe was so close to being called out. He himself was clearly was unsure whether it made it in, after he drove out Takamisakari. And the judges reviewed the bout, but decided that his big toe was in. Chiyotaikai gave a series of thrusts. They weren't powerful enough for Tosanoumi. So Chiyo tried to trick his opponent by slightly pulling back. And then, he pushed. And with that Tosanoumi left the ring. It's Chiyotaikai's 9th win. Musoyama, in the beginning got hold of Asashoryu's belt. But lost it. And in the end the yokozuna put the ozeki on the dirt. Musoyama faced his 6th loss. Asashoryu and Tochiazuma remain the top contenders.

11th day
Dejima kept his head down low and stuck to Tochisakae's move, which enabled him to win. Dejima secured a majority win. Takanonami struggled and was shoved out by Asasekiryu. Miyabiyama thrust Kotoryu then put him down to win his 4th bout. Takamisakari was thrust down by Tamanoshima. Tosanonami charged forward and groaned loudly at the same time and drove Tochiazuma out the ring. Tochiazuma succumbed to his first loss. Chiyotaikai gave a series of thrusts, but Musoyama managed to grab his left arm to stop him and push him out. It's Chiyo's 3rd loss while for Musoyama his 6th win. Kaio was put off by Kotomitsuki's move and pulled back. It's Kaio's 4th loss. Asashoryu tried to control Wakanosato with his right hand on his belt. In the end, the yokozuna threw Wakanosato. Tochiazuma and Asashoryu tie for the lead.

10th day
Hokutoriki pulled back while Dejima pushed forward to win. Both are 7-3. Takanonami drove down Kakizoe for his 4th win. Tohki pushed down Miyabiyama. It's the former ozeki's 7th loss. Chiyotaikai attacked Aminishiki's throat and then pulled back to thrust him down. Chiyotaikai secured a majority win. Kaio's competing better by the day. He got his left hand on the back of Takamisakari's belt. He shoved and finally took Takamisakari out. Kaio won his 7th bout. Musoyama attacked Tochiazuma with thrusts, and it seemed to be working. But Tochiazuma was different from past tourneys. He knew how to move meticulously and stepped aside to take down Musoyama. Musoyama faced his 5th loss. The Mongolian rivals fought against eachother. Asashoryu practically crushed Kyokushuzan on the dirt through his overarm throw. Tochiazuma lead, followed by Asashoryu.

9th day
Dejima's arm slipped off Jumonji and he dropped to face his 3rd loss. Hokutoriki was slapped down onto the ring by Kinkaiyama for his 2nd loss. Takanonami got his arm wrapped around Buyuzan and picked him up to take him out. It's only the former ozeki's 3rd win. Kyokushuzan was quickly pushed out by Tochinonada to face his 2nd loss. Takamisakari thrust Miyabiyama down to the delight of fans. Two ozeki clashed against eachother. They're Kaio and Musoyama, both needing a majority win to keep their ranks. Musoyama stepped forward, then Kaio with his right tried to throw several times but they were uneffective. In the end, Kaio managed to push down Musoyama to win his 6th bout. Tochiazuma was growing a slight beard as a symbol of good luck. And he managed to keep his luck by pushing out Tamanoshima. Chiyotaikai gave a series of thrusts and pushed out Kotomitsuki. Asashoryu used his right arm to put down Tosanoumi. But when Tosanoumi fell, he seemed to have strucken the yokozuna. Asashoryu could not move for a while. Tochiazuma leads with a perfect record still.

8th day
Sad news for sumo fans. 32 year old Musashimaru submitted his resignation to the Japan Sumo Association. He held a news conference in the afternoon and said that he could not fight his best. In fact he said, he was not in good shape and is a bit relieved to retire. He became the 2nd non-Japanese to hold the highest rank of yokozuna. He followed the footsteps of his great Hawaiian predecessors, and became the most successful of them all. Dejima who's practiced in Musashimaru's stable won a quick bout against Tamakasuga to win his 6th bout. In other major bouts, Hokutoriki lost to a powerful hurl by Kotonowaka. Hokutoriki succumbed to his first loss. Takanonami was not match for Tohki, facing his 6th defeat. Tosanoumi who beat Maru into retirement the previous day defeated Miyabiyama this time. Takamisakari and Kyokutenho fought a competitive high quality bout. In the end, the Mongolian walked Takamisakari out. Kaio grabbed Tamanoshima and drove him out the ring. It's the first time this tourney Kaio fought well. Tochiazuma was good as ever, pushing out Tochinonada. Chiyotaikai got Wakanosato off balance and won his 6th bout. Musoyama shoved Aminishiki to the edge of the ring, but then pulled back. That was a mistake. Musoyama was intead taken out. Asashoryu with a big push threw down Kotomitsuki. Tochiazuma is now the sole leader.

7th day
Dejima drove out Kasuganishiki for his 5th win. Hokutoriki shifted a bit to the side as he stood up and put Takanowaka down. Hokutoriki confidently kept his record perfect. Takanonami pushed down Miyabiyama for his 2nd win. Tochizauma with a push out defeated Aminishiki. He's another with a perfect record. Chiyotaikai attacked Takamisakari. He then pulled back and put the popular guy down. It's the ozeki's 5th win. Musoyama pushed out Iwakiyama also for his 5th win. Tochinonada threw Kaio on the ring. Kaio succumbed to his 3rd loss. Musashimaru tried to get Tosanoumi's belt with his right. Tosa gave thrusts to avoid the yokozuna from getting a good grasp. Then Tosa pulled his arm and forced him out the ring. Maru already faced his 4th loss. Asashoryu picked up Kyokutenho took him out to win his 6th bout.

6th day
Dejima took hold of Tamarikido's belt with his right and shoved his opponent out for his 4th win. Takanonami lost again. This time he was thrusted down by Tosanoumi. Takamisakari got his arm around Iwakiyama and drove him out for his 3rd win. Chiyotaikai gave thrusts but he lost balance and Tamanoshima instead got control of the bout and won. Chiyotaikai lost his 2nd bout while it's Tamanoshima's 5th win. Musoyama crushed Tochinonada down to win his 4th bout. Wakanosata walked out Kaio. Tochiazuma swiftly drove out Kyokutenho. Asashoryu got hold of Miyabiyama's belt and powerfully shoved the former ozeki out. Musashimaru clashed into Kotomitsuki and won. His record is even.

5th day
Kyokushuzan thrust down Kotomitsuki for another win. Takanonami was taken out by Tchinonada. Musoyama drove Takamisakari out of the ring. As he stood Kaio put Asasekiryu off by thrusting him down. Tochiazuma drove Miyabiyama to the verge of the ring and tried pushes but as they weren't affective, threw underarm the former ozeki on the ring. Chiyotaikai thrust down Kyokutenho. Musashimaru seemed to be at an advantage attacking Tamanoshima at the verge of the ring. But Tamanoshima reversed his position to thrust the yokozuna down. Musashimaru has already 3 losses. Asashoryu's skill has put Aminishiki on his rear.

4th day
Dejima pushes and defeats Takanowaka for his 3rd win. Kyokushuzan is in good shape. He virtually swings Tokitsuumi and gets him to fall on his knee. The Mongolian has a perfect record. Wakanosato and Takamisakari both tried to throw eachother at the edge of the ring. But Takamisakari was able to bear the hurl to win his 2nd bout. Kaio managed to shove Kyokutenho from behind his back to win. But Kaio looked like he was in pain. His rear was bandaged. Tochiazuma had a tough bout against Iwakiyama but in the end won with a powerful shove. Miyabiyama gave thrusts and Chiyotaikai couldn't resist them and twirled around. Miyabiyam won. Both are with 3 wins and a loss. Musoyama went forward while Tohki couldn't resist and back off. So naturally Musoyama won to make his record even. Asashoryu at point was shoved by Tamanoshima but in the end pushed his opponent out. Musashimaru slapped Aminishiki as they stood to fight. Maru kept on attacking and won. It's the Hawaiian born's 2nd win.

3rd day
Miyabiyama got hold of Kotomitsuki's bandaged arm and threw him. It's his 2th win. Tochiazuma showed stability. He pushed out Tohki. Chiyotaikai attacked Iwakiyama's throat, and pushed strong. But it wasn't enough, so he pulled back. Iwakiyama fell. Musoyama was nice and sturdy this time. He managed to quickly push out Kyokutenho to earn his first win. Kaio stood up and shifted to the side which forced Tosanoumi to drop forward. Tochinonada clashed into Musashimaru and took the yokozuna out easily. It's Maru's 2nd defeat already. The popular Takamisakari faced Asashoryu. The Mongolian needed to give only 2 big shoves to take him out.

2nd day
Dejima charged forward and quickly drove out Kotoryu for his first win. Takanonami got hold of Kotoryu's belt with both his hands and shoved him out also for his first win. But another former ozeki lost. Miyabiyama lost balance and Tamanoshima drove him out. Takamisakari resisted Tosanoumi's shoves and pushed him out. After his first win though Takamisakari seemed bothered by his right shoulder which he's reported to have hurt during practice against Asashoryu. Chiyotakai pushed forward to defeat Tohki. Musoyama faced off with his body low. It was too low that he was thrust down by Kotomitsuki. Kaio slapped Iwakiyama's face as they stood up to fight. Iwakiyama pushed forward but in the end, Kaio wrapped his arm around his neck and took him down. It's Kaio's first win. Tochiazuma and Wakanosato had to redo a bout after the judges ruled that both were out of the ring at the same time. And the victory in the retake went to Tochiazuma as Wakanosato pulled back immediately. Tochinonada banged into Asashoryu. And he kept on attacking the yokozuna. Asashoryu was walked out. Musashimaru tried to resist Kyokutenho's shoves but in the end, was taken out. Fans tossed purple cushions in response to the upset. One custion actually hit Musashimaru's face. Already both yokozuna lost.

1st day
Former ozeki Dejima faced a newcomer to the makuuchi division, Toyozakura. But, this newcomer thrust Dejima down. Dejima fell forward and lost. Ootsukasa and Tamakasuga fought eachother for 1 min 23 seconds and both dropped. The judges decided that they fell at the same time, so the bout had to be retaken. And it was Ootsukasa who in the end won. Kotonowaka was back after missing the whole of last tourney. The 35 year old took out Takanowaka. Kyukushuzan shoved Takanonami out. Miyabiyama drove Asasekiryu out the ring. Musoyama has to earn a majority win in this tourney and Kaio as well to keep their ozeki ranking. But Musoyama lost to Tosanoumi. Kaio also was thrust down by Tooki. Ozeki Tochiazuma kept his position low and got hold of the back part of Kotomitsuki's belt to drive him out. Chiyotaikai seemed like he was going to fall first, but as he fell, he pushed down Tochinonada to earn a win. Musashimaru was back. His belly seemed bigger than ever. He faced the popular Takamisakari. As they faced off, Maru got his right hand on top of Takamisakari's belt and easily won. Asashoryu shoved out Iwakiyama.

Pre Tourney highlights
Akebono leaves sumo for K-1
It was learned on Nov 6 that the former yokozuna Akebono submitted his resignation to the Japan Sumo Association. He's stripped himself of his title of "oyakata" or sumo coach. In the afternoon, he held a press conference and unveiled that he was going into K-1 combating. K-1 was founded by a Japanese and the competitors wear boxing gloves and is said to be similar to kick-boxing. Akebono's debut will be on Dec 31, with a fight against American Bob Sapp. All the news came as a surprise and shock to sumo fans. Musashimaru even said he was shocked.

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