(November 13 to 27 Fukuoka Kokusai Center)

Outstanding Performance Award:
Outstanding Technique Award: Tokitenku
Fighting Spirit Award: Koto-o-shu, Miyabiyama, Tochinohana

Final day
Kokkai managed to force Tosanoumi down at the verge of the ring for his 9th win. Hakutozan thrust Kisenosato down for his 10th win. Miyabiyama lost to Takekaze's shove. Iwakiyama forced Dejima out. The former ozeki finished with 10 losses. Ama grabbed the front part of Hokutoriki's belt and drove hims out. It's the Mongolian's 7th win. Roho shifted to the side and put Tamanoshima down to finish with 10 wins. Kyokutenho thrust Kotomitsuki down. Both finished with 8 wins. Kaio immediately grabbed Koto-o-shu's belt with his right and threw the Bulgarian to the delight of his hometown crowd. Still, it was a good day for Koto-o-shu. He's to be promoted ozeki. Asashoryu drove Chiyotaikai out the ring, to finish with 14 wins. It's Chiyo's 4th loss. The yokozuna was awarded by Japanese Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi for achieving a feat in the history of sumo.

14th day
Tosanoumi shoved Takamisakari out. Kasuga-o hooked his leg around Roho's and tripped the Russian. Hakurozan gave Tokitenku hard blows, but the Mongolian withstood and put down the Russian. Kakizoe forced down Ama who succumbed to a majority loss. Miyabiyama kept on giving thrusts and in the end, shoved Tamanoshima down. It's his 10th win. Dejima pushed and pushed to defeat Hakuho. Kokkai forced Kotomitsuki down. Koto-o-shu immediately got hold of Chiyotaikai's belt and threw him for his 11th win. Asashoryu did grabbed Kaio's belt with his right and did not allow the ozeki to manipulate his powerful right hand. With that good position, the yokozuna drove Kaio out. He clinched the Emperor's Cup with his 13th win. It's his 15th victory, which is the 5th best in modern sumo exceeding the record of Wajima.

13th day
Kotonowaka was taken out of the ring by Shuketsu. Having succumbed to a majority loss, he announced his retirement and that he's taking over the Sadogatake stable from his master who's reached a retirement age. Hakurozan forced a throw on Takamisakari to win his 9th bout. Roho put down Jumonji also for his 9th win. Dejima lost balance as he charged forward and Tamanoshima thrust him down. Tamanoshima clinched a majority win. Miyabiyama attacked Hakuho with fast and slow thrusts. As he was losing his enegy, Hakuho seemed dizzy and was driven out. The crowd was over excited to see 2 ozeki from the island of Kyushu facing eachother. Chiyotaikai quickly shifted to the side and drove his tough rival, Kaio down on the dirt. Excitement built up further as the last bout was between an ozeki hope and the almighty yokozuna. Both, got a grip of eachother's built. Koto-o-shu shoved Asashoryu's body, again and again and finally pushed the yokozuna down the ring. The sumo arena was wild with purple cushion flying towards the ring. It's the yokozuna's first loss, while Koto-o-shu's hope is still high on a promotion to ozeki ranking.

12th day
Miyabiyama attacked Takamisakari's throat and pushed him out to clinch a majority win. Hokutoriki pushed at Dejima's throat, but Dejima fought back and won. It's his 4th win. Koto-o-shu and Hakuho attempted a throw at the verge of the ring and fell together. They performed the bout again. The 2nd time round, Koto-o-shu quickly drove Hakuho out for his 9th win. Chiyotaikai was vibrant. He kept on attacking Aminishiki and finally put him down to win his 10th bout. Kaio stopped Anma from attacking him and instead drove the Mongolian out. Asashoryu forced Kotomitsuki's head down and down he went. It's the yokozuna's 12th win.

11th day
Roho shoved Takamisakari with his right and drove him out. The Russian secured a majority win. Miyabiyama shifted to the side, but it was ineffective. He was thrusted down by Tokitenku. Dejima attempted a throw on Aminishiki, but instead he fell first, on his hands. The former ozeki succumbed to a majority loss. Kokkai gave Koto-o-shu thrusts. But the Bulgarian withstood and took the Georgian's belt and drove him out. Kaio threw Kisenosato to secure a majority win. He also saved himself from falling from his ozeki post. Chiyotaikai gave quick thrusts and kept his eyes on Kotomitsuki. Finally the ozeki drove his opponent down for his 9th win. Tamanoshima shoved himself on Asashoryu, but the yokozuna fought back with such force, Tamanoshima collapsed on his knee.

10th day
Miyabiyama gave Kokkai thrusts and than shoved the Georgian's head down to win. Dejima immediately shifted to the side, and Kotoshogiku was put down. Koto-o-shu slapped Tamanoshima then shoved him forward. But as Tamanoshima stood on the verge of the ring, he threw the Bulgarian out the ring. It's Koto-o-shu's 3rd loss. Chiyotaika gave a series of thrusts, but as Kisenosato withheld, he pulled back. He then again pushed forward to drive Kisenosata out the ring into the audience. Kaio boldly charged forward and drove out Kotomitsuki powerfully. It's his 7th win. Anma turned his back towards Asashoryu and although he tried to resist being driven out, the yokozuna picked the small Mongolian up and drove him out. Asashoryu leads.

9th day
Jumonji drove out Kyokushuzan for his 7th win. It's the Mongolian's 3rd loss. Takamisakari kept his head low and forced Kasuganishiki out. Miyabiyama attacked Roho's throat and then shoved the Russian's head to win. Dejima pushed and then pulled back and defeated Tokitenku. It's the former ozeki's 2nd win. On the verge of the ring, Kokkai forced Kakizoe down. Kotomitsuki slapped Kisenosato but Kisenosato won with a throw. It's Kotomitsuki's 2nd loss. Koto-o-shu attacked Ama's throat and drove the Mongolian out. Kaio pushed forward and then forced Iwakiyama down. It's the popular ozeki's 6th win. Chiyotaikai gave multiple thrusts and then in the end pulled Tamanoshima toward him to win with a thrust down. Asashoryu powerfully put Kyokutenho down for his 9th win.

8th day
Roho gave thrusts to defeat Tochinohana. It's his 7th win. The match between Takanowaka and Toyonoshima had to be stopped for a break as it exceeded 4 minutes. When the bout was resumed, Takanowaka immediately forced his opponenet down for his first win. Takamisakari was driving Aminishiki to the verge to the ring, when Aminishiki twisted his body to throw robocop down the ring. It was a rare skill. Kokkai tried to grab Kotoshogiku's but failed and pulled back. It's his 4th loss. Anma pulled back and Miyabiyama forced him out. Both are 5-3. Dejima shoved and shoved to defeat Kisenosato for his first win. Koto-o-shu slapped Iwakiyama and then shoved him out. Kotomitsuki smashed into Tamanoshima and then pulled back. Tamanoshima fell forward. Hakuho turned his back towards Chiyotaikai as they fought and the ozeki drove him out. Kaio moved forward with a good hold of Kakizoe and won. Asashoryu tripped Futen-o to secure a majority win.

7th day
Kotonowaka had a hold of Takekaze's belt in an odd position. But after nearly 2 minutes have passed, he forced a throw with that grip and won. It's a birthday present for his son. Takanowaka stood up to fight and tried to slam Takamisakari, but the robocop was not up yet. That put Takanowaka off, and Takamisakari took advantage of that to drive his opponent out. Roho got the back of Toyonoshima's belt and drove him out. Kokkai fought with a thick beard against Aminishiki and put him down. Kyokutenho threw Dejima with his right. Miyabiyama slapped Kotomitsuki which seemed effective. But Kotomitsuki regained control of the bout and won. Kisenosato charged into Koto-o-shu and drive the Bulgarian out. Kaio was unable to get a proper hold of Hakuho and lost. Chiyotaikai kept on pushing with thrusts and forced Futen-o out. Asashoryu powerfuly drove Hokutoriki out.

6th day
Kokkai gave Takanowaka thrusts and drove him out for his 3rd win. Ama attacked Roho's head, and the Russian went down. Both are 4-2. Kisenosato banged into Tamanoshima, then cautiously fought the bout, and in the end drove his opponent out. Koto-o-shu went for Kyokutenho and swiftly took the Mongolian out. Kotomitsuki clinched the front of Hokutoriki's belt and shoved him out. Miyabiyama thrust Chiyotaikai's neck and drove him down. It's the ozeki's 2nd loss. Kaio charged into Dejima and as he pulled back got hold of the former ozeki's body and threw him. Dejima has lost his 6th bout. Asashoryu pushed out Kakizoe.

5th day
In a competitive bout, Kyokushuzan drove Kotonowaka out the ring. Both are 3-2. Takamisakari quickly defeated Takekaze. They're also 3-2. Roho threw Kotoshogiku to win his 4th bout. Iwakiyama smashed into Kokkai low, and drove the Georgian out. Kakizoe was punished for pulling Kyokutenho's hair and had to take the loss. Hakuho's slaps and thrusts effectively put Kotomitsuki on the dirt. Koto-o-shu got a good hold of Hokutoriki and drove him out. Kaio pulled back and lost to Tamanoshima. It's the ozeki's 2nd loss. Chiyotaikai drove Dejima out. Asashoryu at one point picked the heavy Miyabiyama up, then shoved him out.

4th day
Takamisakari turned his body over the take out Tochinohana. It's his 2nd win. Roho thrust down Aminishiki. Kokkai pushed out Tokitenku. Anma tried to keep one leg inside the ring and the other up in the air, but he was judged to have gone down first in a bout against Tamanoshima. Kyokutenho drove Kisenato out. Miyabiyama attacked Koto-o-shu, but the Bulgarian managed to force the former ozeki on the dirt. Kotomitsuki seemed to have a tough time fighting heavy Iwakiyama, but in the end drove him out. Its Kotomitsuki's 4th win. Hokutoriki tried to attack Kaio's throat, but Kaio interferred by grabbing Hokutoriki's arm and driving him out. Hakuho was given a win without fighting as Tochiazuma pulled out. Chiyotaikai gave thrusts than pulled away, and jumped to save himself from losing against Kakizoe. Asashoryu fought carefully against Dejima. In the end he pushed out the former ozeki.

3rd day
Kotonowaka who has been doing well so far was driven out the ring by Roho. Tokitenku tripped Takamisakari. Kokkai was forced down by Tamanoshima. Kotomitsuki was not match for Anma. The Mongolian rolled on the dirt. Koto-o-shu grabbed Dejima's leg and then pushed him to win his 2nd bout, but actually his first win with his own hands. Chiyotaikai pulled back and put Iwakiyama down. Tochiazuma lost balance and was thrust down by Miyabiyama. Kaio carefully drove Kyokutenho out the ring. Asashoryu grabbed the back and front of Kisenosato's belt and dropped him on his rear.

2nd day
Takamisakari forced Kotoshogiku down for his first win. Kokkai banged into Roho and then shifted to the side, forcing the Russian on his belly. Ama shoved and shoved fellow Mongolian Tokitenku to win. 19 year old Kisenosato gave a powerful push to defeat Hokutoriki. Koto-o-shu clinched his first win without having to fight as his opponent of the day Futen-o pulled out from the tourney. Kotomitsuki pulled away and then got hold of Kakizoe to throw him down. Tochiazuma put Dejima down. Miyabiyama got Kaio off balance and pushed the ozeki out. Chiyotaikai was forced down by Kyokutenho. Asashoryu grabbed the back of Iwakiyama's belt and drove him out the ring.

1st day
Russian Hakurosan put Mongolian, Asasekiryu done. With his left hand 37 year old Kotonowaka threw Wakatoba on the dirt. Takamisakari, as usual slapped himself to rev himself up for the bout, but he easily lost to Toyonoshima's shove. Another Russian, Mongolian match was held. Roho and Tokitenku slapped and shoved eachother. In the end Roho won. Kokkai started with thrusts but Anma stopped him, and they stood still for a while. Anma then charged forward, taking the Georgian out. Miyabiyama drove Kyokutenho down. Dejima fell forward and Kotomitsuki won. Koto-o-shu, who has a chance to be promoted to ozeki, was easily thrown by Kakozoe. Kaio was back as a "kadoban" ozeki. He needs a majority win to keep his rank. Kaio immediately got hold of Futen-o's belt and drove him out. Chiyotaikai gave thrusts and pulled back and put Hokutoriki down. Tochiazuma charged forward and drove Tamanoshima out. Mongolian Hakuho made Asashoryu lose balance. But the younger Mongolian was too careless. Asashoryu regained his balance and drove Hakuho out.

Pre Tourney highlights
Las Vegas tour
For 3 days from Oct 7, a sumo tour was held in Las Vegas. Tochiazuma won the first day. Chiyotaikai the second. Asashoryu won the 3rd. And to decide the overall champion in the tour, the 3 winners fought. Asashoryu became the overall winner. The tour in all drew 24,795 spectators.

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