(November 12 to 26 Fukuoka Kokusai Center)

Outstanding Performance Award:
Outstanding Technique Award: Homasho, Kotoshogiku
Fighting Spirit Award: Homasho

Final day
Dejima pushed out Toyonoshima for his 10th win. Kotoshogiku forced Homasho down. Kotoshogiku, who's from Fukuoka received a big applause earning his 10th win. Kisenosato drove Kakizoe out, and managed to finish with a majority win. Kotomitsuki overpowered Roho forcing the Russian down, shoving him with his right. Miyabiyama did not allow Kaio to fight back, and pushed the popullar ozeki out to earn his 8th win. Tochiazuma drove Koto-o-shu to the edge of the ring, but the Bulgarian reversed his position and won. Both finished with 10 wins. Chiyotaikai attacked Asashoryu's throat but his hand slipped away. The yokozuna picked Chiyo up and drove him out. With this win, it's Asashoryu's 5th perfect Emperor's Cup victory. It's the 4th best in history, exceeding Takanohana's record.

14th day
Homasho struggled but managed to push out Tamakasuga. Roho shifted to the side and forced Dejima to fall on his hands. It's the Russian's 8th win. Miyabiyama and Kotomitsuki basically slapped eachother. In the end, Kotomitsuki stopped, and Miyabiyama forced him down. Kisenosato slightly changed position as the bout took off. Kaio could not get a good hold of him,and he lost to Kisenosato's overarm throw. Chiyotaikai did not thrust Tochiazuma, but was easily driven out. Asashoryu forced Koto-o-shu down. With this win, Asashoryu clinched the Emperor's Cup for the 19th time.

13th day
Homashi pushed Kyokutenho out for his 11th win. Takamisakari forced out Tochinohana to win his 9th bout. Dejima charged forward and shoved Asasekiryu out for a majority win. Tokiteku forced Miyabiyama down and roll on the ring. Kaio attempted to reach Kotomitsuki's belt with his right hand. It took long, but he managed. And with that grip, forced his rival out. It's Kaio's 10th win. Chiyotaikai hooked his leg around Koto-o-shu but that didn't do much. The Bulgarian threw Chiyo for his 9th win. Asashoryu drove Tochiazuma out.

12th day
Dejima pushed forward and defeated the popular Takamisakari. The former ozeki secured a majority win. Homasho faced an ozeki for the first time. It's Tochiazuma who's suffering from a painful knee. But Homasho looked stiff, and the ozeki threw him. It's Homasho's 2nd loss. Koto-o-shu could not stay inside the ring as a result of Miyabiyama's force. It's the Bulgarian's 4th loss. Chiyotaikai gave thrusts, then Kotomitsuki gave thrusts. Chiyo stepped slightly to the side, driving Kotomitsuki down. Kaio and Asashoryu tried to reach for eachother's belt. The yokozuna succeeded to grab the ozeki's and drove Kaio out.

11th day
Takamisakari grabbed Asoufuji, then puled back to win and secure a majority win. Takamisakari expressed his delight after the bout. Dejima pushed, but his right knee suddenly collapsed and Homasho threw him. Homashi earned his 10th win to remain the co-leader. Kisenosato and Koto-o-shu both got a good hold of eachother's belts, and took eachother to the verge of the ring and threw. It was the Bulgarian ozeki who won. With that win, Koto-o-shu clinched a majority win. The 2 ozeki who practiced often together before this tourney faced eachother. Chiyotaikai began with thrusts, but Kaio stopped him. And in the end, Kaio drove Chiyo out for his 9th win. Kotomitsuki shoved Tochiazuma's head and it seemed the ozeki's knee hurt so much, he could not stop,and went out the ring. Asashoryu shoved Miyabiyama's side which got the former ozeki off balance.

10th day
Baruto pulled back, and Homasho took advantage of it to drive the Estonian out for his 9th win. Chiyotaika took off and gave Miyabiyama thrusts. But the former ozeki was not shaken. Miyabiyama pushed forward and defeated the incumbent ozeki for his 5th win. It's Chiyo's 2nd loss. Another former ozeki, Dejima beat Tochiazuma. Tochiazuma's injured knee bent in a funny way, and he had difficulty walking after the bout. Koto-o-shu threw Kaio for his 7th win. It's Kaio's 2nd defeat. Asashoryu thrust Kotomitsuki then threw him for his 10th win. Homasho follows with one loss.

9th day
Baruto pushed out Kakizoe to secure a majority win. Roho gave an overarm throw to defeat Iwakiyama for his 5th win. Dejima and Kotomitsuki held eachother and stayed still for awhile. Kotomitsuki was the first to take action, but he was put down by the former ozeki. Miyabiyama lost balance and Ama drove his out from his back. It's Ama's 2nd win. Kaio clashed against another ozeki, Tochiazuma. But he lost balance and was driven out the ring, facing his first loss. Koto-o-shu threw Aminishiki to his 6th win. Chiyotaikai gave thrusts to defeat Kisenosato. Asashoryu attacked Kokkai's leg and defeated him to become the only one with a perfect record.

8th day
Takamisakari changed the position of his hands, and surprisingly, that move forced Tosanoumi out. Takamisakari looked perplexed that he won the bout. It's his 5th win. Baruto got hold of Toyonoshima's belt with his right and his left on his throat. The Estonian thre Toyonoshima. Ama attacked Kotomitsuki's throat with both his hands, and kept one there for awhile. The Mongolian then let go, and Kotomitsuki lost balance, falling forward for his 1st loss. Tochiazuma shifted to the side and put Miyabiyama down. Koto-o-shu lost balance and was forced down by Roho. It's the Bulgarian's 3rd loss. Kokkai gave thrusts, but Chiyotaikai fought forward as if he was unaffected and pushed out the Georgian. Dejima charged into Kaio with his head low. Kaio resisted the former ozeki's shoves on the verge of the ring, and managed to take control, threw Dejima powerfully to secure a majority win. At the same time, Kaio saved himself from demotion. Asashoryu kicked Kisenosato and made him fall.

7th day
Dejima pushed out Tokitenku for his 5th win. Kotomitsuki got hold of Iwakiyama's arm with his right and threw him. Miyabiyama clashed into Kisenosato, but it was not so effective. Kisenosato drove out the former ozeki. Koto-o-shu shifted slightly and got hold of Kakizoe's front belt, forced him down on his rear. Chiyotaikai gave Futen-o thrusts and appeared the ozeki was about to win, but Futen-o fought back and Chiyo fell. Roho pushed with all his might but Kaio stopped him, got hold of the Russian's belt with his right and forced a throw to win his 7th bout. Tochiazuma drove Kokkai out the ring. Asashoryu took Aminishiki out.

6th day
Dejima went straight towards Kyokutenho and drove him out the ring. Miyabiyama thrust Futen-o and put him down. Kotomitsuki forced Kisenosato out for his 6th win. Chiyotaikai needed just 2 powerful thrusts to drive Roho out. Spectators called out Kaio's name in unison as he prepared to fight. Kaio got hold of Ama and drove him out the ring to keep his record clean. Tochiazuma beat Iwakiyama who fell on his hands. Koto-o-shu failed to get a proper hold of Tokitenku and was thrown to take his 2nd defeat. Asashoryu gave Kotoshogiku a throw to win again.

5th day
Takamisakari got Hokutoriki's rear belt and pushed him out from behind for his 3rd win. Baruto pulled back and then put Dejima on the dirt. Kotomitsuki forced Takekaze down. Aminishiki put Miyabiyama off balance and earned his first win. Kaio got hold of Futen-o's belt with his right and threw him. Tochiazuma shoved Roho in a way prompting the Russian to fall forward. Koto-o-shu pressured Iwakiyama with pushes and won. Chiyotaikai gave this time slow thrusts, but they were with enough force to drive Tokitenku out. Asashoryu put Ama down for his 5th win.

4th day
In the match between wrestlers from Ishikawa,Dejima pushed Tochinonada out. Roho appeared hopeless, but Kisenosato was careless at the edge of the ring and his foot left the ring. Miyabiyama put Kokkai off balance and got hold of the Georgian's belt and pushed him out. Kotomitsuki put Tokitenho on his knee to win. Tochiazuma thrust out Kotoshogiku. Futen-o attacked Koto-o-shu. Koto-o-shu pulled back and lost. It's the Bulgarian ozeki's first loss. Chiyotaika gave quick thrusts and pulled back, prompting Ama to fall. Kaio forced Aminishiki down by attacking his head. Asashoryu quickly got hold of Iwakiyama's belt and drove him out.

3rd day
Baruto pulled Takekaze towards him with a grasp of his belt. Takekaze touched the dirt. Dejima charged forward and defeated Hokutoriki. It's his 2nd win. Kotomitsuki pulled back and forced Kokkai on the ring. Roho shifted position slightly and drove Miyabiyama out the ring. Both are 2-1. Koto-o-shu went forward pushing Ama and won. Chiyotaikai pushed Iwakiyama out. Kaio clashed into Kotoshogiku and forced him down. Futen-o pushed Tochiazuma out. The ozeki lost his first bout. Asashoryu struggled against Tokitenku but in the end got hold of the his belt and drove the Mongolian out.

2nd day
A shocking and surpise announcement was made. 33-year old Kyokushuzan said he's retiring as he has a heart problem. His opponent for the day, Kitazakura was automatically given a win. Asofuji won his first makuuchi bout by defeating Hakurozan. Takamisakari drove Toyonoshima out the ring to win his first bout. Roho forced Ama out. Miyabiyama rammed into Iwakiyama and put him down. Kotomitsuki managed to push out Aminishiki. Chiyotaikai gave quick thrusts and then pulled back, prompting Kotoshogiku to fall. Kaio clashed into Kokkai and immediately put the Georgian down. Tochiazuma kept on fighting forward and in the end forced Kisenosato to fall forward. Koto-o-shu threw Dejima and he rolled on the ring too. Asashoryu was taken to the edge of the ring, but managed to fight back and drive Futen-o out.

1st day
30 year old new makuuchi rikishi Asofuji was powerless before Tosanoumi and lost. Another new makuuchi rikishi Kakuryu attacked the popular Takamisakari and drove him down. Baruto shoved Tamanoshima down towards him to win. Dejima pushed down Takekaze. Kisenosato struggled but managed to drive Tokitenku out. Kotomitsuki was taken to the edge of the ring,but kept inside and attacked Futen-o to win. Miyabiyama attacked Kotoshogiku's chin and pulled him down. Kaio was welcomed by his hometown crowd with a big applause. As if to respond to that, he quickly got hold of Iwakiyama's belt with his strong right hand and threw his opponent down. The crowd cheered with delight. Tochiazuma stood firm against Ama's thrusts and threw the small Mongolian to win. Koto-o-shu pushed Kokkai out the ring. Chiyotaikai gave powerful thrusts to defeat Aminishiki. Asashoryu tried to throw Roho. It didn't work the first time. But after he slipped his arm from Roho's head, he distanced himself. He tried the same throw and this time succeeded.

Pre Tourney highlights
Hakuho is out
Hakuho fractured his toe when he tripped on the stairs on Nov 1. He had a surgery but could not recover in time for the tourney. He said he couldn't even walk properly.

Aminishiki and brother promoted
On Oct 30, Aminishiki was promoted to Komusubi at age 28. It's the first time for him to win one of the 3 top junior champion titles. His older brother Asofuji joined him in the Makuuchi Division. Asofuji is 30 years old.

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