(Nov 11 to 25 Fukuoka Kokusai Center)

Outstanding Performance Award:
Outstanding Technique Award: Kotoshogiku
Fighting Spirit Award: Baruto

Final day
It was learned by early afternoon that Chiyotaikai decided to pull out. Upon getting up in the morning, his arm is reported to not have moved. Due to this, Hakuho secured the Emperor's Cup. It's said to be the first time in sumo history that the winner was decided due to another pulling out. Kaio also benefited as he was expected to fight Chiyo. But he automatically gained his 9th win. As to the result of other main bouts to wrap up the year's tourney, Baruto fought for over 2 minutes against Tochinonada and won by throwing his opponent. Takamisakari could not fight forward and lost to Takamoshima. The Robocop finished with 5 wins. Miyabiyama beat Goeido by thrusting his head. It's his 7th win. Kotoshogiku threw Toyohibiki with his right to win his 9th bout. Ama quickly got hold of Wakanosato and won his 10th bout. Aminishiki forced a throw to beat Asasekiryu and secure a majority win. Kotomitsuki fought well against Hakuho. In the end he swung the yokozuna to win his 10th bout. Hakuho lost but was given the Emperor's Cup for the 5th time.

14th day
Dejima pushed down Toyohibiki for his 10th win. Kisenosato drove Miyabiyama out to secure a majority win. Ama and Baruto banged into eachother. Baruto lost balance and fell forward to take his 4th loss while Ama won his 9th bout. Goeido threw Kotoshogiku by the neck to win his 8th bout. Kaio fought against Kotomitsuki with all his might. He at one point got hold of Kotomitsuki's arm, then continued to attack. In the end, Kaio shoved Kotomitsuki's back to force him on his belly. Kaio secured a majority win, meaning he's salvaged his position as ozeki and averted his possibility of retiring. The crowd responded to Kaio's victory with great joy. Chiyotaikai tried to thrust Hakuho. But Hakuho tried to stop him by holding his arm. Chiyo did not give up but in the end was put down on the ring. Hakuho is the sole leader for the Emperor's Cup.

13th day
Russian Wakanoho clinched his majority win with an underarm throw against Tosanoumi. Wakanosato also earned a majority win by driving out Kasuganishiki. Wakanoho's brother Roho threw Goeido also for a majority win. This time Takamisakari lost to Kakuryu. Wakakirin shoved Dejima with thrusts, but Dejima managed to get around it and instead, win. Miyabiyama attacked Kasugao and then tricked him but shoving him down. Aminishiki moved quickly and drove down Kotomitsuki. Chiyotaikai attacked Baruto. Baruto was clearly overwhelmed and seemed to try to avoid the ozeki's further thrusts. Chiyo drove the Estonian out for his 11th win. Kaio tried to attack Hakuho, but in the end, he lost balance and Hakuho shoved the back of his belt. Kaio went down. Hakuho and Chiyotaikai tie for the Emperor's Cup.

12th day
Wakakirin overwhelmed veteran rikishi Tochinonada with a push out for his 9th win. Takamisakari got his arm around Takakeze's neck and drove him out. Baruto easily drove out Dejima for his 10th win. Miyabiyama with heavy shoves pushed Kakuryu out. Kaio did not get a hold of Kyokutenho's belt but shoved the Mongolian out. It's Kaio's 7th win. Chiyotaikai charged into Kotomitsuki with quick thrusts and won. Hakuho defeated Aminishiki with an overarm throw. Hakuho, Chiyo and Baruto lead for the Emperor's Cup.

11th day
Baruto thrust down Tosanoumi for his 9th win. Newcomer to the makuuchi division, Wakakirin drove Wakanosato out to secure his majority win. Takamisakari was back after 5 days of absense. He got hold of Kasugao and swung him out the ring for his 4th win. Miyabiyama pushed but when Takekaze shifted to his side, he could only try to do an arabesque at the edge of the ring. Seeing that, Takekaze shoved Miyabiyama out. Both have 4 wins 7 losses. Kotoshogiku had a good start. But Dejima threw him by his neck to clinch a majority win. Chiyotaikai gave heavy thrusts against Kyokutenho and won. Kotomitsuki managed to drive Toyonoshima out the ring. Aminishiki and Kaio did not show a sharp face off. Kaio kept his eyes on Aminishiki, shifted his position slightly and thrust him down. It took sometime for the crowd to realize that the local star won. Hakuho quickly thrust down Asasekiryu for his 9th win.

10th day
Baruto beat Wakanosato to secure his 8th win. Miyabiyama gave Homasho heavy thrusts and won with a push out. Ama slightly shifted position prompting Dejima to lose balace. Ama won by thrusting the former ozeki. Kotomitsuki threw Asasekiryu on the ring for his majority win. Kaio lost to Toyonoshima's shoves. Tokitenku suddenly shifted to the side as Chiyotaikai tried to charge into him. But instead Chiyo went down and lost his 2nd bout. Hakuho this time overpowered Kyokutenho to secure his 8th win. Four rikishi tie for the Emperor's Cup. Meanwhile it was announced that Asashoryu will return to Tokyo from Mongoliay on Nov. 30.

9th day
Dejima drove Kakuru out for his 7th win. Miyabiyama thrust Ama and put the Mongolian down. Kaio was pushed out by Tokiteku, taking his 4th defeat. Chiyotaikai gave his powerful thrusts to defeat Asasekiryu, and secured a majority win. Kotomitsuki drove Takekaze out. Hakuho fought a risky bout again. He forced down Toyonoshima, but it was just by a small difference that Toyonoshima touched the dirt first.

8th day
Miyabiyama attacked Aminishiki with thrusts and drove him down for his 2nd win. Chiyotaikai banged into Dejima, but it wasn't a great start as in his previous bouts. Chiyo attacked Dejima's throat but Dejima seemed unaffected. In the end Dejima drove the ozeki out. It's Chiyo's first defeat. Kotomitsuki took off, while Tokitenku moved to the side, putting the ozeki off balance. It's Kotomitsuki's 2nd loss. Kaio attacked Kakuryu's face then the two briefly just looked at eachother. Kaio then managed to force Kakuryu out for his 5th win. Hakuho pulled back twice and was put down on the ring by Ama. In response to the upset, the crowd threw purple cushions toward the ring. Chiyotaikai is still the sole leader.

7th day
Dejima was seemed to trip any minute, but he did not, and was able to push out Kisenosato. Miyabiyama's thrusts were not effective. His opponent Kotoshogiku shoved down the former ozeki's head for a victory. Ama got hold of Homasho's arm and threw him to win his 4th bout. Chiyotaikai dashed forward, clashed against Kakuryu and quickly drove the Mongolian out to win. Kotomitsuki drove Kyokutenho out. Koto-o-shu pulled out from this day, so Aminishiki was automatically given a win. Kaio got hold of Asasekiryu belt with his right. He seemed to wanted to throw him, but did not take the risk and made sure he got hold on the Mongolian's belt with both his hands, and drove him out. Hakuho shoved Tokitenku towards the edge of the ring, but Tokitenku withstood once, but could not in the end. It's Hakuho's 6th win.

6th day
Miyabiyama attacked Asasekiryu who several times withstood. But in the end Miyabiyama managed to drive the Mongolian out. It's the former ozeki's first win. Kotomitsuki charged into Homasho and drove him out for his 5th win. Kaio got hold of Dejima's belt and tried to do something, but he was instead forced on his knee, sucumbing to his 3rd loss. The tall Koto-o-shu was driven down by Tokitenku easily. Chiyotaikai thrust Aminishiki and quickly drove him out to be the only one in the top division with a perfect record. Hakuho thrust Kakuryu's head then threw him to win.

5th day
Takamisakari pulled out this day as he has learned to have fractured his right angle in the bout the previous day. He will need a while to recover. As to the results of main bouts this day, Kaio had to restart the bout after 3 too early start by Ama. This may have impacted Kaio mentally as he easily lost. Koto-o-shu got hold of Kisenosato's belt, but Kisenosato forced the Bulgarian to release it and drove him out instead. It's already Koto-o-shu's 3rd loss. Chiyotaiki was quick to charge into Miyabiyama and thrust him out. Kotomitsuki struggled against Kakuryu. While he was wrestling against the Mongolian, he lowered his body and with his hand, slapped the inside of Kakuryu's leg and forced him down. That's one of Kotomitsuki's great skills. Dejima attacked Hakuho. Hakuho attacked back and threw the former ozeki.

4th day
Takamisakari shoved Yoshikaze towards the edge of the ring, but Yoshikaze threw him out instead. It's the Robocop's first loss. Dejima charged into Koto-o-shu and drove the ozeki out. It's Dejima's 3rd win. Chiyotaikai gave Ama thrusts then pulled back, put his arm around Ama's and threw him to keep his record clean. Kotomitsuki shoved down Miyabiyama's head to win. Kaio struggled against Homasho but managed to give a throat attack and pushed his opponent out. Hakuho thrusted Kisenosato, got hold of his opponent's belt and drove him out.

3rd day
Toyohibiki attacked Takamisakari's throat, but the Robocop turned himself around and drove his opponent out for his 3rd win. Ama faced his first defeat in a bout against fellow Mongolian Asasekiryu. Chiyotaikai attacked Kisenosato with thrusts, then got hold of the young rikishi's belt and shoved him. But as he pushed forward, Kisenosato tried to throw the ozeki. The judges deliberated the bout and gave the bout to Chiyo. Kotomitsuki banged into Dejima and put the former ozeki off balance. It's Kotomitsuki's 2nd win. Kaio and Kotoshogiku went for eachother's belt. The bout was motionless, until Kaio pushed forward and drove out Kotoshogiku. Koto-o-shu managed to force Homasho out the ring. Hakuho threw Miyabiyama on the ring to win.

2nd day
The elder Russian Roho picked up the younger one Wakanoho and forced him out the ring. Kokkai fought with trimmed sideburns. Whether that had any effect on his bout is unknown, but he lost to Hakurozan's shove. Takamisakari managed to drive out Tochinonada. Dejima pushed out Asasekiryu. Kotomitsuki was not fighting with confidence but he was able to drive Kisenosato out. Kaio had a great start. He charged into Miyabiyama and won brilliantly. Ama attacked the tall Bulgarian's throat and pushed him out. Chiyotaikai attacked Kotoshogiku's face and won. Hakuho managed to drive Homasho out for his first win.

1st day
A newcomer to the makuuchi division, Wakanoho defeated another Russian Hakurozan. Another Russian, Roho lost to Georgian Kokkai. Kokkai, by the way, wore strangely shaped sideburns. Tamakasuga forced Takamisakari to the edge of the ring, but the Robocop managed to reverse his position and won. Aminishiki drove Dejima out. Kaio received tremendous cheers from the audience. For one, he's from the area,Fukuoka's Nohgata. Second, he is rumoured to retire if he doesn't perform well, as with less than 8 wins, he will be demoted from ozeki ranking. And in his first bout, he lost to Kisenosato. Another ozeki, Koto-o-shu managed to grab Miyabiyama's belt with his left hand and drive out the former ozeki. Chiyotaikai gave thrusts and drove out Homasho. Ama had a good start which seemed to have prompted Kotomitsuki to pull back and lose. Hakuho appeared to lost balance while fighting Kotoshogiku, and in the end, the yokozuna was driven out.

Pre Tourney highlights
Asashoryu saga
Since late Aug, Asashoryu has not returned to Japan.

Death of a young sumo wrestler
It was learned that in June in Aichi Prefecture, 17 year old Takashi Saito died during practice. His stable master Tokitsukaze and other members of the stables were questioned by prefectural police. Suspicion strenghtened Saito died from being attacked by stable members. The stable master was expelled by the Japan Sumo Association. However, as the stable has a long history launched by the legendary Futabayama it was decided not to be dissolved. Succeeding the stable, Tokitsuumi, who was forced to retire.

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