(November 15 to 29 Fukuoka Kokusai Center)

Outstanding Performance Award:
Outstanding Technique Award: Toyonoshima
Fighting Spirit Award: Tochinoshin, Miyabiyama

Final day
Toyonoshima lowered his head as he went low against the tall Baruto. Baruto picked him up by his belt and drove him out. It's Baruto's 9th win. Kaio immediately wrapped his arm around Kotomitsuki's and threw his rival down to clinch a majority win and his makuuchi total 806 win. Harumafuji shoved Koto-o-shu's throat then pulled back, driving the Bulgarian down. It's the Mongolian's 9th win. Asashoryu and Hakuho had a hot match. In the end, Hakuho tapped Asashoryu's body with his right and drove Asashoryu down. It's Hakuho's 86th win this year, or an annual record win.

14th day
Tochinoshin took Shotenro out the ring for his 12th win. Miyabiyama attacked Kyokutenho with thrusts and forced him down for his 11th win. Baruto got hold of Hokutoriki's belt and drove him out to secure a majority win. Harumafuji and Toyonoshima both attempted a throw almost simultaneously. Then Harumafuji redid his attempt and with that managed to complete an overarm throw and clinch a majority win. Kaio could not get hold of Goeido's belt and was driven out. Koto-o-shu gragged Asashoryu and forced the yokozuna out. It's the Bulgarian's 10th win. For the yokozuna, it's his 2nd loss. Hakuho only had to win this bout to clinch the Emperor's Cup and he did, by throwing Kotomitsuki in a fairly long bout. It's the 12th time for Hakuho to win the Emperor's Cup.

13th day
Tochinoshin threw Kotoshogiku for his 11th win. Toyonoshima attacked Takekaze with thrust and pushed him out also for his 11th win. Harumafuji shoved Kaio's throat. Kaio turned his back toward the Mongolian, and was pushed out. Both are 7-6. Hakuho threw Koto-o-shu on the ring to improve his record. Asashoryu was bandaged all over his right shoulder. He tried to fight Kotomitsuki but was driven out. Hakuho is 2 bouts ahead in wins from the runner-up crowd.

12th day
Miyabiyama gave thrusts after thrusts at Yoshikaze and took him out. Both are 9-3. Tochinoshin got hold of Takamisakari's belt, swang him and forced the Robocop out. The Georgian won his 10th bout. Koto-o-shu's arm slipped from Toyonoshima. With that the Bulgarian lost balance and was driven out. For Toyonoshima it's his 10th win. Kotomitsuki shoved forward but lost control and was forced down by Baruto. Harumafuji immediately threw Asashoryu and won. It's the yokozuna's first loss. Hakuho reached Kaio's belt with his left and threw the ozeki on the ring. Hakuho is the sole leader.

11th day
Yoshikaze charged forward, but Tamawashi got hold of him and threw him. It's Yoshikaze's 2nd los. Takamisakari literally hugged Kakizoe and drove him out to secure a majority win. Close to the edge of the ring, Toyonoshima forced Miyabiyama down for his 9th win. Kotomitsuki was automatically given a win as his opponent of the day, Chiyotaikai pulled out of te tourney. Koto-o-shu slowly but surely pushed Baruto, taking him out the ring. Both fell with a boom as they are very large. Hakuho force Harumafuji out. Asashoryu and Kaio both tried to get a hold of eachother's belt. In the end the yokozuna shoved the ozeki out. Hakuho and Asashoryu still tie for a lead.

10th day
Yoshikaze fought aggressively against Kakizoe. In the end he drove Kakizoe out for his 9th win. Harumafuji managed to drive Kotomitsuki out for his 5th win. Koto-o-shu banged into Kaio, but Kaio shoved back and down went the Bulgarian ozeki. Chiyotaikai pushed forward with powerful thrusts to drive Asashoryu near the edge of the ring, but that was the best he can do. Asashoryu got hold of the ozeki, picked him up and drove him out of the ring. Chiyo succumbed to a majority loss. And with 2 straight majority losses, he loses his rank of ozeki. Hakuho forced Tochiozan out.

9th day
Yoshikaze who's fighting as maegashira no.9 is doing well. He quickly pushed out Wakanosato for his 8th win. Harumafuji was shoved by Bushuyama but when the Mongolian got hold of his opponents belt, he attempted a throw and won. Kotomitsuki shoved forward and defeated Kakuryu for his 6th win. Koto-o-shu drove out Kisenosato to secure a majority win. Kaio managed to shove forward and took out Tochiozan. It's his career 804th win, tying with Kitanoumi's number 2 record. Chiyotaikai was no match for Hakuho who easily shoved the ozeki out. It's Chiyo's 7th loss. Asashoryu had a tough and long bout against Baruto. When Baruto attempted a throw, the yokozuna hooked his leg around Baruto's, forcing his opponent to lose. The 2 yokozuna still ties for the lead.

8th day
Hokutoriki shoved Kotomitsuki's throat. Nevertheless the ozeki reached out for his opponent's belt and drove him out. Koto-o-shu and Tokiteku fought at a low position. Tokiteku touched the dirt following the Bulgarian's shove. It's Koto-o-shu's 7th win. Chiyotaikai stretched his arms to thrust Kaio, but Kaio grabbed one arm, then powerfully drove Chiyo out. Asashoryu slapped Tochiozan once and then shoved him sideways to eventually show his back. Asashoryu threw down Tochiozan for his majority win. So did Hakuho keep his record clean by defeating Kakuryu with an overarm throw.

7th day
Goeido was forced to have his back towards Koto-o-shu. The Bulgarian ozeki shoved to win his 6th bout. Chiyotaikai gave thrusts, but they were not powerful enough, and insteady he was shoved out by Tochiozen. Kaio immediately got hold of Kotoshogiku's belt with his left, then he tried to get hold with his right. When that was done, Kaio drove his opponent out of the ring. Harumafuji gave thrusts and even jabbed Takekaze's face. But he in the end fell and lost. Kotomitsuki struggled against Kisenosato by managed to win with a push out. Hakuho was quick to get hold of Baruto's belt. Although the Estonian tried to resist the yokozuna's shove, Hakuho's kick forced Baruto to fall. Asashoryu and Kakuryu got hold of eachother's belt. The yokozuna then suddenly threw Kakuryu to win.

6th day
The verdict was reversed after the refree gave Kyokutenho a win for his bout against Yoshikaze. Yoshikaze, with this win improved his perfect record so far. Chiyotaikai shoved Aminishiki to the edge of the ring but in the end lost to an underarm throw. Kaio took long to get a good hold of Tokitenku but managed to drive the Mongolian out. Harumafuji charged forward and drove Kisenosato out for his 3rd win. Kotomitsuki shoved forward by was ruled as having fallen before Bushuyama was officially out of the ring. Koto-o-shu defeated Takekaze for his 5th win. Asashoryu thrust Kotoshogiku then forced him down to win. Hakuho threw Goeido flat on his belly.

5th day
It was an awful day for ozeki rankers. Kaio was driven out by Kakuryu. Harumafuji was unable to withstand Tochiozan's shoves and was pushed out. Aminishiki gave an underarm throw to defeat Kotomitsuki. Koto-o-shu got a good hold of Hokutoriki and drove him out. He's the only ozeki to win this day. Chiyotaikai lost balance and was forced down by Takekaze. Hakuho gave Tokitenku an overarm throw. Asashoryu made Kisenosato roll on the dirt.

4th day
Takamisakari lost his first bout to Yoshikaze. Miyabiyama pulled back and forced Mongolian Tamawashi down. Harumafuji and Kakuryu slapped eachother hard many times until Harumafuji pushed out fellow Mongolian. The ozeki looked angry despite his 2nd win. Kotomitsuki slapped Tochiozan one and shoved him to win. Koto-o-shu had a bad start. He was pushed out the ring by Aminishiki. Goeido shoved Chiyotaikai out from behind and Chiyo at the same time shoved the gyoji or referee out. Takekaze drove Kaio out from behind. Asashoryu pushed out Tokitenku. Hakuho threw Kotoshogiku to keep his record clean.

3rd day
Takamisakari got behind Kokkai and drove the Georgian out for his 3rd win. Tochinoshin threw Miyabiyama. Kotomitsuki pushed forward but was thrown by Goeido. Koto-o-shu threw Bushuyama with his right. Chiyotaikai was pushed out by Kisenosato. Kaio immediately got hold of Baruto's arm and threw him to win his makuuchi career 800th bout. Kyokutenku drove Harumafuji down. It's the Mongolian ozeki's 2nd loss. Hakuho took time to fight against Aminishiki and won. Asashoryu at one point appeared to have lost balance, but immediately took control by driving Takekaze out.

2nd day
Toyohibiki attacked Takamisakari's throat but the Robocop while pulling back managed to grab Toyohibiki and threw him. Miyabiyama forced Kokkai down on the ring. Kotoshogiku shoved and shoved to drive big Baruto out the ring. Koto-o-shu got his hands on Tochiozan's belt,driving him out to win. Chiyotaikai reached out for Kakuryu's throat and shoved, to win with a push out. Kisenosato threw Kaio with his left. Harumafuji fought aggressively, and forced down Goeido. Kotomitsuki pulled back, prompting Tokitenku to fall on his hands. Asashoryu drove Aminishiki out. Hakuho got a good hold of Takekaze and forced him out.

1st day
Takamisakari drove out Shotenro. In a bout that lasted 1 min 28 sec, Miyabiyama managed to drive out Asasekiryu. Toyonoshima forced Iwakiyama out the ring. Hokutoumi shoved Bushuyama's head down. Baruto overpowered Tochiozan with his force. Chiyotaikai gave thrusts then pulled back and forced Tokitenku down. Kaio thrust Aminishiki's head to win his makuuchi total 799th bout. Harumafuji pulled back and that led Kotoshogiku to drive him out. Kotomitsuki shoved Takefuji out the ring. Hakuho slapped Kisenosato twice, then both of them got eachother's belt and did not move for a while. In the 1 min 41 sec bout Hakuho shoved Kisenosato out in the end. Asashoryu drove Goeido immediately down on the ring.

Pre Tourney highlights
Chiyotaikai not to retire
Ozeki Chiyotaikai who's fighting this tourney as "kadoban" dismissed rumors of his possible retirement. That is, if he doesn't win a majority, he'll lose his rank. But he's reported to have made it clear that even though he may not win a majority this tourney, he will still fight in the next tourney as sekiwake and try to regain ozeki rank.

Kaio breaks Takamiyama's record
The list of ranks for the Kyushu tourney was released on Nov 2. It's confirmed that Kaio is fighting in the makuuchi division for 98 tourneys in a row. This means, he's broken the record held by Hawaiian born Takamiyama.

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