(November 13 to 27 Fukuoka Kokusai Center)

Outstanding Performance Award:
Outstanding Technique Award: Kisenosato
Fighting Spirit Award: Wakakoyu, Aogiyama

On Nov 30 messengers of the Japan Sumo Association visited Kisenosato to convey to him that he has unanimously been voted new ozeki. Kisenosato accepted the promotion.

Final day
Miyabiyama did well this tourney. He thrust down Homasho and earned his 11th win. Tochinowaka lost to Kakuryu succumbing to a majority loss. Kotoshogiku drove Kisenosato out the ring, while himself falling. The judges came together to examine the result after the bout but the verdict was the same. The win went to the new ozeki. Kisenosato, despite the loss is expected to be promoted to ozeki. Koto-o-shu drove Harumafuji out to win his 9th bout. Baruto powerfully clashed into Hakuho. The Estonian pulled back then kept Hakuho from gaining a good position, and thrust the yokozuna. Hakuho fell on his hand and lost his first bout. Hakuho finished the tourney with 14 wins for the Emperor's Cup.

14th day
It was a sell out crowd. Kisenosato attacked Tochinowaka's thoat and managed to win with a push out. Kotoshogiku went into Toyonoshima and pushed his rival out to end his losing streak. Koto-o-shu got hold of Baruto's belt and appeared to have taken a good position. However Baruto shoved Koto-o-shu's head and drove the Bulgarian down. Baruto tell too. Hakuho charged towards Harumafuji. Harumafuji tried to resist by throwing the yokozuna are he fell. But the bout was given to the yokozuna.

13th day
Kotoshogiku is unable to pick himself up. He succumbed to Harumafuji's underarm throw to lose his 4th straight bout. Harumafuji managed to earn his 8th win. Baruto shoved Kisenosato. Kisenosato tried to keep inside the ring. But in the end, Kisenosato was driven out and he fell from the ring. Kisenosato is reported not to have given any comments to reporters. Koto-o-shu got a good hold of Hakuho in the beginning, but Hakuho got his hands on the ozeki's. Koto-o-shu's arm was positioned awkwardly, and taking advantage of that Hakuho drove the Bulgarian out the ring. With this win, Hakuho secured the Emperor's Cup. It's his 21st tourney victory.

12th day
Kisenosato was taken to the edge of the ring by Gagaryu. Gagaryu shoved and shoved. Kisenosato did not give in. Then when Gagaryu tried a throw, instead Kisenosato forced the Georgian down. With his 9th win, Kisenosato still has a chance to be promoted to ozeki. Koto-o-shu went running out the ring after losing balance in his fight against Kakuryu. Kakuryu won his 8th bout. Harumafuji shoved Baruto down. Kotoshogiku fought hard against Hakuho, trying to fight low and by moving around. But in the end, Hakuho threw the new ozeki to win another bout. It's Kotoshogiku's 3rd loss.

11th day
Kakuryu's blow toward Harumafuji's chin seemed to have put the ozeki off balance. It's Kakuryu's 7th win win while Harumafuji's 5th loss. Baruto drove Gagamaru down on the dirt to clinch a majority win. Kotoshogiku charged towards Tochinowaka. Tochinowaka then thrust the ozeki behind his neck, driving him down. Kotoshogiku succumbed to his 2nd loss. Koto-o-shu was at one point appeared in a weak position, but managed to fight back and with a hold of Homasho's belt drove him out. Kisenosato moved briskly in the bout against Hakuho, but not enough. In the end Hakuho got hold of the back of his belt to drive him out. Kisenosato had a bloody nose.

10th day
Kisenosato had a tough fight against Tochinoshin but in the end managed to drive the Georgian out. Kisenosato secured a majority win. Kotoshogiku struggled against Baruto. Baruto drove out the new ozeki, forcing Kotoshogiku to succumb to his first loss. Koto-o-shu forced Tochinowaka out for his 7th win. Harumafuji struggled but was able to throw Gagagamaru down. Hakuho quickly drove Kakuryu out. Hakuho is now the only one with a perfect record.

9th day
During the day, Tamanoshima's retirement was reported. As to the bouts, Miyabiyama thrust down Kokkai. Kokkai succumbed to a majority loss. Kotoshogiku pushed forward. Then while slipping, forced Kitataiki out the ring. The new ozeki kept his record clean. Koto-o-shu started the bout standing up with a lack of energy. Tochiozan banged into the Bulgarian and drove him down. It's Koto-o-shu's 3rd loss. Harumafuji charged into Kisenosato, tried to trip him but the ozeki hope beared the trick. Then Kisenosato tried a throw which was ineffective. In the end, Harumafuji attacked Kisenosato's left leg and toppled him. It's Kisenosato's 2nd loss. Baruto picked Kakuryu up and carried the Mongolian out the ring. Hakuho had a moment of tough fight against Tochinowaka who at one point pushed forward. But the yokozuna managed to force Tochinowaka to fall flat on his belly. Hakuho and Kotoshogiku still tie for the lead.

8th day
Kisenosato faced off behind Koto-o-shu and it appeared the Bulgarian ozeki had a better chance with his attacks. But in the end, Koto-o-shu fell before Kisenosato. Harumafuji gave thrusts and defeated Tochinoshin. Baruto literally carried Aran out the ring and won. Kotoshogiku quicky stood to shove Kakuryu the pulled back and threw the Mongolian to secure a majority win. Hakuho too won his 8th bout by throwing Gagamaru.

7th day
Miyabiyama thrust down Kitataiki for his 5th win. Kakuryu drove Homasho down for his 6th win. Kisenosato with his right forced Okinoumi out also for his 6th win. Harumafuji fell backwards to Tochonowaka's shove. It's his 4th loss. Baruto forced a shove on Kyokutenho and managed to drive the Mongolian down the ring. Kotoshogiku did not stop shoving Aran and won. Koto-o-shu got hold of Gagamaru's belt and with that grip threw the heavy Georgian down. Hakuho's thrusts were so powerful, Toyonoshima was driven down the ring.

6th day
Miyabiyama drove Aminishiki down for his 4th win. In the bout of the day Kisenosato gave thrusts after thrusts to defeat Kakuryu. Baruto drove out Tochinowaka to win. Kotoshogiku grabbed Gagamaru with his left and threw him for his 6th win. Koto-o-shu forced Kyokutenho on the ring. Goeido who beat Kisenosato the previous day forced Harumafuji to fall. Hakuho took Aran out of the ring to keep his record perfect.

5th day
Kakuryu powerfully drove out Tochinoshin to keep his record clean. Kisenosato however was tripped by Goeido and lost his first bout. Kotoshogiku forced his who body on Okinoumi to win again. Koto-o-shu and Aran tried to pull eachother but the Bulgarian proved to have done it more effectively, managin to drive the Russian out. Harumafuji had a poor start and to make up for it, he tried a throw on Toyonoshima. But Harumafuji himself fell on the dirt first. Baruto managed to roll Homasho on the ring to win his 2nd bout. He did not impress the crowd though as the result hardly drew any applause. Hakuho forced Kyokutenho down.

4th day
Kisenosato drove Homasho out. Kakuryu is another one doing well, who defeated Toyonoshima. Koto-o-shu fought a slow bout, in which he paused then after a good grip of Oginonoumi's belt won by driving him out. Harumafuji went into Aran positioning himself low. He was able to force down the Russian. Goeido defeated Baruto by thrusting his head which prompted the ozeki to step out the ring. It's Baruto's 3rd loss. Kotoshogiku got hold of Kyokutenho with his left which is not his best position. Still he shoved and shoved to win. Former Kaio or Asakayama watched the bout from behind the aisles. Hakuho stopped for a while then drove Tochinoshin out.

3rd day
Toyonoshima tried to shift his position in the bout against Kisenosato, but Kisenosato stayed put and gave thrusts after thrusts to win. Harumafuji fell on his knee as he fought against Kyokutenho succumbing to his first loss. Okinoumi got hold of Baruto's belt and drove him out. It's Baruto's 2nd loss. Kotoshogiku banged into Homasho and forced him down. Koto-o-shu went straight towards Tochinoshin and shoved the Georgian out. Hakuho and Goeido clashed into eachother then both threw eachother. But Goeido fell first and Hakuho won the bout.

2nd day
Wakanosato lost again. This time to Fujiazuma. Takayasu, however was able to drive out Kokkai for his first win. Kisenosato kept his eyes on Aran and thrust the Russian out. Baruto grabbed Tochinoshin's belt with both hands and threw the Georgian down. Kotoshogiku drove Goeido down. Koto-o-shu appeared to be in control, but after a while he pulled back and that led to his defeat to Toyonoshima. Harumafuji thrust Homasho's head to drive him on the dirt. Hakuho drove out Okinoumi.

1st day
The wrestlers belonging to Naruto stable fought while in mourning. Wakanosato lost to Wakakoyu's push. Takayasu was also pushed out by Takekaze. Kisenosato was in danger of being taken out, but he shifted position then shoved down Kyutenho to win. After the bout, as he stood by the ring, Kisenosato appeared to be fighting back tears. He was grinning and blinking a lot. New ozeki Kotoshogiku rammed into Tochinoshin and drove the Georgian down. Koto-o-shu managed to force down Goeido, who turned his back toward the ozeki. Harumafuji got a grip or Okinoumi's belt then shoved him down. Baruto quickly got hold of Toyonoshima's belt, but was careless after that. The Estonian was thrown out of the ring. Harumafuji immediately forced Homasho down on the dirt.

Pre Tourney highlight
Former Takanosato suddenly dies
The sudden death of former yokozuna sent shockwaves. It was reported Naruto stablemaster died from respiratory problem on Nov 7. It's in the Fukuoka where the whole sumo members are for the coming tourney. The death comes as Naruto was being questioned for violence and injecting insulin into Takanoyama. Kisenosato and Wakanosato belong to Naruto stable

Kotoshogiku in the spotlight
Kotoshogiku has been making a lot of public appearances since his promotion to ozeki. He's also gone home to Fukuoka's Yanagawa and appeared in a water parade on Oct 15.

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