(November 10 to 24 Fukuoka Kokusai Center)

Outstanding Performance Award:
Outstanding Technique Award: Chiyotairyu
Fighting Spirit Award: Ikioi

Final day
Fujiazuma gave Endo thrusts. They Endo caught him and drove him out. Endo finished the tourney with 6 wins. Chiyotairyu lifted Kyokushuhow out the ring for his 11th win. Kaisei and Ohsuna-arashi faced eachother in a rather long bout. Kaisei in the end shoved the Egyptian out. Both finished 7-8. Yoshikaze and Takayasu had to redo the bout after the first try was deemed equal. Yoshikazu drove Takayasu on his hands to clinch a majority win. Ikioi and Toyonoshima had to fight twice too. Ikioi threw Toyonoshima to win his 11th bout. Aoiyama attacked Okinoumi hard and drove him out to win his 10th bout. Tochiozan drove Goeido out from behind. Its Goeido's 7th loss. Kisenosato was able to meticulously gain a hold of Kakuryu's belt and drove the Mongolian out Kisenosato won his 13th bout. In the final bout of the tourney the 2 yokozuna tying for the Emperor's Cup faced eachother. Harumafuji immediately shifted his position as his faced off. Hakuho was clearly put off. Harumafuji shoved Hakuho and Hakuho pretended he withstood and fought back, but the juries ruled Hakuho's foot had left the ring. Harumafuji clinched his 6th tourney victory.

14th day
Ikioi is in good shape. He quickly drove Ohsuna-arashi out for his 10th win. Aoiyama forced Goeido to the edge of the ring, but Goeido shifted slightly which put Aoiyama off balance, to fall. Goeido secured his majority win. Kaisei lost control showing his back towards Tochiozan. Tochiozan drove out the Brazilian. Hakuho and Kisenosato stared at eachother every moment they can in the preparatory ceremony. It was clear they were very focused. When they faced off, both went for eachother's belt. Kisenosato grabbed Hakuho's belt and threw him while shoving with his left leg. It's Hakuho's first loss. Harumafuji got hold of Kakuryu's belt and forced him out. With a loss each the 2 yokozuna tie for the lead.

13th day
Endo was powerless before Myogiryu. He was pushed out and succumbed to a majority loss. Goedo powerfully pushed out Chiyotairyu for his 7th win. Kisenosato hooked his leg around Harumafuji and smoothly drove out the yokozuna. It's Harumafuji's first loss. Hakuho got hold of Kakuryu's belt and forced fellow Mongolian out. Hakuho is the sole leader.

12th day
Toyohibiki shoved Ohsuna-arashi's faced and pushed out the Egyptian. Endo forced a throw while Tochinowaka had a better position and the up and coming star fell first. Kisenosato gave Chiyotairyu thrusts after another and won. The ozeki won his 10th bout. Aoiyama did not allow Kakuryu to fight back, forcing the Mongolian ozeki out. Its the Bulgarian's 8th win. Hakuho threw Goeido which he himself fell. Harumafuji forced Tochiozan out. The leaders remain the same.

11th day
Ohsuna-arashi drove out Tokushoryu for his 6th win. Endo kept his hands on Yoshikaze's belt and forced him out. Kaisei did not have to fight to win as his opponent for the day, Masunoyama pulled out. Chiyotairyu thrust out Takekaze for his 9th win. Okinoumi drove out Kyokutenho who succumbed to a majority loss. Kisenosato struggled against the huge Aoiyama but managed to win with a powerful push. Harumafuji clashed into Goeido then thrust his head and won again. Hakuho thrust out Tochiozan.

10th day
Chiyotairyu pushed out pushed out Kitataiki for a majority win. Endo managed to drive Takayasu down for his 4th win. Goeido try to throw Takekaze by the neck but instead fell slightly first. Kisenosato drove out Shohozan. Shohozan succumbed to a majority loss. Kakuryu and Tochioazan moved back and forth in side the ring then the ozeki managed to win with a push out. Hakuho gave a big thrust which forced Tochinowaka to fall. Harumafuji shifted to the left then threw the heavy Aoiyama down. The 2 yokozuna continue to lead.

9th day
Ohsuna-arashi was initially ruled the loser. But the judges decided his opponent Jokoryu fell off the ring first, so the decision was reversed. This time Endo fell to Sadanofuji's thrust. Goeido pushed forward but lost balance and fell to Okinoumi's throw. Kakuryu thrust down Shohozan for his 7th win. Kisenosato drove out Takekaze. Harumafuji attacked Tochinowaka's throat then quickly forced him out. Hakuho shoved Homasho out the ring.

8th day
Ohsuna-arashi got hold of Fujiazuma's belt and drove him out for his 4th win. Endo forced Tenkaisho down as he himself fell. Aoiyama attacked Sadanofuji and won his 7th bout. Kaisei pushed out Kitataiki. Goeido threw Kisenosato with his arm around his neck to win his 6th bout. Kakuryu gave thrust then forced Takayasu down. Hakuho shoved Takekaze down. Harumafuji pushed out Homasho out the ring. The 2 yokozuna secured a majority win.

7th day
Endo got hold of Chiyotairyu's belt with his left and gave a throw to win his 2nd bout. It's Chiyotairyu's 2nd loss. Kyokutenho drove Takayasu down, and with this he recorded his career 860th win. Kakuryu gave Toyonoshima thrusts then pulled back driving Toyonoshima down. Kisenosato pushed out Homasho. Harumafuji attacked Takekaze then thrust down his head and won. Hakuho quickly drove Shohozan down. The 2 yokozuna have not lost yet.

6th day
Ohsuna-arashi managed to shove down Terunofuji for his 2nd win. Masunoyama lost his first bout to Shotenro. Kyokutenhon threw Goeido on his back to win his first bout. During the bout, Toyonoshima banged into the refree, then he was pushed out by Kisenosato. Kakuryu drove Takekaze on his hand. Hakuho gave Takayasu a powerful throw. Harumafuji forced Okinoumi out.

5th day
Paul McCartney who's in the middle of his Japan tour attended the tourney with his wife as the former Tochiazuma sat by them to explain the bouts. Masunoyama pushed out Tama-asuka to win his 5th bout. Aminishiki thrust Goeido's head to drive him down. It's Goeido's first loss. Kakuryu slapped Aminishiki then drove him down. Kisenosato shoved Kyokutenho out the ring. Harumafuji threw Takayasu. Toyonoshima clashed into Hakuho. Hakuho was not impressed. He drove down Toyonoshima. Both yokozuna have clean records so far.

4th day
Endo who still is fighting without a topnot, faced Tokitenku. In their 3rd face off, Endo was slapped but shoved back and won his first bout this tourney. Goeido pulled away and drove Shohozan on his hand to win again. Kakuryu thrust down Aminishiki. Kisenosato got hold of Okinoumi's belt and drove him out. Myogiryu earned a win without fighting. His opponent of the day, Koto-o-shu withdrew. The Bulgarian will be demoted after this tourney if he does not return to fight for a majority win. Hakuho drove out Kyokutenho. Harumafuji got hold of Toyonoshima's right angled and threw him. There's suspicion, maybe he touched the dirt slightly and pretended not to.

3rd day
Ohsuna-arashi drove down Chiyo-otori to win his first bout. Kaisei got hold of Tochinowaka's belt and shoved him to win his first bout. Okinoumi drove Tochiozan out. Toyonoshima automatically earned a win as Kotoshogiku pulled out. The ozeki is reported to have ripped his chest muscle the previous day which will take him 3 months to recover. Kisenosato shoved Aminishiki but not hard enough.Aminishiki then got himself around Kisenosato and by attacking the ozeki's knee drove him down. Koto-o-shu was driven down by Shohozan. Goeido banged into Kakuryu and drove the ozeki down. Harumafuji powerfully drove out Kyokutenho. Hakuho forced Myogiryu out the ring.

2nd day
Goeido forced Toyonoshima down for his 2nd win. Kisenosato pushed out Tochiozan. Koto-o-shu managed to take out Kyokutenho. Kakuryu struggled against Okinoumi. The Mongolian ozeki could not get hold of his opponent's belt, and gave thrusts which was not a good decision. Kakuryu was pushed out. Shohozan and Kotoshogiku, both from Fukuoka faced eachother. Kotoshogiku shoved against Shohozan and forced him down the ring. At the same time the ozeki himself flopped over and hit his shoulder. It's the custom for the winning ozeki to stay seated until the end of the remaining bouts of the day, but Kotoshogiku went right out of the arena. Hakuho pushed Aminishiki out the ring. Harumafuji thrust down Myogiryu for his 2nd win.

1st day
Egyptian Ohsuna-arashi did not have a bright start. He was driven down by Shotenro. Half Filipino with a cardiovascular abnormality, Masunoyama was able to drive Tamawashi down. Takayashi gave thrusts but Goeido was able to drive him down to win. Toyonoshima forced Koto-o-shu down. Kotoshogiku was cheered on by an united audience but he lost to Aminishiki. Kisenosato was not in a good position but was able to push out Myogiryu. Harumafuji charged into Shohozan who lost balance and was driven out from the back. Hakuho forced out Okinoumi.

Pre Tourney highlight
Ohsuna-arashi becomes first African born in makuuchi
It was learned the Egyptian was promoted to the highest division on Oct 28. Its in 10 tourneys he advanced quickly in ranks.

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