(November 9 to 23 Fukuoka Kokusai Center)

Outstanding Performance Award:
Outstanding Technique Award: None
Fighting Spirit Award: Tochinoshin, Kyokutenho

Final day
40 year old Kyokutenho beat Chiyomaru for his 10th win. Endo drove down Homarefuji to finish the tourney with 10 wins too. Osuna-arashi forced out Takanoiwa for his 4th win. Takayasu forced Tochinoshin on his belly to win his 10th bout. The Georgian took his 4th loss. In a bout which lasted for over 2 minutes, Terunofuji managed to force out Ichinojo. Both finished 8-7. Goeido tried to pull Kisenosato's arm then lost balance and succumbed to Kisenosato's thrust. Kisenosato won his 11th bout. Goeido succumbed to his 10th loss. Harumafuji threw Kotoshogiku out the ring for his 11th win. Kotoshogiku faced his 9th defeat. Hakuho performed with power to force Kakuryu out. Hakuho clinched his 32nd tourney victory, to equalize the record held by his deceased mentor Taiho. He was in tears as the Japanese national anthem played.

14th day
Tochinoshin threw Myogiryu with his right to win his 11th bout. Endo forced out Takanoiwa for his 9th win. Osuna-arashi gave Takekaze thrusts and forced him out for his 3rd win. Kaisei forced Goeido down with his right. The ozeki lost his 9th loss. Ichinojo thrust down Kisenosato who lost balance. Hakuho pulled Harumafuji's arm then pushed him out from behind to win his 13th bout. Kakuryu threw Kotoshogiku with his right for his 12th win, maintaining his chance to win the tourney.

13th day
Endo drove out Kyokusuho to clinch a majority win. Osuna-arashi forced Kitataiki out the ring to earn his 2nd win. Ichinojo and Tochinoshin kept a grip on eachother's belt. After a minute, Ichinojo shoved and drove the Georgian out. Goeido got hold of Terunofuji and drove him out for his 5th win. Kaisei fell on his knee in the bout against Kisenosato. It's Kisenosato's 10th win. Harumafuji got a good hold of Kakuryu and forced fellow Mongolian out. It's Kakuryu's 2nd loss. Hakuho threw Kotoshogiku to become the sole leader.

12th day
Tochinoshin shoved and shoved to take out Sokokurai and earn his 10th win. Endo appeared to be on the defense against Kotoyuki. But he took Kotoyuki's arm then pushed him from behind to win his 7th bout. Osuna-arashi was driven down by Ikioi in a long match. Kotoshogiku shoved and shoved and drove out Ichinojo. Both are 6-6. Goeido was forced down by Kakuryu and succumbed to a majority loss. Hakuho banged into Kisenosato and rolled the ozeki on the ring. Harumafuji gave Toyoshima thrusts and pushed him out for his 9th win.

11th day
Tochinoshin from Georgia beat Mongolian Kyokutenho to win his 9th bout. Ichinojo dropped Toyohibiki with his right to win his 6th bout. Kotoshogiku lost control and was driven out by Terunofuji. Both are 5-6. Hakuho gave Goeido a slap, then Goeido fell forward. Harumafuji shifted his position. Aoiyama gave a thrust which prompted Harumafuji to fall. It's the yokozuna's 3rd loss. Kisenosato attacked while Kakuryu kept on pulling back. Kisenosato kept his eyes on the yokozuna and finally won with a push out. It's Kakuryu's first loss. He ties with Hakuho.

10th day
Ohsuna-arashi was back after resting for 5 days, and managed to drive down Yoshikaze to win his first bout. Ichinojo pushed out Aminishiki. Kotoshogiku grabbed Goeido's leg and made him fall. It's Kotoshogiku's 5th win. Harumafuji attacked Kisenosato's throat the drove him out easily. The yokozuna secured a majority win. Kakuryu forced Terunofuji out to keep his record clean. Hakuho got hold of Aoiyama's belt and slowly drove the Bulgarian out.

9th day
Kyokutenho drove down Toyonoshima to secure a majority win at age 40. It's a record. Kisenosato on the verge of the ring managed to force Toyohibiki down to secure a majority win. Kotoshogiku banged into Takayasu, pushed and pushed and it took a while but managed to walk out Takayasu for his 4th win. Kakuryu forced Aoiyama out for another win. Hakuho immediately forced Ichinojo down for a majority win. Harumafuji thrusted down Goeido, who fell from the ring. It's Harumafuji's 7th win and Goeido's 5th loss.

8th day
Ichinojo shifted position which did not prove effective against Tochiozan. The young Mongolian was driven out to face his 4th loss. Takayasu got hold of Goeido's belt and drove out the ozeki. Kotoshogiku shoved and shoved Kisenosato. Kisenosato withstood then took a step forward and forced Kotoshogiku on his knee. Hakuho forced Terunofuji to lose his balance and drove him out the ring. Harumafuji gave thrusts after another and pushed out Takefuji. Kakuryu attacked Ikioi, pulled back to thrust Ikioi down. Kakuryu is the only one to clinch a majority win already.

7th day
Ichinojo threw Ikioi. Goeido forced out Aoiyama. Kisenosato managed to shove out Takarafuji. Toyohibiki got his arm around Kotoshogiku's and threw the ozeki to win. It's Kotoshogiku's 4th loss. Harumafuji gave Chiyo-otori thrusts then got his belt and threw to win. Kakuryu pushed out Takayasu. Hakuho this time won by walking Takekaze out the ring.

6th day
Kyokutenho powerfully drove out Chiyotairyu for his 5th win. Toyonoshima pushed out Endo for his 5th win. Tochiozan gave Kisenosato a throw when his foot was already out of the ring. The judges redeliberated the result and Kisenosato was given the win. Kotoshogiku this time drove Takekaze out for his 3rd win. Goeido was driven down by Aminishiki losing his 3rd bout. Ichinojo and Kakuryu fought a 2 minute long bout. In the end Kakuryu forced the younger Mongolian out. Hakuho lost balance and fell in the bout against Takayasu for his first loss. Harumafuji got hold of Kaise with his left then shoved the Brazilian out. Kakuryu is the sole leader.

5th day
Ichinojo shoved Takekaze down by pushing his head to win his 3rd bout. Kotoshogiku fell before Aminishiki left the ring, so the win was given to Aminishiki. It's the ozeki's 3rd loss. Goeido drove Tochiozan down to win his 3rd bout. Aoiyama shoved Kisenosato out. It's Kisenosato's first loss. Hakuho gave Toyohibiki a powerful throw to win. Harumafuji got hold of Ikoi with his left and threw to win. Kakuryu took a while to defeat Takarafuji who resisted him but managed to drive him out. Hakuho and Kakuryu have kept their records clean.

4th day
Endo moved forwards and pushed out Chiyotairyu for his 2nd win. Sadanoumi violated the rule by pulling Chiyo-otori's top not and lost. Okinoumi automatically was given a win as Ohsuna-arashi withdrew from the tourney. Goeido charged forward and drove out Ichinojo. Kisenosato struggled against Terunofuji. But after a minute of shoving, he drove out Terunofuji. Kotoshogiku lost again. This time it's to Ikioi. Harumafuji fell as he tried to keep himself in the ring. Tochiozan beat the yokozuna earning his first win. Kakuryu drove out Toyohibiki. Hakuho forced Takarafuji down by shoving his head.

3rd day
Ohsuna-arashi pulled back and fell in the bout against Terunofuji. He could not walk back. Yoshikaze also fell after he pulled back fighting Toyohibiki. He walked the aisle but took a chair and waited for a wheelchair to be brought to him. Ichinojo threw his big opponent Aoiyama to win his 2nd bout. Kisenosato kept his eyes on Takekaze and shoved him out. Kotoshogiku fell after Takarafuji pulled back. It's the ozeki's first loss. Goeido forced Ikioi down by shoving his head for his first win. Kakuryu attacked Aminishiki's throat and won with a push out. Tochiozan charged against Hakuho but Hakuho withstood and drove Tochiozan down. Harumafuji and Takayasu gave eachother thrusts then got eachother's belt, then as Harumafuji tried to shove, his foot went out the ring. It's Harumafuji's first loss.

2nd day
It appeared that Kitataiki had control with shoves against Kyokutenho. But the 40 year old shifted at the verge of the ring and Kitataiki's foot went out first. Okinoumi quickly shoved Endo out for is 2nd win. Toyonoshima pushed out Osunaarashi. Ichinojo beat Takarafuji with an underarm throw. Kotoshogiku got hold of the great big Aoiyama and drove the Bulgarian out. Goeido dashed towards Takekaze and fell while Takekaze shifted his position. It's the ozeki's 2nd loss. Kisenosato powerfully drove out Ikioi. Hakuho charged into Aminishiki and he himself went down the ring after Aminishiki lost. Harumafuji got a good grip of Toyohibiki belt to take him out. Kakuryu pulled back then shoved against Tochiozan to win.

1st day
40 year- old Kyokutenho threw Myogiryu and won. Tochinoshin forced down Endo. Chiyo-otori drove out Osunaarashi. Goeido fell and lost to Takarafuji. Kisenosato forced Aminishiki to fall sideways on the dirt. Kotoshogiku drove out Tochiozan. Harumafuji gave Ichinojo thrusts then forced the young Mongolian out quickly. Kakuryu drove Takekaze out. Hakuho quickly forced Ikioi out.

Pre Tourney highlight
Ichinojo is a sekiwake
The list of rankings for the Kyushu tourney released on Oct 27 showed Ichinojo has jumped from the bottom of maegashira to sekiwake. He wore a top not for the first time on Oct 27 which drew a lot of attention.

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