(November 8 to 22 Fukuoka Kokusai Center)

Outstanding Performance Award:
Outstanding Technique Award: Yoshikaze
Fighting Spirit Award: Ikioi, Shohozan

Final day
Shohozan lost this time to Aminishiki succumbing to his 3rd loss. Aminishiki earned his 8th win. Ikioi drove down Yoshikaze for his 12th win. Goeido threw Tochiozan by the neck to secure a majority win on the last day. He has saved himself from demotion from ozeki. Terunofuji shoved Kotoyuki out the ring. Kisenosato appeared to easily drive out Harumafuji who faced his 2nd loss to tie with Hakuho. But Hakuho lost again, this time to Kakuryu. As a result the Emperor's Cup went to Harumafuji for the 7th time.

14th day
Shohoza earned his 12th win without fighting as his rival of the day, Toyonoshima pulled out. Ikioi drove down Tochinoshin for his 11th win. Goeido was pushed down by Yoshikaze. The ozeki still needs another win to secure a majority. But it wil be against yokozunas. Yokozuna Kakuryu and Harumafuji faced eachother. Harumafuji won with a push out. Hakuho did not charge forward in the bout against Terunofuji. The two held on to eachother and were immobile for about 2 minutes. Terunofuji won by driving the yokouzuna out. Harumafuji's lead has been further spaced.

13th day
Ikioi pushed out Takarafuji for his 10th win. Sohozan drove out the big Ichinojo for his 11th win. Kotoshogiku drove Myogiryu down to secure a majority win. Kisenosato pulled away and Goeido easily forced forced fellow ozeki out. Harumafuji moved with speed and forced Hakuho to fall on his back. The 2 yokozunas are tied for the Emperor's Cup with a loss each. Kakuryu was thrust down by Terunofuji. After the day's tourney, shocking news. Japan Sumo Association chairman and former yokozuna great Kitanoumi died. He was taken by an ambulance to a hospital in Fukuoka on the very day. He had colon cancer and died of complication of organs.

12th day
Shohozan gave a powerful throw at Kyokutenshu for his 10th win. Terunofuji was driven out by Toyonoshima to lose his 6th bout. Hakuho drove out Kotoshogiku to keep his record clean. Kakuryu banged into Kisenosato and immediately drove out the ozeki. Harumafuji shoved Goeido out to remain runner up for the Emperor's Cup.

11th day
Gagamaru and Takarafuji clinched a majority win while Endo and Amuru succumbed to a majority loss. Terunofuji won a tough bout against Yoshikaze. Both are 6-5. Ichinojo and Goeido had to redo their bout as they were ruled as down at the same time. Goeido this time clearly was thrust down by Ichinojo. Kakuryu drove Kotoshogiku down. Both are 7-4. Harumafuji pushed out Tochiozan. Hakuho forced Kisenosato to roll on the ring.

10th day
Takayasu lost to Kykushuho. Shohozan was thrown by Ikioi. The two faced their 2nd loss. Terunofushi drove out Myogiryu. Toyonoshima defeated Kisenosato. Harumafuji quickly drove down Kotoshogiku. Hakuho clasped his hands as he stood up. Tochiozan was distracted. Hakuho did the same again and drove out Tochiozan. After the bout, retired sumo greats expressed their unhappiness towards the strategy Hakuho took. In the final bout of the day, Goeido slpped Kakuryu then quickly forced out the yokozuna. Both are 6-4.

9th day
Takayasu forced down Chiyo-otori to secure a majority win. So did Shohozan by driving out Taieisho. Okinoumi pulled away to the side prompting Kotoshogiku to fall. Kisenosato got hold of Terunofuji's belt with his left and drove the Mongolian out. Hakuho drove out Goeido. Harumafuji powerlessly lost to Tochiozan's push out. Harumafuji and Ikioi fought a bout that lasted almost a minute. Harumafuji forced Ikioi down and earned a majority win.

8th day
Tochiozan thrust down Ikioi. Kotoshogiku got hold of Ohsuna-arashi's belt shoved and shoved to win. Kisenosato drove Okinoumi out. Goeido quickly forced out Terunofuji for his 5th win. Kakuryu got a grip of the front of Tochinoshin's belt, swung the Georgina and won. Harumafuji pushed out Toyonoshima. Hakuho pulled back then grabbed Myogiryu's belt,the Myogiryu tried to thrust the yokozuna down, but the yokozuna forced Myogiryu out and clinched a majority win already.

7th day
It appeared Aoiyama forced Kisenosato out of the ring. But the fact was, Aoiyama's foot touched the dirt outside of the ring during the bout before that. One of the juries noticed that and reversed the result of the bout, giving Kisenosato's his 6th win. Ikioi pushed out Terunofuji also for his 6th win. Two ozeki faced eachother. Kotoshogiku forced Goeido to fall forward and won. Harumafuji got a hold of Tochinoshin's belt and drove the Georgian out. Okinoumi looked like he was in control, pressuring Hakuho to the verge of the ring. However Hakuho used his leg to force Okinoumi down first and Hakuho won his 7th bout. Kakuryu pushed Toyonoshima out the ring.

6th day
Ikioi succumbed to his first loss on shoves by Kaisei. Terunofuji drove out Ohsuna-arashi. Aoiyama forced down Goeido for his first win. Ichinojo got hold of Kotoshogiku and took him out.] It's Kotoshogiku's first loss. Kisenosato pushed out Tochiozan. Hakuho got a good hold of Toyonoshima and force him out to keep his record clean. Kakuryu thrust down Okinoumi. Harumafuji threw Yoshikaze.

5th day
A long over 2 minute bout was fought between Sadanofuji and Homarefuji. In the end Sadanofuji won by thrusting down Homarefuji. Ikioi drove out Endo to keep his record clean. Yoshikaze moved around and drove Tochiozan out from behind. Goeido quickly forced Ohsuna-arashi out. Kotoshogiku fell as Toyonoshima went out the ring. The refree gave the bout to Toyonoshima. But the juries ruled Toyonoshima's heel touched the dirt first. Kisenosato forced out the heavy Ichinojo. Terunofuji lost to Tochinoshin. Kakuryu also lost as a result of a poor start against Myogiryu. Harumafuji gave an underarm throw to defeat Okinoumi. Hakuho beat Aoiyama with an overarm throw.

4th day
Endo drove out Okinoumi out to win his first bout. Kotoshogiku was totally in control of the bout against Tochiozan and won. Kisenosato struggled against Tochinoshin but managed to force the Georgian out. Terunofuji threw Aoiyama to win. Goeido moved forward and pushed down Aminishiki. Harumafuji was able to drive Ichinojo down. Hakuho immediately forced Yoshikaze down. Kakuryu had a tough bout against Ohsuna-arashi but managed to drive the Egyptian out of the ring.

3rd day
Tochiozan forced down Aminishiki for his 2nd win. Kisenosato kept a careful eye on Myogiryu's move and thrust him down. Terunofuji threw Okinoumi. Tochinoshin shoved and shoved and beat Goeido. Kotoshogiku powerfully drove out Yoshikaze. Ohsuna-arashi withstood Hakuho's shove at the verge of the ring prompting the yokozuna to give up once, but shoving again this time succumbing to the force. Kakuryu drove out Ichinojo. Harumafuji grabbed Aoiyama's ankle as he fell. The refree gave the bout to Aoiyama. But the judges announced Aoiyama's foot went out the ring first, and so the win was given to the yokozuna.

2nd day
Endo was about to crush but withstood and withstood, finally he was totally crushed by Aminishiki. Tochiozan quickly drove out Terunofuji. Goeido defeated Toyonoshima. Kotoshogiku shoved and shoved Tochinoshin, but could not shoved enough, he changed his tactics. The ozeki pulled back then threw the Georgian. Kisenosato appeared to be in control ready to drive out Yoshikaze. But no, Yoshikaze shifted position slightly then forced Kisenosato out. Kakuryu forced Aoiyama on the ring. Harumafuji was driven out by Ohsuna-arashi. Hakuho managed to force Ichinojo out.

1st day
Endo appeared to be in control of the bout against Amuru but he lost it, being driven down instead. Ikioi forced out Aminishiki while falling. Tochiozan charged into Toyonoshima. But Toyonoshima stepped aside and forced Tochiozan down. Goeido immediately drove out Okinoumi. Kotoshogiku got hold of Aoiyama and drove the Bulgarian out before his hometown crowd. Kisenosato forced Ohsuna-arashi out. Terunofuji struggled against Ichinojo but managed to take out his rival Mongolian. Harumafuji is back moving quickly on the ring. He managed to with his grip of Myogiryu's belt and force him out. Hakuho threw the big Georgian, Tochinoshin on the ring to win. Yoshikaze charged forward, and Kakuryu pulled back and the yokozuna lost.

Pre Tourney highlight
Hakuho to fight in Kyushu
On Nov 5, Hakuho made it clear he would be participating in the Kyushu tourney. He has been taking part in local trainings and is reported to have been recovering well. This means all 3 yokozuna will be taking part.

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