2016 Kyushu Grand Sumo Tournament
(November 13 to 27 Fukuoka Kokusai Center)

Outstanding Performance Award:
Outstanding Technique Award: Tamawashi
Fighting Spirit Award: Shodai, Ishiura

Final day
Tochinoshin defeated up and coming Ishiura. Both ended the tourney 10-5. Arawashi forced down Shodai who's been performing well this tourney. Both are 11-4. Tamawashi gave Endo thrusts and forced the popular rikishi down. Endo succumbed to a majority loss. Takayasu drove out Terunofuji. Kotoshogiku forced Shohozan down the ring. It's the ozeki's 5th win only. Kisenosato drove out Takarafuji. Hakuru gave Goeido thrusts, forcing the ozeki to turn his back and then fall. Harumafuji charged into Kakuryu. Kakuryu pushed back and won his 14th bout.

14th day
Up and coming rikishi Shodai and Ishiura had to redo their bout. In the end Shodai won with a powerful push. Shodai won his 11th bout. Kotoshogiku fell in the bout against Aoiyama for a miserable 10th loss. Kisenosato struggled with a hold of Terunofuji's loosening belt but in the end was able to win by driving the Mongolian out. Harumafuji looked perplexed as Hakuho tried to face off. The bout took off. Hakuho turned himself around and threw Harumafuji. As a result of Harumafuji's loss, it gave Kakuryu a chance to win the trophy on the day if he won. And indeed he forced down Goeido. Kakuryu secured his 3rd grand tourney victory.

13th day
Tamawashi drove out Terunofuji. Both are 8-5. Kotoshogiku slightly shifted his position and Tochiozan went down succumbing to a majority loss. Tochinoshin shoved and shoved against Kisenosato, and finally he threw the big ozeki down the ring. Kakuryu beat Hakuho. Harumafuji and Goeido's match was suspicious to the judges. They had to redo the match. In the end Goeido won. Kakuryu is ahead with 12 wins.

12th day
Ishiura was tied for the Emperor's Cup with Kakuryu. Ishiura is a new makuuchi rikishi. But Ikoi drove him out. Goeido charged into Endo and pushed him out. Kakuryu was stable, driving out Kotoshogiku. Kisenosato forced Harumafuji out to tie for 2nd place. Hakuho struggled against Terunofuji and lost. Terunofuji was able to keep his ozeki rank by securing a majority win.

11th day
Goeido drove out Terunofuji to secure a majority win. Harumafuji gave Kotoshogiku a throw and won his 10th bout. Hakuho banged into Takayasu, shifted, then pulled back to drive him down. Kisenosato tried to throw Kakuryu and made the yokozuna fall. It's Kakuryu's first loss.

10th day
Goeido moved forward fast and drove out Kotoshogiku for his 7th win. Hakuho looked like he slightly lost balance but he regain his position. Then he had many chances to drive Kisenosato out, but he didn't not push hard enough. in the end, Hakuho was forced out by the ozeki. It's his 2nd loss. Kakuryu struggled against Terunofuji a bit but with his right got hold of the ozeki's belt and forced him out. Kakuryu improved his perfect record. Harumafuji hooked his leg around Takayasu and fell together with his opponent. The yokozuna won his 9th bout.

9th day
Terunofuji threw Kaisei for his 7th win. Kaisei has not won a bout so far. Goeido charges forward, but Kisenosato steps slightly to the side, forcing Goeido to fall. It's Goeido's 3rd loss. Kakuryu drove out Takayasu to improve is perfect record. Harumafuji quickly drove Okinoumi out for a majority win. Hakuho got hold of Kotoshogiku's belt and threw him. Hakuho secured a majority win.

8th day
Endo won by thrusting out Sadanoumi for his 5th win. Kisenosato slightly pulled back but then shoved forward and drove out Kotoyuki. Okinoumi was aggressive, while Goeido pulled back. It appeared the ozeki's foot remained in the ring while Okinoumi fell but the bout was given to Okinoumi. Goeido succumbed to his 2nd loss. Terunofuji powerfully forced Kotoshogiku out. Harumafuji forced out Yoshikaze. Hakuho got hold of Mitakeumi's belt and drive him out. Tamawashi appeared to be in control of the bout against Kakuryu. But Kakuryu gave an underarm twist, prompting Tamawashi to fall. Kakuryu became the first to secure a majority win.

7th day
Kisenosato pushed out Shodai. Goeido struggled against Kaisei but in the end forced the Brazilian down. Terunofuji drove out Aoiyama. Kotoshogiku fell down in the bout against Takayasu. Hakuho shifted position which prompted Yoshikaze to lose balance, turn his back, giving the yokozuna an easy win. Kakuryu and Endo banged into eachother. Endo touched the dirt and lost his 3rd bout. Harumafuji had a difficult bout against Mitakeumi but managed to drive him out.

6th day
Takayasu lost to Aoiyama's push in a bout that had to be retaken. Tamawashi thrust Goeido down, and the ozeki scarred his forehead. It's Goeido's first loss. Terunofuji powerfully drove out Tochiozan. Kotoshogiku shoved and shoved, almost falling on Okinoumi to win. Kisenosato drove out Mitakeumi. Kakuryu went forward, pulled back and forced Yoshikaze down. Harumafuji pushed out Shodai. An upset in the last bout of the day. Endo beat Hakuho. Only Kakuryu has a perfect record.

5th day
Terunofuji got a good hold of Mitakeumi and drove him out for his 3rd win. Kotoshogiku attacked Yoshikaze and pushed him out. Kisenosato thrust down Kaisei. Goeido moved forward and kept his head low against Aoiyama and won. Harumafuji attacked Endo's throat and drove him out. Hakuho forced Tochiozan down on the dirt. Kakuryu threw Okinoumi.

4th day
Endo forced Kotoshogiku on the dirt. Kisenosato with a hold of Tochiozan's belt walked him out. Tochiozan has yet to win a bout. Goeido shoved to drive out Mitakeumi. Hakuho gave Tamawashi a thrust then drove him down for his career 1001 win. Kakuryu walked out Kaisei. Harumafuji went round and round, got hold of Aoiyama's belt, then forced the Bulgarian to drop.

3rd day
Endo attacked Kisenosato's throat then pushed the heavy ozeki out. It's Kisenosato's first loss. Goeido beat Yoshikaze. Terunofuji drove out Okinoumi for his first win. Tamawashi attacked Kotoshogiku's throat and shoved his out. The ozeki lost his 2nd bout. Kakuryu got a good hold of Aoiyama and drove the big Bulgarian out. Tochiozan charged into Harumafuji which the yokozuna buffered and then threw him to win. Hakuho gave Kaisei a big throw to mark his career 1000th win. Fans presented him flowers as he walked down the aisle after the bout. Hakuho was all smiles.

2nd day
Takayasu falls on his knee to Goeido's thrust. Endo drove out Terunofuji. The ozeki has yet to win a bout. Mitakeumi forced Kotoshogiku to fall. Kisenosato slapped Tamawashi then forced him out. Harumafuji got hold of Keisei's belt and threw the heavy Brazilian. Hakuho forced Aoiyama on his hand. Tochiozan appeared to be in control, but he lost it and was then easily driven out by Kakuryu.

1st day
Takayasu attacked Endo and drove him out. Yoshikaze got hold of the back of Terunofuji's belt, picked him up and forced him out the ring. Kotoshogiku shifted his position then forced Kaisei out the ring. Kisenosato slapped Aoiyama then banged into the Bulgarian, and drove him out. Goeido shoved forward against Tochiozan and pushed him out. Hakuho was back and forced Mitakeumi to fall. Kakuryu pushed out Mitakiumi. Tamawashi stepped aside to which Harumafuji lost balance, making it easy for Tamawashi to push out the yokozuna.

Pre Tourney highlight
Hakuho and yokozunas ready
Hakuho was out the entire Sept tourney. He is ready to fight in Fukuoka. Other yokozuna, Kakuryu and Harumafuji are committed to aim for the Emperor's Cup.

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