2017 Kyushu Grand Sumo Tournament
(November 12 to 26 Fukuoka Kokusai Center)

Modified on November 30, 2017

Outstanding Performance Award:
Outstanding Technique Award: Okinoumi, Aminishiki
Fighting Spirit Award: Hokutofuji

Harumafuji announces retirement
On Nov 28, Harumafuji held a news conference, announcing he is quiting sumo. His stable master, Isegahama choked up tears. The yokozuna apologized for the trouble he caused disappointing sumo fans, his stable master and supporter. He made no mention of Takanoiwa or Takanohana. Since he has not been able to gain Japanese nationality, Harumafuji will not be able to seek retirement in the sumo world.

Final day
Aminishiki forced Chiyoshoma on his hand to secure a majority win. The 39 year old was in tears after the win, indicating how much the win means for him. Takakeisho beat Okinoumi. Tamawashi defeated Hokutofuji. Ounosho pushed out Takarafuji to clinch a majority win. Kotoshogiku managed to force out Ichinojo to win his 6th bout. Hakuho threw Goeido to win his 14th bout. During the award ceremony, Hakuho apologized for the scandal during the tourney and said he will come out with the truth and bring back Harumafuji and Takanoiwa to the ring.

14th day
Okinoumi pulled back thus giving Tamawashi the chance to thrust him down. Okinoumi succumbed to his 3rd loss. Hokutoumi also a runner up lost too, to Ounoshi's thrusts. Hakuho had only to win a bout to secure his tourney victory. He slapped Endo as he faced off and quickly drove him out. Hakuho secured his 40th grand tourney victory. As to Kotoshogiku, he was able to drive out Shohozan. Goeido easily drove out Takarafuji.

13th day
Okinoumi was in a dangerous position but was able to throw Tochinoshin to win. Tamawashi pushed out the popular Endo.Both are 9-4. Kotoshogiku gave Chiyonokuni a powerful throw to win his 4th bout. Goeido automatically earned a win as his opponent Takayasu pulled out from the tourney complaining of a bad thigh. Takayasu is able to go on sick leave without having to worry about hurting his ozeki position as he has a majority win. Hokutofuji drove out Yoshikaze to win his 11th bout. Hakuho gave Takarafuji a slp, then Takarafuji shifted which prompted Hakuho to lose balance, with the best he can do, trying to keep inside the ring. Takarafuji could have pushed but he could not get to Hakuho quickly enough. Then when Hakuho tried to regain balance, Takarafuji stepped aside again. Hakuho turned his back towards him. Then quickly regained balance and drove out Takarafuji. Hakuho keeps the lead, followed by Okinoumi and Hokutofuji.

12th day
Okinoumi beat Aminishiki for his 10th win. Endo defeated Myogiryu for his 9th win. Tochiozan drove down Kotoshogiku. Both are 3-9. Ichinojo threw Goeido to secure a majority win. Hokutofuji forced Takayasu down to win his 10th bout. Hakuho is reported to have come to the sumo venue an hour earlier than usual to be scolded by officials on his behavior the day before. He is reported to have apologized. In his bout, he quickly drove out Mitakeumi for his 11th win.

11th day
Okinoumi drove out Kagayaki for his 9th win. Kotoshogiku drove out Takakesho for his 3rd win. Takayasu forced down Ichinojo. Hokutoriki took control of the bout, eventually pushing down Goeido for his 9th win. Hakuho slapped Yoshikaze as he stood to fight. The yokozuna then seemed to ease tension. Yoshikaze went into Hakuho and drove down the yokozuna. Hakuho appeared to argue to the judges he was not ready to face off and the bout should be redone. He stood outside the ring for about a minute. As Yoshikaze was receiving the call for a win, he went on the ring and reluctantly left. Hakuho succumbed to his first loss but he still leads.

10th day
Okinoumi and Hokutofuji, both belonging to the same stable secured a majority win. They are in 2nd place for the Emperor's Cup. Out of the competition is Goeido who fell forward in the bout against Mitakeumi. Kotoshogiku succumed to a majority loss in the bout against ozeki Takayasu. Kisenosato pulled out again from the grand tourney. Chiyonokuni was automatically given a win. Leaving Hakuho as the only yokozuna. Hakuho struggled against Ichinojo but was able to throw the heavy Mongolian for another win.

9th day
Rikishi with 1 loss worsens their record one after another. Okinoumi was driven down by Kotoyuki. Daishomaru pushed out Ichinojo. Hokurofuji pushed out Chiyoshoma. Tochiozan and Arawashi had to redo their bout. In the 2nd try, Tochiozan thrust down Arawashi for his 1st win. Kotoshogiku was pushed out by Tamawashi. Mitakeumi attached fast, but Takayasu forced him to fall. Goeido pushed and thrust down Yoshikaze for his 7th win. Hakuho slapped Chiyonokuni then threw him down. Kisenosato and Takarafuji tried to get a hold of eachother's belt. In the end Kisenosato fell from the ring.

8th day
Aminishiki pulled away weakly this time, giving Endo a chance to push and win. Aoiyama drove down Dashomaru to win his 2nd bout. Arawashi moved around and thrust down Chiyomaru for his 7th win. Chiyotairyu pushed out Tochiozan who succumbed to a majority loss already. Ounosho drove down Kotoshogiku. But are 2-6. Goeido pushed out Chiyonokuni. Yoshikaze was so powerful,Takayasu touched the dirt. It's the ozeki's 3rd loss. Ichinojo drove out Kisenosato. Ichinojo won his 7th bout. Hakuho slapped Hokutofuji, got hold of him and forced him out. Hakuho keeps his lead.

7th day
Aminishiki immediately pulled away and forced Takekaze to fall. It's Aminishiki's 6th win. Okinoumi was given a win after juries reversed a call by the referee that Ikioi won. Okinoumi won his 6th bout. Arawashi drove out Daishomaru for his 6th win. Ichinojo pushed out Tochiozan. The Mongolian won his 6th bout. Kotoshogiku had a good start but Yoshikaze withstood and fought back to win. Takayasu pushed out Chiyonokuni for his 5th win. Shohozan attacked Goeido with great fervor and shoved out the ozeki. Hakuho slapped Oonosho then thrust him to make him fall down the ring. Kisenosato struggled against Hokutofuji and in the end was driven out. It's the yokozuna's 3rd loss. Hakuho remains the sole leader.

6th day
Kotoshoghiku pulled back then lost balance and was driven down by Hokutoumi. The former ozeki lost his 4th bout. Goeido was driven down by Chiyotairyu taking his first loss. Takakeisho pushed out Takayasu. Kisenosato pushed, pulled back then rolled Tochiozan on the dirt to wih his 4th bout. Hakuho got a hold of Shohozan's belt and shoved his body on the opponents to force him down. Hakuho keeps his record clean.

5th day
Terunofuji withdrew from the tourney. As he needs to win 10 bouts to return to ozeki ranking, this possibility is now gone. Mitakeumi was automatically given a win. As to the main bouts, Kotoshogiku quickly drove out Chiyotairyu. Takayasu was driven out by Tamawashi to lose his first bout. Goeido pulled back and was able to thrust Oonosho down before leaving the ring. Hakuho pushed out Tochiozan. Kisenosato was pushed and shoved by Shohozan. The yokozuna tried to keep balance and in the end, kept himself in the ring while forcing out this opponent. It's the yokozuna's 3rd win.

4th day
As Harumafuji's assault scandal is the big issue in the news, the tourney continues. Former ozekis faced eachother. Kotoshogiku easily drove out Terunofuji. Goeido slightly pulled back and prompted Tamawashi to fall. Takayasu and Shohozan fought a long bout. It ended with Takayasu getting a hold of Shohozan's belt to drive him out. It took more than a minute. Takakeisho gave Kisenosato thrusts. The yokozuna was unable to fight back and succumbed to his 2nd loss. Hakuho grabbed Chiyotairyu's belt and drove him out for his 4th win.

3rd day
A shocking news came to light in the morning. Takanoiwa was absent because he was smashed with a beer bottle by Harumafuji during a get together in October. That has fractured his skull. It was only on the 2nd day, Takanoiwa provided the medical document. Harumafuji apologized to the media. He decided to pull out of the tourney. His opponent for the day, Tamawashi was automatically given a win. As to other bouts, Terunofuji easily lost to Yoshikaze. Takayasu almost lost his balance but Oonosho appeared to have slipped and fell. Goeido forced Tochiozan down for his 3rd win. Hakuho forced down Takakeisho. Kisenosato managed to drive out Chiyotairyu.

2nd day
Shohozan who is from Kyushu, on the back of big cheers defeated Terunofuji. Goeido easily drove Kotoshogiku out. Takayasu forced Tochiozan out. Harumafuji lost to Takakeisho. It's the yokozuna's 2nd loss already. Kisenosato managed to immediately force Oonosho on the dirt for his first win. Hakuho forced out Tamawashi for his 2nd win.

1st day
Aminishiki was back in the makuuchi division at age 39, climbing slowly back after an injury. He skillfully drove Kotoyuki down for his first win. Endo quickly drove out Chiyomaru. Hokutoriki pushed out Terunofuji who's been demoted from ozeki ranking. He has a chance to return if he wins more than 10 bouts. Takayasu was back after missing last tourney. He needs to win a majority to keep his ozeki post. For a start he drove down Chiyotairyu. Goeido pushed forwards as Takakesho pulled back and won. Kisenosato was back. He and Tamawashi had to redo the start 4 times. But Kisenosato lost to Tamawashi's push. Hakuho forced down Kotoshogiku. Harumafuji fell forward to Oonosho's thrust. The tourney kicked off with many upsets.

Pre Tourney highlight
The popular Ura not ready to fight
The agile little rikishi Ura has withdrawn from the the tourney on Nov 10, according to the Japan Sumo Association. He injured his knee in the autumn tourney. He has decided to go for a surgery and will need 3 months to recover.

Kakuryu pulls out
It was announced on Nov 8 that Kakuryu will not participate in the grand tourney again for the 4th time in a row. The 32 year old had been practicing but his injured ankle and back have not recovered. He is under pressure to perform in January, otherwise he could be pressured to retire.

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