2018 Kyushu Grand Sumo Tournament
(November 11 to 25 Fukuoka Kokusai Center)

Outstanding Performance Award:
Outstanding Technique Award: none
Fighting Spirit Award: Takakeisho, Oonosho

Final day
Oonosho pushed out Yutakayama for his 12th win. Kotoshogiku threw Meisei to finish with 10 wins. Aoiyama gave powerful thrusts against Yoshikaze and won his 11th bout. Takakeisho forced Nishiki on his knee. With his 13th win, he had to wait for Takayasu's result. Before Takayasu, Tochioshin and Shohozan after fighting hard an invalid bout had to redo their face off twice, then finally in the valid bout, Shohozan forced Tochinoshin to step out. Takayasu fought against up and coming Mitakeumi. They could not move in the position they were place for a while. When they did, Takayasu tried to force a throw but his arm slipped, making himself fall. Takayasu lost. As a result, Takakeisho's Emperor Cup win was secured. It's the first for the 22 years old. He told reporters he informed his former stablemaster, the former Takanohana his tourney victory.

14th day
Kotoshogiku drove out Okinoumi for his 9th win. Aoiyama chases Daieisho around the ring and wins by pushing him out. Oonosho pushed out Abi for his 10th win. Shodai was automatically given a win as Kaisei pulled out. Takakeisho fought aggressively against Takayasu. But he lost control and fell forwards. Both are 12 to 2. Tochinoshin got a good hold of Mitakeumi's belt and drove him out to secure a majority win.

13th day
Kotoshogiku drove out Oonosho to clinch a majority win. Endo pushed out Kagayaki also for a majority win. Tochiozan secured a majority win by forcing down Asanoyama. All eyes are on Takakeisho. He aggressively fought against the heavy Aoiyama and drove the Bulgarian down. Tochinoshin started the bout appearing in danger of losing. But his opponent Takanoiwa's legs slipped into a split, falling on his back. The Georgian ozeki won his 7th bout. Takayasu forced down Daieisho for his 11th win as runner up for the tourney victory.

12th day
Kotoshogiku drove out Aoiyama. Oonosho forced down Daieisho. The 2 rikishi who were runner up with the numbers of wins both lost their 3rd bout. Takakeisho thurst down Tamawashi to keep the tourney lead. Goeido was absent. After securing his majority win the previous day, he decided to pull out. Mitakeumi was automatically given a win. Tochinoshin was thrown by Takayasu. Takayasu is the sole runner up with 10 wins.

11th day
The lower rankers doing well, both Aoiyama and Daieisho won its 9th bout. Takakeisho kept the lead by pushing and thrusting Tochiozan for his 10th win. Goeido forced down Kaisei in not a smooth victory. The ozeki clinched a majority win. Chiyotairyu's knee touched the dirt during the bout against Tochinoshin. The Georgian won his 6th bout. Takayasu in a close bout won by driving down Ichinojo. It's his 9th win.

10th day
Kotoshogiku drove out Taishomaru. Daieisho pushed out Takanosho to clinch a majority win. So did Aoiyama by beating Takarafuji. Takakeisho quickly stood up to push out Hokutofuji. Tochinoshin powerfully drove out the heavy Ichinojo. Takayasu forced out Chiyotairyu for his 8th win. Goeido shifted side then threw Asanoyama for his 7th win.

9th day
Kotoshogiku drove out Kagayaki fo his 5th win. Kaisei threw Tochiozan out the ring. Ryuden kept his head low as he shoved against Mitakeumi. Mitakeumi was driven out. Takayasu gave thrusts and forced Yoshikaze down. Goeido drove down Chiyotairyu for his 6th win. Takakeisho forced Tochinoshin to slip and fall. Takakeisho secured a majority win.

8th day
Tochiozan pushed out Tamawashi for his 6th win. Takakeisho thrust down Myogiryu for his 7th win. Mitakeumi gave a powerful shove to drive out Ichinojo. It's his 5th win. Goeido forced down Yoshikaze. Tochinoshin struggled but managed to drive out Ryuden for his 4th win. Takayasu powerfully pushed out Shodai for his 6th win.

7th day
Hokutofuji pushed out Tochiozan. It's Tochiozan's 2nd loss. Kaisei drove out Myogiryu for his 2nd win after 3 days of absence and 2 losses. Takakeisho shove Mitakeumi. But the shove was not strong enough that Mitakeumi withstood within the ring. Then Mitakeumi pushed down Takekeisho's head and won. It's Takekeisho's first loss. Yoshikaze gave Tochinoshin a throw to which the Georgian ozeki lost balance and touched the dirt. It's his 4th loss. Ryuden drove out Takayasu in a bout that lasted 1 minute 59 seconds. Goeido pushed out Shodai. Both are 4-3.

6th day
Nishiki drove out Tochiozan who succumbed to his first loss. Takakeisho forced Kaisei to fall forward to keep his record clean. Takayasu drove out Tamawashi. Goeido forced down Ryuden. Tochinoshin was pushed out by Shodai. It's the Georgian ozeki's 3rd loss.

5th day
In the morning Kisenosato came out to tell reporters he was pulling out from the tourney. He was sorry he was not able to meet up to the fans expectations. He did not give any signs he was giving up. Tamawashi who was expected to face him today automatically won the bout. As to the tourney of the day, Takanosho pushed out Ichinojo from behind for his 5th win. Nishiki forced Goeido to fall. It's the ozeki's 3rd loss. Hokutofuji pushed out Tochinoshin. It's the Georgian's 2nd loss. Tochiozan with his left threw Takayasu. It's the ozeki's first loss. Only Takanosho and Tochiozan have a perfect record.

4th day
Kotoshogiku drove out Sadanoumi. It's Sadanoumi's first loss. Takakeisho pushed and pushed to defeat Shodai and win his 4th bout. Tochinoshin drove out Kaisei for his 3rd win. Takayasu forced Nishiki down for his 4th win. Goeido forced Tamawashi on his hands. Kisenosato faced Tochiozan. Both fell off the ring. But the judges ruled Kisenosato fell first and Kisenosato succumbed to his 4th loss.

3rd day
Kotoshogiku was in the end driven out by Daieisho. Takakeisho gave thrusts and drove Ryuden out for his 3rd win. Kaisei was back. But he was forced down by Takayasu. Goeido was driven out the ring by Tochiozan who barely stayed in with one foot in mid air for a while. Tochinoshin pulled back and was able to force down Myogiryu. Kisenosato was fighting aggressively but was in the end driven down on the dirt by Hokutoumi. The yokozuna has not won a bout.

2nd day
Endo pushed out Okinoumi for his first win. Kotoshogiku drove out Ikioi for his 2nd win. Mitakeumi was able to push out Tamawashi for his first win. Tochiozan forced down Ichinojo for his 2nd win. Takakeisho forced Goeido down to win his 2nd bout. Tochinoshin forced out Nishiki for his first win. Takayasu forced down Hokutofuji. Kisenosato could not get hold of Myogiryu's belt and was forced down. It's the yokozuna's 2nd loss.

1st day
Kotoshogiku was cheered on by his parents on site, and on the back of their support drove out Takarafuji. Tochiozan forced down Mitakeumi who still has a chance of being promoted to ozeki depending on this tourney's performance. Tamawashi pushed forward to quickly push out Tochinoshin. Takayasu quickly drove out Myogiryu. Goeido gave thrusts and attacked Hokutofuji's throat to push him out. Kisenosato could not get hold of Takakeisho's belt. Takekeisho kept on thrusting and in the end forced the yokozuna down on his belly.

Pre Tourney highlight
Hakuho and Kakuryu will not compete
Hakuho's absence from the Kyushu tourney was decided on Nov 8. His right knee and ankle were operated, and could not recover in time. It's the 4th time he pulls out from the tourney during the year. Kakuryu's absence too was decided as he has a painful right ankle and unable to practice properly.

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