(May 12 to 26, Tokyo)

Akebono has at last returned to the major pro sumo scene. However, he's gotten to a disappointing start suddenly losing 2 bouts in a row. In the end, Akebono lost 5 bouts and won 10. Nobody seems to be blaming him for not doing well. He lost his final bout on the 15th day against his counterpart, Takanohana, but it showed that Akebono has begun to warm up for the next grand tournament. The Emperor's Cup went to Takanohana. It's his 13th victory.

It's been quite sometime since will power was felt from Konishiki. He lost 10 kilos by working out at a gym before the the summer tourney, and he proved that it was worth the effort. He won 10 bouts against 5 losses. He hasn't performed that will for so long. He was on the verge of falling to the juryo division if he didn't finish with a majority win. That would've meant retirement for him. Thank goodness, Konishiki will surely be promoted high enough for the coming tournament, that fans won't have to worry about him losing the makuuchi post and retiring.

Michiyo's Note: A messy situation that's said to have been occurring in the world of sumo is being taken to court. A sleezy weekly magazine carried an interview with stable master Onaruto who is claimed to have said that the traditional world is actually corrupt. For example, there are fixed bouts and gangsters are deeply involved. However, Onaruto died in April from pneumonia and hours after the leader of his fan club died from the same sickness. Many not only were shocked of hearing the two deaths, but also of their coincidence. The magazine implied there must be something very sneaky happening behind the scene. The Japan Sumo Association is sueing the magazine for slandering them.

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