(May 12 to 26 at Tokyo's Ryogoku Kokugikan Sumo Arena)

Outstanding Performance Award:
Outstanding Technique Award: Kyokushuzan
Fighting Spirit Award: Hokutoriki, Asashoryu

Post Tourney News
For the first time the Japan Sumo Association decided to promote a Korean to sekitori or to the juryo division on May 29. He's Kasugao. Also, Mongolian Asasekiryu has been approved too. He'll be the 4th Mongolian sekitori after Kyokushuzan, Kyokutenho, and Asashoryu.

Final day
Tochisakae pushed out Dejima for his 8th win. Dejima finished the tourney at 9-6. Otsukasa attacked Kyokushuzan's throat for a drive out win. It's Otsukasa's 7th win, which the Mongolian finished 10-5. Hokutoriki fell on his hands from Miyabiyama's fource. Miyabiyama won his 10th bout, while the new makuuchi finshed 11 to 6, an excellent record. Takanoanami tried to pull Wakanoyama towards him but couldn't and lost his 11th bout. As Chiyotaikai tried to charge forward, Asashoryu stopped him by holding his face.And Chiyo easily lost balance, and fell outside the ring. Both ended the tourney 11-4. Takamisakari stunned the fans. It was first in the champion rankers ring entry ceremony conducted only on the final day of every grand sumo tourney. When he got on the ring with other, he was lost, unable to find his place. It was an unusual site. As for his opponent this time was Tochiazuma who had a badly injured shoulder. Nevertheless Tochiazuma managed to take Takamisakari out the ring for his 10th win. In the final bout, Kaio pushed forward, to defeat Musashimaru. Musashimaru lost his 2nd bout, but the Emperor's Cup still his.

14th day
Dejima lost his 5th bout to new makuuchi rikishi Hokutoriki. Miyabiyama was taken out by Shimotori. Takanonami squeezed Jumonji's arms between his and shifted with his back to the ring until he turned himself to drive his opponent out. It's the former ozeki's 4th win. Kaio did not even need to fight to win. Fellow ozeki Musoyama withdrew from the tourney after injuring his left shoulder in the bout the previous day. It's the first time rising star Takamisakari faces an ozeki. He slapped his face real hard before the start of his bout. His every action excited the fans. The bout took off with Chiyotaikai giving thrusts. Takamisakari tried to move around the ozeki, but in vane. The ozeki won his 11th bout. Musashimaru practically chased Tosanoumi around the ring and drove him out. Maru clinched the Emperor's Cup for the 11th time. He ties with another Hawaiian born Akebono's record.

13th day
Takanonami was went around the ring with Daizen until he finally took him out. It's his 3rd win. Miyabiyama with his right gave and throw at Tochinonada, and fell together. But Tochinonada appeared to touch the ring first. So Miyabiyama earned his 9th win. Dejima went forward but Asashoryu skillfully caught the former ozeki and put him down. The Mongolian clinched his 8th win. Musoyama as he was taken out by Kyokutenho was grinning with pain. It's his 4th loss. Kaio squeezed Tochiazuma's arm between his and threw to win. It's for the 13th straight bout between the two Kaio won. Both are 9 to 4. Chiyotaikai dashed forward and gave Musashimaru thrust. The yokozuna was unable to deal with the attack and Chiyo pushed him out in the end. The upset has cost Maru a loss, still he heads the tourney.

12th day
Celebrities filled the seats of the Kokugikan including pro wrestler Antonio Inoki. Miyabiyama secured his majority win thrusting down Kaiho. Kotonowaka got Takanonami from the rear to drive him out. Musoyama kept his eyes on Kyokushuzan's every move and pushed him out. It's Musoyama's 9th win. Dejima grabbed Tochiazuma's belt with his right, but Tochiazuma fought back to drive him out. Both are 9 to 3. Chiyotaikai gave Kaio thrust, but it was not effective that Kaio easily took his opponent out. Kaio earned his 8th win. In the final bout, Asashoryu suddenly went low when the bout took off. He was then low under Musashimaru. But that did not bother the yokozuna. Musashimaru won his 12th bout. Following him are those with 3 losses. Maru needs just one more win to clinch the Emperor's Cup.

11th day
Miyabiyama gave pushes, and the resisting Kyokushuzan turned his back to be taken out. Miyabiyama is 7 -4, while the Mongolian 8-3. Takanonami managed to push down Chiyotenzan to win his 2nd bout. Dejima was lifted up by Wakanosato, and then pushed down. Tochiazuma went forward but pulled back. He shifted to the side to shove out Daizen who lost balance. Kaio immediately got hold of Kyokutenho's belt to drive his opponent out. It's Kaio's 7th win. Musoyama moved forward that with a thrust, Chiyotaikai flew out of the ring. Musoyama earned a majority win, while Chiyo faces his 2nd loss. Musashimaru got hold of Tochinonada's belt and little by little took him out of the ring. Maru's coming closer and closer to the crown, as Dejima and Chiyo both lost their 2nd bout.

10th day
Dejima and Tosanoumi clashed into eachother. Then Dejima thrust down his opponent's head to win. Tohki attacks Miyabiyama's throat. But Miyabiyama fights back, with thrusts. It's the former ozeki's 6th win. Takanonami tries to force a throw on Tochinonada, but he was toppled instead. Takanonami is down to his 9th loss. Mongolians Kyokushuzan and Asashoryu faced eachother. Asashoryu quickly got hold of Kyokushuzan's belt to win his 7th bout. Kaio took off to the fight, then stepped aside, and Takanowaka lost control of himself, turning his back towards Kaio, to be pushed out. It's Kaio's 6th win. Musoyama with his head down pushed out Wakanosato. Two ozeki fought eachother. Chiyotaikai attacked Tochiazuma with thrusts, but then Tochiazuma fought back to taint Chiyo's perfect record. Musashimaru had an easy push out win over Kotonowaka. The yokozuna is now the sole leader followed by Chiyotaikai and Dejima.

9th day
Dejima secured his majority win forcing down Asanowaka. Miyabiyama pushed down Daizen. Kyokushuzan after redoing the face off twice could not show any skills. He was constantly pressured by Tosanoumi and thrust out. It's the Mongolian's first loss. Tohki attacked Takanonami's throat and pushed the former ozeki out. Chiyotaikai drove out Kyokutenho. Asashoryu appeared to have been pushed down the ring by Musoyama, but the win was given to the Mongolian, and Musoyama's right foot left the ring accidently first. Takanowaka attacked Tochiazuma's face and took the ozeki out. Both are 6 to 3. Another upset, Kaio tried to throw Wakanosato but was not effective enough and on the contrary lost. Both are 5 to 4. Akinoshima tried to resist Musashimaru. But in the end Maru thrust Akinoshima's chest, putting him down. Maru and Chiyotaikai are now the only 2 leading the tourney.

8th day
Kyokushuzan tried to thrust down Tamanoshima in the beginning, but it was not effective enough. The two struggled, but then the Mongolian pulled back, got hold of the rear of Tamanoshima's belt and drove him into the crowd. Kyokushuzan already secured a majority win. Kaiho got hold of Dejima's belt and tried to topple him. The two went round and round. Dejima hooked his leg on the rival's and toppled him. It's Dejima's 7th win. Miyabiyama fell as he pushed out Kotonowaka. Takanonami at last won. He took out Tamakasuga. Musoyama tackled Akinoshima's throat and drove him out. Tochinonada was taken out by Tochiazuma. Tosanoumi clashed into Kaio. Kaio at that point shoved Tosa's head down to win. It's Kaio's 5th win. Chiyotaikai did not go forward with thrusts as he's been doing. Still he defeated Takanowaka. Musashimaru was no match for Kyokutenho, taking his opponent out easily. Kyokushuzan, Chiyotaikai, Musashimaru all lead.

7th day
The Kokugikan was fully packed for the first time this tourney. Dejima pushed out Shimotori for his 6th win. Kyokushuzan won again. This time he drove out Kotonowaka from his back. Tosanoumi clashed strong against Miyabiyama, but the former ozeki pulled back and won. Tochiazuma managed to take out the aggressive Asashoryu this time for his 5th win. Kaio too won, driving out Takanonami. Takanonami faced his 7th loss. Chiyotaikai gave his trademark thrusts to defeat Tochinonada. Musoyama was about to make a move for a win, but insteady Aminishiki got a good grip to throw the ozeki. Musoyama succumbed to his 2nd loss. Musashimaru slapped Daizen as he took off to fight. Daizen appeared to be simply moving away from the yokozuna. In the end, Maru won with a push out.

6th day
Kyokushuzan stood up and immediately thrust Hokutoriki down. The Mongolian earned his 6th win. Dejima moved quickly forward to take out Kotonowaka for his 5th win. Kaio was surprisingly forced out by Asashoryu and succumbed to his 3rd loss. Miyabiyama resisted Chiyotaikai's thrust. By Chiyo did not give up. He in the end pushed down the former ozeki. Musoyama had a smooth win over Tohki. Another upset. Aminishiki got a hold with his right, Tochiazuma's belt and with an underarm shove defeated the ozeki. It's Tochiazuma's 2nd loss. Takanonami tried to force a throw on Musashimaru. But Maru tried to stop him by hooking his leg around Takanonami's and took the former ozeki out.

5th day
The popular Terao pulled out from the tourney from an injury of his right arm. Kyokushuzan contines to fight well. He gave a twisted throw to defeat Buyuzan. Takanonami tried to throw Aminishiki, but instead was tripped. The former ozeki has yet to win his first bout. Chiyotaikai gave thrusts and pushed out Wakanosato. The ozeki's record is still clean. Musoyama overwhelmed Daizen with his push outs. Miyabiyama fought aggressively against Tosanoumi, but the incumbent ozeki won with a thrust down. Kaio drove out Tohki without problem. Tosanoumi pushed hard against Musashimaru, but the yokozuna took advantage of that shove, pulling away and making Tosa fall. Maru also has a perfect record.

4th day
Dejima lost his first bout to a neck throw by Kyokushuzan. Takamisakari earned his first win driving out Tamakasuga. Miyabiyama defeated Kyokutenho to make his record even. Asashoryu quickly moved forward to take out the winless Takanonami. Musoyama drove out Tochinonada for his 3rd win. Tosanoumi had a strong start and Tochiazuma was defeated before his pushes. It's Tochi's first loss. Kaio this time managed to push out Daizen for his 2nd win. Chiyotaikai overpowered Tohki with thrusts to push him out. Musashimaru shoved out Takanowaka for his 4th win.

3rd day
Kyokushuzan is in good shape so far. He tried to kick Takamisakari and the pulled away, and shoved him down. Dejima clashed against Tamakasuga and won with a push out. Tochiazuma stepped aside and thrust Wakanosato down. Kaio moved forward by was thrown out by former ozeki Miyabiyama. It's Kaio's 2nd loss already. Chiyotaikai pushed out another former ozeki Takanonami. Musoyama at one point appeared to loosen his energy then topple Takanowaka for his 2nd win. Aminishiki was no challenge for Musashimaru. The yokozuna easily won with a push out.

2nd day
In the juryo division, the popular and handsome Terao clinched his first win driving out another former makuuchi rikishi, Higonoumi. Dejima shoved down Tamanoshima for his 2nd win. Then there were upsets. Kaio was thrown out by the arm by Tochinonda. Another is, former collegiate rivals clashed into eachother. However, it was Tosanoumi who pushed out ozeki, Musoyama. Tochiazuma drove out former ozeki Takanonami. Musashimaru was a bit tipsy looking as he toppled toward Tohki. That ended as a push down for the yokozuna.

1st day
The Mongolian Prime Minister viewed the highest division from the VIP box seat area. He was lucky enough to see all 3 top ranking Mongolians win. They're Kyokushuzan who struggled against Chiyotenzan, eventually getting his hand behind the belt to throw him backwards. Kyokutenho defeated Daizen. Asashoryu who was beaming with energy threw down Miyabiyama. In the champion ranking matches, Chiyotaikai thrust Tosanoumi down tl win. Musoyama shoved Takanonami's shoulder and the former ozeki rolled over. Tochiazuma pushed out Toki. Amamituski got Kaio's arm, but Kaio utilized that arm to shove his opponent out the ring. Wakanosato pushed and shoved against the yokozuna, driving him to the edge of the ring. Musashimaru, however, fought back turning around to throw Wakanosato.

Pre Tourney highlights
Takanohana decides to pull out again
Takanohana officially decided to withdraw from the May tourney on May 8, pulling out for the 6th consecutive tournament. He was actually preparing with his stablemates the "yokozuna" or the white rope worn only by the grand champion. But it's reported that his father who's also his stable master Futagoyama convinced him to wait another tourney as he's not yet ready to fight.

Takanohana turns up in general practice
On May 6, the Yokozuna Deliberation Council held a public viewing practice at Tokyo's Ryogoku Kokugikan. All eyes were on Takanohana who's missed 5 previous tourneys. The point was whether he would join the other top rankers in the practice. Although he had his eyes on the ring while Musashimaru and the ozeki clashed against eachother, he did not join them. But only when practice session became the type where one is on the receiving end of anothers push. Takanohana received ozeki Tochiazuma's. He did not appear too strong though, and it's raising speculations that perhaps Taka is not quite ready to participate in the coming tourney.

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