(May 11 to 25 at Tokyo's Ryogoku Kokugikan )

Takanohana's retirement ceremony
June 1 marked farewell to former yokozuna Takanohana from the ring and from his top knot. It's after he performed his final ring entrance ceremony. His hair was cut by his uncle, former Wakanohana, and his brother who was also called Wakanohana. The final person to snip it all off was of course his stablemmaster and father, Futagoyama. The whole ceremony and party to celebrate the start of his new sumo career was broadcast live.

Terao's retirement ceremony
Former popular rikishi Terao had his ceremony on May 31 to wrap up his 23 years on the ring. Former yokozuna performed a ring entrance ceremony in the event. And the last person Terao fought against with his top knot was his own son. After his top knot was snipped off by his stablemaster/brother the former Sakahoko, he wore a new hairdo. And he looked handsome as ever.

Outstanding Performance Award:
Outstanding Technique Award: Aminishiki
Fighting Spirit Award: Kyokutenho

15th day
Miyabiyama finished the tourney with 10 wins by defeating Asasekiryu. Takanonami shoved Tamanoshima's face and won. Both finished the tourney with 7 wins 8 losses. Dejima took off to a fast start, but Takamisakari withstood the shoves, exchanged postions to win. Dejima finished with a majority loss. It's Takamisakari's 6th win. Wakanosato took out Tochiazuma for his 9th win. Tochiazuma finished with 8. Kaio faced his long time rival and good friend Musoyama. It was emotionally a difficult bout for Kaio because he still had the possibility of winning the Emperor's Cup. But if he did win, that would mean Musoyama would be demoted. What happened was, Musoyama thrust down Kaio to secure his ozeki ranking. With Kaio's loss, Asashoryu's tourney victory was finalized. And he himself won his final bout, easily beating Chiyotaikai. It's Asashoryu's 3rd grand tourney win, and his first as yokozuna.

14th day
36 year old Akinoshima tried hard to resist Iwakiyama's push, but was pushed down. Akinoshima faced a majority loss, At his post of maegashira number 15, it would mean a demotion to the juryo division next tourney. But at the end of the day, he decided to end his 22 years as a pro sumo wrestler. Akinoshima has won the most number of "kinboshi" or wins from yokozuna, and has been awarded one of the 3 awards more than anybody else. His long time colleague Takanonami, as he stood up, slammed Tochinonada's head and won. It's his 6th win. Takamisakari was pushed down by Kasugao facing his 9th defeat. Dejima struggled against Wakanosato, but in the end was taken down. Wakanosato clinched a majority win while Dejima's record is even. Tochiazuma shifted to the side as he stood and drove Miyabiyama down. Tochiazuma clinched his ozeki post by winning his 8th bout. Chiyotaikai stood up too fast, so the bout had to be restarted. After it took off officially, Musoyama got hold of Chiyo's body and thrust him down. Chiyotaikai's hope to clinch the Emperor's Cup faded, while Musoyama's record is even. Asashoryu tried to give a throw, but it did not work on Kaio. Instead Kaio got his right hand on Asashoryu's belt and gave an overarm throw. Asashoryu tumbled down the ring. It's Asashoryu's 2nd loss while Kaio with his 11th win still has hope of winning the Emperor's Cup.

13th day
Takanonami could not even defend himself, easily losing to Hokutoumi, and taking a majority loss. Takamisakari showed skillfulness. The bout took off, and he got hold of Kyokushuzan's right arm, pulled him and took him out from the back. Dejima pushed, and Kyokutenho pushed back,Dejima did not give up. But Kyokutenho in the end won. It's Kyokutenho's 9th win. Miyabiyama continuously gave thrusts and in the end drove out Wakanosato. Tochiazuma stuck to Tamanoshima and took him out. It's the ozeki's 7th win. Chiyotaikai stood up to thrust Kaio, but it did not affect Kaio. Kaio pushed down Chiyo's head. Chiyo landed on his belly. Both are with 10 wins and 3 losses. Asashoryu hooked his leg from behind Musoyama. Musoyama fell on his back. Asashoryu has extended his lead. Kaio and Chiyotaikai are 2 wins behind.

12th day
Miyabiyama pushed Tohki right after he turned his back towards him. Miyabiyama clinched a majority win. Takanonami gave a strong thrust at Kasugao's throat which forced him down. Kasugao slammed into the former Takanosato, hurting his eye. But the stablemaster stayed on to judge the bouts without his glasses. Takamisakai succumbed to a majority loss beaten by Kaiho. Musoyama with his right threw Wakanosato to make his record even. He need to gain a majority win in order to retain his ozeki post. Kaio seemed to be at a disadvantage. But suddenly he gave an overarm throw to defeat Kotonowaka. Chiyotaikai went forward while Dejima stepped back. Chiyo pushed the former ozeki out. Asashoryu gave thrusts to drive out Tochiazuma. The top contender is still Asashoryu followed by Chiyotaikai.

11th day
Takamisakari was too quick to stand twice. Finally, when he was able to face off, Takanonami slapped him. After that, his arm was squeezed by Takanonami's and danced along the edge of the ring a while until Takanonami finally drove him out. Both are with 4 wins 7 losses. Dejima dashed forward, and Tochinonada tried to take advantage of his quick move attempting to pull him down. But Dejima was on the alert. He got Tochinonada down as he fell. Dejima won his 7th bout. Kaio put Kyokushuzan down to clinch a majority win. Chiyotaikai was quick to give thrusts to drive out Tochiazuma. Musoyama pushed down Kotonowaka for his 5th win. Wakanosato was at one point in a good position. But Asashoryu did not allow Wakanosato to take contro, but pushing him down, and he on top. Asashoryu leads followed by Chiyotaikai.

10th day
Miyabiyama got Tamanoshima down on the dirt to win his 6th bout. Takanonami managed to take out Tosanoumi for his 3rd win. Takamisakari was easily taken out by Kyokutenho. Chiyotaikai moved fast and forward to drive out Kotonowaka. Musoyama showed a powerful fight perhaps for the first time this tourney. He shoved Kaiho down to win his 4th bout. Kaio was not fighting well, and this was reflected in the outcome. He was taken down by Tochiazuma. Asashoryu showed off a powerful throw to defeat Dejima. It was learned that before the bout he was warned by the Japan Sumo Association to watch his attitude. His bad behavior after the bout the previous day was criticized.

9th day
Dejima dashed forward and shoved Takanonami out the ring. It's his 6th win, while for Takanonami his 7th loss. Takamisakari was easily driving out by Wakanosato. Wakanosato earned his 7th win. Musoyama seemed only to need to give one more push, but it was Tochiazuma who pushed back to win. Tochiazuma has 5 wins while Musoyama succumbed to his 6th loss. Kaio did not start the bout well. But he pulled Tosanoumi towards him, and Tosa went out the ring. Chiyotaikai gave thrusts and with a final push beat Tamanoshima. Asashoryu practially knocked Kyokushuzan down before the senior Mongolian was even ready to fight. So the bout was started again. Kyokushuzan attacked the yokozuna's face, and then pulled back. While Asashoryu fell, Kyokushuzan jumped to avoid himself from leaving the ring first. Kyokushuzan posed with a tight fist to signal his victory. Asashoryu took the loss showing bad attitude. It's his first loss, but he still leads everyone else for the Emperor's Cup.

8th day
Takamisakari was seen reaching for Tosanoumi's belt with his left. But he immediately pulled back and took down Tosanoumi for his 4th win. Takanonami and Kyokutenho fought for 1 minute 37 seconds, shoving eachother in almost the same posture. But in the end, Kyokutenho pushed down the former ozeki. It's his 4th win, while Takanonami's 5th loss. Musoyama was powerlessly taken out by Tamanoshima. It's the ozeki's 5th loss. Kaio managed to drive out Kaiho for his 6th win. Chiyotaikai pushed forward a bit, and then pulled back. That move cost him the bout, and his promotion to yokozuna. Wakanosato clinched his 6th win. Dejima and Tochiazuma redid the bout. In the 2nd try, Dejima charged forward, but was taken down by Tochiazuma. Asashoryu easily drove out Kotonowaka to extend his lead.

7th day
Takamisakari lost to big Kotonowaka. He's down to 4 losses. Dejima charged forward as usual, but then the bout stalled to who gets a better grip. Tosanoumi in a better shape drew out Dejima who faced his 2nd loss. At the edge of the ring, Wakanosato threw Kaio out. But before giving the throw, Wakanosato's foot, was ruled by the judges later as out of the ring first. So Kaio earned his 5th win. Chiyotaikai banged into Kaiho and with explosive thrusts, won his 6th bout. Takanonami got his arms wrapped around Tochiazuma, and hooked his left leg, to trip the ozeki. Tochiazuma faces his 4th loss. Musoyama managed to push out Kyokushuzan. Asashoryu took Tamanoshima out. But even outside the ring took his opponent leg. The yokozuna has extended his winning streak, followed by Chiyotaikai and Jumonji.

6th day
Miyabiyama pushed out Gojoro to get his record even. Dejima charged forward and got behind Kaiho to drive him out. It's Dejima's 5th win. Chiyotaikai gave thrusts and pulled back, shifted to the side, and shoved down Tochinonada. It's the ozeki's 5th win. Kyokutenho had a good hold of Tochiazuma's body and drove the ozeki out. Both are with 3 wins 3 losses. Tosanoumi threw Musoyama on the ring. Musoyama is down to his 4th loss. Takanonami and Kaio faced eachother for the 50th time. Both tried to throw eachother at the edge of the ring. But Kaio hooked his right foot around Takanonami to put the big guy down. Kaio earned his 4th win. Takamisakari slapped himself and with his fists tightened, moved his arms up and down to face Asashoryu. And he tried hard to withstand Asashoryu's series of thrusts, but the yokozuna got hold of him and drove him out. So Asashoryu kept his lead.

5th day
Miyabiyama won his 2nd bout driving out Iwakiyama from his back. Dejima could not withstand Tamanoshima's force, and was put down. It's his first loss. Takamisakari this time made sure that with a signal of a blue towel, he knew when it was time to face off. That's because he needed to make sure to slap himself and go into his usual fighting pose before the fight. He didn't miss taking the action this time. Still, he was forced down by Tochiazuma. Both are with 3 wins 2 losses. Musoyama was taken out by Tochinonada. Kaio got a good hold of Kyokutenho to win. Chiyotaikai pushed down Tosanoumi. Asashoryu became the sole rikishi with a perfect record by pushing out Takanonami.

4th day
Miyabiyama won his first bout by taking out Hokutoriki. Dejima was pushed around but managed to stick to Kotomitsuki's action, in the end taking him out. But it was clear Dejima's right knee was in great pain. Musoyama shoved Takanonami out to get his record even. Takamisakari could not face off against Kaio immediately. He seemed perplexed. It was clear, he did not think it was time yet to take off in the fight as he did not slap himself as usual. After the face off was redone, he lost to Kaio. Chiyotaikai only needed to give a couple of thrusts to push Kyokushuzan out of the ring. Asashoryu faced strong resistance by Kyokutenho but was able to win in the end. He and Dejima are the only 2 with perfect records.

3rd day
Takanonami got his arms wrapped around Kyokushuzan's and picked him up. It's the former ozeki's first win. Dejima pushed and pushed to defeat Kotonowaka. This former ozeki continues his winning streak. Kaio seemed to be losing his balance, but with his side managed to push down Tamanoshima for his first win. Takamisakari may have hurt Chiyotaikai's promotion to yokozuna after this tourney by driving him down. It's Chiyo's first loss, while Takamisakari's 3rd win. Tochiazuma shifted to the side and put Tosanoumi down. Musoyama gave thrusts and was able to shove out Kotomitsuki for his first 2in. Tochinonada challenged well against Asashoryu, but it was not enough. The yokozuna drove him out.

2nd day
Takamisakari celebrated his 27th birthday by driving out Hokutoriki with his left. Chiyotaikai attacked Takanonami's throat and in the end pushed the former ozeki out. Chiyo's try for yokozuna post has gotten to a good start with his 2nd win. Kyokushuzan got his hand over Tochiazuma's back, on his belt and shoved the ozeki down. Both are 1 to 1. Musoyama seemed to have been at an advantage. But his shoves were not strong enough. Kyokutenho instead took him out. The ozeki is down to his 2nd loss. Dejima charged into Kaio. Kaio could not resist his pressure and was pushed out. Kaio's still without a win. Kotomitsuki was no matach for Asashoryu.

1st day
Miyabiyama was easily taken out by Kotonowaka. Kyokushuzan tried to get hold of Dejima by the former ozeki won. Wakanosato drove Takanosato close to the edge of the ring, which made Takanosato lose balance and fall. Tochiazuma was back looking good. He fought well to push out Kotomitsuki. Takamisakari clashed into Musoyama and took the ozeki down. Kaio was thrown on the ring by Tochinonada. Chiyotaikai went into Kyokutenho and then pulled back the Mongolian. Though Tosanoumi appeared to give all this might in the fact off, he was taken out by Asashoryu in the end.

Pre Tourney highlights
Musashimaru pulls out again
It's been rumored all along but on May 6, the final decision was released. His left wrist has not fully recovered yet. He wasn't able to take part in a general practice the day before either. It's the 4th straight basho that he's missing, or 7th in all.

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