(May 9 to 23 at Ryogoku Kokugikan Sumo Arena)

Outstanding Performance Award:
Outstanding Technique Award: Tamanoshima
Fighting Spirit Award: Hokutoriki, Hakuho

Final day
Tamanoshima powerfully took Kaiho out of the ring. Kotonowaka pushed Futenoh out to clinch a majority win. Toki slapped Takamisakari, and pushed him out of the ring. Takamisakari's face was smeared with blood. Dejima went forward but did not push enough that Shimotori fought back to take the former ozeki out. Both finished the tourney with 7 wins 8 losses. Hokutoriki needed to win the bout of the day to clinch the Emperor's Cup. He face new makuuchi ranker Hakuho. Hokutoriki however could not get his start right, twice. And when they finally got the bout officially started, Hakuho shifted to the side. Hokutoriki was taken down. At this point Hokutoriki had to wait and see if he'd have to fight Asashoryu in a playoff if the yokozuna won his bout. During the wait other bouts took place. Kotomitsuki fought against Kokkai carefully that at times the two waited for eachother to take the first move. But in the end, Kokkai pulled away and went out the ring. Kotomitsuki won his 9th bout. Tosanoumi and Miyabiyama struggled against eachother. Tosanoumi managed to win with a push out. Musoyama pushed forward but Kaio, threw him out. Musoyama finished the tourney with 9 losses. Kaio earned his 10th win. Chiyotaikai was no match for Asashoryu. The yokozuna easily won. And with this win, he went into a playoff with Hokutoriki. In the playoff, Asashoryu overwhelmed Hokutoriki by driving him out. He was all smiles. Asashoryu clinched his 7th Emperor's Cup.

14th day
Kokkai fell on his hand and lost to Kaiho. It's his 4th loss. Hakuho challenged Kyokushuzan. The younger Mongolian gave thrusts and slapped the elder Mongolian. Hakuho won with a push out. Dejima seemed to have stood up a bit early and he was slightly hesistant to go forward. But the refree did not stop him and he went ahead. Dejima took Kotonowaka out for his 7th win. Takamisakari drove out Tochinonada for his 6th win. Hokutoriki gave thrusts to defeat Takekaze. Hokutoriki earned his 13th win. Miyabiyama thrust down Tochisakae for only his 3rd win. Kotomitsuki seemed to fight with determination to thrust Tokitsuumi and win. Kotomitsuki clinched a majority win. Chiyotaikai gave careful thrusts. Musoyama tried to escape but couldn't and lost. He succumbed to a majority loss. Kaio at one point tried to throw Asashoryu but he couldn't and instead lost to the yokozuna's throw. Asashoryu managed to win his 12th bout.

13th day
Hakuho took out Hayateumi for his 10th win. Kokkai did too by driving out Futenoh. Dejima lost to Kotoryu. Hokutoriki pushed and pushed to take out Iwakiyama. Kotomitsuki stood up and shifted himself slightly and that put Tamanoshima off balance. Kotomitsuki defeated Tamanoshima. Kotonowaka put Miyabiyama down for his 7th win. Kyokutenho shoved Takamisakari out of the ring. Takamisakari succumbed to a majority loss. Chiyotaikai stood and shifted to the side and tried to fool Kaio. But Kaio got himself back in balance and pushed out his opponent. Asashoryu gave Musoyama thrusts, then got hold of the front part of the ozeki's belt, took him out to earn his 11th win.

12th day
Hakuho defeated Takekaze powerfull for his 9th win. Iwakiyama too earned his 9th win by taking out Kinkaiyama. Dejima dashed forward and took out Tochisakae to make his record even. Takamisakari fought well, driving out the heavy Miyabiyama. It's Takamisakari's 5th win. Hokutoriki had a good fast start and took out Kotomitsuki to improve his record to 11 wins. Tamanoshima got a good grip of the front part of Kaio's belt and drove the ozeki out. Tamanoshima earned his 10th win. Chiyotaikai shift slightly to the side and put down Kyokutenho to at last secure a majority win. Kokkai went forward with his head low. He thrust Musoyama and pushed the ozeki out of the ring. It's Musoyama's 6th loss while Kokkai's 9th win. Asashoryu appeared to fight with all his might to push out Wakanosato. Hokutoriki still leads this tournament.

11th day
Kokkai pushed, and as Hakuho withstood the shove on the edge of the ring, the Georgian gave another push to secure his win, his 8th. Dejima pulled back and tried to thrust down Asasekiryu, but it didn't work. He then with his right threw the Mongolian, and managed to win. Hokutoriki charged forward and drove out Kinkaiyama for his 10th win. Miyabiyama, although he struggle, managed to push out Tochinonada. Chiyotaikai attacked Takamisakari's throat,but he stopped and slightly pulled back. Then Takamisakari grabbed the ozeki and drove him out. The crowd was overjoyed with the upset. Musoyama was powerless. He was taken out by Tamanoshima. It's Tamanoshima's 9th win. Kaio pushed forward, but Wakanosato pulled away and shifted. Kaio went out while Wakanosato seemed to leave the ring too, but the bout was given to Wakanosato. Two Mongolians faced eachother in the last bout of the day. Kyokutenho, surprisingly got a good grip of Asashoryu and picked him up and put him out of the ring. The audience threw their cushions toward the ring. The top runner is now Hokutoriki alone. Runners up are with 2 losses each. They are Asashoryu and Tamanoshima.

10th day
Mongolian Hakuto put down Tosanoumi to win his 8th bout. He's been with pro sumo for just 3 years. Kotoryu hooked his foot around Takamisakari and put him down. Dejima shoved Toki out for his 4th win. Hokutoriki banged into Kokkai and pushed the Georgian out to improve his record to 9 wins. Miyabiyama lost to leg skills by Asasekiryu. It's already the former ozeki's 9th loss. Musoyama thrust out Kotonowaka. Kaio drove out Shimotori to earn a majority win. Chiyotaikai and Wakanosato played a long bout. Chiyo in the end pulled back and put Wakanosato down for his 7th win. Kotomitsuki fought well against Asashoryu. At once time, they rotated while wrestling at eachother. But in the end, the yokozuna picked Kotomitsuki up and dropped him outside the ring. The top leaders have been narrowed down to Asashoryu and Hokutoriki.

9th day
Funtenoh lost to Takekaze. Kokkai fell to Kinkaiyama's force. Kinkaiyama secured a majority win. Iwakiyama took out Takamisakari for his 6th win. Dejima charged down low. He got Tochinonada's belt with his right and threw him. Both are 3 - 6. Kotomitsuki and Asasekiryu played a strange bout. They would just look eachother with a fighting pose and not touch eachother for about 30 seconds or so. And after they moved, they stuck their heads together and refused to move for a while again. Finally Kotomitsuki decided to take action. He took Asasekiryu out. The Mongolian succumbed to a majority loss. Hokutoriki did not have an easy bout, but with shoves to Miyabiyama's throat, he managed to win his 8th bout. Miyabiyama faced his 8th loss. Kaio immediately grabbed Kyokutenho and drove him out. Chiyotaikai gave thrusts to beat Tokitsuumi. Musoyama powerfully drove out Wakanosato. Wakanosato lost his 2nd bout. Asashoryu gave the big Kotonowaka thrusts to win. At this point Asasekiryu, Hokutoriki, and Kinkaiyama tie for the lead.

8th day
Futenoh put Tosanoumi down for his 7th win. Kokkai gave thrusts and drove out Toki also for his 7th win. Dejima moved around actively and managed to take out Iwakiyama. It's only his 2nd win. Asasekiryu gave Takamisakari thrusts and then positioned himself low. But he was too low Takamisakari reached for his belt to be in control. Takamisakai shoved the Mongolian out. Hokutoriki almost stood up and seeing that the timing was wrong, got down low but not completely and stood up to fight again. This may have affected his performance. He allowed Wakanosato to take control and push him out. It's Hokutoriki's first loss. Chiyotaikai gave thrusts, pulled back, and shifted himself around Kotomitsuki, prompting him to roll over. It's Chiyo's 5th win. Musoyama got Tochinonada's left arm and drove him out. The ozeki got his record even. Kaio, as soon as he got hold of Miyabiyama's belt with his right, threw him to win. Asashoryu crashed into Tokitsuumi. Tokitsuumi fell to that power.

7th day
Two lower ranking makuuchi rikishi who had perfect records until the day before, Ohtsukasa and Kinkaiyama both lost. Kokkai thrust down Tosanoumi. Kyokushuzan gave an overarm throw to defeat Dejima. Kotonowaka, on his 36th birthday was unable to celebrate. Hokutoriki, who beat the yokozuna gave powerfully blows to Kotonowaka's throat and forced him out. Miyabiyama dropped forward to Kotomitsuki's shove. Wakanosato threw Asasekiryu for his 6th win. Kyokutenho immediately got hold of Musoyama's rear belt. And with that grip, took the ozeki out. Musoyama faced his 4th loss. Kaio dashed forward and shoved Tokitsuki, then took his right leg to defeat him. Chiyotaikai gave thrusts to take out Shimotori. Takamisakari gave a lower blow from below and that prompted Asashoryu to aggressively attack back. Takamisakari was thrust out. After his win, the yokozuna grinned in pain and held his side.

6th day
Kikaiyama held the front of Toki's belt and shoved him out for his 6th win. Kokkai pushed out Tokitsuumi for his 5th win. Wakanoshima pushed Miyabiyama and out he out. Kaio stood up a bit faster than Dejima and got his hand on Dejima's belt and the ozeki took out the former ozeki. Chiyotaikai erred from the beginning. Kakizoe immediately gained a better position lowering his body. Chiyo couldn't fight, and so pulled back and lost. The ozeki succumbed to his 3rd loss. Musoyama quickly pushed out Takamisakari for his 3rd win. Hokutoriki seemed impatient, as he was too fast to stand up to start the bout twice. And in his third try, he powerfully and quickly drove out Asashoryu. Spectators gave a wild cry and threw their cushions towards the ring in response to the upset. Asashoryu's winning streak ended at 35. Hokutoriki has a perfect record.

5th day
As usual, Kokka held his head low and pushed out Kotoryu. Hokutoriki was a wonder. He gave Takamisakari powerful pushes towards his throat. Takamisakari fell on his knees outside the ring. Miyabiyama shoved Kyokutenho and thrust his shoulder to at last win his first bout. Kotomitsuki appeared to be at an advantage, pushing Wakanosato. But Wakanosato stopped him and drove Kotomitsuki out. Chiyotaikai and Dejima stood up to fight after their 3rd face off try. Chiyo pulled back and lost his 2nd bout. Musoyama attacked Tokitsuumi to the edge of the ring. The ozeki seemed to have an upper hand. But while Tokitsumi stood on the rushes making the ring, Musoyama leaped out. Kakizoe did not allow Kaio to fight properly and pushed the ozeki out. So all ozeki were defeated on this day. Asashoryu got behind Shimotori and rather than try to win easily, he lowered himself and with his left hand attacked Shimotori's leg and put him down. Asashoryu earned another win.

4th day
Kokkai kept his head low and attacked Tochisakae and drove him out. Takamisakari was virtually leaping as he attacked Kakizoe and put his opponent out. It's his birthday win. Miyabiyama went down on his belly as a result of his struggle against Tokitsuumi. Wakanosato banged into Shimotori and took him out. Both are 3 to 1. Musoyama pulled away, and Kotomitsuki fell forward first. Kaio charged into Tochinonada and pulled back, putting Tochinonada off balance and driving him out. Hokutoriki overwhelmed Chiyotaikai during face off. And Chiyotaikai tried to run away from him opponent but fell on his hand. It's the ozeki's first loss. Hokutoriki won his 4th bout. Dejima tried to clash into Asashoryu in full force, but he succumbed to the yokozuna's skill. Asashoryu extended his winning streak.

3rd day
32-year old Takanonami tearfully announced his retirement. He is said to have reported to his stablemaster Futagoyama that he was incapable of fighting. And so the former ozeki's match of the day, Kobo was automatically given a win. Kokkai was able to drive out Kasugayama for his 2nd win. Kotomitsuki prevented Takamisakari from taking any action and put him down on his back. Wakanosato picked Dejima up and got him out of the ring. Kaio could not get a good grip of Asasekiryu's belt and he was shoved that his upper body was in a unstable postion, But he kept firm and in the end drove the Mongolian out. Chiyotaikai shoved Miyabiyama's through and then pulled back. Miyabiyama lost balance and fell. Shimotori was skillful. He pressured Musoyama's arms to rise, preventing the ozeki from acting. Asashoryu won again, this time by grabbing Tochinonada's right leg and forcing him down. The yokozuna, with his 33rd win in a row in 4th with the consecutive win record.

2nd day
Takanonami was pushed out by Jumonji. Tamanoshima beat Kokkai for his 2nd win. Takamisakari pulled Buyuzan's arm towards him and put him down. It's Takamisakari's first win. Shimotori pushed out Miyabiyama for his 2nd win. Tochinonada drove Wakanosato out the ring. Kyokutenho got Dejima by his neck and threw him. Chiyotaikai managed to push out Asasekiryu. Kaio, this time, put Kotomitsuki down for his first win. Aashoryu shoved and pulled back to defeat Kakizoe. It's his 32nd consecutive win, and with it he tied with the number recorded by Haguroyama and Kitanoumi.

1st day
Takanonami slapped Kinkaiyama but it didn't do much. The former ozeki was taken out. Kokkai was down low and he himself was losing balance while shoving Kyokushuzan. The Mongolian's right foot, was out before the Georgian fell, so the bout went to Kokkai. Tokitsuumi got hold of Takamisakai's front belt with his right and took his popular opponent out with an under arm shove. Dejima dashed forward, but Kotomitsuki stopped him by squeezing Dejima's arm under his, and swung the former ozeki out. Wakanosato recorded his 15th tourney as a junior champion class rikishi or "sanyaku". He skillfully drove Kakizoe out the ring. Musoyama attacked Asasekiryu, even tried to trip him with his right leg, which forced Asasekiryu to fall on his rear. Kaio was slow to stand up to fight, and was easily driven out by Hokutoriki. Chiyotaikai took down Tochinonada. Asashoryu drove out Miyabiyama and recorded his 31th win in a row. He's exceeed Takanohana with the consecutive win record and rose to number 6 with 31 wins among modern day yokozuna.

Pre Tourney highlights
Tochiazuma to pull out again
Tochiazuma already ranked "kadoban" ozeki, meaning he needs a majority win to keep his post has decided not to take part in this tourney on May 5 as his left shoulder is not in good shape. As a result, he's to be demoted next tournament. But if in July he wins more than 10 bouts, he has a chance of regaining his ozeki post.

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