(May 7 to 21 Ryogoku Kokugikan Sumo Arena)

Outstanding Performance Award:
Outstanding Technique Award: Miyabiyama
Fighting Spirit Award: Baruto, Asasekiryu

Final day
Dejima was in the difficult position against Jumonji. But at the verge of the ring, he managed to thrust his opponent down. The former ozeki was able to finish the tourney with a majority win. Hakurozan got a hold of Futen-o's belt with his right and shoved him out to win his 10th bout. Takamisakari fought Roho cautiously, and in the end, was able to drive the Russian out. Takamisakari wiped his tear after the bout, as it's been a while since he earned a majority win. 19 year old Kisenosato took Kokkai out to collect his 8th win. Frontrunner Miyabiyama gave Asasekiryu thrusts and pushed him out for his best finish ever. After the bout, he had to wait and see if he will have to fight Hakuho again for the Emperor's Cup. After the bout between Kotomitsuki and Kyokutenho which Kotomitsuki won to clinch a majority win, Hakuho was on. The Mongolian ozeki faced new makuuchi rikishi Baruto. Hakuho reached for Baruto's belt and threw him to take himself and Miyabiyama to a playoff. There were more bouts before that. Kaio pushed out Kyokushuzan quickly despite his chest pain and won his 9th bout. Koto-o-shu put Chiyotaikai down for his 8th win. Then it was the playoff. Miyabiyama tried to pushed Hakuho, but according to his comment later, his hand slipped from sweat. The 2 shoved eachother in a competitive match. In the end, Hakuho managed to take Miyabiyama out. Miyabiyama tumbled down the ring. It's the first grand tourney victory for Hakuho. With this victory, if he performs as well the next tourney, he could be promoted yokozuna. Miyabiyama could too be promoted back to ozeki he does as well.

14th day
Roho threw Iwakiyama to clinch his majority win. Asasekiryu drove Kyokushuzan out the ring for his 10th win. Kokkai started out with powerful thrusts and shoved Kotomitsuki's head to win his 8th bout. Baruto pushed then pulled Miyabiyama by his hair, but the former ozeki took advantage of it and pushed the Estonian to win his 13th bout. Kaio and Koto-o-shu faced eachother. Kaio was powerless. He succumbed to the Bulgarian's shove and fell. It's reported that Kaio is suffering from a chest pain. Chiyotaikai attacked Hakuho, but the Mongolian was more skilled. Hakuho put Chiyo down. The leaders remain the same.

13th day
Hakurozan and Kitazakura shoved eachother. In the end, Kitazakura shoved the Russian down for his 7th win. Dejima went across the ring and went the other way and down on Toyonoshima's thrust. Takamisakari pulled back effectively to defeat Kokkai. Both are 7-6. Baruto lifted Asasekiryu by the belt and drove the Mongolian out. It's the Estonian's 11th win. Miyabiyama gave wild thrusts and beat Kyokushuzan. It's the former ozeki's 12th win. Hakuho got hold of Koto-o-shu's front belt, swung him and put him down. Chiyotaikai attacked Kaio with slaps and thrusts and won. Kaio held his stomach in pain as he walked away from the ring. Hakuho and Miyabiyama remain on top.

12th day
Baruto slapped Iwakiyama, then reached around his back and forced him down. It's Baruto's 10th win. Hakurozan trapped Asasekiryu's arms between his and tried to shove, but the Mongolian managed to drive the Russian out. Tokitenku and Ama attacked eachother, pushed and shoved energetically, but in the little one put down the bigger Mongolian. Miyabiyama attacked Koto-o-shu's throat. The Bulgarian pulled away with ineffective thrusts and lost his 6th bout. It's Miyabiyama's 11th win. Hakuho shove Kyokushuzan. Kyokushuzan resists, but in the end the ozeki lifts up the veteran Mongolian and puts him down outside the ring. Kaio easily lose to Kisenosato. It's his 4th loss. Chiyotaikai was put off when Kotomitsuki shifted position and lost. The top contenders are Hakuho and Miyabiyama.

11th day
Hakurozan clinched a majority win by defeating Tochinohana. Kokkai redid his bout against Kotoshogiku and drove him out. Baruto pushed, pulled away then forced Tamanoshima out for his 9th win. Tochinonada and Roho both tried to lift eachother by the belt. In the end Roho put his opponent down. Kyokushuzan put Iwakiyama to win his 9th bout. Dejima did not push enough and lost to Takekaze. It's Takekaze's first win. Hakuho twisted Tokitenho and forced him down. Kaio was weak. He put driven down by Kotomitsuki. Miyabiyama gave powerful thrusts and drove Chiyotaikai out. Koto-o-shu lost to Asasekiryu's throw. It's his 5th loss.

10th day
Baruto thrust Futen-o's body and down he went. The Estonian clinched his majority win. Dejima pushed down Tochinonada for his 5th win. Kokkai seemed to be at a disadvantage but in the end pushed Toyonoshima out. It's his 5th win. Asasekiryu tried to throw Kotoshogiku, but instead he was forced a throw and lost his 3rd bout. Miyabiyama gave Wakanosato thrusts and put his opponent down to win his 9th bout. Kaio forced Tokitenku down. The ozeki clinched his majority win. Chiyotaikai gave thrusts to defeat Aminishiki. Kyokushuzan threw Koto-o-shu with his left hand to earn a majority win. Kotomitsuki was powerless before Hakuho who slowly but surely drove him out. Miyabiyama and Hakuho tie for the lead.

9th day
Takamisakari with his left put Buyuzan down. Baruto pulled back and forced Kasugato down while he kept one foot within the ring while he lifted up the other leg. Dejima redid his bout against Aminishiki and clearly won by driving his opponent out. Asasekiryu forced Kyokutenho down. Miyabiyama kept on shoving and shoving even though sometimes he was losing to Tokiteku's power. But in the end Miyabiyama pushed his opponent out to clinch a majority win. Kyokushuzan threw Kotomitsuki with his left and won his 7th bout. Chiyotaikai did not give Wakanosato any chance to fight back and won with practically 2 big pushese. It's Chiyo's 8th win. Koto-o-shu got hold of Roho's belt with his left and down Roho went. Hakuho slapped Ama as he stood up to fight, then threw the smaller Mongolian for his 8th win. Kaio shoved Takekaze who turned sideways. Kaio pushed him down.

8th day
Baruto pushed down Yoshikaze for his 6th win. Takamisakari drove Tochinohana out. It's his 4th win. Hakurozan forced Iwakiyama out to win his 6th bout. Dejima managed to put Roho down. Kyokushuzan did not give up. He kept on pushing to defeat Kotoshogiku. Miyabiyama and Kisenosato attacked eachother's throat. Then the bout went into a quiet fight for eachother's belt. Miyabiyama in the end drove the 19 year old out. Koto-o-shu charged towards Aminishiki and won. Hakuho gave Kakizoe thrusts and put his opponent down for his 7th win. Kaio slightly lost balance as he banged into Wakanosato. But he managed to get hold of Wakanosato's belt with his strong right hand and drove his rival out. Chiyotaikai could not give thrusts as Asasekiryu shifted to the side and instead pushed the ozeki out. Some spectators threw red cushions towards the ring in response to Chiyo's defeat. Chiyo, Hakuho and Miyabiyama are tied for the Emperor's Cup.

7th day
Tochiazuma decided to pull out for this day as his knee was in bad shape. This means, next tourney, he will have to fight to keep his place as ozeki. Takamisakari couldn't control himself from going forward and was driven out by Hakurozan. Dejima was thrown on the ring by Kasuga-o. Both have 2 wins 5 losses. Futen-o drove Kokkai out the ring. Kyokushuzan drove Tamanoshima out for his 5th win. Miyabiyama struggled against the light Ama but managed to stay put and in the end forced a throw on the Mongolian to win his 6th bout. Kotomitsuki forced Wakanosato out for his 5th win. Hakuho banged Aminishiki's head and put his down to win his 6th bout. Kaio drove Kyokutenho out. Chiyotaikai attacked Kisenosato, then pulled back and pushed again. In the end, he pulled away turning with his foot on the woven knot of the ring, while Kisenosato went tumbling down. Chiyo's the sole leader. Koto-o-shu tried to throw Kakizoe but he lost his grip and was instead pushed out. It's the Bulgarian's 3rd loss.

6th day
Takamisakari put Katayama down. An exciting bout was fought between Hakurozan and Baruto. In the end, the Estonian picked up the Russian and drove him out. Both are 4-2. Tochinohana forced Dejima down. Kyokutenho defeated Miyabiyama. The former ozeki succumbed to his first loss. Hakuho managed to drive Kotoshogiku out the ring. Kaio grabbed Aminishiki's arm, twisted his elbow and then forced him out. Chiyotaikai gave quick thrusts and put Takekaze down. Tokitenku attacked Koto-o-shu but was stopped when the Bulgarian got hold of his leg and forced him down. Tochiazuma went into Kakizoe and pushed forward, but Kakizoe took the ozeki by his arm and won. Tochiazuma lost his 4th bout.

5th day
Baruto pushed out Katayama. Takamisakari lost again, this time to hometown colleague Iwakiyama. In a long bout, Hohmasho managed to drive Hakurozan out. It's the Russian's first loss. Dejima went down first as Tamakazuga pulled away. Roho pushed Kasugao out from behind. Asasekiryu drove out Kokkai. Kisenosato overwhelmed Kyokushuzan with his shoves to win. Kotoshogiku pushed Kaio to the edge of the ring but Kaio was able to fight back and win his 3rd bout. Chiyotaikai splurred thrusts and beat Tokitenku. Koto-o-shu slightly lost balance but was able to put Takekaze down to win. Ama drove Tochiazuma out. It's the ozeki's 3rd loss already and his chance to gain yokozuna status disappeared with this. Hakuho seemed to have gotten his position right to drive out Miyabiyama out, but not quite. The Mongolian was not careful enough, and Miyabiyama put the young ozeki down. At this point, Chiyo and Miyabiyama lead with a clean record each.

4th day
The most exciting bout of the day was between Baruto and Kitazakura. It was a long one which in the end the 34 year old clinched by reversing the position at the edge of the ring and forcing the young Estonian out. Takamisakari was put down by Jumonji. Dejima charged straight ahead toward Tokitenku to take him out. Kotoshogiku shoved Kokkai down. Miyabiyama gave Takekaze effective thrusts to win his 4th bout. Chiyotaikai and Ama both slapped eachother, but Chiyo's blows were stronger. The ozeki won. Koto-o-shu managed to drive Kyokutenho out. Tochiazuma defeated Wakanosato. Hakuho got hold of Kisenosato with his left and put the 19 year old down. Kakizoe pushed Kaio out, but that move was ruled invalid as they didn't stand up to fight properly. In the officially valid bout, Kaio put Kakizoe down fast. It's Kaio's 2nd win.

3rd day
Asashoryu's withdrawal from the tourney was announced. He needs 2 months for a recovery of his arm hurt the previous day. And so the rest of the tourney continues without the yokozuna's ring entrance ceremony. Takamisakari shoved Kitazakura out for his 2nd win. Baruto won his 2nd bout by throwing Hokutoriki. Iwakiyama pulled back to put Kokkai down. Roho thrust Futen-o down. Dejima charged towards Kyokutenho and drove him out like a bulldozer. It's the former ozeki's first win. Kisenosato pushed Takekaze out. Miyabiyama's powerful shoves forced Kotomitsuki out. Wakanosato threw Koto-o-shu to win again. Tochiazuma fought with care against Asasekiryu, but was thrust down to take his 2nd loss. Hakuho drove Kyokutenho out. Kaio got hold of Ama and put the Mongolian down for his first win. Chiyotaikai pulled away prompting Kotoshogiku to lose balance and fall forward.

2nd day
Takamisakari drove Toyonoshima out the ring. Dejima pushed Kokkai to the end of the ring and then Kokkai shifted his position. Dejima fell. Kyokushuzan got behind Tokitenku and drove the younger Mongolian out. Roho pushed down Takekaze. Kotoshogiku forced Tochiazuma out. Hakuho drove Asasekiryu out. Miyabiyama gave Kaio thrusts and it appeared Kaio was dealing with them well. But Kaio could not grab Miyabiyama's belt and was in the end driven out. Chiyotaikai gave thrusts and put Kyokutenho down. Koto-o-shu managed to force Ama out. Wakanosato struggled against Asashoryu near the edge of the ring. Wakanosato however was inside, while the yokozuna tried to regain his balance but he fell down the ring. Asashoryu could not get back on the ring for a while as he seems to have hurt himself.

1st day
Takamisakari dropped on his knee as he was pressured by Tosanoumi who was back in the makuuchi division. Newcomers to the makuuchi division, Estonian Baruto and Hohmasho faced eachother. Baruto shoved his opponent out. Dejima pushed but Futeno in the end won. Kokkai drove Tamanoshima out. Kyokushuzan with his left hand forced Roho out. Miyabiyama slapped Kotoshogiku and then put him down. Wakanosato was fighting at a position too low that he was easily thrust down by new ozeki Hakuho. Kaio smashed into Asasekiryu, but the Mongolian shifted to the side. Kaio lost balance and was driven out. Chiyotaikai gave Kakizoe quick thrusts and then thrust Kakizoe's head to win. Kisenosato grabbed the tall Koto-o-shu and on the verge of the ring gave a throw to win. The 19-year old has never lost to Koto-o-shu in past 3 bouts. Tochiazuma kept his head low and pushed Kyokutenho out. Asashoryu with his left hand on Ama's belt, managed to win with a throw.

Pre Tourney highlights
Tohki calls it quit
Tohki who was the first to imitate Hawaiian born Takamiyama by growing his sideburns decided to retire.

1 Yokozuna and 5 ozeki this tourney
It's for the first time in 20 years. It's due to Hakuho's promotion after the previous tournament and 2 veteran ozeki, Kaio and Chiyotaikai managed to finish with a majority win to keep their posts.

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