(May 13 to 27 Ryogoku Kokugikan Sumo Arena)

Outstanding Performance Award:
Outstanding Technique Award: Asasekiryu
Fighting Spirit Award: Dejima

On May 30, messengers of the Japan Sumo Association formerly conveyed to Hakuho that he has been unanimously voted yokozuna. Hakuho readily accepted the offer. The Mongolian, who's real name is Munkhbat Davaajargal is yokozuna at 22 years and 2 month, or the 3rd youngest in modern sumo history.

Final day
Takamisakari drove Hokutoriki out. Both finished with 9-6. Aminishiki lost to Roho. The Russian clinched his 10th win. Miyabiyama forced Kokkai out to win his 9th bout while Kokkai suffered his 12th loss. Wakanosato defeated Tokitenku for his 10th win. Dejima pushed Kotoshogiku out to win his 12th bout. Toyonoshima succumbed to his 11th loss in a bout against Kasuga-o. Ama forced Asasekiryu out to clinch a majority win. Chiyotaikai's thrusts were not effective. Kotomitsuki got hold of Chiyo's belt and drove him out to earn his 12th win. Chiyo succumbed to his 5th loss. Kaio immediately got hold of Koto-o-shu's arm and swung him out. It's Kaio's 10th win while the Bulgarian finished with 8 wins. Asashoryu and Hakuho got hold of eachother's belt for a competitive bout. In the end Hakuho threw the yokozuna. Hakuho finished the tourney with a perfect record.

14th day
Asasekiryu drove Roho out for his 12th win. Dejima lost balance, turned his back towards Aminishiki and was driven out. It's Dejima's 3rd loss, and Aminishiki's 9th win. If Hakuho won this bout, he was the Emperor Cup's winner. Chiyotaikai pressured him with his thrusts, but Hakuho got both his arms around Chiyo, picked him up, then drove him out. Hakuho clinched not only his 14th win, his promotion to yokozuna became definite. Kotomitsuki quickly defeated Kaio. Koto-o-shu threw Asashoryu to secure a majority win.

13th day
Miyabiyama drove Ushiomaru out for his 8th win. Wakanosato drove Tochinonada down also for a majority win. Dejima pushed out Takamisakari to improve his record to 11 wins. Asasekiryu topped Aminishiki by his neck while he himself fell. It's the Mongolian's 11th win. Chiyotaikai attacked Koto-o-shu's throat but it was not effective. The Bulgarian got a hold of the Japanese ozeki's belt and threw him to secure a majority win. Hakuho fought aggressively against Kotomitsuki, got his opponents belt and drove him out. Kaio and Asashoryu's bout was in a standstill for awhile. But when Kaio got hold of the yokozuna's belt had shoved the Mongolian down. Asashoryu has dropped out of the Emperor's cup race.

12th day
Dejima defeated Ryu-o for his 10th win. Roho clinched a majority win by throwning Hochiyama. Asasekiryu beat Futen-o for his 10th win. Takamisakari quickly drove Kakuryu out to secure a majority win. Kotomitsuki pushed out Takekaze for his 10th win. Aminishiki shifted to the side as he took off, and kept on moving sideways, and Kaio couldn't keep up. Kaio turned his back towards Aminishiki and was driven out. Aminishiki clinched a majority win. Hakuho got hold of Koto-o-shu's arm and the Bulgarian was pinned down on the ring. Chiyotaikai had a quick start against Asashoryu. He gave thrusts and then attacked the yokozuna's throat with his right, and the yokozuna couldn't bear it anymore and fell of the ring. The spectators threw their cushions toward the ring in response to the upset. Hakuho leads, and the runner ups are with 2 losses.

11th day
New makuuchi rikishi Ryu-o clinched a majority win by defeating Roho. Dejima drove Asasekiryu out for his 9th win. Futen-o suffered his 2nd loss in a bout against Takamisakari. Takekaze slightly changed his position and that made Koto-o-shu wobbly, lose balance. Takekaze pushed out the Bulgarian ozeki. Chiyotaikai attacked the Kisenosato and quickly drove the young one out. Hakuho attacked Kaio. Kaio tried to stop him but was driven out. Asashoryu made Kotomitsuki lose balance and pushed him by his shoulder to win. Hakuho leads, and Asashoryu is the only runner up.

10th day
Futen-o and Dejima faced eachother. Futen-o drove out the former ozeki to win his 9th bout. Kotomitsuki kept on fighting, and took out Kisenosato also for his 9th win. Hakuho got hold of Tochiozan's arm and forced his opponent down. It's his 10th win. Kaio faced off against Chiyotaikai a bit slow giving Chiyo an advantage with his thrusts. Kaio tried to bear the thrusts on the verge of the ring, but he fell when Chiyo reversed his action. Chiyo clinched a majority win and secured his post of ozeki. Ama shifted his position, got hold of Koto-o-shu by his belt and threw the Bulgarian. Aminishiki banged his head into Asashoryu, put his right arm around the yokozuna and forced him down. With this upset, Hakuho became the only one with a perfect record.

9th day
Two perfect record holders til the previous day, Futen-o and Dejima both lost. Asasekiryu drove Takamisakari out to earn a majority win. Kotomitsuki grabbed Tochio-zan and forced him out. Kotomitsuki also secured his 8th win. Chiyotaikai shoved Homasho, pulled back, shoved again, pulled back and lost. Kaio had a hold of Kisenosato's belt with his left hand, but he tried to go for the belt with his right. When he made that move, Kisenosato lost balance and dropped. Kaio clinched a majority win. Koto-o-shu fell first as he was going down with Aminishiki, and suffered his 2nd loss. Hakuho pulled back, but managed to stay inside the ring and thrust Toyonoshima down. Asashoryu quickly pushed done Ama. The 2 Mongolians are the only ones with a clear record.

8th day
Futen-o threw Tochinonada to secure a majority win. So did Dejima earn a majority win by driving Hokutoriki down. Kakuryu immediately thrust down Miyabiyama. Takamisakari drove Aminishiki out for his 6th win. Kotomitsuki shoved Kokkai's knee and put him down. Kaio was slow to stand up, and Ama would not let him get hold of his belt. Kaio was taken out and succumbed to his first loss. Koto-o-shu grabbed Tokitenku's belt and threw him. Hakuho and Kisenosato fought a tough bout, which Hakuho in the end won with a push out. Chiyotaikai gave persistent thrust to push down Kakizoe. Asashoryu threw Kotoshogiku out the ring. 4 rikishi clinched their 8th win on this day.

7th day
Tochinonada twirled around,regained balance and shoved Takamisakari to the verge of the ring, but Takamisakari managed to throw him down. Kokkai threw down Kotoshogiku to win his first bout. Kotomitsuki drove Ama out. Koto-o-shu immediately shifted his position and shoved Kisenosato down by his head. Hakuho lifted Tokitenku then threw him to win his 7th bout. Chiyotaikai gave a series of thrusts, but lost balance and touched the dirt,and took his 1st loss. Kaio managed to shove Homasho out, but he himself lost balance and leaped into the audience. Asashoryu drove Tamanoshima out the ring.

6th day
Takamisakari shoved down O-tsukasa. Dejima thrust down Wakanosato for his 6th win. Miyabiyama drove Tokitsuumi out. Kotomitsuki put Homasho down for his 5th win. Hakuho pushed out Ama. Chiyotaiki pulled back and forced Aminishiki down. Kaio grabbed Tamanoshima's arm, swung him and forced him out. Koto-o-shu pushed down Kokkai and both went flying out of the ring. Asashoryu moved quickly and forced Kakizoe down. It's the first time that 7 rikishi have clean records as of the 6th day.

5th day
Dejima immediately thrust down Satoyama. Kotomitsuki succumbed to Tokitenku's shove, and lost his first bout. Chiyotaikai gave thrusts and then pull back while shoving Tamanoshima by the head. Tamanoshima fell and could not get up for a while. Kaio got hold of Toyonoshima and drove him out. Koto-o-shu shifted his position and then drove Kaizoe out. Hakuho shoved Homasho out. Asashoryu drove out Kokkai.

4th day
Dejima had his eyes gluved on Tochinohana and drove him out for his 4th win. Miyabiyama shoved out Takamisakari to defeat him for the first time in 3 years. Kaio drove out Kokkai. Koto-o-shu was toppled by Tamanoshima and took his first loss. Hakuho drove Kakizoe out while he himself fell. Chiyotaikai defeated Ama with thrusts. Asashoryu threw Tokitenku.

3rd day
Koto-o-shu slapped Tochiouzan and shoved his opponent whom he faced for the first time to win. Hakuho got Tamanoshima's arm under his and swung the big guy and won. Chiyotaikai charged forward and drove Kotoshogiku out. Kaio gave a powerful shove and drove Kakizoe out. It's the first time in 10 years that all ozeki have a perfect record as of the 3rd day. Asashoryu slapped Kisenosato and forced the young one out.

2nd day
Dejima drove out his long time rival Tochinonada out. Miyabiyama lost to Asasekiryu. Wakanosato pushed out Roho for his first win. Takamisakari drove Tokitsunada out. Kotomitsuki forced Kakizoe down. Hakuho threw Kokkai powerfully. Chiyotaikai attacked Tokitenku and pushed him out. Kaio was in danger. Kotoshogiku attacked him to the verge of the ring. But Kaio managed to shift his position a bit and thrust his opponent down. Toyonoshima tried to throw Koto-o-shu but, his own hand touched the dirt before the Bulgarian actually fell. Asashoryu forced Homasho out.

1st day
Tochiazuma was witnessed at the tourney, wearing a Japan Sumo Association jacket as its security guard. Some of the highlights of the day. Dejima defeated O-tsukasa. Miyabiyama drove Roho out. Takamisakari threw Kasugao to win. Kisenosato attacked fiercely, but Aminishiki attacked back and won. Kotomitsuki shoved Tamanoshima by his head and drove him down. Chiyotaikai clashed into Kokkai and forced the Georgian to fall on the dirt. Kaio immediately got hold of Tokitenku's belt with his left, and he cautiously drove the Mongolian out the ring. Homasho and Koto-o-shu fought aggressively. In the end Homasho fell on his face. Hakuho lost balance but managed to push Kotoshogiku out. Ironically, Asashoryu's opponent was Toyonoshima, the new komusubi he injured before the tourney. And in this bout, Asashoryu was merciless. He threw down Toyonoshima to win.

Pre Tourney highlights
Tochiazuma announces retirement
It was expected, but Tochiazuma, on May 7 told reporters, he no longer had the will to fight. He was diagnosed to have had cerebral infarction. That means, if he continues sumo, his life could be in danger. He decided to become a sumo coach and retain his name Tochiazuma for the next 3 years.

Kyokutenho in a car accident
Newly wed Kyokutenho was in trouble. On Apr 28, he reportedly hit a car in front of his. The issue here is that he was driving. Incumbent sumo wrestlers are banned from driving. And on May 7, the Japan Sumo Association decided to suspend him from participating in the coming tourney.

Toyonoshima injured in practice
Toyonoshima was happily promoted to Komusubi on Apr 25. Or so it was thought, until he faced Asashoryu in practice on Apr 30. The yokozuna was reported to have violently shoved Toyonoshima and sent him into the hospital. The next day, Hakuho was reported to have copied Asashoryu.

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