(May 11 to 25 Ryogoku Kokugikan Sumo Arena)

Outstanding Performance Award:
Outstanding Technique Award: Ama
Fighting Spirit Award: Kisenosato, Toyonoshima

Final day
Dejima managed to clinch a majority win by driving out Tokinoshin. Wakanoho forced Hokutoriki out for a majority win. Aminishiki shoved Asasekiryu out for his 10th win. Kisenosato pushed Miyabiyama out for his 10th win. Kotoshogiku and Futeno fought eachother for over a minutes. Kotoshogiku managed to shove his opponent out to secure a majority win. Ama and Toyonoshima fought an even longer bout exceeding 2 minutes. In the end, Toyonoshima drove Ama out first while he was losing balance to fall off the ring. Koto-o-shu quickly got hold of Chiyotaikai's belt and shoved the injured ozeki out. The Bulgarian finished the tourney with 14 wins. Chiyo finished with only 5. Kaio did not have a strong start against Kotomitsuki. Kotomitsuki had control. He drove Kaio out from behind. With this win, Kotomitsuki secured a majority win. Asashoryu banged hard into Hakuho, kept his head low, pulled Hakuho's arm, forcing the younger yokozuna on his hands. But Asashoryu did not stop there. He gave an unneeded shove. Hakuho appeared furious. He stood up, gave Asashoryu an angry look. Asashoryu grinned. But Koto-o-shu's beaming smile during the award ceremony cleared the tense, unwelcomed mood created by the 2 yokozunas.

14th day
Takamisakari succumbed to a majority loss with his defeat against Tamakasuga. Kisenosato kept shoving Aminishiki's head. Aminishiki lost balance and fell. Asasekiryu tried to fool Miyabiyama by stepping to the side, but Miyabiyama was firmly on his 2 feet, and shoved the Mongolian out. Koto-o-shu banged into Ama, shoved himself onto his opponent and drove him down. With this win, Koto-o-shu clinched the Emperor's Cup for the very first time. His father who was visiting from Bulgarian was congratulated by the spectators. There were still bouts left after the winner was decided. Chiyotaikai appeared with not only his arm, but his shoulder tapped. So it was not a surprised Kakuryu shoved the ozeki out. Asashoryu shoved Kotomitsuki's head with one hand and threw him. Hakuho drove Kaio out for his 11th win.

13th day
Toyonoshima and Homasho fought a bout which lasted about 2 minutes. Both fought cautiously, but in the end Toyonshima pushed, but he was caught of balance and fell forward. Homasho earned a majority win. Kisenosato slapped Kakuryu and drove the Mongolian out for his majority win too. Ama attacked Kotoshogiku and pushed him out for his 9th win. All eyes were glued on Koto-o-shu. He and his Aminishiki were able to officially launch the bout on their 3rd try to stand. Aminishiki quickly got into Koto-o-shu and easily drove the Bulgarian out. It's Koto-o-shu's first loss. Chiyotaikai had a tough, perhaps even a fight that looked negative for him. But Miyabiyama lost balance and fell with his legs wide apart. Miyabiyama succumbed to a majority loss. Kotomitsuki and Hakuho went for eachother's belt. Kotomitsuki had a better hold and pushed down the yokozuna. It's Hakuho's 3rd loss. Kaio immediately got hold of Asashoryu's belt with his right. Then he threw Asashoryu out the ring. Kaio clinched a majority win while Asashoryu lost his 4th bout, shattering his hope to win the Emperor's Cup. Koto-o-shu still is the sole leader.

12th day
Toyonoshima's both arms were squeezed under Wakanosato, so he couldn't move much ans lost. It's his 3rd loss. After thrusts and shoves, Baruto got Miyabiyama's belt with his left. But the Estonian suddenly lost balance and crashed. So the win went to Miyabiyama. Kaio got hold of Kakuryu and drove him out for his 7th win. Ama moved around Kotomitsuki and drove the ozeki out. The Mongolian secured a majority win while Kotomitsuki took his 6th loss. Chiyotaikai moved to the side and that made Asashoryu fall with his belly up. It's the yokozuna's 3rd loss. Koto-o-shu shiftly slightly to the side, Hakuho lost balance and the Bulgarian took advantage of that and shoved the yokozuna out. Koto-o-shu is by far the leader.

11th day
Dejima was shoving Kotokasuga with his head low, appearing to be in control. But his foot slipped to the side and out the ring. Dejima lost. Takamisakari drove Tochinoshin out the ring. Both marked 4 wins 7 losses. Toyonoshima drove out Iwakiyama for his 9th win. Miyabiyama attacked Kotoshogiku's throat and won with a thrust out. It's the former ozeki's 4th win. Ama fought well against Kokkai, defeating the Georgian by walking him out. Kaio had a good start. He wrapped his arms around Wakanoho and forced him out. It's Kaio's 6th win. Kotomitsuki appeared to have walked Kakuryu out the ring. But slow motion video showed his toes were actually out of the ring while he shoved forward. For this carelessness, Kotomitsuki succumbed to his 5th loss. Chiyotaikai fought hard against Hakuho, but he in the end lost and sucumbed to a majority loss. Koto-o-shu was cautious about the timing of the face off. He had to ask Asashoryu to wait. And the yokozuna did. They when the stood to fight the Bulgarian quickly got the yokozuna's belt, and shoved him out. The spectators responded to the upset by throwing cushions.

10th day
Tochiozan got hold of Dejima's belt to shove the former ozeki out. Its only his 2nd win. Toyonoshima drove Roho out to clinch a majority win. Aminishiki forced Takamisakari out for his 6th win. Kokkai gave thrusts to beat Miyabiyama. It's only his 2nd win. Baruto banged against Kisenosato, then pulled away, forcing Kisenosato to lose balance and land on his belly. It's Baruto's 2nd win. Koto-o-shu pinned Kakuryu on the ring to keep his record clean. Chiyotaikai gave thrusts but Kotomitsuki slightly moved aside, then got hold of Chiyo's belt, and threw him. It's Kotomitsuki's 6th win, while for Chiyo his 7th loss. Kyokutenho did not allow Kaio to get hold of his belt with his right and that planned worked. Kyokutenho won. Asashoryu shoved Kotoshogiku out. Ama shifted position as he took off to fight against Hakuho. Hakuho tried to gain his composure. But Ama with his left, forced a throw on the yokozuna. Hakuho went out the ring. It's Hakuho's first loss. With this result, Koto-o-shu became the sole leader.

9th day
While he fell, Dejima was able to force out Yoshikaze. Wakanosato drove Takamisakari out for his 6th win. Goeido forced Toyonoshima to fall. It's Toyonoshima's 2nd loss. Miyabiyama beat Kyokutenho for his 3rd win. The Mongolian had to record a majority loss. Kokkai appeared to be in a better position to win in his bout against Kisenosato, but Kokkai fell from the ring first. Kokkai succumbed to a majority loss. Koto-o-shu forced Tokitenku out. Chiyotaikai's thrust was not effective. Kaio shoved him and drove him out from behind. It's Chiyo's 6th loss. Kotomitsuki tried to shove Aminishiki but he practically dived into the dirt and lost. Hakuho easily droved down Kakuryu for his 9th win. Asashoryu took awhile, but managed to drive Ama out for his 8th win.

8th day
Roho drove Takamisakari out for his 5th win. Toyonoshima hooked his leg around Kasugao's to force him down. Kasugao could not get up after the bout. He had to be helped off the ring and wheelchaired. Wakanoho shoves Ama to the verge of the ring. Ama does not give up. The Mongolian raises his left leg against the Russian's who's body lifts up. It's a dramatic win for Ama. Kokkai was the won to thrust Chiyotaikai and win. It's Kokkai's first win. Chiyo is reported to have said after the bout that his right arm could not function well. Kotomitsuki shoved Asasekiryu out. Koto-o-shu easily drove Kaio out to secure his post of ozeki. Asashoryu pushed Tokitenku out. Hakuho quickly toppled Kisenosato on the dirt. Koto-o-shu and Hakuho continue to tie for a lead.

7th day
The day was centered on violence in sumo stables. One, that Toyozakura struck a young rikishi with a ladle so hard, he had to have 8 stitches. Another case was Magaki stablemaster hurt his apprentice with a sword. As to the bouts, Homasho forced Dejima to walk out the ring. Ama tried to thrust Kaio, but Kaio got hold of Ama's arm and pushed forward to win. Kotomitsuki banged into Tokitenku too hard, he lost control of himself when Tokitenku shifted to the side. Kotomitsuki fell out of the ring. Kisenosato tried to slap Koto-o-shu, but missed the ozeki, and instead the ozeki got his belt and drove him out. Chiyotaikai fell on his hands immediately after facing off aginast Kotoshogiku. Hakuho forced down Miyabiyama. Asashoryu fought took his time to fight and managed to drive Kakuryu out the ring.

6th day
Dejima drove down Tosanoumi for this 3rd win. Takamisakari shoved Toyonoshima and drove him down from behind to win. Toyonoshima lost his first bout. Asasekiryu resisted Kisenosato's shoves by trying to trip him with his foot, but that failed. Kisenosato shoved his body on top of Asasekiryu and won. Miyabiyama attacked Kotomitsuki with thrusts, but Kotomitsuki resisted and managed to push him back to win his 4th bout. Koto-o-shu drove out Baruto. Chiyotaikai and Ama banged into eachother. Both gave thrusts. But Ama showed more skill. The small Mongolian put down his head low and shoved the ozeki out. Kaio got his hand behind Kotoshogiku's neck and shoved him down. It's Kaio's 3rd win. Asashoryu drove Kokutenho out. Hakuho got hold of Wakanoho's belt, thrust him and that thrust was so powerful, it forced the young Russian to step out of the ring. Hakuho and Koto-o-shu are the only two with a perfect record.

5th day
Dejima was not fighting with the bout totally under control, but because Goeido pulled back in an ineffective way, the former ozeki won with a push out. Takamisakari was shoved to the verge of the ring. But he forced Tochi-o-zan to change position and won. Koto-o-shu drove Asasekiryu out to keep his record clean. Kaio gave an overarm throw to defeat Kokkai.It's the popular ozeki's 2nd win. Kisenosato overpowered Kotomitsuki with his shoves and won his 4th bout. Hakuho slapped Kotoshogiku as he stood up to fight. Then he pulled back a little and then threw Kotoshogiku on the dirt. Asashoryu attacked Miyabiyama's throat and pushed the heavy guy out.

4th day
Toyonoshima shoved Futeno down for his 4th win. Ama had a good start and attacked Kisenosato's throat. Kisenosato pulled back along the along the edge of the ring, then thrust down Ama. Asasekiryu grabbed Chiyotaikai and pushed the ozeki out. Kaio slapped Miyabiyama as he stood up, but that didn't help. He was thrust down by the former ozeki. Kotomitsuki kept his head under Baruto then twisted the Estonian, driving him on the dirt. Koto-o-shu shoved while Kokkai lost balance and fell. It's the Bulgarian's 4th win. Asashoryu with his left threw Wakanoho. Hakuho moved quickly against Kyokutenho and threw fellow Mongolian.

3rd day
Dejima was thrown on the ring by Kasugao. It's Dejima's 2nd loss. Takamisakari managed to drive Tochinonada out for his 1st win. Asasekiryu jumped up as he took off to fight, and thrust Ama down. It's Ama's first loss. 21 year old Kisenosato with full force drove Kaio out. Kotomitsuki appeared to have a quick start again. But he was not fighting well. He was instead taken out by Kyokuteho. Koto-o-shu pushed Miyabiyama out. Chiyotaikai tried to give Wakanoho thrusts. But Wakanoho's shoved from the side suddenly made the ozeki fall. 3 ozeki lost on the day. As to yokozunas, Hakuho made Baruto lose control of his action, slipping forward with his back towards the yokozuna. Hakuho put the Estonian down. Asashoryu shifted slightly to the side and drove Kokkai out.

2nd day
Takamisakari was unable to celebrate his birthday as he easily lost to Futen-o. Ama moved fast and quickly drove Kakuryu out. Kotoshogiku got hold of Miyabiyama and drove the former ozeki out. Kotomitsuki grabbed Wakanoho's belt and walked the Russian out. Koto-o-shu managed to get a good hold of Kyokutenho's belt with both his hands. The Bulgarian had his back to the edge of the ring, but managed to swing the Mongolian out. Kisenosato pushed forward against Chiyotaikai, but the ozeki pushed back and won. Asasekiryu immediately got a good position in his bout against Kaio, shoved the ozeki by making him lose balance to win. Asashoryu as he tried to drive Baruto down, actually picked up the big guy's body very briefly than made his fall. Hakuho went forward and forced Kokkai out. Kaio was the only top wrestler who lost this time.

1st day
At past noon, Japan Sumo Association attempted something new. It's to draw fans by having a former sumo star give his autograph. It's to the first 100 people. To launch the event was Kokonoe stablemaster known formally as Chiyonofuji. In terms of the bout, Dejima beat Wakanosato. Takamisakari lost to Goeido. Toyonoshima shoved Tochio-zan out. Aminishiki managed win by shoving down Tokitenku on his hand. Ama gave thrusts,got hold of Miyabiyama's back and shoved him out. Koto-o-shu got a good hold of Wakanoho's belot and drove the young Russian out. Chiyotaikai kept his eyes on Kyokutenho and gave shoves to win. Kaio got hold of Baruto's belt with his strong right hand and drove the young Estonian out. Kotomitsuki got a quick start. He got hold of Kokkai, shove his head, then threw him on the ring. Hakuho shove Asasekiryu's head, gave thrusts then drove him down. Asashoryu was challenged by Kisenosato. The yokozuna got his arm around Kisenosato, tried to force a throw. But Asashoryu lost balance went down on the dirt. It's a major upset on the first day.

Pre Tourney highlights
Open practice draws a crowd
On Apr 29, Japan Sumo Association opened practice of the makuuchi rikishi to the public at Ryogoku Kokugikan. It drew 6000 fans. But the 2 yokozuna did not fight eachother.

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