(May 10 to 24 Ryogoku Kokugikan Sumo Arena)

Outstanding Performance Award:
Outstanding Technique Award: Kakuryu
Fighting Spirit Award: Kisenosato

Final day
Some sumo stars, Dejima and Yamamotoyama finished the tourney with a majority loss. But Chiyotaikai managed to keep his ozeki post by pushing down Baruto. Kotomitsuki secured a majority win by driving out Kai. Harumafuji was in an awkward position against Koto-o-shu, but he then threw the tall Bulgarian by his neck and won. Hakuho drove out Asashoryu. With a loss each, Hakuho and Harumafuji went into a playoff. In the bout, Harumafuji tried a throw. Hakuho withstood it. But Harumafuji attempted again, and this time Hakuho touched the dirt. It's a first tourney victory for Harumafuji. By the way, with the end of this tourney, Hawaiian born Azumazeki stable master, better known as Jesse or Takamiyama retires from the sumo world completely.

14th day
Chiyotaikai gave Kaio a series of thrusts and won. It's his 7th win. Kotomitsuki's arm slipped from Kakuryu and he lost balance. Kotomitsuki was driven diwb and succumbed to his 7th loss. Koto-o-shu got hold of Hakuho's belt immediately, and he shoved then threw, while he lost hold of the belt. It's Hakuho's 1st loss, and his winning streak ended at 33 bouts. Asashoryu lifted up Harumafuji. But Harumafuji did not let the yokozuna do anything more. Harumafuji hooked his leg around Asashoryu and drove him down on his rear. Hakuho and Harumafuji tie for the Emperor's Cup.

13th day
Dejima threw Toyohibiki for his 6th win. Takamisakari drove out Tokiteku for a majority win. Chiyotaikai immediately moved to the side and drove Kotomitsuki down. Kisenosato slowly drove out Kaio. It's Kisenosato's 11th win. Asashoryu and Koto-o-shu could not immediately face off. In the 2nd try, they did. The Mongolian lifts up the Bulgarian and puts him back on the ring. In the end, the yokozuna threw the ozeki. Harumafuji tried a throw on Hakuho 3 times. But none proved effective. After the bout went on for a minute, the yokozuna kicked the ozeki and won. Hakuho is the sole leader, followed by Asashoryu and Harumafuji with a loss each.

12th day
Chiyotaikai went to low under Koto-o-shu. He was driven down, taking his 7th loss. He cannot take another loss otherwise he will lose his ozeki ranking. Harumafuji moved quickly and got behind Baruto and drove him out. Hakuho drove Kaio out. Kotomitsuki shoved Asashoryu forward. The yokozuna managed to turn his position around and take the ozeki out. But after the bout it's reported Aashoryu turned his back towards reporters, not wanting to be questioned about the not so good bout.

11th day
Miyabiyama thrust down Hokutoriki to clinch a majority win. Chiyotaikai gave Aminishiki thrusts. Then Aminishiki stepped aside, driving the ozeki down. It's Chiyo's 6th loss. Harumafuji threw Kisenosato by his arm to win. Koto-o-shu got the back of Baruto's belt and drove him out. Hakuho and Kotomitsuki fought a long bout. Hakuho in the end drove out the ozeki. Asashoryu shoved Kaio out the ring for his 10th win.

10th day
Takamisakari drove Iwakiyama down for his 7th win. Harumafuji got hold of Kotomitsuki and drove him out to keep his record clean. Kaio with a grasp of Koto-o-shu's arm threw him and secured a majority win. Hakuho drove out Chiyotaikai for his 10th win. Asashoryu was very active in the bout against Baruto. The yokozuna drove the Estonian out.

9th day
Kisenosato pushed out Asasekiryu and secured a majority win. Kaio pulled back as he faced off against Harumafuji, and was driven out. It's reported that Kaio's suffering from a leg pain. Koto-o-shu grabbed Kyokutenho and drove the Mongolian out. Kotomitsuki banged into Tamonoshima and with a hold of the belt shoved and won. Chiyotaikai charged forward, but Asashoryu stopped him and quicky drove him out. The yokozuna clinched a majority win. Hakuho at one point lost balance, but in th eend threw Goeido on the ring. The 2 Mongolians still tie for a lead.

8th day
Takamisakari lost his 2nd bout to Kokkai. Kisenosato drove out the great big Yamamotoyama for his 7th win. Koto-o-shu immediately fell to Kakuryu's shift losing his 3rd bout. Harumafuji drove out Chiyotaikai in a competitive bout. Kotomitsuki managed to shove Toyonoshima out with is stomach. Kaio pulled back and was able to get around Tochiozan to stay in the ring and win. Hakuho drove out Tamanoshima to clinch a majority win. Asashoryu pulled away and drove Goeido down.

7th day
Dejima lost his 4th bout to Hokutoriki. Takamisakari was in danger, but he did not give up. In the end, he got behind Tochionoshin and drove his opponent out. Miyabiyama thrust down Kokkai. Koto-o-shu pushed out Toyonoshima. Chiyotaikai looked focused on his thrusts. He managed to push out Goeido for his 5th win. Kotomitsuki drove out Tochiozan. Kaio slapped Homasho then with his right grabbed the young one's belt and with no hesitation shoved him out. Harumafuji pushed out Kakuryu to keep his record clean. Asashoryu drove out Kyokutenho from his back. Baruto got hold of Hakuho's belt. But the yokozuna, as soon as he got hold of the Estonian's belt forced him on the ring. Hakuho and Harumafuji lead for the Emperor's Cup.

6th day
Chiyotaikai gave a series of quick thrusts against Tamanoshima and won. Kotomitsuki forced out Aminishiki. Kaio drove out Baruto from behind. Harumafuji pushed out Kyokutenho. Koto-o-shu beat Homasho. Hakuho threw Takekaze and won. Asashoryu pushed out Tochinozan.

5th day
Takamisakai drove Bushuyama out. Miyabiyama pushed down Kimurayama for his 3rd win. Dejima quickly pushed Tokitenku out the ring. Kotomitsuki defeated Baruto. Kaio got a hold of Kyokutenho's belt with his right and slowly shoved the Mongolian out. Harumafuji drove out Takekaze. Tochiozan beat Koto-o-shu. Chiyotaikai and Homashi fought a competitive bout. Chiyo then as he dropped drove Homasho down. At first the judged came together to confirm who should get the bout. Chiyo won it. Asashoryu quickly drove out Tamanoshima. Hakuho was in danger of being driven to the edge of the ring, but managed to throw Kakuryu.

4th day
Kaio pulled back and then threw Tamanoshima. Harumafuji gave Goeido a throw. Koto-o-shu drove out Aminishiki. Kakuryu got hold of Chiyotaikai's belt and forced him out. Kotomitsuki drove out Homasho. Asashoryu pushed out Takekaze.

3rd day
Takamisakari is in good shape, forcing down Kakizoe. Dejima won his first bout this tourney by defeating Shimotori. Kisenosato quickly shoved Aran out for his 3rd win. Harumafuji gave Tamanoshima shoves then grabbed the back of his belt to drive him out. Koto-o-shu pushed out Takekaze. Chiyotaikai lost to Tochiozan. Kotomitsuki was at first pronounced as the winner. But the verdict was reversed as the refrees saw that he collapsed on the ring before Kyokutenho dropped from the ring. Kaio pulled back and lost to Goeido. Asashoryu pulled back as Aminishiki banged into the yokozuna's chin. The Mongolian lost. Sumo fans reacted wildly by throwing cushions. Hakuho was on the verge of being shoved out, but managed to escape from the danger by shifting to the side and making Homasho tumble down the ring.

2nd day
Takamisakari beat Hokutoriki. Miyabiyama drove Futeno down. Koto-o-shu drove out Tamanoshima. Chiyotaikai gave Takekaze thrusts then pulled back, forcing his opponent down. Kotomitsuki moves forward but loses balance and falls. Goeido earned the win. Kaio quickly drove out Kakuryu. Harumafuji drove out Tochiozan. Hakuho powerfully pushed out Aminishiki. Asashoryu shoved then shifted a bit and put Homasho down.

1st day
Sumo opened on a hot day, reaching 28 degrees celsius, even though it's not yet summer. There were some hot bouts. Takamisakari shoved down Dejima. Toyohibiki made Miyabiyama collapse. The great big Yamamotoyama pushed out Kyokutenho. Chiyotaikai who needs a majority win to keep his ozeki ranks, shoved Kyokutenho's throat and won. Kotomitsuki put force on Takekaze's head and threw him down. Kaio shoved Aminishiki's head towards him and drove him down. Harumafuji threw Homasho by his arm then pushed him out. Goeido got hold of Koto-o-shu's belt, swung the Bulgarian and won. Asashoryu picked Kakuryu up in the middle of the ring, with that lost balance and turned his back towards the younger Mongolian. Then the yokozuna quickly acted and managed throw Kakuryu. Hakuho held Tochiozan with his left and drove him out.

Pre Tourney highlights
Koto-o-shu is engaged
Bulgarian born ozeki held a news conference on May 5 an introduced his fiance who's 3 years older. They have been dating for 5 years. Koto-o-shu said he made his marriage proposal in December. They expected to wed in February 2010.

Asashoryu wins permanent status
Asashoryu will no longer need to extend his working permit. On Apr 27, he won permanent residency status. But he will have to gain Japanese citizenship if he were to run a stable or stay on in the sumo world after retirement.

Yamamotoyama is even heavier
It was learned on Apr 28 that Yamamotoyama has gained another 10 kilo from the previous tourney making him 258 kilos, breaking the record he's held for Japanese sumo wrestlers.

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