(May 8 to 22 Ryogoku Kokugikan Sumo Arena)

Outstanding Performance Award:
Outstanding Technique Award: Kakuryu, Goeido
Fighting Spirit Award: Tochinoshin, Kaisei

Final day
Goeido drove out Tosayutaka for his 11th win. Toyonoshima pushed forward but pulled back allowing Yoshikaze to push him out. Toyonoshima finished with 10 losses. Kakuryu drove out Okinoumi for h is 12th win. Kisenosato with thrusts drove out Takekaze to win his 8th bout. Tochinoshin had a chance to win the tourney if he won this bout. But he was unable to shove Harumafuji hard enough. The Georgian was driven out, succumbing to his 3rd loss. As a result, Hakuho secured a tourney victory.It's his 7th straight tourney victory, tying with Asashoryu's record. Baruto, by the way, lost to Kotoshogiku. Kaio faced Hakuho with confidence after he got hold of the yokozuna's belt with his right. Kaio with a firm hold drove Hakuho out of the ring.

14th day
Kaisei fought too low, he was driven down by Aminishiki succumbing to his 4th loss. Kakuryu gave thrusts after thrusts to drive out Tosayutaka. It's the Mongolian's 11th win. Tochinoshin shifted his position as he faced off and with a hold of Kotoshogiku's belt forced him out. It's the Georgian's 12th win. Kisenosato forced out Kaio. Harumafuji drove Takekaze out for his 9th win. Hakuho struggled against Baruto but in the end managed to force out the Estonian to stay on top.

13th day
Kakuryu threw Kaisei to win his 10th game, while the Brazilian lost his 3rd. Kotoshogiku forced Kisenosato out for a majority win. Baruto and Tochinoshin fought a long bout in which both attempted a throw at eachother. Baruto fell first. The Georgian improve his record to 11 wins. Kaio shoved Aran who's foot slightly left the ring. Its Kaio's 8th win. Harumafuji makes Hakuho lose balance and drive the yokozuna out.

12th day
Miyabiyama threw Tamawashi for his 6th win. Goeido with a skillful shove forced down Kaisei. Tochinoshin was defeated by Kakuryu also for his 2nd loss. Kaio marked his 1431st bout in the makuuchi division breaking Hawaiian born Takamiyama's record. But he could not celebrate the feat as despite a competitive bout, he lost in the end to Baruto. Harumafuji forced Kotoshogiku down on his back. Hakuho gave a dynamic throw with his left hand to defeat Aran.

11th day
Kaisei this time gave Yoshikaze thrusts and pushed him out. It's the Brazilian's 10th win. Tochinoshin got his hand on Toyohibiki's head and threw him for his 10th win too. Koto-o-shu pulled out from the tourney, and Kisenosato was automatically given a win. Harumafuji charged into Kaio. Kaio was about to be pushed out, but he kept himself inside the ring by shifting to the side, and forcing the Mongolian to fall. It's Kaio's 7th win. Baruto quickly threw Okinoumi. Hakuho forced out Kotoshogiku to keep on top.

10th day
Tochinoshin shifted position as he faced off against Kaisei. The two stopped for sometime with hands on eachother's belt. Kaisei made a move. Then Tochinoshin lifted the Brazilian and droved him out. It's Kaisei's first loss. Koto-o-shu fell on his hands in the bout against Aran, succumbing to his 7th loss. Harumafuji banged into Baruto, took got a grip of his belt and pushed him around. Then using his leg toppled the Estonian. Takekaze pushed out Kaio. Hakuho struggled against Kisenosato whom he has faced defeats in the past. In the end the yokozuna, he shoved Kisenosato's throat and pushed him out. Hakuho is now the sole leader.

9th day
Kaisei won again. This time he threw Toyohibiki. Harumafuji forced Aran out for his 5th win. Baruto pushed down Toyonoshima. Kakuryu thrust out Kaio. Koto-o-shu appeared to have control of the bout, but Okinoumi reversed that to throw the ozeki. Hakuho pushed out Takekaze.

8th day
Kasei drove out the 200 km Gagamaru out to earn a majority win already. Tochinoshin fought a long bout against Tosayutaka. In the end, the Georgian lifted his opponent then threw him. Takekaze quickly drove out Baruto. Baruto succumbed to his first loss. Kaio forced down Aminishiki for his 6th win. Koto-o-shu managed to push out Toyonoshima. Harumafuji thrust down Kakuryu. Hakuho hurled Okinoumi.

7th day
Kaisei immediately drove the popular Takamisakari out the ring. Tochinoshin and Asasekiryu had a competitive long bout that ended very close with Tochinoshin putting his weight on the Mongolian to force him down. It's the Georgian's 6th win. Toyonoshima drove out Homasho for his first win. Kaio pulled Kotoshogiku's arm towards him and then let go, prompting Kotoshogiku to leave the ring. It's the popular ozeki's 5th win. Koto-o-shu managed to drive Aminishiki out while he himself fell on the ring. It's the Bulgarian's 2nd win. Baruto lifted Kitataki and forced him out the ring. Hakuho shoved and shoved to defeat Kakuryu. Hakuho and Kaisei tie for first place.

6th day
Kaisei quickly shoved out Tochinowaka to win his 6th bout. Before the bout, he performed for the first time accompanied Hakuho in the yokozuna's ring entrance ceremony, and reported to have said, that he was more nervous over that role. A poor performer this tourney, Koto-o-shu lost again. This time he was weakly driven out by Takekaze. Harumafuji banged straight into Kitataiki and won. Baruto drove Kisenosato down, rolling on the dirt. Kaio, at one point, squeezed Okinoumi's arm. Okinoumi freed himself from Kaio's enormous grip and then drove out the popular ozeki. Aminishiki appeared to have taken control of the bout against Hakuho. But in the end, Hakuho took control of a throw to win his 6th bout.

5th day
In the top rankings, Harumafuji won by hooking his leg around Kisenosato. Baruto drove out Tochiozan. Kaio beat Homasho with ease forcing him out for his 516th win as ozeki. That's a new record. Koto-o-shu lost again. This time to Goeido. Hakuho defeated Kitataiki for his makuuchi total 500th win.

4th day
Brazilian born Kaisei is continuing to perform well.Toyohibiki, Akasekiryu, Tochinoshin are too. But many of the top rankers are disappointing. Baruto was able to powerfully win by pushing out fast Aminishiki for his 3rd win. Kaio too was actively shoving forward to defeat Kitataiki. Koto-o-shu, however, showed poor skills by attempting to throw without a good hold of Homasho. And instead loosing. Harumafuji went on the dirt in a close bout against Goeido. Hakuho while falling, drove out Tochiozan to keep his record clean.

3rd day
Miyabiyama gave thrusts, pulled away, then gave thrusts and moved around, but managed to in the end push out Takarafuji who's a juryo rikishi. It's the former ozeki's 3rd win. Kaisei who belongs to Kaio's stable defeated Tochinonada quickly for his 3rd win. Kaio moved a lot in the ring and as he shoved Tochiozan, his foot left the ring. But the verdict was Tochiozan left the ring first. Koto-o-shu was quickly driven out of the ring by Kitataiki. Harumafuji shoved himself against Toyonoshima and pushed him down. Baruto got hold of Goeido's belt with his right, tried a throw but couldn't. Then Baruto lost the belt and was instead thrown. Hakuho shoved Homasho out the ring in the wink of an eye.

2nd day
Kisenosato grabbed Kitataiki's body and shoved to win. Koto-o-shu fought weakly, taken out easily by Tochiozan. Harumafuji charged low and drove out Homasho. Baruto swung Kakuryu round and round then drove the Mongolian out. Kaio charged into Toyonoshima and shoved him out. Hakuho forced Goeido on the ring.

1st day
Makuuchi has 3 bouts less, and juryo, 5 bouts less due to forced retirement of high rankers suspected of their involvement in fixed matches. NHK is not showing the tournament live. The only way to watch the 15 days is via live streaming or physically going to Ryogoku Kokugikan. Miyabiyama was defeated by new makuuchi Brazilian Kaisei. Popular Takamisakari was forced down by Tochinonada. Kagamaru attacked Tokitenku's throat and won. Georgian Tochinoshin threw Tamawashi. Wakanosato managed to throw Aran first, and both fell from the ring. Takekaze fought a not very fair bout, stepping aside to force Okinoumi down. Kisenosato lost to Aminishiki. Harumafuji was helpless in the bout against Tochiozan. Baruto was not in control but was able to win against Homasho with a throw. Goeido faced off quickly and drove out Kaio. Kakuryu appeared to be in control, but Koto-o-shu with his right threw his Mongolian opponent to win. Hakuho gave thrusts to keep Toyonoshima at a distance and pushed him out.
Michiyo's Note:
I was able to provide details on the first day as I was taking the day off and had time to watch live streaming. But on weekdays, I will not have time for that. I have my "official" news reporting to be preoccupied with. Your understanding is appreciated!

Pre Tourney highlight
Least ever audience at general practice
On Apr 29, a general practice session was held open to the public on Apr 29. However, only 1700 people came to the Ryogoku Kokugikan to watch it. It's the least number since the practice was opened to the public from 2000.

Grand tourney replaced by technical exam tourney
Investigation of fixed matches could not be completed in time for the coming tourney, so the association decided against an official grand tourney in May on Apr 6. Instead it will be a technical exam tourney which will serve the purpose of deciding on the rikishis' rankings for the July tourney and will be held free of charge. There will be no Emperor's Cup presented.

A few dozens suspended or forced to retire from sumo
Japan Sumo Association handed down it's verdict to 23 rikishi either a forced retire or suspension from participating in tournaments for 2 years which literally means a forced retirement. That's for suspicion of being involved in fixed matches. By Apr 5, 22 of them accepted the verdict and tendered their resignation. That means they will be able to receive retirement fees. Whereas stable master Tanigawa, or former Kaiho refused to resign and the association decided to fire him.

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