(May 12 to 26 Ryogoku Kokugikan Sumo Arena)

Outstanding Performance Award:
Outstanding Technique Award: Myogiryu
Fighting Spirit Award: none

Final day
Koto-o-shu needed to win this bout to keep his ozeki ranking. He appeared tense as he failed to face off with Kakuryu. Then he fought powerfully, prompting Kakuryu to show his back and from behind the Bulgarian drove out the Mongolian. Koto-o-shu managed to secure a majority win. All eyes were on how Kisenosato would perform. But Kotoshogiku went straight into his rival and won. Sumo critics expressed disappointment at his perfomance. As Kisenosato lost, Hakuho secured his Emperor Cup win for the 25th time. Hakuho himself had an easy win by driving out Harumafuji. It's for the 10th time he has a perfect tourney win, tying with the record held by Asashoryu.

14th day
Tokiteku is doing well. He thrust down Masunoyama for his 10th win. Kyokutenho forced Aoiyama a throw to win his 8th bout. Goeido appeared to be in control by thrusting Chiyotairyu down. But the judges ruled Goeido's foot left the ring before Chiyo was on the dirt. Goeido lost his 8th bout. It's Chiyotairyu's 10th win. Koto-o-shu powerlessly crushed into the dirt in the bout against Shohozan. Kotoshogiku shoved and shoved and droe out Toyonoshima for his 10th win. The main bout of this tourney was held between Hakuho and Kisenosato. Before an excited sell out crowd, the two were not able to face off immediately. When they did, they both aimed to grabb eachother's belt. Then Hakuho tried shoving Kisenosato towards different directions. In the end, Hakuho threw Kisenosato while he himself fell on the dirt too. Both were covered in dirt. Harumafuji forced out Kakuryu to win his 11th bout.

13th day
Goeido moved too quickly, tried a throw on Takayasu but slipped and instead fell. It's his 7th loss. Kisenosato went into Kakuryu then shoved and won. Harumafuji took Koto-o-shu's belt then pushed down the Bulgarian for his 10th win. Hakuho stepped slightly to the side and forced down Kotoshogiku. Still Hakuho and Kisenosato keep their records clean.

12th day
Kotoshogiku grabbed Aran and powerfully drove out the Russian. It's his 9th win. Koto-o-shu gave Aoiyama a thrust then shoved him down the ring, on top of Kisenosato who was waiting for his turn to fight. Kisenosato rubbed his arm. Hakuho tried a throw on Kakuryu. His hold slipped and the yokozuna made a turn which made him look vulnerable. But in the end Hakuho managed to drive Kakuryu out. Kisenosato went straight into Harumafuji and forced the yokozuna out, making him look more like a yokozuna. The leaders remain the same.

11th day
Kakuryu pulled back effectively and Aoiyama dropped. It's the Mongolian's 10th win. Kisenosato gave Aran thrusts then pushed the Russian out to improve his perfect record. Harumafuji gave a thrust, changed position, then threw Kotoshogiku. Hakuho dropped Koto-o-shu on the ring. Kisenosato and Hakuho continue to lead.

10th day
Okinoumi lost powerlessly against Myogiryu. Kisenosato faired badly against Koto-o-shu in the past but he overcame that by driving the Bulgarian out to improve his record. Kotoshogiku threw Aoiyama with his right. Kakuryu got hold of Aran's belt with both hands and forced out the Russian. Hakuho and Goeido gave eachother a mean stare. As soon as they faced off, Hakuho pulled Goeido's arm and forced him to fall. Hakuho adds to his clean record. Harumafuji moved forward and pushed out Shohozan.

9th day
Kitataiki had his arms over Koto-o-shu, but the ozeki moved himself out the position to throw Kitataiki. Kotoshogiku quickly forced Kakuryu out. It's Kakuryu's first loss. Toyonoshima tried to shift away from Kisenosato but proved ineffective as Kisenosato pushed him out. Harumafuji threw Goeido with his left. Hakuho gave a thrust, moved his hand away, then Aoiyama fell forward on his hands. Hakuho and Kisenosato lead with perfect records.

8th day
Baruto pulled out from the tourney as he seriously injured his knee. His opponent for the day, Myogiryu automatically earned a win. As to highlights of the day,Kotoshogiku shoved and shoved to drive Tochinoshin out. Kakuryu and Okinoumi performed a competitive bout.In the end Kakuryu acted aggressively hooking his leg around Okinoumi's then turned him and gave a throw. Kakuryu secured a majority win in the 1 min 43 second bout. Kisenosato powerfully forced Goeido out the ring.Kisenosato also marked a majority win. Koto-o-shu forced himself on Tochiozan and drove him down the ring as he fell too. It's the Bulgarian's 5th win. Hakuho grabbed Aran's belt the dropped him outside the ring. It's Hakuho's 8th win. Harumafuji moved fast to drive Toyonoshima down.

7th day
Kakuryu shoved the drove Tochinoshin out. Kisenosato forced Baruto down. Baruto dragged his leg as he tried to get back to his starting position. Koto-o-shu appeared to have a stronger start, but Okinoumi pushed hard then drove out the Bulgarian. It's Okinoumi's first win. Kotoshogiku drove out Tochiozan. Harumafuji gave Aoiyama a throw to win. Both are 5-4. Takarafuji turned round and round as Hakuho shoved and pushed him out.

6th day
Tochiozan charged into Baruto and took the Estonian out the ring. Kisenosato powerfully attacked Tochinoshin and pushed him out. Koto-o-shu and Aminishiki had to redo their bout. Aminishiki attacked Koto-o-shu driving the Bulgarian out the ring. Myogiryu forced Kotoshogiku out. Its the ozeki's 2nd loss. Goeido attacked Kakuryu. Kakuryu shifted position and drove Goeido down to extend his clearn winning record. Hakuho pulled back and drove Okinoumi down. Aran attempted a drastic change in position to which Harumafuji lost balance and grabbed the Russian, then pushed him out.

5th day
Baruto held Okinoumi's neck and threw him for his 3rd win. Okinoumi has no wins as of yet. Koto-o-shu walked back as Myogiryu pushed and won. It's the Bulgarian's first loss. Goeido shifted his position and Kotoshogiku lost balace to that. Goeido shoved the ozeki from behind to force him to fall. It's Kotoshogiku's first loss. Kakuryu pulled back and thrust down Kitataiki. Kisenosato easily forced Aminishiki out. Harumafuji fought hard against Tochiozan then lost balance and touched the dirt. Hakuho immediately got hold of Tochinoshin's belt with his left and threw him.

4th day
Kotoshogiku drove out Takarafuji. Kakuryu was in danger, but moved around on the ring, took Myogiryu's belt then gave thruts to win. Kisenosato and Tochiozan had to restart the bout 4 times. The bout was fairly long with neither side gaining a strong position, then in the end Kisenosato gave a throw to win. Koto-o-shu was able to drive out the tall Baruto. It's the first time in 23 years all 4 ozeki won 4 days in a row. As to yokozuna, Hakuho threw Kitataiki. Harumafuji changed position, got hold of Tochinoshin's belt then threw him to win.

3rd day
36 year old Wakanosato won his first bout by forcing an overarm throw on 20 year old Chiyootori. Goeido threw Tochiozan by holding his neck to win. Kakuryu patiently fought against Baruto and won. It's Baruto's first loss. Kisenosato forced out Okinoumi. Koto-o-shu thrust Takarafuji to fall on the dirt. Kotoshogiku shoved forward to defeat Aminishiki. Harumafuji struggled but was able to throw Kitataiki to win. Hakuho drove out Myogiryu. All ozeki and yokozuna were victorious.

2nd day
Masunoyama quickly drove Kaisei down. It's the half Filipino's 2nd win. The Brazilian has not yet won a bout. Baruto threw Tochinoshin with his right. Kisenosato super slowly drove out Kitataiki. Koto-o-shu drove Goeido down the ring. Kotoshogiku was positioned comfortably and forced Okinoumi out. Kakuryu struggled against Tochiozan, but managed to move around to prompt his opponent's foot to go out the ring. All ozeki have won so far. As to yokozuna, Hakuho thrust down Aminishiki. Harumafuji was strongly attacked by Myogiryu and was forced out to lose the bout.

1st day
It was a sell out crowd. Some of the exciting bouts...Shohozan got hold of Takayasu's arm and shoved him down. Aoiyama aggressively shoved and thrust Toyonoshima out. Baruto slowely walke Aran out the ring. Goeido tried a throw then another throw to put down Takarafuji. Koto-o-shu got hold of Tochinoshin and drove him out. Kotoshogiku drove out Kitataiki. Kakuryu gave Aminishiki thrusts and won with a push out. Myogiryu went into Kisenosato, then the ozeki tried to keep in the ring and throw Myogiryu which succeeded. Harumafuji shifted his position as he stood and drove Okinoumi out. Hakuho for a moment was on the verge of the ring, but quickly regained control and shoved forced out Tochiozan.

Pre Tourney highlight
Former Musashimaru's nephew joins sumo
On May 1, Hawaiian Fiamalu Penitani was among 6 to undergo test to become sumo wrestlers. He met the required height and weight. If he sits foot on the ring, it will make him the first Hawaiian since 1991. He played American football in high school.

Sokokurai reinstated
Chinese born Sokorai was ousted from the sumo world in 2011 suspected of his involvement in fixing matches. The court ruled he was non guilty and called for his status reinstatement. But having away from pro sumo training for 2 years, he's been given until the July tourney to practice and fight again. He was back to take part in the rikishi kai on Apr 26.

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