(May 11 to 25 Ryogoku Kokugikan Sumo Arena)

Outstanding Performance Award:
Outstanding Technique Award: none
Fighting Spirit Award: Ikioi, Sadanoumi

Final day
Ohsuna-arashi pushed out Kyokushuho for his 10th win. Sadanoyama kept one foot inside the ring while driving Tamwashi down for his 10th win. Endo forced Takanoiwa down to win his 7th bout. Aminishiki and Homasho had to redo the about in which both appeared to have fallen at the same time. Aminishiki's bandaged leg appeared to be bleeding, but in the 2nd bout he went up shoving Homasho and won his 10th bout. Aoiyama pushed out Kaisei to secure a majority win. Ikioi was driven down by Tochiozan. Tochiozan won his 10th bout. Goeido forced Kotoshogiku down to win his 8th bout. The ozeki succumbed to his 10th loss. Kisenosato drove down Kakuryu. With this win Kisenosato waited for Hakuho's result for a possible play off. But Hakuho threw Harumafuji down and secured the Emperor's Cup. It's his 29th grand tournament victory.

14th day
Homasho skillfuly drove down Ohsuna-arashi. Both are 9-5. Yoshikaze pulled Endo's arm but Endo withstood the pull and drove Yoshikaze down. It's Endo's 6th win. Goeido got hold of Ikioi and shoved him out. It's Ikioi's 3rd loss meaning he is out of the Emperor's Cup race. Tochiozan quickly drove down Kotoshogiku. It's Kotoshogiku's 9th loss. Hakuho slapped Kakuryu then, both got hold of eachother's belt. Hakuho forced out Kakuryu. Harumafuji appeared to have forced Kisenosato down on the dirt. But slow motion footage showed the yokozuna pulling at Kisenosato's top knot which is not permitted. So Kisenosato won the bout. Hakuho leads followed by Kisenosato.

13th day
Ohsuna-arashi pushed out Sadanoumi while in a shaky position himself to win his 9th bout. Ikioi forced Aoiyama to roll on the dirt. It's Ikio's 11th win. Toyonoshima pulled out due to a pain in his rear and his opponennt Yoshikaze was automatically given a win. Tochiozan pushed out Endo. Kisenosato got the back of Goeido's belt and threw him. Harumafuji drove out Kakuryu to win his 11th bout. Hakuho forced Kotoshogiku on the dirt. With that, Kotoshogiku succumbed to a majority loss.

12th day
Shohozan banged into Ikioi but Ikioi defeated Shohozan by thrusting him down. Ohsuna-arashi's heavy thrust prompted Endo to fall. The Egyptian secured a majority win. Harumafuji drove Kotoshogiku out of the ring. Kisenosato tried to stand up too quickly twice against Hakuho. In the 3rd time up, he was slow and Hakuho drove the ozeki out. It appeared Goeido won by thrusting down Kakuryu's head, but the judges were called to review the bout. The caller was Hakuho who was watching the bout from the side of the ring. It was ruled that Goeido pulled Kakuryu's hair which is illegal in sumo. The bout was given to Kakuryu. Hakuho is now the sole leader.

11th day
Sokokurai thrust down Takayasu to earn a majority win in makuuchi for the first time in more than 3 years. The Chinese was at one time ousted from the sumo world for gambling. But he returned after winning a suit. Ohsuna-arashi pushed out Tokushoryu for his 7th win. Endo was able to drive Chiyo-ohtori down to win his 5th bout. Kisenosato drove out Ikioi to win his 10th bout. Hakuho lost balance and was driven out by Goeido. It's the yokozuna's first loss. Kakuryu forced Kotoshogiku out to secure a majority win. Harumafuji pushed out Tochiozan. Hakuho and Kisenosato tie for the Emperor's Cup.

10th day
Ohsuna-ararashi thrust down Shohozan for his 6th win. Ikioi pulled Takayasu's arm then threw hims to win his 9th bout. Kaisei drove out Toyonoshima. Both are 4-6. Chiyotairyu pulled away and forced Endo down. It's Endo's 6th loss. Kyokutenho was able to drive Takarafuji out the ring to finally win his first bout. Kisenosato and Kotoshogiku banged into eachother. In the end, Kisenosato slowly drove out Kotoshogiku. Kakuryu drove out Aminishiki for his 7th win. Harumafuji thrust Goeido's head then made him lose balace and forced Goeido out. Harumafuji secured a majority win. Tochiozan gave thrusts but then Hakuho gave a stronger thrust forcing Tochiozan to fly out the ring.

9th day
Sad news enveloped the packed arena. The previous day, former ozeki Kaiketsu who was Hanaregoma stable master and former chairman of the Japan Sumo Association collasped during golf practice and passed away. He was 66. In the bouts, Ohsuna-arashi drove out Shokoryu who fell off the ring. Both are 5-4. Ikioi forced down Aminishiki for his 8th win. Kotoshogiku shoved and shoved to drive out Kyokutenho for his 5th win. Yoshikaze slapped and moved non-stop to fight Kisenosato. The ozeki tried to keep his balance and in the end with a hold of the back of Yoshikaze's belt forced him down. It's Kisenosato's 8th win. Shohozan tried to move quickly against Harumafuji. But the yokozuna kept from falling and instead drove Shohozan out. Hakuho went straight at Endo and forced him down the ring. Tochiozan slapped Kakuryu's head, driving the yokozuna down. It's Kakuryu's 3rd loss.

8th day
Ikioi force Ohsuna-arashi to touch the dirt with his hand. It's Ikioi's 7th win. 39 year old Kyokutenho lost to a throw by Tamawashi succumbing to a majority loss. Endo tried to keep his head low as he fought against Kisenosato, but lost in the end to the ozeki's shove which drove him down the ring. It's Kisenosato's 7th win. Takekaze forced Kotoshogiku down with a throw. Yoshikaze slapped Hakuho and tried to shift his poisition, but instead he lost a hold of the yokozuna, and was pushed off the ring. Kakuryu shifted to the side as he faced off, driving Takarafuji down. Kakuryu was booed by the crowd. Harumafuji got hold of Chiyo-ohtori's belt which loosened but the yokozuna managed to use it to throw him. Hakuho remains the sole leader followed by Kisenosato and Ikioi.

7th day
Kitataiki threw Ohsuna-arashi. It's Kitataiki's 6th win. Aoiyama gave thrusts and powerfully pushed out Kotoshogiku. Chiyotairyu gave Kisenosato big pushes then Kisenosato gave a shove back on which Chiyotairyu's leg slipped and his foot went out the ring. It's Kisenosato's 6th win. Kakuryu took the wrong action of pulling back and his opponent Chiyo-ohtori won with a push out. Endo banged into Harumafuji. Harumafuji drove down Endo on the ring. Hakuho drove out Kyokutenho easily to keep his record clean.

6th day
It was a sell out crowd on a week day which is unusual. Ohsuna-arashi appeared pressured by Tochinowaka to the edge of the ring. But the Egyption stayed in and instead drove Tochinowaka out for his 4th win. Kisenosato took his time to push out Tochiozan. Kotosogiku stopped Endo from shoving forward and drove the popular youngster out. Harumafuji gave Toyonoshima a big shove. Toyonoshima was blown away but inside the ring, and gave back a big shove. That made Harumafuji lose balance and Toyonoshima won with a push out. Harumafuji took his 2nd loss. Hakuho closed in on Aminishiki to forced him out. Kakuryu hooked his leg around Kyokutenho's to drive the elderly Mongolian down on the dirt.

5th day
Those in the makuuchi who had perfect records all lost except for the yokozuna. They are Jokoryu, Takayasu and Aminishiki. Aminishiki lost to ozeki, Kisenosato on a push out. Endo, who defeated a yokozuna the previous day thrutsed then drove down Toyonoshima for his 4th win. Kotoshogiku forced Yoshikaze down. The only one who kept his record clean was Hakuho who struggled a bit against Takarafuji but managed to thrust him down. Kakuryu drove down Takekaze. Harumafuji threw Chiyotairyu out the ring.

4th day
Takayau gave Ohsuna-arashi an underarm throw to win his 4th bout. Kaisei drove down Shohozan. Aoiyama powerfully pushed Kisenosato and drove the ozeki out. Aminishiki moved around the ring and forced Kotoshogiku down. Endo shoved forward and drove Kakuryu out the ring. It's the first time Endo beat a yokozuna. Harumafuji banged into Kyokutenho and forced the older Mongolian out. Hakuho easily took Chiyotairyu out for his 4th win.

3rd day
Sokorai won his 3rd bout defeating Sadanoumi by forcing him out. Ohsuna-arashi was shoved to the edge of the ring, but he kept one foot inside, he lifted another, while driving down Myogiryu. Both are 2-1. Takayasu kept his head low against Kaisei and drove the Brazilian out for his 3rd win. Endo gave Tamawashi thrust then got his belt, drove him out for his 2nd win. Chiyoohtori took his time to face off against Kotoshogiku. The younger one shoved and shoved and drove out the ozeki. Kisenosato got his hands on Takarafuji's belt and drov him out. Harumafuji banged into Takekaze. Takekaze fell forward. Hakuho slapped then got Aoiyama's belt then forced the Bulgarian off the ring. Aoiyama had a bloody forehead. Kakuryu's pressure forced Chiyotairyu to immediately fall.

2nd day
Toyohibiki powerfully pushed out Ohsuna-arashi for his 2nd win. Myogiryu and Terufuji fought a long bout lasting for more than a minute. Myogiryu managed to win. Kaisei forced Homasho to fall on his hand. Shohozan attacked Endo and drove the popular rikishi out. Aminishiki forced down Goeido for his 2nd win. Kisenosato did not do much but was able to force out Chiyoohtori. Kotoshogiku drove out Takarafuji. Hakuho did not have an easy bout facing resistance from Takekaze. But managed to push him out. Kakuryu pulled away slightly and forced Yoshikaze down. Harumafuji slapped Aoiyama then lost balance, tipped forward buy without falling, then forced Aoiyama out. It's the yokozuna's first win.

1st day
Before a sell out crowd, Kakuryu performed his ring entrance ceremony as yokozuna for the first time at a grand tourney. Another first, Endo with his top knot. He got hold of Kyokutenho's belt and drove him out. Before this bout, Ohsuna-arashi forced Okinoumi out the ring. Newcomer to makuuchi Sadanoumi forced Chiyonokuni out into the crowd. Ozeki Kotoshogiku forced Chiyotairyu out. Kisenosato pushed out Takekaze. Kakuryu in his first bout as yokozuna forced Aoiyama to fall. Yoshikaze drove out Harumafuji off the mound. Hakuho pushed out Chiyo-ohtori.

Pre Tourney highlight
Endo wears a topknot
The 23 year old up and coming sumo wrestler who's been climbing up the ladder too fast finally was able to get his hair done in a topknot on May 2. He's been in pro sumo for 1 year and 2 months.

Kakuryu confirms his top ranking
The new yokozuna vowed to commit to his responsibility as the highest ranker as he saw the new list of standing for this tourney on Apr 24.

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