(May 10 to 24 Ryogoku Kokugikan Sumo Arena)

Outstanding Performance Award:
Outstanding Technique Award: None
Fighting Spirit Award: Terunofuji

Terunofuji is ozeki
On May 27, messengers of the Japan Sumo Association visited Terunofuji at Isenogahama stable. They conveyed to him and his stable master the unanimous vote to promote him to ozeki.

Final day
Runners up for the Emperor's Cup lost one after another. First it was Ikioi who was driving out by Takarafuji. Then Kaisei who appeared to have gotten hold of Ichinojo's belt let go and lost. Top contender Terunofuji beat Aoiyama. It was up to Hakuho whether Terunofuji would clinch the cup or going into a playoff. After Kisenosato drove out Kotoshogiku after some struggle, Hakuho faced Harumafuji. The smaller yokozuna went bang into Hakuho and forced him down. As a result Terunofuji won the Emperor's Cup for the first time. The sekiwake took only 25 grand tourneys to achieve the feat of the 3rd fastest in modern history of sumo.

14th day
Kyokutenho pulled away and managed to make Sadanofuji fall. With this win the 40 year old clinched his 8th victory. Yoshikaze drove down Aoiyama for his 10th win. Kaisei and Ikioi both among the top contendors lost,succumbing to thier 4th loss. Terunofuji easily drove out Myogiryu for his 11th win. Takayasu automatically earned his 20th win as his opponent Goeido pulled ot of the tourney. Hakuho slapped Kisenosato then tried to push, but Kisenosato shoved the yokozuna's shoulder which drove him down. The audience reacted to the upset by throwing purple cushions. Kotoshogiku lost to Harumafuji succumbing to a majority loss. Leading the pack is Hakuho and Terunofuji.

13th day
Ikioi pushed out Sadanoumi for his 10th win. Terunofuji got hold of Takayasu's arm then pushed him out from behind. The Mongolian won his 10th bout. Goeido slightly shifted to the side, then grabbed Kaisei's belt and threw him. Kaisei succumbed to his 3rd loss. Harumafuji forced Kisenosato down on the ring. Hakuho drove down Kotoshogiku. Hakuho is the sole leader.

12th day
A heavyweight bout took place between Kasei and Aoiyama. Aoiyama threw the Brazilian to win his 8th bout. Kotoshogiku went straight into Takayasu and won could not fight in a tournament before all the way to Kodaira. Yoshikaze had heen toppled a number ot times. Hakuho and Harumafuji both lost today.

11th day
Kaisei quickly pushed out Takanoiwa for his 10th win. Takayasu managed to drive out Amuru to win his 9th bout. The refree gave Tochiozan the bout against Sadanoumi, but the judges ruled Tochiozan was out first. Kisenosato got hold of Tokushuryu's belt and forced him out. Aoiyama gook Kotoshogiku straight ouf of the ring. The ozeki now has more losses then wins. Harumafuji defeated Goeido to secure a majority win. Hakuho shoved down Terunofuji's head and with that the younger Mongolian fell on the ring. Hakuho and Kaisei still lead.

10th day
Kaisei pushed out Amuru for his 9th win. Okinoumi beat Kotoyuki for his majority win. Kyokushuho was unable to improve his record facing his 2nd loss against Takayasu. Terunoushi kept his arms tight around Toyonoshima's and drove him out. It's the Mongolian's majority win. Kotoshogiku defeated Miyogiryu. Kisenosato forced Goeido down, for his majority win. Hakuho drove Tokushoryu out. Harumafuji's foot stepped out the ring while fought aggressively against Gagamaru. For Gagamaru it's his first victory against a yokozuna. Kaisei and Hakuho tie for the Emperor's Cup.

9th day
Kyokushuho threw Takanoiwa for his 8th win. Kaisei drove out Myogiru to win his 8th bout too. Tokushuryu drive out Terunofuji. It's the Mongolian's 2nd loss. Kisenosato pushed out Sadanoumi. Goeido threw Kotoshogiku for his 6th win . Harumafuji'a foot left the ring as he was fighting. Tamawashi was given a win. Hakuho forced out Miyogiryu to clinch a majority win. 3 lead for the Emperor's Cup.

8th day
Kyokushuho forced Amuru down for his 7th win. In a super heavy weight bout, Kaisei was able to throw Sadanofuji down for his 7th win too. Takayasu too won his 7th bout by defeating Gagamaru. Terunofuji appeared to have lost control of the bout against Tamawashi. But he was able to hurl Tamawashi to win his 7th bout. Kisenosato was shoved by Tochiozan but was able to withstand and fight back to win with a push out for his 6th win. Goeido with an underarm throw beat Tokushuryu. Hakuho did not have to fight as Ohsuna-arashi withdrew from the tourney with a shoulder injury. Kotoshogiku fell on his belly in the bout against Toyonoshima. Harumafuji shoved Ichinojo's throat then banged into the young Mongolian and forced him out.

7th day
Endo kept his eyes on Arawashi and drove him out for his first win. Tochiozan charged into Goeido forcing the ozeki out. Kotoshogiku was powerless before Terunofuji and lost. Kisenosato thrust down Ohsuna-arashi. Harumafuji drove out Kitataiki. Hakuho got behind Sadanoumi and drove him out. 8 are tied for the Emperor's Cup.

6th day
Kaisei lost. Takayasu lost. There were no longer those with a perfect record. All ozeki won. Starting with Kotoshogiku who charged forward to drive out Sadanoumi. Kisenosato got a hold of Toyonoshima's belt and forced him out. Goeido shoved Tochinoshin's head and drove him down. Hakuho thrust down Tochiozan. Harumafuji drove out Tokushoryu.

5th day
Kyokutenho drove out Amuru in his 1445th bout in makuuchi to break Kaio's record. Kaisei pushed out Chiyomaru for his 5th win. Takayasu also won his 5th bout by throwing Ikioi. Kisenosato was powerless giving in to Miyogiryu's push and lost. Goeido rolled Takarafuji on the ring. Kotoshogiku easily forced Ichinojo out. Harumafuji immediately got hold of Ohsuna-arashi and drove him out. Hakuho was threatened by turning his back towards Aminishiki but managed to get his act together.

4th day
Veteran Kyokutenho won his 2nd bout by defeating Takanoiwa. Kaisei forced down Ikioi for his 4th win. Aoiyama thrust down Takayasu to keep his record clean too. Ohsuna-arashi gave Goeido an overarm throw. Aminishiki shifted to the side as Kotoshogiku charged into him. The ozeki fell forward. Kisenosato was forced down by Tochinoshin. Hakuho kept his eye on Toyonishima to defeat him. Harumafuji had to redo his bout against Sadanoumi after a draw. In the 2nd stand off, Harumafuji was completely driven out.

3rd day
Ohsuna-arashi pulled away and pulled away. The Egyptian managed to stay in the ring and force down Myogiryu for his 2nd win. Terunofuji slapped Tochiozan then drove him out. Takarafuji kept himself on the verge of the ring and forced Kotoshogiku down. It's the ozeki's first loss. Kisenosato drove out Aminishiki. Ichinojo drove Goeido down on the dirt. It's Goeido's first loss. Harumafuji put his weight on Toyonoshima to force his opponent out the ring. Hakuho got hold of Tochinoshin's belt and walked the Georgian out.

2nd day
Homarefuji and Ikio had to redo their bout. Ikio manages to win with a push out. Terunofuji drove out Ohsuna-arashi for his first win. Kisenosato forced Ichinojo out. Goeido pulled away, shifted position then drove Aminishiki down. Kotoshogiku charged forward and pushed Tochiozan out while falling. Hakuho banged into Takarafuji then drove him out. Harumafuji gave a dynamic throw to defeat Tochinoshin.

1st day
Endo was back. He officially wore a fan shaped top knot for the first time. However, despite cheers from fans, he fell in the bout against Ikioi. Aoiyama powerfully gave thrusts and drove out Sokokurai. Osuna-arashi forced Chiyo-otori down. Up and coming Terunofuji fought a sloppy bout leading to his loss against Sadanoumi. Goeido drove out Toyonoshima. Kotoshogiku gave up shoving and shoving when he pulled back and throwing Tochinoshin. Kisenosato pushed and pushed and drove out Takarafuji. Harumafuji slightly shifted to the side then threw Tochiozan. Ichinojo appeared impatient in the bout against Hakuho but he achieved a feat by driving Hakuho onto his hand.

Pre Tourney highlight
Kakuryu pulls out again
Following his total absence from the Osaka tourney, he has failed to recover from his left shoulder injury. So for the 3rd time he is out of a grand tourney.

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