2016 May Grand Sumo Tournament
(May 8 to 22 Ryogoku Kokugikan Sumo Arena)

Outstanding Performance Award:
Outstanding Technique Award: Tochinoshin
Fighting Spirit Award: Mitakeui

Final day
Mitakeumi drove out Daishomaru for his 11th win. Mitakeumi is going up the ranks too quickly that his hair is not growing fast enough for a proper top knot. Ohsuna-arashi forced down Gagamaru for his 9th win. Kaisei quickly defeated Tochiozan. Both finished the tourney 8-7. Kotoyuki pushed out Terunofuji. The Mongolian ozeki faced his 13th loss...the most loss ever by an ozeki. Kotoshogiku forced out Goeido for his 10th win. Kisenosato was focused and pushed out Harumafuji to win his 13th bout. Hakuho was shoved to the verge of the ring, but he gave his final might to throw Kakuryu and won. Hakuho finished the tourney with a perfect record.

14th day
Endo drove out Takayasu for his 11th win. Kotoshogiku quickly forced Yoshikaze out for his 9th win. Goeido pushed out Terunofuji. Hakuho struggled against Harumafuji but managed to take him out for another win. Kisenosato had to win to be able to compete for the Emperor's Cup. But he lost to Kakuryu. As a result Hakuho secured the Cup for his 37th tourney win.

13th day
Sokokurai and Chiyotairyu fought a very long bout in which action began after 2 minutes and Sokokurai won. Kotoshogiku grabbed Terunofuji and drove him out. Kotoshogiku secured a majority win. When Ikioi stood to fight, Goeido was still hunching. All he could do was to jump to the side, which was effective. Goeido threw Ikio to clinch a majority win. Kakuryu went into Harumafuji and drove his opponent out. Harumafuji's chance to win the Emperor's Cup is no more. Both are 10-3. The big bout of this tourney was between Hakuho and Kisenosato. Hakuho slapped his opponent as he stood up then shoved, but the ozeki withstood and pushed back. It was pushing and shoving eachother then Hakuho threw and won. Hakuho is now the only one with a perfect record.

12th day
Kisenosato pushed forward to drive out Terunofuji to keep his record clean. Kotoshogiku drove out Kakuryu powerfully. Hakuho pulled back and Goeido slipped, and fell. Hakuho also fell almost on top of the ozeki. Hakuho managed to improve his record. Harumafuji quickly pushed out Kotoyuki for his 10th win.

11th day
Endo pushed out Chiyootori to clinch his 8th win. Tochinoshin thrust down Shohozan by his head and won his 8th bout too. Kisenosato forced Ikioi to lose his balance, turn his back towards him,and drove him out. Terunofuji with both knees bandaged was forced out of the ring by Yoshikaze. Hakuho charged then went one step back to drive down Kotoshogiku. Harumafuji hurled Kaisei while keeping his foot on the roped ring. Kakuryu and Goeido faced off officially after 2 false starts and Kakuryu got hold of the ozeki and drove him out.

10th day
Kisenosato was taken to the edge of the ring by Kotoshogiku. Kotoshogiku shoved and shoved, but Kisenosato was able to withstand and got a grip of his opponent, then drove him down. Spectators were delighted with the good quality bout between the ozekis. Harumafuji drove out Goeido to secure a majority win. Kakuryu drove out Okinoumi also to clinch his 8th win. Hakuho got hold of Terunofuji and drove out the younger Mongolian. Hakuho and Kisenosato remain on top.

9th day
Kotoshogiku drove out Ichinojo. Kisenosato shoved the forced out Goeido to keep his record clean. Kakuryu drove out Terunofuji. Hakuho slapped Ikioi then elbowed his face. Ikioi fell on his rear. Okinoumi shoved then pulled back and drove the yokozuna down. It's Harumafuji's 2nd loss. So Hakuho and Kisenosato continue to lead.

8th day
Endo pushed out Shohozan for his 6th win. Tochinoshin and Osuna-arashi fought a long bout in which Tochinozan shoved, the Egyptian tried to keep within the ring. In the end, the Georgian won. Goeido drove down Ichinojo. Kisenosato kept his eyes on Yoshikaze's movwe and pushed him out to clinch a majority win. Okinoumi forced down Terunofuji. Hakuho shifted to the side and forced Kotoyuki out the ring. Harumafuji forced Kotoshogiku to roll on the ring. Aoiyama and Kakuryu attached eachother. In the end the yokozuna pulled back and forced the Bulgarian down. The same 2 remain on top.

7th day
Amuru returned to the tourney after injuring his knee but lost to Daieisho. Kaisei and Okinoumi fought a bout with neither pronounced the winner. So they had to redo and Kaisei won. Shodai easily forced down Terunofuji. It's surprising the ozeki has lost his 5th bout already. Kotoshogiku forced down Ikioi. Harumafuji threw Tochinoshin with his left. Kakuryu kept on pulling back and left the ring not being able to bear Kotoyuki's push. Hakuho banged into Aoiyama and forced the big Bulgarian down. Kisenosato and Hakuho lead.

6th day
Kisenosato took his time to fight against Kaisei and drove out the heavy Brazilian. Tochinoshin shoved and shoved to drive out Terunofuji. The Mongolian ozeki was powerless. Kotoshogiku charged low, but his opponent Myogiryu disappeared from sight, shifting to the side, prompting the ozeki to fall. Goeido pulled back, prompting Kotoyuki to push him out. It's Goeido's first loss. Kakuryu sent straight at Shodai to force him out. Hakuho threw Ichinojo with his left. Harumafuji pulled Yoshikaze's arm and forced him to fall.

5th day
Myogiryu with his right shoved Terunofuji out. The Mongolian succumbed to his 3rd loss. Kotoshogiku banged into Okinoumi and shoved him out the ring. Goeido pushed out Shodai to improve his perfect record. Kisenosato fought cautiously against Takarafuji and in the end drove him out also for his 5th win. Hakuho got hold of the front part of Kaisei's belt and with that grip drove out the Brazilian. Harumafuji moved so fast, Aoiyama fell back and both flew into the audience. Harumafuji won. Ikioi threw Kakuryu. The yokozuna lost his first bout.

4th day
Takarafuji shifted his position as he stood up to fight and Kotoshogiku went rolling on the dirt. It's the ozeki's first loss. Goeido kept on moving forward and pushed out Aoiyama for his 4th win. Kisenosato drove out Okinoumi. Kaisei drove out Terunofuji. It's the Mongolian's 2nd loss. Harumafuji attacked Myogiryu's throat. Myogiryu fell on his hand. Kakuryu forced Ichinojo to fall. Hakuho slapped Shodai, who appeared to have lost balance on that blow and the yokozuna pushed Shodai out.

3rd day
It appeared Ohsuna-arashi and Daieisho's bout was done. But a jury interrupted the bout as Ohsuna-arashi did not touch the dirt to take off.So the bout was retaken and the Egyptian forced out his opponent. Goeido tage a twisted hurl to defeat Kaisei. Kisenosato went forward and pushed out Shodai. Ikioi drove out Terunofuji who lost his first bout. Kotoshogiku smoothly defeated Aoiyama. Kakuryu attacked Takarafuji's throat and forced him to step out the ring and fall. Hakuho threw Myogiryu with his left. Ichinojo resisted Harumafuji's thrusts and shoves. Ichinojo in the end drove out the yokozuna.

2nd day
Endo thrust out Satoyama for his first win. Aminishiki shifted his position and it appeared Tochinoshin left the ring before falling on his knee. But the referee gave the bout to the Russian, and none of the juries questioned the decision. Worrying is, Aminishiki asked for help to get off the mound and was taken away on a wheelchair. Kisenosato kept his eyes on Kotoyuki's move and in the end drove him out. Terunofuji pushed out Aoiyama. Kotoshogiku got his left hand on Kaisei's belt, shoved and shoved and won. Goeido charged forward and won as Okinoumi pulled back. Hakuho immediately drove Takarafuji out for his career 880th win to exceed the record held by former ozeki Kaio. Harumafuji quickly forced Shodai out. Kakuryu kept low to push out Myogiryu. There were no upsets.

1st day
Endo could not celebrate his first day back in makuuchi as he was crushed by Gagamaru. Tochiozan pushed out Tamawashi. Up and coming Kotoyuki lost to the big Bulgarian Aoiyama. Terunofuji threw Ichinojo with his left arm. Kotoshogiku immediately forced out Shodai. Goeido pushed forward to beat Takarafuji. Kisenosato drove out Myogiryu. Harumafuji appeared to be under attack but manage to pull back and force Ikioi down. Kakuryu got hold of Kasei's belt with his left and won. Hakuho drove down Okinoumi.

Pre Tourney highlight
Popular rikishi are back in makuuchi
Handsome Endo and Egyptian born Ohsuna-arashi have been promoted back to makuuchi after a good performance in the juryo division.

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