(July 7 to 21)

Mitoizumi and 4 other guys who I've mentioned as being the oldest sekitori, or high ranking sumo wrestlers in the summer tournament are not so this time. 35 year-old Dairyu who has been promoted to the juryo division for this tournament is now the eldest. Since 1988, Dairyu's been going up and down the divisions of juryo and makushita. This is his 6th comeback to the highest division.

Maenoumi is out from the 2nd day of the tournament. What happened was, on that day, Konishiki's monstrous weight collapsed onto his left leg. Maenoumi who is one of the lightest sumo wrestlers has been diagnosed to have sustained an injury that would not recover for up to 4 months. It's the first time the Mighty Mouse will miss bouts since his debut in the summer of '90. He will, unfortunately, be demoted to the juryo division next tournament.

Konishiki has recorded his 599th win in the makuuchi division on 7th day of the tournament. What's special about this is that this has made Konishiki share 6th place as a sumo wrestler with the most number of wins. On the 10th day, Konishiki marked his 600th bout wins. Of course, he has the most wins among the active wrestlers today. Chiyonofuji has the most number of bouts won. The grand sumo tournament celebrated 600 days in a row of a full spectator, also on July 16. I guess 600 was the magic number of the day.

Ozeki or champion Takanonami lost his first bout on the 11th day. He joined Takanohana and Akebono-- tying for the lead in the tournament with 10 wins and a loss.

Three wrestlers had the chance to win the Emperor's Cup on the 15th day. They're Takanonami, Akebono and Takanohana who were all tied with 2 losses. However, Takanonami was overpowered by Kaio. The winner this time was up to the bout between the two grand champions. Akebono was in poor shape from his loss against Wakanohana the previous day. Nevertheless, he clashed towards Takanohana with all his might, but Takanohana slammed him down out of the ring. Good for Taka--he's won his 14th victory. He's tied with the legendary Wajima--ranking number 4 for the most number of tourney wins.

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