(July 8 to 22 at Aichi Prefectural Gymnasium)

Outstanding Performance Award:
Outstanding Technique Award: Tochiazuma, Tokitsuumi
Fighting Spirit Award: Tamanoshima

Final day
The juryo division was amazing. 8 rikishi tied for first place at the end of all their bouts. It's the most ever. The record was not so impressing though. It was 9 wins 6 losses. Members included former makuuchi stars Takatoriki and Terao. But both lost in the first round. The win went to Buyuzan. In the highest division, Takanonami succumbed to his 10th loss. He was thrown down by Kitazakura. Tamanoshima with an overarm throw defeated Wakanosato for his 12th win. Miyabiyama was driven down by Tochiazuma and marked his 8th loss. This majority loss means that he will be "kadoban" next tourney. With means, if he marks a majority loss again, he will be demoted from the ozeki rank. This tourney champion Kaio faced Musoyama. But Musoyama pushed him out. Musashimaru quickly pushed Chiyotaikai out to finish with 12 wins. Kaio, in a interview after the bout said that he wished to have won the last bout of the tourney. However, he has chance to gain yokozuna ranking depending how he does next tourney.
Michiyo's Note: By the way it was learned on July 23 that Takanohana had left for France to undergo check up. And according to reports on July 30, Takanohana will have to keep quiet for 3 months. That means it's unlikely he can be back to fight in a tournament within the year.

14th day
Terao clinched his majority win by thrusting down Asanowaka. Takanonami managed to win by taking out Higonoumi. But it's only his 5th win. Tamanoshima pushed Tochiazuma out for his 11th win. Kotomitsuki pushed against Miyabiyama. But he was not taking good control. Miyabiyama appeared as if he was losing balance but he threw Kotomitsuki by the nec, and Kotomitsuki fell first. Miyabiyama has a 7 to 7 record. Chiyotaikai pushed out Musoyama. The most exciting bout, perhaps of this tourney came at the end. Kaio immediately got Musashimaru with his right hand as the bout took off. He tried to force the yokozuna out, but the yokozuna withstood. After just a second of pause, Kaio threw with his right and won. Blue cushions again were throw toward the ring. Kaio's Emperor's Cup victory was secured. It's Kaio's 3rd. Kaio not only discarded his "kadoban" ozeki post, but he should again get a chance to try out for the highest ranking.

13th day
Kyukushuzan had his head under Takanonami as he tried to take the next step. But as he tried to force down the former ozeki, the Mongolian was the one to fall first. Miyabiyama and Takanowaka fought a close bout. In the end, it appeared that as Takanowaka's foot went out, Miyabiyama fell. But Takanowaka was given the win. Musoyama was powerful. He pushed down Wakanosato. And both recorded 9 wins 4 losses. Chiyotaikai forced himself into Kaio and pushed. Then Kaio pulled back. In the end, Kaio through Chiyo with his right to win. And an upset in the final bout. Tochizauma drove out the big Musashimaru. This result gave Kaio the sole top post for the Emperor's Cup.

12th day
Takanonami this time, was shoved out by Hayateumi. He took his 9th loss. Wakanosato, who defeated the yokozuna the previous day, was not the same guy. He tried to throw Kotonowaka without getting a good grip, and that cost him a loss--his 3rd. Kyokushuzan, shifted his position, and Musoyama fell taking on his 4th loss. Chiyotaikai with quick thrusts defeated Tamanoshima. Miyabiyama started off well, and Kaio was looking weak. He even twirled around. But as Kaio was nearing the verge of the ring, and keeping himself within, Miyabiyama kicked Kaio with his right, but that was ineffective. Miyabiyama fell. Musashimaru, this time pushed down Kotomitsuki. So Kaio and Musashimaru remained a tie for first place, followed by Chiyotaikai.

11th day
Takanonami is bandaged all over his shoulders. But, he fought hard. He looked as if he was on the verge of being taken out of the ring, but he resisted. And defeated Tochinonada with an over arm throw. Kaio was powerful. He threw Tamanoshima with his right. Chiyotaikai moved forward giving thrusts, while Miyabiyama pulled back and Chiyo dropped. Chiyo has succumbed to his 2nd loss. Musoyama with his leg, pressued Takanowaka into a fall. Both are with 8 wins 3 losses. And the major upset occurred in the final bout. Wakanosato clashed into the big Hawaiian born and pushed.Musashimaru tried to bear the shoves, but Wakanosato with both his arms around the yokozuna threw him on the ring. Blue cushions were thrown toward the ring. At this point, Kaio and Musashimaru are tied for first place. They're followed by Chiyotaikai, Wakanosato and Tamanoshima.

10th day
The bad news first. Since Dejima was unable to make it back to the tourney, his majority loss was confirmed. And he will be demoted from his ozeki ranking for the next tourney. Tamanoshima, one of the top contenders, walked out Kotoryu for his 9th win. Takanonami succumbed to Tohki's thrusts facing his 8th loss. Asashoryu's thrusts caught Wakanosato's cheek. And the effect was there. Asashoryu was able to take out the man who's been in great shape this tourney. Kaio kept him inside the ring and took out Takanowaka. It's Kaio's 9th win. Miyabiyama pushed forward and drove out Tosanoumi for his 5th win. Kotomitsuki was committed to giving his best, and Musoyama struggled. In the end, Kotomitsuki drove out the ozeki. Musoyama is down to his 3rd loss. Chiyotaikai thrust down Tochinonada. Musashimaru kept his lead by pushing out Kyokushuzan as he fell.

9th day
Miyabiyama appeared aggressive this time. He went for Asashoryu and thrust the Mongolian down. Tohki pulled back as Musoyama charged forward. The ozeki lost balance and fell succumbing to his 2nd loss. Chiyotaikai easily pushed out Higonoumi. Kaio in facing former ozeki Takanonami, could not face off at the right timing. Kaio stood too fast 3 times. When the bout finally took off properly, Kaio could not get a good hold of Takanonami but tried to force a throw. Takanonami drove him down, and Kaio had to take his first loss. Musashimaru was in good shape again pushing down Ohtsukasa. Maru is now the sole leader in the Emperor's Cup race.

8th day
Takanonami seems to be in really bad shape as he lost to Kotonowaka who only marked his 2nd win. Musoyama pushed down Asashoryu for his 7th win. Chiyotaikai with thrusts defeated Tochiazuma. Kaio clashed into Tochinonada taking him out. By securing a majority win, Kaio had been relieved from being called "kadoban". Miyabiyama drove out Ohtsukasa for his 3rd win. Musashimaru drove Tosanoumi out to earn another win.

7th day
In the juryo division, Terao did not give thrusts. He went for Kinkaiyama's belt, and in the end, won with an underarm throw. Terao is with 4 wins. Chiyotaikai gave a couple of thrusts to quickly defeat Tohki. Kaio clashed into Tochiazuma. Tochiazuma could not fight back. Kaio took him out for his 7th win. Takanonami had control of the bout. He shoved Miyabiyama down for his first win this tourney. Musoyama pushed out Higonoumi for his 6th win. Musashimaru, at one point, appeared to have lost his balance. But managed to fight on, and pushed down Tochinonada's head to win. Kaio and Musashimaru still are the front runners.

6th day
Dejima has pulled out. And as he is "kadoban" if he doesn't return to fight to win a majority of the bouts, he will be demoted from ozeki ranking. As for his colleagues, Kaio took out Asashoryu. Miyabiyama threw Kotonowaka for his 2nd win. Musoyama defeated Hayateumi. Chiyotaika pushed out Takanonami. And yokozuna Musashimaru overwhelmed Higonoumi by walking him out. So Kaio and Musashimaru are still with clean records.

5th day
Asashoryu threw out Takanonami for his 2nd win. Takanonami has yet to win. Tochiazuma falls out after Wakanosato's thrust. Dejima did not have a strong start. As Kyokushuzan twisted an arm throw, the ozeki fell on his left knee. It's Dejima's 2nd loss. Much worse is Miyabiyama. He lost to a neck throw by Tochinonada. Musoyama pushed out Tosanoumi. Chiyotaikai went forward, pulled back and moved forward the thrust down Kotomitsuki for his 4th win. Kaio appeared to have been lifted out, but it was judged that Hayateumi's heel was out first. Musashimaru was able to take out Tohki despite his resistance.

4th day
Mongolian Asashoryu gave thrusts one after another toward Tochiazuma. Tochiazuma in the end fell down. For Asashoryu it's his first win, while for Tochiazuma his first loss. Kotomitsuki threw out Takanonami for his 2nd win. Tohki pulled away as Miyabiyama attacked him, and thrust the ozeki down. Miyabiyama marked a disturbing 3rd loss. Musoyama took out Tochinonada. Chiyotaikai moved fast to thrust Hayateumi out. Kaio threw Wakanosato to keep his record clean. Dejima dashed forward again, but this time, he lost balance and fell on his tummy. He couldn't get up immediately. And his elbow was badly scarred. Musashimaru safely walked out Kotonowaka. So Kaio and Maru are the only 2 who have not been defeated yet.

3rd day
In the juryo division, Terao at last won by shifting his body at the edge of the ring. Aogiyama lost to him. In the top division, the most eyecatching bout was between Tamanoshima and Takanowaka. But it wasn't about them. It was about the refree. As the two were fighting, and Takanowaka shoving Tamanoshima down, the refree was right below Tamanoshima when he fell. And the refree's foot was stuck. He couldn't get up. Another refree replaced him to give Takanowaka a winning call. It was learned that evening that Shikimori Kindayu--the refree, had suffered a smashed broken left heel. Musoyama squeezed Kotonowaka's arms to take him out. Chiyotaikai gave thrusts and then pushed Asashoryu out. Kaio could not get hold of Kotomitsuki's belt, but still managed to thrust him down. Dejima charged forward again and pushed out Hayateumi. Miyabiyama clashed against half bandaged Higonoumi and drove him out for his first win. For the first time this tourney, all ozeki won. And in the final bout, Takanonami tried to throw Musashimaru, but the yokozuna was obviously too heavy, that Takanonami's body began to turn sideways. Maru pushed him down.

2nd day
Terao was trying to show his thrusts in the juryo division. But he could not move smoothly enough and fell on his hands. Kotomitsuki was all right, regardless of the painful look he wore the day before. He shoved out Tochinonada for his first win. Chiyotaikai attacked Kotonowaka and won his first bout. Kaio got hold of Higonoumi's belt and with that firm grip took him out. Dejima was fast. He pushed Asashoryu straight out. Miyabiyama was again powerless. He lost to a stronger looking Wakanosato. He's the only one in the champion class to succumb to his 2nd loss. Musoyama this time defeated Takanonami. And Musashimaru took control of the bout to take out Hayateumi.

1st day
Terao did not fight well as juryo number 3. He was about to slip and Hamanishiki threw him, and Terao fell. New makuuchi rikishi, Kitazakura was received with jeers and cheers. He's the first from the Kitanoumi stable (run by the former great yokozuna) to make it to the top division. He clashed against Jumonji, was pushed, and then shoved back to win. One of the heroes of last tourney, Kotomitsuki was shoved down by Higonoumi. Kotomitsuki appeared to be in pain after the bout. Kaio was back. Kotonowaka tried to change the pace of the bout, but failed. Kaio pushed him out. Takanonami looked a bit slim. He is reported to have been hospitalized in between tourneys due to a flu. Perhaps, due to his weight loss, the much smaller Dejima picked him up and out the ring. Ozeki Miyabiyama was taken out by Hayateumi. Musoyama charged toward Tochiazuma head on. But wen Tochiazuma moved aside, he lost balance and went tumbling down the ring. Wakanosato banged into Chiyotaikai. Chiyo pulled back and lost. So 3 ozeki were already defeated. Mongolian Asashoryu tried to get Musashimaru's belt, but Maru prevented him from doing so by getting hold of the youngster's arms to take him out.

Pre Tourney highlights
Takanohana withdraws from tourney
Takanohana and his stablemaster (his father) Futagoyama reported on June 5 that the yokozuna will not fight the coming tourney. Takanohana said that he could not emit energy. And his father hinted that Taka's injury was quite serious by saying that he will try to get Taka back on the ring even though it may take more than half a year for him to completely recover. Takanohana won the last tourney with devastating injuries of his legs.

Sumo ranks for Nagoya announced
According to the list of ranking released on June 25, 2 ozeki are "kadoban", meaning if they finish with a majority loss, they will be promoted. Those ozeki are Dejima and Kaio. Dejima had a majority loss last tourney, while Kaio was out most of it. Another disappointment is that Terao fell to the juryo division.

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