(June 6 to 20 at Aichi Prefectural Gymnasium)

Outstanding Performance Award:
Outstanding Technique Award: Tokitsuumi
Fighting Spirit Award: None

Final day
Takamisakari was pushed to the edge of the ring, but was able to push back and gave an overarm twist. Tokitsuumi fell on his knee and collapse. Both ended the tourney with 9 wins 6 losses. Takanonami manged to take out Tamanoshima for his 6th win. Kyokushuzan was taken out by Buyuzan, ending the tourney with 11 losses. Another Mongolian, Asasekiryu threw Miyabiyama with his right and shoved his head to win. Both performed well this tourney with 10 wins 5 losses. Tochiazuma tried to fight aggressively but was pushed out by Wakanosato. The ozeki marked a majority loss meaning he will can be demoted from his rank if he does the same again next tourney. Tosanoumi had a fast start against Musoyama. Musoyama, however, withstood the attack and got hold of Tosa's belt and threw him. The two finished with 10 wins 5 losses. The last bout of the tourney was the highlight of the whole tourney. Chiyotaikai was clearly showing a high level of concentration of the bout against Kaio. But Chiyo did not start the bout with his trademark thrusts. Rather, Chiyo pushed. And Kaio appeared to be on the verge of being pushed out. But Kaio withstood and returned the shoves, in the ending winning the bout and the tourney. It's the first time in 2 years Kaio's clinched a grand tourney. And it's his 4th Emperor's Cup victory.

14th day
Kasuganishiki hooked his foot around Takamisakari and tripped him. Kyokushuzan got his right foot hooked around Takanonami's ankle and put him down. The Mongolian veteran earned his 4th win. Tosanoumi put Miyabiyama down for his 10th win. Tochiazuma pushed Hokutoriki. But Hokutoriki pushed back and drove the ozeki out. Tochiazuma is 7 - 7. Kaio could not immediately put down Musoyama although he tried, but finally he pushed his head down to win. Chiyotaikai gave a series of thrusts, taking out Tokitsuumi. Kaio and Chiyotaikai are tied for the Emperor's Cup.

13th day
Tosanoumi was out from the fight for the Emperor's Cup succumbing to his 4th loss in the bout against Hokutoriki. Miyabiyama fell as he drove out Kasuganishiki to collect his 10th win. Takamisakari tried to shove Wakanosato's shoves, but this time, he failed, and lost. Tochiazuma moved forward taking out Takanonami. Chiyotaikai and Musoyama clashed into eachother, but immediately, Chiyo struck his opponent with quick thrusts. Musoyama could not bear the threat and left the ring. Kaio powerfully took out Tokitsuumi. The top runners are now Kaio, Chiyotaikai and Musoyama.

12th day
Tosanoumi got a good start. He practically chased Kasuganishiki and forced him down. It's Tosa's 9th win. Kyokushozan got around Iwakiyama and drove him out to at last earn his 2nd win. Takanonami had his arm around Tochinonada and took him out. Both are with 5 wins 7 losses. Kyokutenho appeared to have had the advantage of driving out Takamisakari. But no. Takamisakari drove Kyokutenho out. It was a great bout. Musoyama fought the bout carefully and pushed out Tokitsuumi. Both have tied with 9 wins 3 losses. Chiyotaikai stood up fast and charged forward to drive out Tohki. Kaio clashed into Tosanoumi. Tosanoumi collapsed. It was a quick bout. At the end of the day, 6 tie for first place.

11th day
Two former collegiate mates fought against eachother. They're Kotomitsuki and Takamisakari. Kotomitsuki clashed into Takamisakari. Takamisakari was not impressed. He easily pushed down his opponent. Kotomitsuki fell on his hands. At this point, both recorded 7 wins 4 losses. Takanonami forced down Aminishiki for his 4th win. Miyabiyama shoved out Kaiho to clinc a majority win. Chiyotaikai and Tosanoumi clashed into eachother and Tosanoumi showed power. But as they both plunged onto the dirt, Tosa was ruled as having gone done first. Kaio go hold of Kyokutenho's belt with both hands. And then with his right hand shoved the Mongolian down. Tokitsuumi fought well. He in the end took out Tochiazuma. Tohki went forward with thrusts. Musoyama tried to bear the attacks. But Tohki pulled the ozeki towards him and drove his down. Tokitsuumi is now the sole leader followed by a pack.
Michiyo's Note: There was a report that Kyokushuzan called Asashoryu to apologize for the row between them. Since Asashoryu pulled Kyokushuzan's top knot which cost him a bout, the 2 were obviously in bad terms. After Asashoryu lost to Takamisakari, Kyokushuzan told reporters that the yokozuna deliberately walked into him, and his car's mirror was broken. Asashoryu received bomb threats and sumo fans demanded him to go home. But as a result of the phone call the two is said to have agreed to work towards promoting better relations between Japan and their home country Mongolia.

10th day
Tokitsuumi took out Kinkaiyama for his 8th win. Miyabiyama shoved and Takamisakari tried to resist but fell on his back. Kaio is reported to be fighting with a painful rear, but he carefully forced Kotoryu out of the ring. Tosanoumi automatically secured a majority win since he did not have to face Asashoryu who pulled out. Musoyama drove out Takanonami also to clinch a majority win. Chiyotaikai gave a series of thrusts which at one point Tochiazuma resisted by keeping himself from stepping back. Bt Chiyo continued and in the end won with a push out. The co-leaders are down to 3, which include Musoyama, Tosanoumi and Tokitsuumi.

9th day
Kotomitsuki drove down Tochisakae to be among the co-leaders of this tourney. Hokutoriki pushed out Takanonami. It's Takanonami's 6th loss. Tokitsuumi thrust down Miyabiyama to improve his record to 7 wins. Kyokushuzan already succumbed to a majority loss with his defeat to Wakanosato. Musoyama managed to drive out Tochiazuma for his 7th win. Chiyotaikai and Takamisakari fought aggressively. Chiyo seemed to be in control to drive Takamisakari out. But the judges ruled that Chiyo's right hand touched the dirt before Takamisakari's foot went out the ring. Both are with 6 wins 3 losses. Kaio did not have much power, failing to throw Tosanoumi with his super strong arm. He was driven out. Asashoryu came on with a badged right elbow. He got not give strong thrusts, and lost to Tamanoshima. It's the yokozuna's 4th loss. After the bout, his intention to pull out of the tourney was announced. At this point, 5 lead the tourney, which include Musoyama and Tosanoumi.

8th day
Takanonami was taken out by Kotoryu. Miyabiyama was about to be pushed out, or did he seem to be, but he shifted to the side, taking down Tochinonada. Musoyama appeared to be in a better position, but on the edge of the ring, his hed went down. Kyokutenho won with an overarm throw. Chiyotaikai gave a series of thrusts, and then pulled back, putting down Tamanoshima. Kaio didn't fight a very good bout but managed to push out Aminishiki. Tochiazuma quickly pushed out Kyokushuzan. The final bout attracted enormous applause and attention. Takamisakari tried to mentally boost himself by hitting his chest, an action loved by fans. And his determination to fight this bout well seemed more than ever. The bout took off. Asashoryu tried to throw with his right, but Takamisakari did not let the yokozuna take control, driving him out the ring. The audience threw blue, purple cushions toward the ring in response to the upset. Takamisakari looked ecstatic clinching his 2nd victory against a yokozuna this tourney and in his sumo career. Both are 5 to 3. At this point 10 rikishi are co-leaders in the grand tourney with 2 losses.

7th day
Takamisakari was taken ou by Tochinonada facing his 3rd loss. Miyabiyama shoved down Kyokutenho for his 5th win. Chiyotaikai was pushing toward Wakanosato. But Wakanosato stepped aside and Chiyo was ruled to have gone out first. Kaio touched the dirt and lost to Tohki. Tochiazuma drove down Aminishiki. Musoyama gave a powerful throw, and Tamanoshima tolled on the ring. Asoshoryu with an underarm throw defeated Takanonami. Musoyama leads along with Tosanoumi, Tokitsuumi and Kasuganishiki.

6th day
Miyabiyama pulled back but he effectively shoved down Wakanosato for his 4th win. Kaio stood up fast to take out Takamisakari. Tochiazuma withstood Tohki's thrusts and pushed him out. Musoyama pulled Tochiazuma towards him and shoved him down. Tamanoshima was given an automatic win since his match for the day Musashimaru pulled out. Takanonami slapped Chiyotaikai as he stood up. But it did not do him good. Chiyotaikai went on with his thrusts to drive the former ozeki out. Kyokutenho tried hard to fight fellow Mongolian Asashoryu, but he lost to the yokozuna's underarm throw.

5th day
Takanonami got hold of Kyokutenho immediately and took him out. It's his 3rd win. Tochinonada stopped to gain his balance when Tochiazuma shifted to the side. And Tochiazuma seeing that pushed him down. Musoyama drove out Aminishiki. As Chiyotaikai took up, Miyabiyama thrust him down. The ozeki succumbed to his first loss. Kaio took time to try to get a good hold of Wakanosato, and took him out. Takamisakai shoved Musashimaru out, and the yokozuna lost without resisting much. He decided to pull out of the tourney as a result. In the final bout, 2 Mongolians faced eachother. It appeared that Asashoryu had a swift win pushing down Kyokushuzan's head. But the judges ruled that the yokozuna had pulled Kyokushuzan's topknot. He was disqualified. And with this ruling, the audience through purple cushions toward the ring. It's the first time in the history of sumo a yokozuna used a banned skill. Asashoryu faced his 2nd loss.

4th day
Musoyama's left arm did not have a good hold of Takamisakari. It slipped. And he lost balance turning his back to Takamisakari and lost. It's the ozeki's first loss. Chiyotaikai did not start well. He was able to get hold of Kyokutenho, and pushed him down. Kaio, in the 2nd start of the bout, gave shoves and pushed out Kyokushuzan. Miyabiyama gave a series of thrusts which Tochiazuma could not resist. It's Tochiazuma's 2nd loss. Asashoryu drove down Aminishiki. Aminishiki could not get up immediately, and limped out of the ring. Musashimaru was powerless. He lost easily to Takanonami.

3rd day
Hokutoriki attacked Takamisakari, but was instead taken out. Takanonami and Jumonji could only start the bout after attempts to face off 4 times. Takanonami grabbbed Jumonji and drove hims out. It's the former ozeki's first win. Chiyotaikai went forward and pushed out Kyokushuzan. Kaio appeared to be on the defense. Tochinonada went forward and pushed the ozeki out the ring. Kyokutenho thurst down Tochiazuma. Musoyama did not have to fight at his opponent for the day, Kotonowaka pulled out. Musashimaru was going forward but in the end, he lost to Aminishiki. Asashoryu thrust down Miyabiyama. There were 3 upsets. Losses by 2 ozeki and a yokozuna.

2nd day
Miyabiyama gave thrusts and as Kotoryu lost control of his movement, drove him out from the side. It's the former ozeki's first win. Kaio pushed out Takanonami. Takamisakari was taken out by Tochiazuma. Chiyotaikai shifted to the side as he faced off and thrust Tochinonada down. Asashoryu tried to give a throw while Kotonowaka squeezed the yokozuna's arm under his right. Instead it was Kotonowaka who won. But after the bout, Kotonowaka was in pain. And he pulled out from the tourney the next day. Musashimaru pushed down Kyokushuzan.

1st day
Takamisakari was also popular in Nagoya. The crowd cheered him on. He seemed to be on the defense against Tamanoshima but he shifted to the side and thrust his opponent down. Takanonami lost to Wakanosato's throw. Tochiazuma squeezed Kotonowaka's arm with his, and threw the big guy out. Musoyama quickly took Kyokushuzan out. Chiyotaikai pushed out Aminishiki. Kaio after putting Miyabiyama off balance gave a final push to win. Musashimaru was back, wrestling for the first time this year. Kyokutenho however was taking control pushing the yokozuna to the edge. But Musashimaru resisted. In the end, Kyokutenho went down. It's reported that Kyokutenho thought he would win. Asashoryu fought powerfully. Tochinonada got his back towards the yokozuna and was driven down.

Pre Tourney highlights
Musashimaru confirmed!
For the first time in 4 grand tourneys, Musashimaru will fight. This was made clear by his stablemaster Musashigawa on July 2. But the bad news is, Musashigawa said that Dejima's pulling out.

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