(July 4 to 18 at Aichi Prefectural Gymnasium)

Outstanding Performance Award:
Outstanding Technique Award: None
Fighting Spirit Award: Toyozakura

Final day
Miyabiyama drove out Asasekiryu for his 12th win. Toyozakura thrust down Shimotori to win his 12th bout. He also became the only one to be given on of the 3 main awards. Kokkai shoved, but in the end, Takamisakari threw the Georgian down. Takamisakari gave a look of confidence for earning a majority win. Dejima grabbed Kotomitsuki's arm and pulled him towards him. But got himself out first. Dejima failed to finish with a majority win. Chiyotaikai did not have to face Musoyama as Musoyama pulled out from the final day. Tochiazuma lost balance and fell forward in the bout against Hakuho. The Mongolian earned his 11th win. The final bout of the day excited fans as Kaio still had a chance to win the Emperor's Cup if he defeated Asashoryu. But the yokozuna got hold of the ozeki's belt with his right and drove Kaio out. Asashoryu secured hi 4th consecutive Emperor's Cup, which is his 8th total.

14th day
Takamisakari, as he was driven to the edge of the ring, suddenly shifted himself to the side, and put Shimotori down. It's Takamisakari's 7th win. Kokkai clashed into Tochinonada and drove him out to secure a majority win. Wakanosato took out Dejima for his 8th win. Miyabiyama gave a series of thrusts non-stop. But in the end, Tochiazuma put the former ozeki down. Kaio and Musoyama clashed into eachother. Kaio managed to take Musoyama out the ring gently for his 11th win. Musoyama appeared to have hurt his shoulder. Chiyotaikai gave thrusts which were not effective. Asashoryu easily took the ozeki out. Asashoryu leads with 12 wins.

13th day
Toyozakura gave Takamisakari thrusts to drive him out for his 10th win. Miyabiyama continued to give Futeno thrusts after another, and finally won with a push out. Asasekiryu empowered Dejima. Dejima fell into the audience. The Mongolian clinched his 10th win. Hakuho threw Kokkai with his right hand. Kokkai's hand touched the ground to lose. Hakuho won his 10th bout. Tochiazuma made the mistaking of pulling Kotomitsuki towards him. That cost him the bout. He still needs one more win to regain ozeki ranking. Kaio and Chiyotaikai took long to face off. And finally when they did, Chiyotaikai burst into Kaio with thrusts. Kaio on the edge of the ring, got hold of Chiyo's arm and put him down. It's Kaio's 10th win. Asashoryu quickly took out Musoyama. Asashoryu and Miyabiyama are still the leaders.

12th day
Takamisakari was taken out by Futeno for his 6th loss. Dejima was carelessly driven out by Toyozakura. Kokkai drove out Tamanoshima. Miyabiyama surprised Chiyotaikai by suddenly shifting his position to the side. Chiyo was thrust down. Kaio and Tochiazuma clashed into eachother. Kaio powerfully shove Tochizauma out the ring. Musoyama was taken out by Shimotori. Asashoryu fell forward as he shoved Wakanosato. The referee gave the bout to Asashoryu, but the judges ruled otherwise. The yokozuna succumbed to his 2nd loss. He ties with Miyabiyama again for the Emperor's Cup.

11th day
Takamisakari drove out Tosanoumi. Hakuho hurled Miyabiyama on the ring. Hakuho secured a majority win. Kokkai shoved and shoved at the edge of the ring and took out Iwakiyama. Kaio got his hand on Wakanosato's belt and carefully threw him. Kaio clinched a majority win. Musoyama struggled against Kyokutenho. But he was able to topple the Mongolian with an underarm throw. Musoyama with his 8th win has secured his ozeki post. Hokutoriki tried to pull away from Chiyotaikai. But taking advantage of that move, Chiyo thrust him down. The ozeki won his 9th bout. Tochiazuma kept his head low to fight Asashoryu, and the yokozuna fell on his hands. The gymnasium was covered with flying blue cushions in response to the upset. Still, Asashoryu leads with just one loss.

10th day
Takamisakari was pushed down the ring by Asasekiryu. Dejima appeared to have put his head too low and was about to fall, but he first pushed out Kyokutenho for his 7th win. Hokutoriki at last won. He pushed out Kyokushuzan. Musoyama suddenly thrust down Wakanosato. It was a powerful and skillful win. Chiyotaikai gave Tochiazuma thrusts. But Tochiazuma shifted away and drove out Chiyo. Both are 8 to 2. Kaio clashed against Kokkai. As Kokkai put his head down low, Kaio thrust him down to win. Asashoryu did not allow Musoyama to thrust him. The yokozuna pushed the former ozeki down. Asashoryu is now the sole leader.

9th day
Takamisakari lost to Aminishiki's over armthrow. Miyabiyama thrust down Tokitsuumi to improve his record to 9 wins. Dejima drove out Kaiho. Kokkai held his head low, and with Kotomitsuki's blow, fell down. It's the Georgian's 4th loss. Chiyotaikai with thrusts defeated Kyokushuzan. Kaio was trying to fight Shimotori. But his arm went up, and lost control. He turned his back towards Shimotori and was driving out. The ozeki succumbed to his 3rd loss. Tochiazuma tried to slightly shift sides during the face off against Musoyama. But it was too slight. Musoyama dropped Tochiazuma on his hands and knees to win his 6th bout. Asashoryu easily took out Hokutoriki. The yokozuna and Miyabiyama still tie for first place.

8th day
It seemed Miyabiyama had no chance when he was driven to the edge of the ring by Hayateumi. But he shifted positions, and was able to take his opponent out. Miyabiyama secured a majority win. Takamisakari was attacked, but he was able to keep himself inside the ring and throw Kaiho. Kokkai and Dejima clashed into eachother. Kokkai pulled back while Dejima pushed forward to win. Both are 5 to 3. Tochiazuma literally chased Kyokushuzan out the ring for his 7th win. Kaio went forward to take out Kotoryu. Musoyama was unable to get hold of Hokutoriki's belt but was able to drive his opponent out. It's Musoyama's 5th win. Chiyotaikai gave strong thrusts to push out Wakanosato. Asashoryu got hold of Kotonowaka's belt and tried to throw the huge opponent. But Kotonowaka with his left toppled the yokozuna, and the crowd overjoyed...or it seemed. The judges, however, decided both fell at the same time. So the two had to fight again. Asashoryu seems happy with the decision. And the result, Asashoryu threw Kotonowaka to win.

7th day
Hakuho pulled Toyosakura toward him, and then stood there just watching. But Toyosakura did not fall, and the bout continued. In the end, Hakuho was taken down. The Mongolian fell into the audience. Miyabiyama, as he stood, shifted his movement and put Tosanoumi down. Takamisakari banged into Tochinonada, got hold of his opponent's body and took him out. Both are 4-3. Dejima was pushed to the edge of the ring, but fought back and defeated Iwakiyama also for his 4th win. Tochiazuma drove Hokutoriki out the ring. Hokutoriki hasn't won a bout yet. Musoyama pushed and pushed to take out Kotonowaka. Kokkai and Chiyotaikai clashed hard into eachother. Kokkai, suddenly lost balance and fell forward to face his 2nd loss. Kaio thrust Tamanoshima down. Asashoryu faced another Mongolian Kyokushuzan, got a grip of his belt and forced him out. Asashoryu and Miyabiyama are the only ones with perfect records

6th day
Miyabiyama pulled back and forced Takekaze down. The former ozeki improved his perfect record. Hakuho clashed into Shimotori and put him down. Dejima charged forward and drove Takamisakari out the ring. Kakizoe pushed Kokkai. Kokkai pulled back and put his opponent down. Tochiazuma pushed out Kotonowaka for his 5th win. Chiyotaikai gave a series of thrusts which Kotoryu tried to bear, but could not in the end. Kaio pushed out Kyokushuzan for his 4th win. Musoyama managed to thrust down Tamanoshima. Asashoryu pushed down Iwakiyama for his 6th win.

5th day
Hakuho defeated Dejima with an overarm throw. Miyabiyama pushed out Aminishiki to extend his winning streak to 5. Takamisakari was moving in an awkward way, but managed to push out Tokitsuumi for his 3rd win. Kokkai was a bit shaky in the beginning, but got his head down low and defeated Tochiazuma. It's the former ozeki's first loss. Kaio pulled back and put down Iwakiyama for his 3rd win. Kaio seemed unhappy with his skill even though he won. Chiyotaikai gave Kotomitsuki thrusts then pulled back to put him down. Asashoryu drove Kotoryu out the ring for his 5th win.

4th day
Hakuho picked Hayateumi up 3 times but was unable to win. The Mongolian faced his first loss. Miyabiyama shoved and pushed out Jumonji. Takamisakari had a powerless fight, succumbing to Takekaze's push out. Dejima was driven out by Tochinonada. Kokkai tried to shove Shimotori out once, but seeing that he couldn't swung his opponent to win. Tochiazuma put down Tamanoshima. Musoyama was unable to withstand Kotoryu's throw to take his 3rd loss. Chiyotaikai gave thrusts to defeat Kotonowaka. Kaio was taken out by Kyokutenho. Asashoryu beat Kotomitsuki with an underarm throw.

3rd day
Takamisakari faced his childhood friend from Aomori, Hayateumi for the first time. Hayateumi tried to grab Takamisakari's belt and slipped behind him. Takamisakari with his back toward Hayateumi swung his arm behind and slapped his opponent to drive him out with a rare technique called "ushiro motare". 19-year old Mongolian Hakuho powerfully shoved out Kakizoe for his 3rd win. Miyabiyama thrust down Shimotori. Dejima managed to taek Kotonowaka out. Tochiazuma had to have patience fighting against Wakanosato. In the end, the former ozeki won with a push out. Iwakiyama clashed into Chiyotaikai. Chiyo could not do much and was pushed out. It's the ozeki's first loss. Kaio had a slow face off, but he managed to put Hokutoriki down. Kokkai pushed forward and kept his head low. Musoyama pulled his arm as he himself pulled back and left the ring powerless. Asashoryu had a tough bout against another Mongolian Kyokutenho. They fought for eachother's belt. In the end, Asashoryu force his opponent out.

2nd day
Takamisakari fell on his knee as he pushed down Kakizoe. It's the Robocop's first win. Dejima this time charged forward and drove Tokitsuumi out for his first win. Wakanosato managed to take Iwakiyama out. Tochiazuma kept his head low and pushed out Kyokutenho. Hokutoriki pulled out and lost to Kotoryu. It's Hokutoriki's 2nd loss. Kotonowaka attacked Kaio. Kaio shoved his arm and that was a strong enough blow on Kotonowaka. Kaio won his first bout. Musoyama struggled against Kotomitsuki but in the end shoved his throat to win his first. Chiyotaikai and Tamanoshima had to redo their bout. Chiyo, in the 2nd try, like his first, attacked with thrusts. The ozeki pulled back and this time got Tomanoshima down to win. Kokkai clashed into Asashoryu. But the yokozuna literally blew Kokkai out the ring.

1st day
Takamisakari and Hakuho fought a very close bout. It appeared that Hakuho was falling from the ring, but he was ruled to have thrust down Takamisakari first. Miyabiyama gave small thrusts and drove Tochinonada out. Dejima fans chanted in support. But the former ozeki backed away, giving Takekaze an easy win. Hokutoriki who performed well the last tournament gave Kotonowaka thrusts. But Kotonowaka grabbed his arm, and threw Hokutoriki down. Kokkai powerfully clashed into Wakanosato and with a few thrusts took Wakanosato out. Musoyama could not give any decisive throws even though he tried. Instead, Iwakiyama twisted him down. Chiyotaikai was wearing a red belt. He pushed and them pulled back to defeat Kyokutenho. Kaio was looking clean. He had no bandage around his body. But he did not have a good start and that affected his performance. Kotomitsuki drove the ozeki out. Tamanoshima kept Asashoryu from taking action, at least for a while. The yokozuna, in the end, went forward and took him out.

Pre Tourney highlights
Tochiazuma falls from ozeki status
Tochiazuma will fight as sekiwake as he's been demoted from ozeki, the rank he held for 15 grand sumo tourneys.

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