(July 10 to 24 Aichi Prefectural Gymnasium)

Outstanding Performance Award:
Outstanding Technique Award: Futeno
Fighting Spirit Award: Kokkai

Final day
Kokkai gave thrusts, while Takamisakari tried to bear them and give a throw, but went down first. Tamanoshima pushed down Dejima. Dejima finished this tourney with a majority loss. Kyokutenho threw Miyabiyama who marked a majority loss too. Wakanosato attacked Koto-o-shu. The Bulgarian suddenly lost balance and touched the dirt and fell. Kotomitsuki fought well against Kaio and drove the yokozuna out the ring. Tochiazuma tried to stay with Asashoryu but in the end was taken down. The yokozuna posed to the victory. With this victory Asashoryu clinched his 13th Emperor's Cup. At the same time he exceeded Musashimaru's record to become the foreigner with the most number of grand tourney wins.

14th day
Kyokushuzan pulled back while Dejima pushed forward an won his 7th bout. Koto-o-shu gave a throw against Takamisakari and put him down. The Bulgarian won his 12th bout. Hokutoriki put Miyabiyama down. Kotomitsuki threw Kyokutenho for his 6th win. Kokkai attacked Tochiazuma. The ozeki kept low, patiently and finally pushed the Georgian out. It's Tochiazuma's 9th win. Asashoryu did not allow Kaio to reach out for his belt, and drove the popular ozeki out. Asashoryu and Koto-o-shu are still tied for the Emperor's Cup.

13th day
Takamisakari drove Takanowaka out for his 10th win. Dejima managed to drive out Kotoshogiku for his 6th win. Miyabiyama with thrusts drove Tamanoshima out. Koto-o-shu's power had weakened Hokutoriki's leg. He went down. Wakanosato shoved and shoved against Tochiazuma and won. Kaio didn't allow Kokkai to give thrusts. He grabbed Kokkai's belt immediately and threw him. It was a powerful 10th win. Asashoryu drove Kotomitsuki out easily. The same 2 lead in the tourney.

12th day
Iwakiyama was back after missing 3 days. And he was able to celebrate his comeback, thrusting out Hokutoriki. Futen-o appeared to take control of the bout against Takamisakari. Takamisakari forced a throw. The 2 fell of the ring. The bout was given to Takamisakari to earn his 9th win. Dejima pushed forward by was defeated by Asasekiryu. Kokkai banged into Koto-o-shu. But the Bulgarian fled to the side and pushed down the Georgian. Tosanoumi pushed down Miyabiyama. It's Tosa's 3rd win. Kotomitsuki had a good bout against Wakanosato and won his 4th bout. Kaio powerfully drove Tochizauma out the ring. Asashoryu put Kyokutenho out for his 10th win. The yokozuna and Koto-o-shu tied for first place.

11th day
Aminishiki pushed out Takamisakari. Futen-o picked up a win as his opponent of the day, Roho pulled out. Wakanosato pushed out Miyabiyama. Koto-o-shu grabbed for Dejima's right foot and in the end put the former ozeki down. Tochiazuma forced Kotomitsuki to fall on the ring to gain his 8th 2in. Hokutoriki tried to thrust Kaio, but Kaio was quick to respond to Hokutoriki's careless move and won his 8th bout. Kaio also secured his post as ozeki. Kokkai gave Asashoryu powerful thrusts, then pulled back. The referee gave the bout to the Georgian, but the judges ruled that Asashoryu fell, while Kokkai's heeled stayed on the ring. There's no longer anybody with one loss.

10th day
Toyozakura went on thrusting and Takamisakari let him, and waited. Then he put Toyozakura down to secure a majority win. Futen-o took Dejima out. Koto-o-shu charged forward and drove Kyokushuzan out. The Bulgarian earned a majority win. Miyabiyama pushed Roho out. Kokkai drove Kotomitsuki down.It seems Kotomitsuki has lost a chance to win ozeki ranking. Wakanosato took Kaio out to earn his 8th win. Tochiazuma quickly drove out Kyokutenho. Asashoryu had an easy win over Hokutoriki.

9th day
Takamisakari dashed forward and forced Hakurozan out the ring for his 7th win. Kokkai gave Tamanoshima thrusts, but pulled back and fell backwards. It's the Georgian's 3rd loss. Roho and Kyokutenho clashed into eachother, then Kyokutenho easily took out the Russian. Roho was seen limping. Kyokushuzan pulled away. Tosanoumi pushed forward and won his first bout. Kakizoe charged into Koto-o-shu. The Bulgarian to hold of the back of Kakizoe's belt and sunk him on the ring. Miyabiyama automatically earned a win as Chiyotaikai withdrew from the tourney. Kaio did too, since Hakuho pulled out. Tochiazuma had a tough bout, but he managed to drive Dejima out. Asashoryu to hold of Wakanosato's belt and took him out. The yokozuna is again leads alone, for the Emperor's Cup.

8th day
Takamisakari automatically earned a win, since his opponent, Iwakiyama pulled out from the tourney. Dejima attacked Hotoriki and pushed himn down. Kokkai gave thrusts but Wakanosato was not afraid to push forward and win. Futen-o managed to force Hakuho to fall on his back. As Tochiazuma went forward, Miyabiyama gave his head a downward blow. The ozeki fell off the ring, and hit his left knee too. It's his 3rd loss. Kaio hurled Tosanoumi with his arm, and won. Roho clashed into Chiyotaikai and immediately drove the ozeki out. Asashoryu had a quick start, but Koto-o-shu was undaunted. He gripped the yokozuna's belt. Both tried to throw eachother, and as they both fell, Asashoryu's top knot touched the ring before the Bulgarian fell on his face. With that, the gymnasium was filled with flying blue cushions. The yokozuna has tied for the Emperor's Cup with Wakanosato. There's 6 who follow with 2 losses each.

7th day
Toyonoshima and Takamisakari had to redo their bout since judges decided they fell together. In the retake, Takamisakari pushed Toyonoshima out to win his 5th bout. Iwakiyama fought with hiis left shoulder bandaged, and he weakly lost against Kotoshogiku. It's his first loss. Kokkai banged into Jumonji and pushed him out. Wakanosato drove Kyokutenho out the ring. Kotonowaka pulled back while Dejima pushed forward and won. Koto-o-shu leapt and confused Miyabiyama. The Georgian pushed out the former ozeki for his 5th win. Kyokushuzan tried hard not to be defeated by the young Mongolian, but failed.Hakuho won his 6th bout. Kaio wore a bandage above his left eye. But that didn't affect his power. He held Roho's arm under his and gave a powerful throw. Kotomitsuki gave Chiyotaikai thrusts. Chiyo turned his back towards him, and Kotomitsuki drove the ozeki out. Tochiazuma managed to drive Tamanoshima out. Asashoryu slapped Tosanoumi's face. That seems to have worked on him. Tosa fell on his left knee first and dropped. The yokozuna is the only on at this point with a perfect record.

6th day
Iwakiyama forced down Asasekiryu for his 6th win but banged his shoulder. Kokkai shoved Aminishiki's head to win. Ama charged forward.Takamisakari shifted himself away from the edge of the ring and put the Mongolian down. Kyokutenho shoved down Dejima for his 3rd win. Hakuho pushed himself on Miyabiyama to win. Kotomitsuki pulled back but was able to drive Tosanoumi out. Chiyotaikai threw Kakizoe. Tochiazuma drove Futen-o out. Koto-o-shu bashed his head into Kaio's face. Kaio was easily taken out. When he lifted his head, his face dipped in blood. The Bulgarian's top knot rammed into his left eye lid, and it was clearly gushed open. Fans expected Kyokushuzan to play a trick on Asashoryu, but he did not quite managed. The yokozuna got hold the back of the elder Mongolian's belt and took him out.

5th day
Takamisakari drove Katayama down on the ring for his 3rd win. Iwakiyama charged forward and pulled back and won his 5th bout. Roho moved away and down went Kokkai. Kotomitsuki appeared to be rushed and Miyabiyama was able to take advantage of that, putting him down. Hakuho threw Koto-o-shu. Kyokushuzan tried to trick Tochiazuma by slightly moving to the side and trying to put him down. Tochiazuma lost balance, and seeing that, the veteran Mongolian threw the ozeki. Kaio pulled back, which was a bad sign, but he managed to stay in the ring while Kakizoe fell. Futen-o drove Chiyotaikai out. It's the ozeki's 3rd loss. Asashoryu stopped Dejima from pushing forward and drove the former ozeki out. Dejima fell on his back.

4th day
Jumonji's pressure put Takamisakari immediately down on his knee. Iwakiyama slightly pulled back and rolled Aminishiki on the ring for his 4th win. Kokkai rammed into Asasekiryu, pulled back and put the Mongolian down. It's also the Georgian's 4th win. Miyabiyama put Futen-o down for his 2nd win. Dejima shoved and shoved and defeated Kotomitsuki. Kaio withstood Kyokushuzan's attacks, by moving forward and won. Wakanosato threw Chiyotaikai on the ring. It's the ozeki's 2nd loss. Koto-o-shu put his weight on Tochiazuma which led to the ozeki's fall from the ring. Asashoryu with his left, drove Kakizoe out the ring.

3rd day
Takamisakari pulled back and put Kotoshogiku down. Kokkai drove Ama out with big thrusts. Tamanoshima attacked Koto-o-shu's throat at first. But the Bulgarian with a hold of the front part of the belt then shoved and put his opponent down. Kotomitsuki dashed toward Kyokushuzan and forced him out. Hakuho pushed Chiyotaikai out. It's the ozeki's first loss. Tochiazuma managed to drive Roho out. Kaio from time to time stood still to observe Miyabiyama during the bout. In the end, he shoved Miyabiyama's head and with that, the former ozeki dropped. Asashoryu with his left drove Futen-o out.

2nd day
Kisenosato managed to push Toyonoshima out for his 2nd win. Hakurosan who is Roho's brother won his first bout in the makuuchi division. It's by shoving out Tamakasuga. Takamisakari went forward and drove Tokitenku out. Kokkai put down Kyoutenho. Dejima posed a throw, then shoved Wakanosato out. Miyabiyama thrust Kyokushuzan out. Hakuho threw Kakizoe on the ring. Kotomitsuki had a smooth win against Tamanoshima. Tochiazuma kept his head low and drove Tosanoumi out. Futen-o drove Kaio out rather quickly. Chiyotaikai got hold of Koto-o-shu's right arm and then with his left leg kicked the Bulgarian, putting him down. Asashoryu slightly pulled back but managed to force Roho out,while he himself fell forward.

1st day
Kisenosato's foot was inside the ring to give him a win over Buyuzan. Takekaze threw Takamisakari to win. Ama was pushing forward but in the the end Iwakiyama won. Asasekiryu stood up and put Kotonowaka down on his hand. Kokkai forced Tochinonada down to do the splits. Hokutoriki shifted to the right and put Kyokutenho down. Tamanoshima put Tosanoumi down. Koto-o-shu forced Futen-o down. Kotomitsuki has a chance to gain ozeki ranking is he performs well this tourney. But Roho defeated him with an overarm throw. Wakanosato thrust Hakuho down. Dejima and Kaio's bout drew lots of cheers. Dejima had a better position in the bout, but Kaio forced a throw and won. Chiyotaikai gave Kyukushuzan thrusts and won. Tochiazuma pulled back but managed to force a throw on Kakizoe to win. Asashoryu picked the heavy Miyabiyama up and won.

Pre Tourney highlights
Takanohana in the spotlight
Since his father passed away in May, a media frenzy over the relationship of the Hanada brothers, alias Takanohana and former yokozuna Wakanohana who's today known as Masaru Hanada. First, the elder took charge of the family funeral which Takanohana did not see as appropriate as he was heading a sumo stable. Anyway the even took place in accordance to Masaru's will. The sumo association funeral was led later by Takanohana. But the brothers never spoke to eachother. Then it was learned that Masaru decided not to make claims to his father's heritage. Takanohana was angered that Masaru unveiled this to the media.

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