(July 11 to 25 Aichi Prefectural Gymnasium)

Outstanding Performance Award:
Outstanding Technique Award: Kakuryu
Fighting Spirit Award: Homasho, Aran

Final day
A number of rikishi clinched a majority win on the final day. They include Hokutoriki, Bushuyama, Mokonami, and Kimurayama. Aran pushed down Homasho and both finished the tourney with 11 wins. Kakuryu pulled back and drove Kisenosato down the ring for his 11th win. Harumafuji shoved Koto-o-shu to the verge of the ring. The Bulgarian managed to stay within. But he could not regain his balance, he was taken out on the opposite side of the ring. But finished with 10 wins. Hakuho and Baruto both got a hold of eachothers belt. They struggled against eachother. In the end, Hakuho tried a throw while using his knee to push Baruto's leg up and make him lose balance. Hakuho won with an overarm throw, and recorded his 3rd straight perfect tourney.

14th day
Kokkai shoved down Takekaze's head and secured a majority win. Gagamaru fell immediately as he faced off against Takamisakari. The Robocop looked perplexed, but he earned his 9th win. Homasho tried to get hold of Tokusegawa's belt but failed and was driven down the ring. It's Homasho's 3rd loss. Tokusegawa won his 8th bout. Aran briefly lifted up Kakuryu, put him down and drove Kakuryu out. Both are 10-4. Tochiozan drove Kyokutehno out the ring while he himself fell. It's for his 8th win. Tokitenku won his 8th bout against Kotoshogiku. Koto-o-shu did not allow Baruto to get hold of his belt and managed to drive the Estonian out. Hakuho and Harumafuji grabbed for eachother's belt and fought for a while, until Hakuho was able to give an throw to win his 46th bout in a row, breaking Taiho's record. Since Homasho lost, Hakuho secured the tourney victory for the 15th time.

13th day
Kimurayama pushed hard and forced out Takamisakari. Wakanosato shoved and shoved,driving Mokonami out and secured a majority win. Kakuryu drove out Kyokutenho and won his 10th bout. Aminishiki withdrew from the tourney and Kitataiki automatically earned a win. With Aminishiki out, the number of foreign rikishi fighting this tourney in the makuuchi division exceeds the Japanese rikishi in the top division for the very first time. Aran thrust down Yoshikaze for his 9th win. Homasho charged forward and pushed out Kisenosato for his 11th win. Baruto and Harumafuji distanced from eachother twice. Then the Mongolian pulled the Estonian's arm, then drove the big guy out. It's Harumafuji's 9th win. Koto-o-shu tried to throw Hakuho but was instead thrown. Hakuho won his 45th bout in a row, tying with Taiho's record or marking the 3rd most consecutive win in the post war period.

12th day
Takamisakari got hold of Tosayutaka's belt and drove him out to secure a majority win. Aran forced Wakanosato out also to win a majority. Koto-o-shu took Homasho and drove him out. It's Homasho's 2nd loww. Harumafuji banged into Kisenosato and pushed him out to win his 8th bout. Baruto gave thrusts, but Kotoshogiku moved at a good timing to drive the Estonian down. For the first time Kitataiki challenged a yokozuna. He went into Hakuho, but Hakuho showed his skills, used his knees to force Kitataiki down. Hakuho remains the sole leader.

11th day
Kokkai slapped Takamisakari in his face. Takamisakari was not affected and shoved the Georgian out. Homasho appeared to be in control of his bout against Kakuryu. But he fell as he tried to push Kakuryu. It's Homasho's first loss. Baruto gave Kisenosato a series of thrusts. Kisenosato returned the attacks. Then it was a lot of movement in the bout, which ended with Baruto forcing down Kisenosato. The Estonian secured his majority win. Harumafuji was automatically given a win as Kaio pulled out due to an injury sustained from the previous day's bout. Koto-o-shu fell immediately to Tokitenku's thrust. Hakuho threw Kotoshogiku by his neck and became the sole leader in this tourney. After the bouts, stablemaster Matsugane held a brief doorstop to explain his rental of a place in Osaka from a man who's believed to have links with a crime syndicate. It's a fresh new scandal that has surfaced.

10th day
Homasho quickly drove Gagamaru on the ring for another win. Wakanosato shoved forward and took Takamisakari out. Both are 6-4. Baruto threw Tokitenku with his left for his 7th win. Koto-o-shu threw Kaio who fell sideways, and down went the Bulgaria ozeki who clinched a majority win. Kaio limped as he left the ring. Harumafuji charged into Kakuryu who lost balance. Harumafuji won by throw with a twist. Hakuho hooked his leg around Kisenosato and with a throw, also went down the ring. It was a close bout, which Hakuho managed to win.

9th day
Takamisakari pushed down Tamawashi. Homasho was steady, grabbing Mokonami and forcing him down for another win. Asasekiryu threw Hakuba to at last win his first bout. Aran attacked Kisenosato and pushed him out. It's the Russian's 5th win. Tochinoshin pushed out Koto-o-shu. Harumafuji drove Tokitenku out for his 5th win. Baruto slightly pulled back, he tried to thrust Kaio's head and at that moment, Baruto grabbed Kaio's belt and with that good grip drove out the popular ozeki. Hakuho got hold of Kakuryu's belt with his left and forced the younger Mongolian out. Hakuho and Homasho are now the only two with perfect records.

8th day
It's the 2nd straight day the gymnasium drew a packed crowd. Homasho was able to survive the attacks by Takekaze that shoved him to the edge fo the ring, by shifting his position and driving his opponent down. Homasho already secured a majority win. Shotenro turned his back towards Takamisakari and was driven out. Kisenosato pulled away but managed to put Tochiozan down first before he left the ring. The two rikishi who have fought perfectly so far faced eachother. Kakuryu forced a throw on Koto-o-shu and won. Harumafuji continously attacked Hakuba and won his 4th bout. Baruto turned his back towards Tosayutaka but managed to shoved out Tosayutaka. It's the Estonian's 5th win. Kaio was fairly quick to get hold of Kyokutenho's belt, and carefully drove out the Mongolian. Tokiteku resisted Hakuho's throw but in the end succumbed to the yokozuna's force. Both tumbled down the ring together. Hakuho tie with Homasho and Kakuryu for the lead.

7th day
For the first time this tourney, it was a sell out crowd. Tamaasuka appeared to be in control of the bout, but Takamisakari took over and drove his opponent out. On Gagamaru's one thrust, Kakizoe went running across the ring, and was pushed out. Homasho pushed down Shimotori for his 7th win. Kakuryu also drove out Tosayutaka for a perfect record so far. Harumafuji was in danger on the verge of the ring, but managed to bear the shoves and instead, took Kitataiki out. Aminishiki quickly pushed out Baruto. It's the ozeki's 3rd loss. Kaio was forced to fall on his hands in the bout against Tokitenku. Koto-o-shu got hold of Kisenosato and by shoving him down, kept his record clean. Hakuho threw Kyokutenho also to extend his consecutive win record.

6th day
Hokutoriki went into Takamisakari. Takamisakari got hold of Hokutoriki and forced him out for his 3rd win. Homasho pushed down Tosayutaka to keep his record clean. And so did Kakuryu by throwing Mokonami. Baruto forced down Toshinoshin for his 4th win. Kaio immediately pushed Aminishiki's head and drove him down. Thhe ozeki won his 5th bout. Koto-o-shu drove out Kyokutenho for his 6th win. Harumafuji fell when Aran pulled away. Hakuho quickly pushed out Hakuba.

5th day
Homasho was a bit delayed in facing off. But was still able to thrust down Hokutoriki. Kakuryu was another in good shape who defeated Kakizoe for his 5th win. Takamisakari was driven out the ring by Tokusegawa. Hakuba won his first bout by driving out Aran. Kisenosato shoved down Kotoshogiku for his 4th win. Kaio banged into Tochinoshin and with his right hand on the big Georgian's belt and threw him down. Koto-o-shu drove out Tochiozan. Harumafuji gave thrusts, Asasekiryu stopped him, but in the end, the ozeki forced Asasekiryu out. Baruto managed to take Kyokutenho out. Hakuho charged forward and threw Aminishiki for his 37th consecutive win.

4th day
Homasho is in good shape, He drove out Tamaasuka out for his 4th win. Mokonami drove out Takamisakari. Koto-o-shu had a good grip of Aminishiki's belt and with that forced him out. Kotoshogiku had a powerful start and beat Harumafuji. Kaio thrust Tochiozan down on the ring. Hakuho picked up Asasekiryu then shoved him out of the ring.

3rd day
Takamisakari pushed out Bushuyama for his 2nd win. Gagamaru shoved out Mokonami for his first makuuchi win. Tochinoshin got hold of Kisenosato and drove him out. Tochiozan dived into Baruto and drove out the Estonian ozeki. Kotoshogiku slightly shifted to the side and drove Kaio out. Koto-o-shu got hold of Aran's belt and shoved the Georgian out. Asasekiryu shifted slightly to the side, but it was not an effective move against Hakuho. Hakuho won and with his 35th consecutive win, tied with Asashoryu's record.

2nd day
At a glance, only half of the gymnasium appeared to be filled. In such environment, bout took place. Takamisakari was driven out be Homasho. Gagamaru was forced to fall forward in the bout against Tosayutaka. Veteran rikishi Wakanosato threw Kitataiki with his left for his first win. Kisenosato and Kyokutenho both fought aggressively. In the end Kisenosato drove out the Mongolian. Aran shifted to the side, and Baruto went straight out the ring. Kaio tried to reach out for Asasekiryu's belt but then he shoved forward and drove out the Mongolian. Koto-o-shu twisted Hakuba and put him down on the ring slowly. Harumafuji dashed forward then quickly shove Tochinoshin out for his first win. Hakuho forced Tochiozan out to record his 34th win in a row, breaking his longest winning streak.

1st day
An unprecedented number of sumo wrestlers forced out from the tourney or a total of 10 from makuuchi and juryo divisions. 12 stablemasters have been suspended from taking part in the sumo association activities. The first day did not draw a sell out crowd. In the highest division, Homasho who was out last tourney forced Kimurayama out. Newcomer to makuuchi, Gagamaru faced another Georgian Kokkai. Kokkai thrust the younger Georgian down. Takamisakari as always slammed his body before fighting the bout. And in the bout, he pulled away at a perfect timing to force Takekaze down. Kisenosato attacked persistently Aminishishiki's throat and drove his opponent down. As always, Kaio received big cheers from the crowd. He quickly drove down Aran by shoving his head. Koto-o-shu got hold of Asasekiryu's belt and shoved the Mongolian out. Tochiozan charged forward and Harumafuji powerlessly lost. Baruto gave Hakuba a slap, then got hold of his opponents arm, swung him and put him down. Hakuho gave Tochinoshin a quick throw to win his 33th bout in a row.

Pre Tourney highlight
No live sumo broadcast
NHK's chairman Shigeo Fukuchi announced on July 6, that the live broadcast of this sumo tourney will be dropped. Instead NHK will run daily summarize of the tourney. The decision is based on calls from the public according to Fukuchi. There were said to be more people asking that a live broadcast be dropped over those those supporting it. It's the first time in 57 years NHK is not going live.

Nagoya tourney ranking list released
The list was distributed after a week delay on July 5. However, Kotomitsuki's name was still on it, even though he was fired and were also names of those who have been suspended to fight in Nagoya.

Kotomitsuki is fired
The Japan Sumo Association announced on Jul 4, a severe punitive measure against Kotomitsuki for being involved in baseball gambling. It's the first time such high ranker has been expelled from sumo. But he will receive retirement benefit. Otake was also fired. Earlier Otake told Japanese media he was also seeking a divorce. His wife is the daughter of the former yokozuna great Taiho who's stable Otake had taken over. 2 other stable masters were demoted. During the press conference, Hakuho apologized for having gambled in hanafuda card games. And dozens of sumo wrestlers also bowed in apology.

Otake tenders resignation
Stable master Otake who was known as Takatori during his days as sumo wrestler, decided to resign. But the task force did not accept it as they are looking into taking more severe measures as in expelling him.

Ranking announcement postponed
For the first time in the post war era, the list of ranking for a grand sumo tourney was put off. It was expected on June 28, but because of the baseball gambling scandal, a task force demanded for a rescheduling.

Baseball gambling scandal
Kotomitsuki's involvement in baseball gambling ignited into an unprecedented scandal involving the whole sumo world. On June 14, it was learned 65 sumo wrestlers admitted to the Japan Sumo Association that they were involved in illegal gambling. Then specific names began to surface such as Toyonoshima, Miyabiyama, and stablemaster Otake.

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