(July 10 to 24 Aichi Prefectural Gymnasium)

Outstanding Performance Award:
Outstanding Technique Award: Homasho
Fighting Spirit Award: None

Final day
Two good friends Toyonoshima and Miyabiyama clashed into eachother. Toyonoshima pushed out Miyabiyama for his 9th win. Kotoshogiku shoved forward and drove Homasho out. Both finished 11-4. Koto-o-shu had a good start and got hold of Okinoumi's belt, but as he pulled back, his foot left the ring. With that the ozeki succumbed to his 6th loss. Okinoumi managed to secure a majority win. Harumafuji gave Kisenosato a slap to start with. However, the ozeki was shoved to the edge of the ring. He tried to keep himself from falling. But in the end, Kisenosato drove the ozeki out. Baruto quickly went forward and got his hand on Hakuho's belt, then threw. Hakuho appeared to try to withstand it, but his left foot went out the ring. Hakuho finished with 3 losses. Baruto clinched his 11th win.

14th day
Miyabiyama managed to thrust Toyohibiki down to earn a majority win. Kaisei shoved Toyonoshima. Toyonoshima kept himself inside the ring, and instead shoved Kaisei out. Toyonoshima secured his 8th win while Kaisei succumbed to a majority loss. Wakanosato threw Kotoshogiku to win his 8th bout. It's Kotoshogiku's 4th loss. Koto-o-shu shoved Baruto, pulled back then threw the Estonian as he himself fell. It's Koto-o-shu's 9th win. Harumafuji immediately got hold of Hakuho's belt. Harumafuji kept his head low. He then shoved the yokozuna and won. With this victory, Harumafuji won the Emperor's Cup for the 2nd time. Hakuho failed to break a consecutive tourney victory record of 8.

13th day
Aminishiki attacked Kisenosato in the beginning but Kisenosato fought back and won his 8th bout with a push out. Ozeki hope, Kotoshogiku struggled against Okinoumi,unable to get a hold of his belt. Kotoshogiku then shoved,but on the verge of the ring, he was thrown and lost his 3rd bout. Baruto lost balance and was driven to the edge, then got himself in position. But Harumafuji drove the big Estonian down for his 13th win. Koto-o-shu immediately got hold of Hakuho's belt and shoved, but Hakuho withstood and gave a powerful throw, toppling the Bulgarian out the ring.

12th day
Aran shoved Homasho's head and forced him down to clinch a majority win. Kotoshogiku got hold of Kakuryu's belt with both hands and drove the Mongolian out. It's his 10th win. Harumafuji powerfully forced Kaisei down on the dirt for another win. Baruto at one point lost balance, but quickly took control and forced down Takekaze. Koto-o-shu twirled once and got back to a fighting position but was driven down by Kisenosato. Hakuho quickly drove out Okinoumi.

11th day
Kaio officially retires Aichi Prefectural Gymnasium appeared to be in sadness as one of the most popular rikishi tendered his resignation to the Japan Sumo Association. Kaio, after 23 years, decided to call it quit. He said in a news conference that he has no regrets and feels he's accomplished many things during his sumo career. He will take on a new name, Asakayama, and coach sumo wrestlers at his Tomozuna Stable, including up and coming Brazilian Kaisei. As to the main bouts of the day, Homasho forced down Tamawashi for his 9th win. Miyabiyama attacked Kaisei's throat and drove the young Brazilian out. Both are with 6 wins 5 losses. Baruto pulled Aminishiki towards him, and as Aminishiki fell forward, the Estonian ozeki kept himself inside the ring with one leg raised. Okinoumi automatically earned a win as Kaio retired. Harumafuji forced Koto-o-shu to lose balance and pushed the tall Bulgarian out. Kotoshogiku, who hails from Fukuoka, the home prefecture of Kaio, gave his utmost against Hakuho, shoving the yokozuna without giving up and managed to win. The crowd threw cushions towards to ring to celebrate the upset. Harumafuji is now the sole leader.

10th day
Takamisakari lost to Daido and already succumbed to a majority loss. Kotoshogiku got hold of Baruto and pushed forwards, then pulled away, throwing the Estonian on the dirt. It's Kotoshogiku's majority win. Kaio and Koto-o-shu were unable to face off without stopping and watching eachother's move for awhile. Once the bout became official Kaio stood to watch. Then the Bulgarian pushed and drove Kaio out. Harumafuji got hold of Wakakoyu's belt then forced a twist to win. Hakuho threw Kisenosato also to improve his record. After the tourney, Kaio's stablemaster Tomozuna told media Kaio is retiring.

9th day
Koto-o-shu gave Aminishiki thrusts and pushed him out in the end. Kaio was immediately attacked by Wakakoyu and then driven down. Kaio's lost his 6th bout. Harumafuji grabbed Kotoshogiku and shoved the ozeki hope out. Baruto shoved Kisenosato by the head and forced the young fighter down. Hakuho's shove did not put Kakuryu down. But the yokozuna turned the position of the Mongolian and drove him out. Hakuho and Harumafuji lead with perfect records.

8th day
Miyabiyama gave thrusts than forced Aran down for his 4th win. Kaisei pushed out Kyokutenho also for his 4th win. But the ozeki he admires lost to Kotoshogiku. It's Kaio's 5th loss. Harumafuji forced Okinoumi on the ring to clinch a majority win. Baruto shoved Wakakoyu out the ring. Koto-o-shu pulled away and Goeido appeared to have pushed down the Bulgarian. But the refrees called was reversed. Goeido fell while the ozeki's legs remained inside the ring. Hakuho forced Aminishiki to lose balance and fall on his back.

7th day
Kotoshogiku drove out Yoshikaze. Harumafuji powerfully charged into Goeido and threw him with his left. Baruto got hold of Tochinoshin's belt with his right and then shoved his head down to put him down on dirt. Koto-o-shu pushed forward while Toyonoshima lost balance and was driven out the ring. Kaio only got hold of the front part of Aminishiki's belt. He squeezed the arm of Aminishiki which grabbed his belt, shoved him forward and won his 3rd bout. In Wakakokyu's first challenged against the yokozuna, he attacked Hakuho. But Hakuho thrusted him down.

6th day
Kotoshogiku threw Aminishiki to in his 5th bout. Baruto shoved Toyonoshima and pushed him out the ring. Koto-o-shu managed to throw his tall opponent Tochinoshin. Kaio got hold of Kisenosato with his powerful right, but all was not well. Kisenosato managed to take Kaio's hand off his belt then drove the popular ozeki out. Harumafuji quickly drove out Kyokutenho. Hakuho forced Goeido out. Hakuho and Harumafuji tie with perfect records.

5th day
Kaio breaks the record Kaio gradually shoved Kyokutenho and beat the Mongolian for his career 1046 win which he achieved in 23 years. As he left the ring, a woman in kimono handed him a big bouquet. In other bouts, Kaio's stablemate, Kaisei lost to Tokitenku. Kotoshogiku powerfully forced Kisenosato out of the ring for his 4th win. Koto-o-shu pulled back. Wakakoyu took advantage of it and pushed the Bulgarian out. Harumafuji fought aggressively against Yoshikaze won his 5th bout. Baruto was toppled on the ring by Kakuryu. Hakuho fought hard against Toyonoshima with a push out to end the bout.

4th day
Oginoshima and Aminishiki fought a competitive bout ruled as a tie. In the 2nd try, Aminishiki attempted a throw but fell before he could. Tochinoshin managed to win his first bout by defeating Kisenosato. Kotoshogiku gave thrusts and pushed out Goeido for his 3rd straight win. Kaio was welcomed with cheers as always. This time, he quickly drove down Toyonoshima and tied with Chiyonofuji's career total winning record of 1045. After the bout, the former Chiyonofuji congratulated Kaio and told him to continue giving his utmost. Harumafuji drove out Kakuryu for his 4th win. Baruto was automatically given a win as Tosayutaka pulled out. Koto-o-shu shifted to the side and drove down Yoshikaze. Hakuho pushed out Kyokutenho.

3rd day
Kotoshogiku went forward and threw the tall Toshinoshin. Harumafuji quickly drove out Toyonoshima. Baruto shifted postion, banged his chest against Kyokutenho and drove the Mongolian out. Koto-o-shu distanced himself from Tosayutaka with thrusts then drove him down. Tosayutaka looked like he was in pain after the bout. Kaio appeared to bang into Kakuryu. But Kakuryu pused forward, and drove out the popular ozeki. Hakuho banged into Yoshikaze, pulled away and drove him down.

2nd day
Miyabiyama and Asasekiryu had to redo their bout. In the 2nd attempt, Miyabiyama gave thrusts and drove out the Mongolian for his first win. Kaisei tried to throw Oginoumi, but instead was dolled on the ring. Kotoshogiku shoved forward and drove out Wakakoyu. Kyokutenho drove down Kisenosato. Baruto forced down Yoshikaze. Kakuryu threw Koto-o-shu with his right. Kaio was driven out by Goeido. Harumafuji pushed out Tochinoshin. Hakuho shoved Tosayutaka's head and topped him down.

1st day
It's the first regular grand sumo tournament since January. Takamisakari forced Tochinonada on the dirt to win. Miyabiyama gave Tochiozan thrusts as he moved around. But once Tochiozan grabbed him, he was helplessly drive out the ring. Brazilian Kaisei got hold of Wakanosato's belt and forced the veteran rikishi out. Kisenosato quickly droveout Wakakoyu. Kotoshogiku is the lates ozeki hope but he weakly lost to Toyonoshima. Koto-o-shu got hold of Kyokutenho and drove the Mongolian out. All eyes are on Kaio as he is about to tie with Chiyonofuji's makuuchi victory record. But he had a weak face off and turned his back towards, Yoshikaze and driven out. In a close bout Harumafuji managed to win with shoves that forced Tosayutaka's heels to touch the dirt outside the ring. Baruto picked Goeido up and took him out the ring. Hakuho gave a powerful shove to drive out Tochinoshin.

Pre Tourney highlight
Sumo tourney at last normalized
On June 2, Japan Sumo Association decided to hold the Nagoya tourney as usual. And NHK decided also that it would cover the tournament live. Ticket sales wre from June 6.

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