(July 8 to 22 Aichi Prefectural Gymnasium)

Outstanding Performance Award:
Outstanding Technique Award: Myogiryu
Fighting Spirit Award: Kaisei, Masunoyama

Final day
Baruto gave thrusts and pushed out Aran. Both finished 9-6. Kakuryu defeated Kotoshogiku with an underarm throw. Koto-o-shu drove out Kisenosato and earned his 9th win. Harumafuji and Hakuho faced eachother. It's the first time in 29 years that the final bout of the final day is fought between rikishi with perfect records. Harumafuji slapped Hakuho then got hold of the yokozuna's belt, moved quickly and shoved the yokozuna out. It's the 3rd tourney vistory for Harumafuji.

14th day
Miyabiyama thrust Tamaasuka down to secure a majority win. Wakanosato kept his foot on the rope of the ring after Shotenro's thrust then drove Shotenro out to win his 8th bout. Kyokutenho thrust down Sadanofuji's head and won his first bout. The audience gave last tourney champion a huge applause. Kakuryu earned his 8th win automatically, as his match for the day, Goeido pulled out. Harumafuji skillfully drove Koto-o-shu out. Kotoshogiku got hold of Baruto and drove the Estonian out for his 10th win. Kisenosato stood up too fast twice, and both times Hakuho expressed his anger. Then in the 3rd face off, Hakuho stepped aside prompting Kisenosato to fall. Hakuho and Harumafuji continue to fight with perfect records.

13th day
Kakuryu got hold of Koto-o-shu's belt and threw him for his 7th win. Harumafuji immediately attacked Kaisei's throat. Kaisei could not do anything. Harumafuji pushed the Brazilian down. Kisenosato had a better start and drove out Kotoshogiku. Hakuho and Baruto fought a competitive bout. Both had hold of eachother's belt. Then Hakuho tried to throw but stopped. Baruto then tried to shove, but Hakuho suddenly threw the Estonian. The frontrunners remain unchanged.

12th day
Gagamaru drove out Brazilian Kaisei. It's Gagamaru's 8th win, while for Kaisei his 3rd loss. Koto-o-shu pushed Myogiryu down on the dirt or his majority win. Kisenosato and Baruto's face off was redone. In the third try, Kisenosato appeared to have barely touched the dirt to face off but the bout was declared valid, and Kisenosato drove out the Estonian. Harumafuji threw Kakuryu down. Hakuho pushed Kotoshogiku out. Harumafuji and Hakuho lead with perfect records.

11th day
Kaisei lost to Goeido on an underarm throw. It's the Brazilian's 2nd loss. As soon as Miyogiryu was up, he was on his hands, due to Kotoshogiku's force. Harumafuji moved quickly against Kisenosato with slaps then went into him low and drove Kisenosato out. Kakuryu forced Baruto to the verge of the ring, but then Baruto lifted the smaller guy, and carried the Mongolian out. Baruto secured a majority win while for Kakuryu it's his 5th loss. Hakuho smoothly drove out Koto-o-shu. The yokozuna and Harumafuji remain tied for the Emperor's Cup.

10th day
Kaisei won his 9th bout by forcing Shotenro out. Miyabiyama with thrusts and pushes defeated Takekaze. Both are 5-5. Kisenosato drove out Tochiozan to secure a majority win. Koto-o-shu drove Baruto down on the ring in an overarm throw. Both are 7-3. Harumafuji threw Kotoshogikuto win his 10th bout. Hakuho threw Kakuryu also to keep the lead with Harumafuji.

9th day
It's a public holiday, Marine Day. Brazilian Kaisei pushed forward, to drive down Daido and secure a majority win. Kyokutenho lost for the 9th consecutive time, this time to Tochiozan. Kotoshogiku shoved and shoved to force Wakakoyu out. Kisenosato fought carefully and pushed out Kakuryu. It's Kakuryu's 3rd loss. Toyonoshima pushed down Koto-o-shu's head, forcing the ozeki on his hand. It's the Bulgarian's 3rd loss. Harumafuji got hold of Baruto's belt, then swang the big Estonian, throwing him down. Harumafuji kept his record clean. Goeido pulled Hakuho's arm as the bout took off. Hakuho looked troubled, but then fought cautiously, in the end throwing down Goeido. Hakuho's record is clean.

8th day
Kyokutenho fell on his knees in the bout against Aoiyama, already succumbing to a majority loss. Kisenosato shoved against Wakakokyu and won. Aminishiki charged into Kakuryu so hard, it looked like Kakuryu would loose, but Kakuryu managed to drive Aminishiki down. Oginoumi shoved himself on Koto-o-shu and won while both of them tumbled down the ring. It's Oginoumi's first win. Harumafuji pushed Toyonoshima and defeated Toyonoshima after pushing him while falling. The Mongolian ozeki secured a majority win. Myogiryu attacked Baruto by changing his position and managed to drive the big ozeki out the ring. Kotoshogiku shoved and shoved to drive out Goeido. Hakuho got hold of Tochiozan's belt. But Tochiozan tried to resist the yokozuna's grip and tried an underarm throw, to which Hakuho responded well to win, while touching the dirt himself.Hakuho won his 8th bout.

7th day
Kakuryu immediately thrust down Tochiozan. Koto-o-shu shoved Kyokutenho out. It's already Kyokutenho's 7th loss. Harumafuji pushed down Shohozan for his 7th win. Baruto threw Aoiyama with his right to win his 7th bout. Kotoshogiku drove out Toyonoshima. Goeido moved aggressively on the ring and threw Kisenosato down. It's Kisenosato's 2nd win. Hakuho's force made Wakakoyu slip and fall on his rear.

6th day
Gagamaru drove out Miyabiyama and both are 3-3. Koto-o-shu shoved forward to drive out Tochiozan. Goeido gave an overarm throw, then Harumafuji took advantage of that to give an underarm throw, on which Goeido fell first. Wakakoyu got up a bit too fast it appeared but the bout was continued in which Baruto pulled away and threw to win. Shohozan stopped Kotoshogiku from pushing further, but the ozeki kept on shoving to win. Kisenosato drove out Aoiyama. Kakuryu managed to drive out Kyokutenho for his 4th win. Hakuho forced Okinoumi out.

5th day
Harumafuji grabbed Okinoumi's body while Okinoumi tried to squeeze the ozeki's arms under his, but it turned out not to be effective as the ozeki managed to win by shoving him out. Baruto drove out Aminishiki. Kotoshogiku with his left hand on Kyokutenho's belt shoved last tourney's champion out. Kisenosato pushed out Toyonoshima. Wakakoyu pushed Kakuryu and just as he was about the force the ozeki out, the ozeki gave a throw. As a result, judges ruled Wakakoyu's arm touched the dirt first. For the first time 2 Bulgarians faced eachother. Koto-o-shu proved he was superior by driving the young Bulgarian down. Hakuho forced Myogiryu on the dirt to win his 5th bout.

4th day
Miyabiyama gave thrusts and forced Homasho down for his 2nd win. Baruto gave thrusts after another to drive out Goeido. Kotoshogiku shoved and shoved with his hands of Oginoumi's belt and forced him out. Aminishiki charged into Kisenosato and pushed the ozeki out. It's Aminishiki's first win. Toyonoshima attacked Kakuryu and pushed the Mongolian out. Koto-o-shu got hold of Shohozan and forced him out. Harumafuji threw Kyokutenho on the ring. Hakuho quickly drove Aoiyama down on the ring.

3rd day
Bulgarian Aoiyama hurled Kotoshogiku to defeat an ozeki for the first time. It's his first win this tourney. Kisenosato forced Kyokuteno out. Miyogiryu defeated ozeki Kakuryu with a push out. Koto-o-shu drove Wakakoyu down. Harumafuji threw Tochiozan with his left. Baruto gave a huge overarm throw to defeat Okinoumi. Hakuho tried to move to the side, tried to hold Aminishiki's arm and in the end won with a thrust down.

2nd day
Kisenosato got hold of Oginoumi's belt and drove him out. Aoiyama lost balance, and was shoved out by Kakuryu from his back. Koto-o-shu fell first to Goeido's throw. Both are 1-1. Baruto grabbed Toyonoshima's belt and shoved him out. Kotoshogiku pushed Aminishiki out. Hakuho, this time gave a dynamic throw to beat Kyokutenho.

1st day
It's a fullhouse in Nagoya's gynasium. Brazilian, Kaisei prompted former ozeki Miyabiyama to fall. Newly wed Shotenro forced the enormous Gagamaru to fall. Goeido was pushed out by Wakakoyu. Kakuryu took over the control of the bout and forced a throw on Okinoumi. Aminishiki stepped aside but Koto-o-shu moved carefully and thrust Aminishiki out. Harumafuji slapped Bulgarian Aoiyama and pushed him out the ring. Baruto managed to shove last tourney champion Kyokutenho down the ring. Kotoshogiku shoved Tochiozan from behind. Kisenosato struggled but managed to shoved out Myogiryu. Hakuho and Toyonoshima had to redo the bout after a very close match. In the 2nd try, Hakuho got hold of the lower front of Toyonoshima's belt then shoved him out.

Pre Tourney highlight
Sumo population on the decline
According to a report, Aomori Prefecture has very few teenagers who want to practice sumo. Aomori is home to many famous pro sumo wrestlers. One of the reasons, boys don't want to be naked in public.

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