(July 7 to 21 Aichi Prefectural Gymnasium)

Outstanding Performance Award:
Outstanding Technique Award: None
Fighting Spirit Award: None

Final day
Sokokurai drove out Aran to finish the tourney with 6 wins, after an over 2 year absence from the ring. Kaisei pushed out Tokushoryu to finish with 11 wins. Shohozan attacked Aoiyama's throat. Aoiyama weakly pulled back and lost his 5th bout. Its Shohozan's 7th win. Goeido charged forward and powerfully drove out Toyonoshima to secure a majority win. Kakuryu defeated Koto-o-shu with an overarm throw. It's the Mongolian's 10th win. Kotoshogiku got hold of Kisenosato, shove and shoved. Kisenosato did not fighter with vigor and was driven out the ring. Kisenosato's hope to try for yokozuna ranking next tourney may be over. Harumafuji gave big shoves to drive Hakuho out. Harumafuji won his 10th bout. Hakuho lost his 2nd. His injury may be serious than thought.

14th day
Kaisei pushed forward but Tochiozan drove the Brazilian down for his 9th win. Aoiyama gave Goeido thrusts, but Goeido shifted and put down the Bulgarian for his 7th win. Koto-o-shu was ruled to have fallen first in the very close sumo against Shohozan. Kakuryu forced Oginoumi to roll on the ring. Both are 9-5. Hakuho stood up too fast and the bout had to be restarted. Then Hakuho motioned he wasn't facing off. In the 3rd try, the bout was on and Hakuho slapped Kisenosato, then pulled away and Kisenosato shoved him down. Hakuho's consecutive win ended at 43. Harumafuji immediately drove Kotoshogiku on the ring.

13th day
Kaisei no longer has prospect of winning the tournament. But he won his 10th bout by driving out Masunoyama. Sokokurai lost to Yoshikaze. As a result he has a majority loss in the tourney he returned to after the bidrigging scandal. Aoiyama could not keep up with Takayasu's shift and fell forward to lose his 3rd bout. Kakuryu drove out Chiyotairyu to secure a majority win. Kotoshogiku got hold of the front part of Tokitenku's belt and shoved him out. It's also his 8th win. Kisenosato attacked Harumafuji's belt thin forced himself on the yokozuna driving him down. It's Kisenosato's 10th win. Hakuho fought hard against Koto-o-shu despite his injury in the last bout. He got hold of the back of the Bulgarian's belt and drove him out. With this win, Hakuho secured his tourney victory. Its his 26th to win the 3rd most number of tourney wins in post war history of sumo.

12th day
Aoiyama drove down Chiyotairyu for his 10th win. Kisenosato and Koto-o-shu switched positions after they faced off. Kisenosato got hold of the Bulgarian's belt then shoved and both flew off the ring. The win was given to Kisenosato. Both are 9-3. Hakuho struggled against Kotoshogiku but managed with his left to throw the ozeki. After the bout, Hakuho grimaced. He took a while to sit until the next bout finished.

11th day
Bulgarian,Aoiyama thrust down Toyonoshima for his 9th win. Kaisei was forced down by Chiyotairyu succumbing to his 2nd loww. Kotoshogiku shoved Kyokutenho out for his 7th win. Kisenosato managed to push out Myogiryu to secure a majority win. Harumafuji immediately grabbed Koto-o-shu's arm and forced the tall ozeki down. It's the Bulgarian ozeki's 2nd loss. Hakuho held Kakuryu's arm between his and forced a throw. Hakuho extends his consecutive win.

10th day
Kaisei won again by forcing out Yoshikaze. Koto-o-shu got hold of Kyokutenho's belt and forced the Mongolian out. Its the Bulgarian's 9th win. Kisenosato pushed out Kakuryu. Both are 7-3. Kotoshogiku fought aggressively, but he was too careless, his left foot stepped out of the ring. His opponent Tochiozan won his 7th bout. Hakuho put force on Myogiryu's arm which weakened him and driving him down. Harumafuji was easily thrown by Goeido. The yokozuna faced his 4th defeat.

9th day
Kaisei banged into veteran Wakanosato and powerfully forced him out. The Brazilian secured his majority win. Kyokutenho with this bout became 4th ranking in terms of number of makuuchi bouts fought, but was unable to celebrate it. His lost to Tochiozan. Koto-o-shu shoved Chiyotairyu's head then grabbed his belt, driving him out. The Bulgarian clinched a majority win. Kakuryu and Kotoshogiku faced eachother. Kakuryu gave a quick shove to defeat Kotoshigiku. Kisenosato and Aminishiki had to redo the bout after both were ruled to have fell the same time. In the end Kisenosato shoved out Aminishiki. Harumafuji and Myogiryu slapped eachother, then Harumafuji pulled back and lost. It's already the yokozuna's 3rd loss. Hakuho pulled back and forced Goeido on the dirt. Hakuho keeps his record clean.

8th day
Kaisei had a slow start but he managed to shove Shotenro hard and won his 7th bout. Okinoumi and Kitataiki struggled against eachother, and after 1 minute and a half, Okinoumi force his opponent out for this 5th win. Shohozan charged into Kakuryu but he went to fast, losing control, and Kakuryu pushing from behind. Its Kakuryu's 6th win. Kotoshogiku shoved on direction, then shove toward another direction then forced Goeido down for his 6th win. Kisenosato powerfully shoved out Kyokutenho. Koto-o-shu got hold of Tokiteku with his left and threw the Mongolian on the ring. Aminishiki was about to force Hakuho out, but the yokozuna grabbed Aminishiki's painful looking elbow, then twirled within the ring. Out went Aminishiki. Chiyotairyu pushed Harumafuji all the way into the audience. Both are 6-2.

7th day
Myogiryu stepped aside and prompted Kotoshogiku to fall all the way outside the ring. It's the ozeki's 2nd loss. Goeido charged into Kisenosato and drove the ozeki out. It's Kisenosato's 3rd loss. His chance to become yokozuna after this tourney has disappeared with this defeat. Koto-o-shu forced Aminishiki down. Kakuryu got hold of Takekaze's arm and shoved his head to force him down. Harumafuji attacked Kyokutenho's throat then got behind him, to drive the older Mongolian out the ring. Hakuho immediately forced Chiyotairyu down.

6th day
Aogiyama drove Kaisei down. Its the Brazilian's first loss. Kisenosato stepped aside and forced Gagamaru to fall. Koto-o-shu had to redo the bout against Takayasu. The Bulgarian fell to Takayasu's thrust. Goeido fell forward in the bout against Kakuryu. Aminishiki thrust down Kotoshogiku. Hakuho forced Shohozan to lose balance and forced him down. Harumafushi gave thrust they held onto Tochiozan's belt then threw him. Only Hakuho has a perfect record.

5th day
Brazilian Kaisei pushed out Sadanofuji swiftly for his 5th win. Koto-o-shu stood up late but he was able to throw Myogiryu to win. Takayasu gave Kakuryu thrusts then threw the ozeki down. Kotoshogiku drove out Takekaze. Kisenosato had no control of the bout against Chiyotairyu and was driven out for his 2nd loss. Harumafuji immediately thrust out Tokitenku who clumsily fell with his leg up. Hakuho threw Gagamaru with his right.

4th day
Kakuryu thrust Myogiryu down. Kotoshogiku drove Chiyotairyu out. Kisenosato this time managed to defeat Shohozan by pushing him out. Koto-o-shu defeated Takekaze. Hakuho immediately got hold of Tochiozan's arm and forced him down. Harumafuji quickly thrust the big Gagamaru down.

3rd day
Sokokurai was being pushed, but he shifted position and drove out Ooiwato for his first win. Ikioi was punished for having pulled Fujiazuma's top know. Its Ikioi's first loss. Kotoshogiku shoved down Gagamaru. Kisenosato struggled against Tochiozan and was driven down. It's the ozeki's first loss. Koto-o-shu grabbed Goeido's arm and forced him down. Kakuryu attacked Tokitenku's throat and pushed the bigger Mongolian out. Harumafuji dropped on his knee to Takayasu's twisted throw. Hakuho charged into Takekaze, pulled away, they pushed and pulled away to finally drove Takekaze down.

2nd day
Sokokurai faced Tamaasuka and was driven out. Kisenosato got hold of Tokitenku's belt with his right and threw him to win. Koto-o-shu charged forward and quickly forced Tochiozan out. Kakuryu held the front of Gagamaru's belt and threw him to win his first bout. Kotoshogiku grabbed Shohozan and drove him out. Hakuho struggled. He tried an under arm throw against Takayasu. Takayasu did not fall. Hakuho tried again. It did not work again. Then finally Hakuho forced Takayasu down. Harumafuji shoved, gave a thrust and pushed out Takekaze. All ozeki and yokozuna won.

1st day
Its attracted a full crowd. Chinese born Sokokurai was back fighting in the rank for the first time in 2 and a half years after. He was expelled for bout fixing, but he later won the lawsuit calling for him to be returned back to practicing sumo. He's ranked maegashira number 15. He faced new maegashira Tokushoryu and lost. Brazilian Kaisei defeated another big guy Georgian,Tochinoshin. Aminishiki forced down Goeido. Miyogiryu was ruled the loser as he pulled Chiyotairyu's top knot to force him down which is a foul. Koto-o-shu immediately aimed for the huge Gagamaru's belt then forced him down the ring. Tochiozan grabbed Kakuryu's belt and drove the Mongolian ozeki down the ring. Kotoshogiku was given the win of a close bout where he had his hand touching the dirt and Takayasu's heel touching the dirt outside the ring at almost the same time. Kisenosato managed to push out Takekaze. Harumafuji and Shohozan thrust eachother, then Shohozan lost balance and slipped on the dirt. Hakuho charged fast and pushed out Tokitenku.

Pre Tourney highlight
Former Musashimaru's nephew ready to fight
Hawaiian Fiamalu Penitani has been named Musashikuni on July 1 and cleared his visa enabling him to fight this tourney to become the first Hawaiian since 1991. He played American football in high school.

Baruto not ready to return
Former ozeki Baruto who for this tourney has been ranked maegashira number 6 has not recovered well enough from his injury and has decided to pull ou again this tourney. If he is unable to return to the bouts during the tourney he will be demoted to the juryo division.

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